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    GospelKeys 101: Hymns & Congregational Songs

    This instructional course will teach you everything you need to know to start playing basic hymns and congregational songs by ear. We teach you a proven three step process and once you’ve mastered the system, you’ll be able playing dozens of songs on your own in addition to the ones you’ll learn by the end of the program!

    If you’re a beginner and would like to start playing gospel music by ear, this course is definitely for you! It moves at a very comfortable pace and leaves no questions unanswered. Click here to learn more | Buy now

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    GospelKeys 202: Mastering Worship Chords

    Gospel Keys 202 DVD will show you, step-by-step, how to play contemporary worship music by ear.

    We take you through every tone of the major scale and show you literally tons of chords you can play ranging from major, minor, diminished, dominant, sevenths, ninths, elevenths, thirteenths, altered chords, and more! Then you’ll learn how to pair these chords together to create small progressions we call “couples.” These progressions create your contemporary worship music.

    By the end of this program, you’ll be playing full chord progressions and actual worship songs like “Thank You Lord,” “Hallelujah,” and more! Click here to learn more | Buy now

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    GospelKeys 300: Exploring Praise Songs and Charismatic Styles

    This course shows you how to play praise songs by ear. These are the uptempo-styled songs you hear in charismatic churches!

    Basically, once you know these five parts that are found in most praise songs, you’ll have what it takes to play hundreds of them by ear! Songs like “I Get Joy,” “God is a Good God,” “Bless That Wonderful Name of Jesus,” "What a Mighty God We Serve," and more)! Click here to learn more | Buy now

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    GospelKeys 500: Uptempo Shouting Music

    GospelKeys 500 will give you the tools needed to master shouting music by ear.

    In this course, shouting music is broken into three key sections: “The Shouting Intro,” “The Main Loop Period” and “The Cool Down.” You’ll explore each part, step-by-step.

    You won’t find shouting music taught in these 3 steps anywhere else so if you’ve always wanted to play fast, uptempo music in charismatic settings, then look no further. Click here to learn more | Buy now

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    GospelKeys Urban Pro 600: Contemporary Chords and Progressions

    GospelKeys Urban Pro 600 will show you, step by step, how to master tons of contemporary and urban chords and voicings on every tone of the scale. Similar to GospelKeys 202, you’ll learn how to combine these modern, two-hand voicings into progressions and urban movements that are heard in countless numbers of gospel songs.

    On top of that, the emphasis on how to use grace notes, slides, pivoting tones, fill-ins, and other nuances will give you many of the necessary techniques to take your contemporary gospel playing to that next level! You’ll study everything from major, minor, dominant, diminished, augmented, seventh, ninth, eleventh, and thirteenth chords — the big difference, however, is that you get loads of unique urban and contemporary ways to voice these chords. Click here to learn more | Buy now

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    Christmas Keys Vol. 1: Conquering Christmas Classics

    The ChristmasKeys™ Series will teach you everything you need to know to start playing Christmas songs by ear.

    You’ll learn, step-by-step, how to pick out the melodies of famous Christmas songs, how to choose the right chords to accompany these melodies, and how to spice up your chords and progressions to create full-sounding arrangements of your favorite holiday songs! Click here to learn more | Buy now

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    GospelKeys 350: Praise and Devotional Songs

    This 2-hour DVD program is specifically designed for any church musician who’s ready to take their organ playing to the next level by playing those toe-tapping, foot-stomping praise songs!

    Similar to the five parts taught in GospelKeys 300 (but on the organ, which is a totally different beast), we show you a system that’ll enable you to play tons of praise songs by ear. We’re talking about praise and devotional songs like “Bless that Wonderful Name of Jesus,” “This Little Light of Mine,” “Have You Tried Jesus,” "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah," and dozens more! If you want to know what it takes to get down on the organ, then this course is for you! Click here to learn more | Buy now

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    GospelKeys 450: Worship & Advanced Chord Voicings

    GospelKeys 450 “Advanced Worship Chords & Voicings” 2-hour course is for anyone ready to explore tons of two-hand, fancy worship chords on the organ!

    Step-by-step, you’ll explore: Extended chord voicings, polychords, inversions, two-hand combinations, worship movements, contemporary chords for every tone of the scale, passing tones, transitional chords, “couples,” real-life examples, modernized hymns, and more!

    By the end of this course, you’ll have a fresh perspective on playing worship organ by ear forever… and you’ll be playing real songs! Click here to learn more | Buy now

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    Hear and Play Jazz 101: Jazz Basics and Fundamentals

    Hear and Play Jazz 101 will show you how to start playing jazz the right way. From the basic "12-bar blues" pattern to various soloing techniques and strategies, you’ll be up and playing in no time!

    • The 7 secrets to playing signature solos like a pro… from a pro!
    • How to accelerate your jazz learning curve by combining 3 secret elements that the pros don’t want you to know!
    • How to ensure that no matter what voicings and blues licks you play, they’ll turn heads each and every time! Click here to learn more | Buy now
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    Hear and Play Jazz 201: Chords, Licks, and Soloing

    Not knowing how to improvise and being stuck in a box playing the same old chords feels bad. It’s boring. It feels redundant. And you’re not the only one who notices it — others know that you’re playing the same, dull stuff over and over too.

    With Hear and Play Jazz 201, no longer do you have to guess. We’re finally revealing a step-by-step method to soloing, improvising, and playing jazz licks over any chords. It’s a whopping 5 hours and loaded with tons of signature moves, licks, tricks, progressions, and real-life application. This is truly what thousands of would-be jazz musicians have been waiting for! Click here to learn more  | Buy now

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    Mike Bereal’s GospelKeys Master Class Volume 1

    In this 3-hour master class series, the legendary Michael Bereal, who has played for just about everyone in the gospel industry (Donnie McClurkin, Mary Mary, Kim Burrell, Judith McAllister, Marvin Sapp, etc), will show you how to spice up various parts of your church service by applying his closely-guarded chords, progressions, "runs," and tricks. By the end of the course, you’ll have new and exciting chords and movements to play during worship, praise, shouting, and even "talking" moments of the service.

    If you’ve always wondered how the professionals voice their chords and movements, then you can’t afford to miss this master class series! Click here to learn more | Buy now

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    Hear and Play Drums 101: Drum Basics & Fundamentals

    Hear and Play Drums 101 makes the path to playing drums by ear easier than ever before.

    Step-by-step, you’ll explore your role as a drummer, how to hold drumsticks, how to quickly develop independence between your hands and feet, coordination, posture, how to play “straight-ahead” beats, pocket-playing, common rhythms, and how to do basic fills.

    This course is a wonderful introduction for anyone looking to play drums from scratch. Click here to learn more | Buy now

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    Hear and Play Drums 102: Intermediate Licks & Tricks

    With Hear and Play Drums 102, you’ll enjoy learning tons of 4/4, cut-time, and off-beat patterns as Kennieth "Bam" Alexander takes you through various genres like jazz, gospel, rock, funk, latin, and others!

    You’ll also learn various fills, grooves, patterns, and tricks to add to your playing almost immediately! If you’ve finished the 101 course or have prior experience, pick up this video and you’ll have tons of things to add to your playing! Click here to learn more | Buy now

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    Hear and Play Drums 103: Advanced Licks, Tricks, & Grooves

    This course was creatively engineered for any drummer looking to add professional “licks” and fancy “tricks” to their repertoire!

    From various advanced grooves and beats to several stop patterns and cymbal/hi-hat runs, you’ll be equipped with tons of practical elements to add to your playing immediately! These aren’t licks and tricks you’ll learn from an ordinary private teacher… these are "school-of-hard-knock" licks from an experienced pro who’s willing to show you, step-by-step, what he’s picked up over the years! Click here to learn more | Buy now

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    GospelKeys Tritone Xtravaganza

    I’ve teamed up with my good friend Jamal Hartwell to bring you GospelKeys Tritone Xtravaganza, the course that’s finally going to reveal the ins and outs of tritones, how to use them properly, where to place them, and how to take full advantage of their power! Never before has a course focused just on tritones for a whopping 2 hours straight!

    GospelKeys Tritone Xtravaganza truly takes you step-by-step and shows you everything you need to know to spice up your contemporary playing with tritones and accompanying chords! Click here to learn more | Buy now

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    Hear and Play Hanon Volume 1

    We’ve transformed these classic exercises to be useful to musicians who don’t sight read.

    Of course, we’ve also added our own special touch and give you insider secrets and insights that you’d only get from the experience of a seasoned pro! In other words, now you don’t have to be classically-trained and in a traditional setting to benefit from these drills known as “Hanon Exercises” (usually just “Hanon” for short). We break them down, step-by-step, in video format and show you everything you need to know to benefit from what Hanon has to offer!

    If you want to improve your speed, independence, accuracy, dexterity, and coordination, this Hanon exercise video is for you. Click here to learn more | Buy now


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