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    Our ultimate goal is equipping you with 16 chords in 16 weeks. With that and a few bonus chords we’re throwing in, you’ll cover 216 chords. But we’re not done, we’re giving you 126 exercises every week that’ll make sure you commit these chords to memory. That’s 2,016 exercises.

    “16+ Chords in 16 Weeks: 216 Chords, 2016 Exercises”

    This free 16-week chord revival program will help you surmount the challenges of chord construction, chord spelling and chord application. Here’s just the tip of the iceberg:

    One chord weekly × 16 weeks × 12 Keys (+ 24 bonus chords for fun!) = 216 Chords. Imagine where your playing will be with 216 chords that range from triads to sixth chords, seventh chords and ninth chords, major, minor, diminished, augmented, dominant, etc.

    One accompanying weekly cheat sheet containing 12 chords. A pdf reference given to you weekly to aid in study and memorization of the featured chord. Whether you print or view it on your device is entirely up to you.

    2,016 Exciting Exercises on Chord Construction. To facilitate learning, we have 126 exciting exercises for you per week. Don’t be scared. These exercises are meant to be fun. It’ll take just one dot to answer each question. By the end of the free 16-week training, you’ll have completed 2016 exercises.

    Quick Guide to Memorizing Chords. At the end of the 16 weeks, we’ll be giving you a free comprehensive guide that reviews the entire 16-week program. You’ll learn, step-by-step, how to build your retention for chords using top secrets only available in this guide.

    Here’s the schedule we’ll follow:


    Week 1Major
    Week 2Augmented
    Week 3Minor
    Week 4Diminished

    Sixth Chords

    Week 5Major 6
    Week 6Minor 6

    Seventh Chords

    Week 7Major 7
    Week 8Dominant 7
    Week 9Minor 7
    Week 10Half-Diminished 7
    Week 11Diminished 7
    Week 12Augmented Major Seventh
    Week 13Minor-Major Seventh

    Ninth Chords

    Week 14 – Major 9
    Week 15 – Dominant 9
    Week 16 – Minor 9


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