Attention: Pianists, Keyboardists, and Organists struggling to play smoothly and accurately at fast tempos... and want a proven, guaranteed way to improve their speed, coordination, and independence NOW...


"How these surprising little secret exercises — that take just SECONDS to add to your piano practicing — can increase your playing speed and endurance and allow you to play fancy runs, fill-ins, and fast-moving songs in record-breaking time...

... AND how you can benefit from improved coordination and control in your fingers NOW!"

From: Jermaine Griggs
          Wednesday, 6:08 AM


Dear Musician,

Have you ever listened to a professional musician run up and down the piano, hitting each note with accuracy and precision and daydreamed about doing it yourself one day?

Or perhaps how some musicians can play super-fast scales, runs, and solos without messing up?

Maybe you're like a lot of musicians who enjoy seeing others flow perfectly up and down the keys but don't think your fingers can ever move that fast?


Well, if you've ever had any of these feelings, you're not alone.

I read statements like this every day:

"Nope, not my fingers. I can't play that fast..."

"My fingers are too small to reach that far..."

"Wow, I wish I could play runs that perfect..."

"That musician is from another planet..."

"I'm never going to be able to play without fumbling over notes..."

"I practice scales but I don't seem to be getting any better..."

"I'm too ___(fill in any excuse)___ to play so perfectly at that speed..."


...And the statements go on and on.


But here's the thing...

Things DON'T have to be that way. Unless you're physically challenged (and I mean missing a couple of fingers), then there is nothing different about the musicians who build up amazing levels of speed and YOU.

Nothing at all! Not even age is an excuse.

Musicians that play with speed and seem to do it effortlessly have simply found an effective way to train their fingers to think on their own. They've built up muscle memory, strength, coordination, independence, and speed over time using various techniques that I'm going to show you through this site.

So if getting to the next level and becoming a "speed player" is important to you, keep your eyes glued to this page.


In my experience of being able to teach hundreds of thousands of musicians online, I've found that...

Most musicians dream of being able to play fast scales and solo "licks" up and down their pianos but lack the solid plan to get to that level.

(It's probably one of the top ten asked questions among aspiring musicians.)


The reality is that most people can't (for one reason or another) practice three to four hours a day like the pros who commit to this profession full-time.

So my goal was to introduce a solution that only takes MINUTES to add to your practicing --- BUT would result in tremendous results, if done consistently.


Now, let me say this before we proceed:


There are two sides to your piano practicing.

"DOING THE RIGHT THINGS" and "DOING THINGS RIGHT" (and you need to understand both and how they can revolutionize the way you think about practicing).


Doing The Right Things

Doing Things Right


The "WHAT" factor.

This is what you're practicing like major and minor scales, modes, finger exercises, and chords. This is what makes up each of your practice sessions.

This is easy to change if you find out the RIGHT THINGS to practice


The "HOW" factor.

This is how you're practicing. Are you playing the scales and finger exercises correctly? With the right fingers? How do you know if you're getting better?

This is a bit more difficult because you never know if you're maximizing your practicing efforts. What else can you do better?

It's not enough to JUST be doing the right things (...what we're going to show you will help you to focus on the RIGHT THINGS).

You must not only be doing the right things but doing things right! What I'm going to reveal to you below will help you with BOTH sides: Doing The Right Things AND Doing Things Right.



For Beginners:

Let's not get ahead too quickly.

If you're a beginner, your goal may not not be to play fancy scales and runs (not yet). You're probably thinking right now...


"If I could just play WHAT I KNOW with coordination and control, I'll be happy!"

AND THAT IS GOAL #1. To play with control, endurance, dexterity, and coordination. [Translation] To play without "shaky" fingers or a nervous hand... and to hit the right notes when you're suppose to!



(For intermediate and advanced players)

If you consider yourself to be intermediate or advanced and you want to master fancy runs, fill-ins, "licks" and "tricks" on the piano, then your goal should be to improve velocity ... SPEED WITH ACCURACY!



NOTICE: What I'm about to reveal to you is something that, in the past, was mainly used in traditional learning methods.

We literally take something that has been around for over 100 years and previously only available to classically-trained musicians who read sheet music --- and we're making it available to ANYONE, regardless of their ability to sight read.

Some resources require you to read sheet music or have some experience in sight reading. This resource requires absolutely no sight reading ability and walks you step by step through these revolutionary exercises that have helped hundreds of thousands of musicians since their inception!

But before I unveil the details... let me ask you this:

What If I Could Show You...
How to train your fingers to work together without having to spend several years conditioning them.
How to instantly change your exercising methods (for the better) OVERNIGHT without increasing the amount of time you practice.
How to dramatically increase the speed of your major, minor, blues, pentatonic, and other scales in as little as a few weeks.
How to play HUGE chords like maj11 and maj13 chords with ease and comfortability (even play chords on your left hand smoothly).
How to build the strength and endurance to play "continuous" scales and runs without getting tired quickly.

(And a whole lot more!)

... Now Let Me Ask You,
Would That Interest You?

Yes Jermaine, I'm Definitely Interested
Maybe Jermaine, Tell Me More
I Don't Know Yet Jermaine, But I'll Definitely Keep Reading

If so, then let's get right to it as you're about to learn the SIMPLE SECRETS behind coordinated piano playing.


"Master These Exercises And Watch Your Speed And Smoothness Skyrocket On The Piano..."


And what's so crazy about it is that these exercises aren't new (I wish I could take credit but I can't).

What is new is how we've transformed them to be useful to musicians who don't sight read. Of course, we've also added our own special touch and give you insider secrets and insights that you'd only get from the experience of a seasoned vet!

In other words, now you don't have to be classically-trained and in a traditional setting to benefit from these drills known as "Hanon Exercises" (usually just "Hanon" for short).

We break them down, step-by-step, in video format and show you everything you need to know to benefit from what Hanon has to offer!


What are Hanon Exercises?

They are exercises specifically designed to train the pianist in speed, precision, agility, independence, dexterity, and strength of all of the fingers (and wrist too!).

They were created in the late 1800s by Charles-Louis Hanon, thus the short name "Hanon exercises."

They may come across as scales at first glance but are strategically designed to focus on certain fingers, depending on what exercise you're on. Some focus on several fingers at once (like the pinky and ring finger, which are known to be the "weakest links"). And other exercises focus on other areas.

One thing is for sure... Once you've mastered each exercise at the maximum speed suggested, you'll feel it and your piano playing will DEFINITELY show it!



Why they are so important to YOU...

Often times, when people practice, they are working on chords and progressions, and that is totally fine.

And outside of classical music, unless an "ear-musician" (someone who ONLY plays by ear) is exposed to exercises like this, they have no systematic way to get their fingers strong, independent and faster (...so they can play runs, licks, and scales with speed and precision).

Maybe they'll practice scales but these can get boring and repetitive over time. The end result is that ear-musicians will usually warm up with a few scales but the bulk of the attention will be put elsewhere.

And this isn't our fault!

1) Most ear-musicians have no idea what or who Hanon is... or his exercises!

2) Even if one is recommended Hanon by a friend (like I was several years ago), they must know how to read sheet music to play the exercises (or find a way to get them written out in letter format).

3) Then, if they find out how to play the exercises, they often times do them incorrectly and learn bad habits that have to be reversed later on (or worse, ignored).

By learning Hanon from a professional who is classically-trained but also understands the need for other types of musicians to be exposed to it, you get the best of both worlds!




"So How Will This Perfect Practice Series Help You?"

Simply put, it takes what classically-trained pianists have used for years and makes it available to you... no sheet music required!

James Wrubel, my good friend and the instructor on all our jazz courses (who is classically-trained and a Hanon expert) takes you by the hand and shows you the first 10 Hanon exercises right there on the screen.

* He breaks them down in a way that you can remember by emphasizing the MAIN PATTERN & IDEA for each exercise.

* As you progress, the exercises get harder but he shows you the inside tips and tricks to master each exercise, one by one.

* As you master each exercise, you will increase your tempo one step at a time. He will walk you through this in addition to the tempos you should start at, how to set realistic goals, and how to move forward at a consistent pace.

It's basically a "cheat sheet" video for the first 10 Hanon exercises. There are 60 total (and we cover 10 per video in the "Perfect Practice: Hanon Mastery" series).

And after 10 exercises, you will see tremendous improvement in your speed and comfortability on the keys!

(This is volume 1 of 6 future dvds in this "Perfect Practice" collection. Each volume covers various exercises that are guaranteed to increase your speed, accuracy, independence, coordination, dexterity, and strength. The further you progress, the faster and smoother you sound!)


"Who Needs The Hear and PlayTM
Perfect Practice: Hanon I Mastery" Series?"

  • https://www.hearandplay.com/robothands.jpgAnyone who struggles with faster tempos.

  • Anyone who wants to play runs, licks, and tricks with ease and precision.

  • Anyone who struggles with their fingers hitting unwanted notes.

  • Anyone who has weak fingers (and knows it) and wants to level the "playing field" among their fingers.

  • Anyone tired of watching other people run up and down the piano and wants to play fast and accurately (some people play fast and SLOPPY because they don't know or take the time to practice these type of exercises).




Finally, you can stop GUESSING whether or not your practicing is helping, AND START increasing your speed and control today!


Here is what you'll gain from this system:

Increase the speed of your major, minor, blues, pentatonic, and other scales by two and three times. Have you ever wondered how some musicians get that lightening-fast speed? Now's your chance to practice like the pros.


Take control of your fingers. If you suffer from shaky and uncoordinated fingers, you'll definitely benefit from these exercises. Build strength, control, and dexterity now.


Move across the keyboard like the professionals do. Be cautioned, however --- They've spent years perfecting what they do. You'll still need to practice but now you can improve your speed in a fraction of the time by following a proven method.


Strengthen the power of both your left and right hands with these exercises so that you're never handicapped when it comes time to play a faster song, run, or solo.


Learn the secrets to obtaining excellent timing both with the help of a metronome and without.


https://www.hearandplay.com/hanon1supersmall.jpgIf you've already decided to order the Perfect Practice: Hanon I Mastery 2-hour dvd course, click here now and save over $30 just for ordering today. I personally guarantee that this course will take your speed, control, independence, and accuracy to new heights and I'm so convinced that it will be the answer to your dreams that I will offer you a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee! That means if you're not 100% satisfied, I will promptly give you a courteous refund. But the craziest part is that I will even offer you the opportunity to receive any of my other dvd courses for free just for giving this one a try. Now that's putting my money where my mouth is!



Play faster and cleaner
than you've ever played before...


It's not JUST what you play, it's how you play it! A "major scale" played slow may sound basic and elementary sure enough. But do you know if you speed up a major scale by 3 or 4 times, that it will sound amazingly beautiful and can pass as "fancy?" ... Trust me, I've seen them played like this time and time again.


Improve both finger coordination and hand control in virtually minutes after the first exercise!


Perfect tons of finger movements and improve your hand positioning so you never feel out of place or out of bounds when you're playing!


Play with the best of them and never feel intimidated again because you'll have the speed, coordination, and strength to hold up!


Quickly and easily digest these one-of-a-kind techniques
that have been slowed down so you can implement them right away and start seeing instant results!


Learn how to seamlessly adjust to different tempos and gradually improve your speed playing, one exercise at a time.

Never run out of gas! Intensify your playing speed and control to a level that'll even make the pros jealous!


Utilize a special "Wrist-Rotating" technique that many musicians don't know but really wish they did (for the maximization of speed)!


And much much more!


https://www.hearandplay.com/hanon1supersmall.jpgIf you've already decided to order the Perfect Practice: Hanon I Mastery 2-hour dvd course, click here now and save over $30 just for ordering today. I personally guarantee that this course will take your speed, control, independence, and accuracy to new heights and I'm so convinced that it will be the answer to your dreams that I will offer you a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee! That means if you're not 100% satisfied, I will promptly give you a courteous refund. But the craziest part is that I will even offer you the opportunity to receive any of my other dvd courses for free just for giving this one a try. Now that's putting my money where my mouth is!




Check out this 8-minute lesson and see how easy we've made it for you to learn these Hanon exercises:

(And that was just the first exercise)

Now imagine not knowing how to read sheet music and trying to decipher that same exercise...


(And this is one of the easier exercises too. They get more complex as you progress. But of course, we break them down so that they are easy to grasp for the non-sight reader).




Here are some other clips from the course...

Video clip demonstrations

Hanon Vol. 1 - Clip #1

Hanon Vol. 1 - Clip #2

Hanon Vol. 1 - Clip #3

Hanon Vol. 1 - Clip #4 



https://www.hearandplay.com/hanon1supersmall.jpgIf you've already decided to order the Perfect Practice: Hanon I Mastery 2-hour dvd course, click here now and save over $30 just for ordering today. I personally guarantee that this course will take your speed, control, independence, and accuracy to new heights and I'm so convinced that it will be the answer to your dreams that I will offer you a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee! That means if you're not 100% satisfied, I will promptly give you a courteous refund. But the craziest part is that I will even offer you the opportunity to receive any of my other dvd courses for free just for giving this one a try. Now that's putting my money where my mouth is!


"Introducing the ONLY 2-hour intensive dvd course on mastering Hanon exercises by ear that'll change your playing forever!"

Reserve Your Copy Today...




https://www.hearandplay.com/hanon1discs.jpgHP Hanon Disc 1: Part one uncovers simple ancient exercises that take just SECONDS to apply to your piano playing that'll increase your playing speed, accuracy, coordination, and control! Not only that, these exercises will allow you to play fancy 'runs' and 'fill-ins' in record-breaking time!

https://www.hearandplay.com/hanon1discs.jpgHP Hanon Disc 2: Part two cranks it up a notch and pumps out the second round of powerful fingering techniques that'll have you reaching and hitting more chords and progressions than you ever thought possible... with comfort!



Plus, I'm throwing in this online bonus for the next 300 students to invest in this course (our session will only hold 300 slots)...

Perfect Practice Online Bonus #1

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Join us as we personally walk you through tips and strategies that'll guarantee your success with this program. The training is 2 additional hours and available online immediately after you complete your order.

https://www.hearandplay.com/onairimage.jpgSession topic:

1) "How To Increase Your Speed & Dexterity With A Consistent Practice Regimen And These Ancient Techniques From The 1800s!"
Recording of entire event is available in the online classroom for an unlimited amount of time.


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Click here if you're ready to order this 2-hour package for just 2 monthly payments of $26 through our online secure server


Even though the price is extremely affordable (about the same cost of two tickets to a movie and some popcorn), here's what's really important. If this Hanon Mastery series was just another course that just sat in your bookshelf and didn't teach you anything new, it wouldn't matter what the price was. IT WOULDN'T BE WORTH ONE SILVER PENNY.

On the other hand, if you can learn just ONE thing that revolutionizes your playing, it's worth its weight in gold. There is no other form of learning that can give you what I'm offering for just 2 monthly payments of $26.


I don't release many courses. But when I do, I want to make sure that you're getting back in information and helpful resources & tools at least two to three times what you invest. That is always my goal and  I sincerely believe this is one of the best values you'll ever come across.


Jermaine Griggs, President




You Are Fully Protected By My 365-Day
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I really want you to be 100% satisfied with my course, and I'm completely confident you will. So let me remove any doubt from your mind...

Invest in my course today and if you are not thoroughly convinced that this course is worth every single penny you've paid, just contact me within 365 days either online or by phone at 1-877-856-4187 and I will refund 100% of your money minus shipping right away!

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If you fit any of these situations below, then you need these training courses:

The image “https://www.hearandplay.com/images/PerfectPractice%20Box&2discb.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Do you honestly need help with your coordination?

Are you struggling to play fast rhythms or right hand runs?

Do you give up easily when it comes to playing fast tempos?

Do you need more control and endurance?

Would you mind doubling or tripling the speed of your scales and runs?

Do you want to play for your
band, group, or church (and play
cleanly and smoothly)?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above and are serious about improving your speed and control, here are five easy ways to order:


1) Click here to order my course online with our secure server (We accept all four major credit cards and deliver to all Countries).

Overseas Customers please call 1-949-206-9591 (mention the same offer number)

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Your package is shipped via USPS Priority Mail. You will receive the Perfect Practice: Hanon I Mastery Series in a week or so and you can get started learning these revolutionary exercises the same day you receive it.

You can literally be on your way to playing faster and smoother in a couple of weeks!

I look forward to receiving your success story very soon.


Jermaine Griggs, President

P.S. - If you're wondering, "How can I justify this purchase?", then I just want to leave you with one last thought... At 2 monthly payments of just $26, you deserve it! That's all I have to say. If you've read this far, you're clearly serious about investing in our course. No one is stopping you from this but you! Click here to order now.


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