• Return Policy & Money-Back Guarantee

    If you use any of my written products, I personally guarantee that you will benefit from them within a year. Otherwise (1) you can return the course and the bonuses are yours to keep and (2) I will compensate you with a $100 gift certificate to use for any of my other products, in addition to a 100% refund of your purchase price (shipping not included). While you can return my course at any time for a refund, you will have to use the course for 1 year before requesting your $100 gift certificate. This lets us know that you at least gave the course a try. But don't feel like you "must" use my techniques, principles and secrets to qualify for a refund (that's only if you want the $100 gift certificate). If you don't agree that this information is literally worth every cent, or if you change your mind about the course for any reason at all … it can be because you felt it was not worth the money, or just because you didn't like the paper it's printed on you can return it at anytime for a 100% refund of your money. As for any of our video products, I personally guarantee that you will benefit from them within 365 days. Most sites do not offer refund options for videos, software, and products of that nature BUT we stand behind our video product line 100%. If you are displeased in any way, simply return the videos within 365 days for a 100% refund (shipping not included). Thanks for choosing HearandPlay.com and we look forward to hearing your success story!

    Jermaine Griggs — President

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