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    Since last week’s release of our GospelKeys “Ministry Musician” series featuring Jason White, we’ve been literally bombarded with tons of questions from students about this revolutionary 4.5 hour course.

    In this post, I just simply want to take a moment to answer some common questions that have come in since its release last week.

    …So without further delay, here are the top 5 most frequently asked questions we’ve received about our brand new GospelKeys “Ministry Musician” course…

    1) What is this course all about and how will I benefit from it?


    You’ll get the opportunity to learn flavorful approaches, chords, movements, patterns, “licks & tricks,” and real songs (YES… real songs!) from Jason White, but not only that…

    You’ll learn the music ministry side of things too. This isn’t just for someone who wants to steal a bunch of chords and sound good, although you’ll get dozens upon dozens of chords and will certainly sound 10 times better after devouring this course — This is deeper than that though.

    This is for the musician who truly wants to be used by God to usher in His presence through music. The musician who no longer wants to be a distraction or hindrance to the service but actually be an integral part of the worship experience.

    For the musician who acknowledges their ministerial role in the service and is ready to commit 100%… Jason is ready to show you what he’s picked up over the years as he’s had the privilege to walk closely with prominent pastors like Bishop Charles Blake.

    This is a holistic course focusing both on the creative music side and the ministry side. You will not go wrong with it.

    Here are some specifics but you’ll have to go to the website to get the full details…

    *What it takes to truly be a Ministry Musician and how to avoid making some of the errors most church musicians make.

    *How to be admired by both “young” and “old” listeners by learning contemporary patterns with traditional hymns… without sacrificing the melody.

    *Borrow some of Jason’s signature moves in worship, praise, shouting music, old school shuffle, “church bebop,” hymns, and more! Never before has he sat down and given away his techniques and now you’ll have “over-the-shoulder” access to one of the greatest gospel musicians alive!

    *How to take traditional songs everyone knows and alter certain chords to produce your very own flavor and style. In fact, you’ll be taken by the hand and shown how to substitute chords in songs like “Oh How I Love Jesus,” “To God Be The Glory,” and others.

    *How to play some of the same exact licks you’ve heard Jason execute flawlessly on your favorite albums. I’m talking about records from artists like Richard Smallwood, Kurt Carr, Judith McAllister, West Angeles Church of God In Christ Choir, Daryl Coley, Mary Mary, and others!

    * And much much more…

    2) Who exactly should get this course?


    *If you know how to play hymns but can’t quite “flip” them to be more contemporary and flavorful (without sacrificing the original melody and nature of the song)… Jason is a pro at this and once you learn his techniques, you’ll have both the young and mature listeners nodding their heads.

    *If you really don’t understand your role as a church musician and what to play during certain moments in the service -or- if you ever feel lost and don’t know what to play to transition from one part of the service to the next, you could really benefit from Jason’s principles. After all, he’s the Minister of Music for the Presiding Bishop of the entire Church Of God In Christ denomination and understands how to direct the flow of the service.

    *If you play traditional devotional songs but feel stuck with the same old chords you’ve been using for years. I’m sure by now, you’ve figured out that traditional songs can sound really good when you know what you’re doing… even in today’s contemporary times. In fact, some of the old school songs Jason has played on have been some of the best tracks on their albums. He’ll teach you how to master his special old school shuffle sound.

    *If you’re already decent but you’re constantly looking for new ideas to add to your playing, then you’re probably one of the best candidates for this course. In fact, in total, Jason shows over 100 different chords, patterns, licks, and tricks.

    *If you struggle with developing your own unique style, you’ll learn several techniques and principles that Jason has perfected over the years in order to develop his own flavor.

    *If you love praise and shouting music and want to excel higher in your uptempo playing, you’ll get just what you’re looking for.

    *If you want to inject some more chords, voicings, and movements into your worship playing and be able to control the atmosphere of your service by what you play, then you’ll be blessed by the ministry advice Jason gives as this isn’t just a course on techniques but your role as a music minister too.

    *If you simply admire Jason and want to learn anything he’s willing to share, then you’re in the right place as never before has he sat down and shared what you’re about to learn…

    Click here for more information or call 1-877-856-4187 to speak live with our consultants

    3) Which course is better? Michael Bereal’s “Master Class” or Jason White’s “Ministry Musician?”

    This has been a very common question.

    And let me start by saying that both of these musicians are at the top of their crafts.

    Bishop Charles Blake and West Angeles Church are blessed to have them in the same building every Sunday!

    In Mike’s course, you’ll learn many techniques centered around worship, praise, shouting, transitional music, and more. Jason’s course is similar but its focus is more on your role as a music minister.

    YES! You get the chords! YES! You get the progressions! YES! You get some of the actual movements you hear him play on your favorite albums!

    In fact, 4.5 hours of it! But in between, he’s also sharing with you why you should play certain chords at certain parts of the service and how to actually accompany a soloist. There are principles that you learn from him that go beyond simply playing. You get 25 years of experience in the church handed over to you in a convenient learning program.

    So it’s just a matter of which course you want FIRST because you’re definitely going to want more!

    Music is such that you can never learn enough. Jason and Mike play totally different voicings and you get totally different ideas from each of them so by forcing yourself to choose between them is a disservice.

    Start with Jason (or Mike for that matter) and when you’re ready for another perspective, add the second to your collection.

    Or better yet, if you can afford it, take advantage of the package deal that we have for both of them! You won’t be sorry!

    Click here for more information or call 1-877-856-4187 to speak live with our consultants

    4) Is there a money-back guarantee on these courses?


    While most companies don’t offer a return policy on such items (videos, dvds, software, etc.), we stand behind our courses 100%. If this course doesn’t deliver exactly what you expected, you can return them within 90 days — no questions asked. It’s that simple and we honor all returns.

    We only hold a 3% return rate for our other products. We hope for the return rate of this dvd to be no more than 1% compared to the industry standard of 15%.

    That is why we spend so much time laying out every single detail of our courses online. We want to make sure that you understand every aspect of our products before purchasing them.

    5) I already have everything. Why another series?


    My short answer to this question is what you’ll find me saying a lot…

    Musicianship is all about constant learning. In fact, you never stop learning (even if you’ve played for decades).

    Styles change… music contemporizes… and genres evolve, and in order to keep up, one must never be comfortable with where they are.

    The GospelKeys Ministry Musician is like none other course that we offer. Not only is it taught by one of the greatest gospel musicians in the world right now, but it also teaches you, step-by-step, exactly what you need to do to get to the level of a professional musician (and if you don’t desire to get to that level, you’ll learn at least how to sound like someone who has played for years). It is truly a comprehensive crash course on contemporary, “creative” gospel playing and ministry service.

    If you’re committed to a lifelong journey of education and serious about getting to the level of a “Jason White,” then I invite you to read more about this GospelKeys Ministry Musician series to see if suits your needs. If you have any questions, I’m available at customerservice (at) hearandplay.com or 1-877-856-4187.

    I hope I’ve helped to answer many of your questions.

    Until next time!

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