• A Mental Trip Through Space

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    In this post, I’ll be taking you on a mental trip through space.

    For the first time ever, we’ll be exploring every inch of the universe that is known (aka – “observable universe”).

    And while I’m not going to let you in on the reason just yet, you’ll know exactly why I had to take you to outer space once we return to earth safely. :-)

    Announcement: Just Before We Take Off

    “Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned off the ‘Fasten Seat Belt’ sign, and you may now move around the cabin. However, we always recommend to keep your seat belt safely fastened while you’re seated.

    In a few moments, the flight attendants will be passing around the cabin to offer you hot or cold drinks, as well as a snack.

     Also, we will be showing you what’s happening outside this spaceship LIVE. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight. Thank you.”

    Take Off Point – The Earth

    HearandPlay Music Group is located in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. 

    California is just one out of fifty states in the United States of America (US) and the US is just one out of the 23 countries in North America (yup, there are more than 3 countries in North America!).

    North America is the third largest out of seven continents on earth.

    There are approximately 195 independent countries on earth (depending on who’s counting and how). Only few people have been privileged to travel to every country there is on the surface of the earth.

    Question any sailor you know who has navigated across the ocean, and they will tell you how vast the earth is. Heck, so many people have died making attempts to sail across the world.

    Notwithstanding the vastness of the earth, it is nothing compared to our next destination – the sun.

    First Stop – The Sun

    The earth that’s housing us is just one out of the several vehicles (aka – “planets”) that are revolving around the sun (aka – “sol”). It takes the earth one year to revolve around the sun at 18.5 miles per second. Can you beat that?

    The sun is so many times bigger than the earth. So much that it would take about 1.3 million earths to fit into the sun. Put another way, it would take a multiplication of the U.S and every other country there is on the surface of the earth by 1.3 million times to fit into the size of the sun.

    Pause and think about that!

    The sun is several times bigger than the earth. However, it’s nothing compared to our next destination – the milky way galaxy.

    Second Stop – The Milky Way Galaxy

    A collection of stars is known as a galaxy. The sun is part of a collection of stars known as the milky way galaxy, among several stars that make up this collection.

    I’m not talking about hundreds of stars, not even thousands of stars. Heck, I’m neither talking about a million nor a billion. I’m talking about 200 to 400 billion stars.

    Come to think of it, billions of them are bigger than the sun. I’m talking about the same sun that would take 1.3 million earths to fit into it.

    Can you imagine a space where several giant masses that are bigger than the sun are located in billions? Yup… that’s where we are at the moment. It’s called the milky way.

    If we were to travel at an impossible speed of 515, 000 mph (that’s half a million miles per hour), it’d still take us 230 million years to travel across the milky way.

    I’ll be taking you to our final destination for today – the universe.

    Final Destination – The Universe

    The milky way galaxy is just one of the galaxies out there.

    Galaxies are innumerable. Therefore, I can’t tell you for sure how many galaxies that are out there. This is because many are discovered every year.

    At the moment, about 200 billion galaxies have been discovered, all in one universe. Yet, we can’t say that’s all. We can only call these 200 known billion galaxies the observable universe.

    Announcement: Now That We’ve Just Landed

    “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the earth. 

    On behalf of me, myself and I, I’d like to thank you for joining us on this trip and I’m looking forward to seeing you on board again in the near future.”

    “Welcome Back! Why Did We Have To Travel?”

    I took you out of your locality on a mental trip through space so that you could see how vast the universe is.

    I’m sure you’re familiar with your street, city, state, country, and even your continent. Heck, you may have traveled across two or three continents, if not four or five.

    But I’m glad you’ve seen that your street, city, state, country, continent, or even your earth is smaller than the tiniest dot when compared, side by side, with the universe.

    Final Words

    The same thing is applicable to knowledge.

    Knowledge is as vast as the universe. You may think that you are exposed, but your exposure is only limited to the little you’ve seen and is nothing compared to the vast information you’re yet to see.

    In life, there’s always something new to learn, and you can’t possibly exhaust all there is to know in a lifetime.

    Nobody knows it all. People who have sailed across the earth are proud of their achievement. However, if we stop to compare how far they’ve gone with the vastness of the universe, we can almost say they’ve done nothing.

    Whatever you know is just a part of the vast that is yet to be found. There’s a saying: “the more you know, the more you discover how much you don’t know”.

    As such, nobody is an epitome of knowledge.

    We learn everyday and we discover new things because knowledge is so vast – as vast as the universe where we live in.

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