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    Mind Your Mind 202: Are You A “Chicken Eagle” Musician?

    chicken eagle

    Are you a “chicken eagle” musician? Find out in this article and how to discover your true inner potential.

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    A Mental Trip Through Space


    In this post, we’re learning what a mental trip through space can teach us about ourselves.

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    The Value of a New Year

    Thumbnail image for The Value of a New Year

    In this motivational message, we talk about the true value of a new year.

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    [NEW SERIES] “16 Chords You Absolutely Must Know In 2016… In All 12 Keys!”


    To kick off 2016 the right way, we’re starting a new free series teaching you 16 chords in 16 weeks, including pdf cheat sheets, a quick guide to remember chords, over 2016 exercises to retain chords, and more!

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    Merry Christmas and A Happy “Leap” Year in Advance

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    Merry Christmas Christmas is here! In the spirit of the season, I want to appreciate all our esteemed students all over the world who have contributed to our success in 2015, especially to: Those who visit this blog. On daily basis, our site statistics have shown that several thousands spend quality time on the blog […]

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    Video: A Quick & Easy Way To Create Major 7th and Major 9th Chords

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    In this video tutorial, Jonathan Powell, from the Gospel Music Training Center, shows you what he calls his “Dropstep Technique” for converting major triads into full-sounding major 7th and major 9th chords.

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    Whole Tone Scale Demystified

    whole tone scale thumbnail

    The whole tone scale is a useful one to know and because of its unique structure, very versatile. It is a 6-tone scale consisting of all whole steps. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

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