• Justice For All: Music Isn’t Silent

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    At Hear and Play, we’ve always approached music as a language – the only universal language capable of bringing people from all over the world together. “Notes are like alphabet letters, chords are like words, progressions are sentences, verses are paragraphs, and songs are stories,” we often say. “It is the lingua franca of the […]

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    James Wrubel Is Back! New 17-Minute Jazz Video Lesson Posted

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    I have a treat for you! After being away for 5 years, I caught up with James Wrubel (from our jazz courses) and invited him to do some helpful lessons for you. The first one is 17 minutes and available at: https://www.hearandplay.com/jazzlesson

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    Back Pocket Band Update… And Real-Life Testimonial From User! (Video)

    I’m so excited to announce the first Back Pocket Band Update… over 60 professional bonus drum machine loops added to the software! (see video).

    If you’ve already invested in Back Pocket Band, simply open your software and a new folder called “Free Drum Machine Loops (Bonus)” will automatically appear. From there, you’ll see 60 new files (20 loops at 3 tempos each).

    Watch my video below for details and click here to check out Back Pocket Band (if you haven’t invested yet).

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    Are You Trying To Reinvent The Wheel?

    There’s a popular saying I’ve subscribed to for several years: “Don’t reinvent the wheel.”

    It means don’t go about overcomplicating things by trying to start from scratch… especially when someone’s already done the work for you.

    Long before I started applying it to music, I used this wise advice in other areas of my life. But it didn’t start that way. It took me a while to be cured of my chronic “reinvention” habits.

    For example, when I started hearandplay.com, I sought out to…

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    Brand New! Musician Breakthrough 14-Disc Program Launching on April 20, 2011! New Video Trailer

    I know you’ve probably been wondering what happened to Musician Breakthrough… the 14-disc, 16+ hour project we announced at the end of last year.

    In fact, tons of you have been e-mailing, calling, and contacting us on facebook wondering what happened.

    Before we postponed it, we had over 16,700 people signed up on the early bird list, over 711 comments, over 5,200 votes, and tons of buzz.

    But we had to make it perfect. It’s 12 discs and over 16 hours with 7 different musicians… not an easy task to get right but we did it…

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    Introducing the Biggest Event Of The Year…

    If you haven’t checked out the Musician Breakthrough website, you’re in for a treat. It features 7 musicians and over 70 minutes of online video clips so far. Each of these musicians are competing for a trip to the Bahamas! And a few lucky visitors (like you) can win an iPad and Hear & Play Products. Head over to the site, vote on your favorite clips, learn a bunch, and get in on the action! Click here

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    Want to share chords with others?

    If you frequent forums or message boards and chat with other musicians, you’ll love this new tool I’ve built.

    (Actually, I’ve had this tool for a while but today marks the release of the actual generator tool… that makes it easy for you to create chord graphics on the fly).

    You’ll have to see it for yourself. It’s still in beta testing but check it out…

    Click here to try it

    Enjoy —

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