• Are You Trying To Reinvent The Wheel?

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    There’s a popular saying I’ve subscribed to for several years: “Don’t reinvent the wheel.”

    It means don’t go about overcomplicating things by trying to start from scratch… especially when someone’s already done the work for you.

    Long before I started applying it to music, I used this wise advice in other areas of my life. But it didn’t start that way. It took me a while to be cured of my chronic “reinvention” habits.

    For example, when I started hearandplay.com, I sought out to learn everything on my own at first. After all, when you start a business, you start from scratch right? You go through the school of hard knocks and learn everything it takes to start, manage, and grow it, right?

    At least, that’s what I thought until I met my first business mentor. I quickly learned it wasn’t about doing things on your own. It was about finding out who’s already accomplished what you want to accomplish and piggy-backing on their success. Doing what it takes to learn from them, copying what they’ve done to become successful.

    In many cases, they’ve had to invent the “wheel” (or at least started with a smaller wheel and made a bigger one) — but you need NOT do it again. In fact, it’s foolish to do it again unless you simply like creating wheels.

    “Modeling” is when you copy the actions, thought processes, and behaviors of someone or something you want to be. And if you model correctly, you’ll surely get there.

    In essence, if you want to be “great”, find out what “great” people do and model it.

    My new program, Musician Breakthrough is a collection of “great” musicians. And for the first time ever, I’ve assembled a group of 7 musicians ready to let you stand on their shoulders.

    Sure, they each went through the school of hard knocks because such a resource like this didn’t exist prior to the internet. But you needn’t go down that road, unless by choice… because what you have in my new Musician Breakthrough collection is a resource that will allow you to reach mastery level by studying the chords, patterns, and thought processes of pro players.

    We have taken the 5 dimensions of a church service (praise, shouting, worship, traditional/hymns, and transitional music) and broken them down, step-by-step, from the perspective of 7 world-class pro musicians. That’s 35 segments in all stretched over 14 discs and 16 hours. The first of its kind!

    So you’re faced with two decisions:

    1) Either reinvent the wheel and go about reaching mastery level on your own (and this isn’t necessarily bad — it’ll just take you several years… say a decade of continuous practice and discovery to reach where they are now).

    2) Or you can model and stand on the shoulders of giants, skipping the years of unnecessary trial & error.

    You decide. Click here for more information.

    But regardless of what you’re pursuing (whether music or otherwise), remember this lesson. Don’t start from scratch. Find those who have accomplished what you want to accomplish and stand on their shoulders.

    Until next time –

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    Hi, I'm Jermaine Griggs, founder of this site. We teach people how to express themselves through the language of music. Just as you talk and listen freely, music can be enjoyed and played in the same way... if you know the rules of the "language!" I started this site at 17 years old in August 2000 and more than a decade later, we've helped literally millions of musicians along the way. Enjoy!

    Attention: To learn more about this, I recommend our 500+ page course: The "Official Guide To Piano Playing." Click here for more information.


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    1 Anita

    Hey there Jermaine ~ I received the Musician Breakthrough today. I was surprised to see the package arrive so quickly. Thanks a lot.


    2 Lucion

    Jermaine Griggs is the maaan, sir you never cease to inspire me! And i’m definitely modeling you :)


    3 Immanuel

    Wow! That is a message title that God gave me to preach a couple years ago. Thank God for you being an example. I recently worked my last day at my prior job. God has give me the opportunity to do my own business and passions (IT/MUSIC). You are an inspiration to me, keep it up. I believe God is doing something similar on the east coast.


    4 Marie Spiers

    I like your article…very inspirational,,,profound…..ja..He who has an ear! let him hear what the spirit of the Lord says! Thank God for people like you,Jermaine..Keep it up!


    5 Cal Daniels

    In your workbook, 4 Steps to the next-level.
    Are you talking about patterns for chords or you talking patterns in the melody of a song?On page 74 in the example,the numbers 1-3-6-2-5-1. Are these the notes of the melody in the “C” scale or the chords?
    Thanks for your help


    6 Jermaine Griggs

    These are chord patterns, not melody notes. That whole section is mainly on chord patterns. I hope this clarifies.


    7 Chisom

    It’s just like a dream my performances getting better like never before all thanks jermaine keep it up.


    8 Chisom

    It’s just like a dream , my performances are getting better like never before all thanks jermaine keep it up.


    9 Chisom

    It’s just like a dream , I have improved beyond measures. All thanks jermaine keep it up.


    10 David Stein


    I have purchased and used one of your courses in the past, and I found it quite useful. Now I can only speak for myself. Although I love listening to gospel music it is not the style I play. I play keys and some guitar in a band up here in Ottawa, Canada called the Soul Shakers we play mainly R&B/Soul and a few blues tunes. I respect your religious beliefs, but I would like to see some more courses that could help me progress my playing in secular music.

    All my best,

    David Stein
    The Soul Shakers
    Ottawa, Canada


    11 Ernestina

    Interesting article. Now I know better. Thanks Jermaine


    12 athanatusobinna

    inspiring article, i think with these it will help me go far in music,


    13 Olympia

    Dear Jeremy,

    To tell the truth I am finding your works very useful, I normally play the Clarinet, but at school where I teach they want us to play the piano too. It is not an easy job to do but you are giving me alot of courage and important rules and hints how to improve with my left hand for the bass. I wish I have your 4 steps book but the shipping to Malta which is in Europe is too expensive. Is it possible to have the 4 steps booklet on line and send the money on line to eleminate the shipping?
    Happy Christmas

    Thanks alot




    I, first want to say that I’am so sorry that I am not able to take in to practice all of those e mails that you have sent me.This is because I do not have a piano and do not have excess to one.I DO SINCERELY WANT TO KNOW HOW TO PLAY A PIANO, FOR I DO FIND IT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL INSTRUMENT IN MUSIC.I do thank you for everything you’ve sent,and I wish you would forgive me for this ,and may GOD BLESS YOU.


    15 Convine Afundi

    Thanx , I think you have answerd me. I wont Reinvent the wheel again.


    16 Vulana Daniels

    I am aware of what’s holding me back. It is:
    needing time, fixed income, and an addition
    to my family. Me and my husband new baby girl
    of 3months. My time to practice is after they are
    sleep. When school is out I will have more time
    because I am a school bus driver. Been trying to get
    the gospel keys but every time put i forth, the children
    is in need of something. I listen to the articals and
    feel like crying because of the hunger to advance.
    I’m currently the oranist of my church, and have been
    playing for 21yrs. I love how your concern for
    musicians like me to push themselves. And I will
    Through the Lord Jesus Christ and your encouragement.


    17 stephen

    im touched wt music breakthrough


    18 Gideon

    Hi there, it’s quite unfortunate that i hardly check my mails nowadays but i think the Breakthrough is a great idea and will like to participate.


    19 oriokot

    hi Coach, you ‘ve been great and I want you to know any thing you bring to my understanding makes more than sense. and again i want to say thank you.


    20 Judy

    Thanks for your inspiring emails. You are definitely doing a great job! I am certainly encouraged to go after my childhood dream of being able to p[lay the piano.


    21 Judy

    Thanks for your inspiring emails. You are definitely doing a great job! I am certainly encouraged to go after my childhood dream of being able to play the piano.


    22 Cannon Olivierre

    I love Piano music and wished I had one at my disposal. The truth is I have none just like a previous person mentioned above.
    Jermaine you possess the ability to make me a fine Pianist so I will have to asked my elder in the church to allow me to use the one at church sometimes. My problem is that I hate begging others, even to ask to practice on the Piano there…..


    23 Great Dibsstar

    This is wonderful. It will really serve as a guide to my learning process. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


    24 helene


    as the other European here from Malta, the posting costs to France is excessive as compared to the content itself that I do find extremely inspirational, as I come from a “Conservatoire” culture with a very academic teaching style (more so than at school itself really !). Although I do love best classical music.

    So I’d love to be able to get and buy numeric content for download, it would be so much more convenient ! I do not even have anything I read CDs at home any longer to those disc formats, either video or audio, are a mess for me.



    25 Iyke

    Your words have transformed my reasoning. As a bassist i’ve been “reinventing the wheel” for as long as i can remember but this article have proven to me that there are short cuts to being successful.
    God bless you.


    26 Marcus B

    yeah Jermaine, true, true. I’m just caught up in a maze. Patience is a virtue, I hear everything that you’re saying.


    27 manisha

    may the hand of God dwells upon you


    28 solomon

    Hi Jermaine,
    I absolutely enjoy the little nuggets you send on a weekly basis.
    My skills are improving by the day. I appreciate you coach.


    29 Tumelo

    Thank you very much
    Teacher, J.G


    30 David

    Hello Jermaine Griggs,
    My name is David, I am from Nigeria in west Africa.I have passion to learn piano,but I don’t have money to learn it. So fortunately I saw your website when I was looking for free piano lessons on Google. So I click on it and that’s how I got your website.
    First and foremost, I will like to thank you for your message that you normal send to me on my Gmail(talk2engineerdavid@gmail.com),God bless you in Jesus name(Amen).
    Secondly, I applied for your 4 free video lesson lesson but I don’t have money to watch them.please I will want you to help me in any you can help or with anything you can help me.
    In Conclusion, please I want you to help me so that my dream. will not run down. I hope to hear from you soon. And that’s my Gmail up there God bless you in Jesus name (Amen).
    Yours Faithfully
    Odejobi David.


    31 obeng

    l’ve been enjoying your music videos. God bless you. l ‘ ve been playing for my local church with the music tips you’ve been sending me. l’m now at the intermediate level. l just saw your latest song tutor software, wow! l can’t wait to get that software. Please how can you help your international friends who don’t have money to buy some of your CDs. Thanks & God bless you.


    32 Bidemi

    Always refreshing! Like my Nigeria counterpart, it can be quite expensive ordering for things overseas from here but you emails drive one down to the piano right away!. My brother in the USA just emailed me to help ordered some of your books and I am trusting God hard on that.. It is just a matter of time, I am going to have some collections of your study materials to work with. Keep the rhythm flowing!


    33 Dele

    Hey Jermaine, thanks a lot.
    I started playing a year ago and had decided I was going to learn on my own with no teachers, no sheet music, nada.
    I eventually did in just about 5 months. But since then I have not really improved.
    Thanks to your website I have really learned much more than I did and really…if not for my ego, I would have started playing for my church after 3 months.
    But now I’m finally getting there.
    I really can’t believe you are giving so much for so little!!!
    May God bless you


    34 Terwase

    Hey Jermaine I thank you so much for creating your good time for me, I discovered you last year evening though it seems am giving you headed I want you to understand that am doing good right now in my church an it feels so good. I thank you so much may God bless you keep the good work.


    35 teddy

    sir, God bless you…thank you for this message


    36 Davie

    I have been playing for years and was wondering why I have little progress, was actually blaming the keyboard that I have cause it old (psr175) but now I. Have no reason for blaming my tools
    This is something great, I have realized that I have been trying to figure out things on my own too, but now that you have said it, I am turning to people with knowlegde and an understanding on that witch I’d like to know . Thank you and God bless you


    37 billy

    thanks jermaine i get it, i,ll keep following your lead , you are a blessing


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