• Shame on you if you missed radio show #5… here’s the recording though

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    Here it is…

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    1 MS

    Thoroughly enjoyed the recording of the radio show, and was able to answer all of the questions except the 5th degree of the Harmonic Minor scale. Isn’t it a MINOR chord? Time ran out on me. I guessed the Blues Scale. Haven’t reached that far as yet, but just got lucky. Blessings!


    2 Jermaine

    Hi MS,

    Thanks for your comment and glad you enjoyed the show!

    For the natural minor scale, the 5th tone is associated with the minor chord, solely because of the 7th tone of the minor scale (In C minor, this would be Bb… and Bb causes the G chord (5 chord) to be minor).

    However, in the harmonic and melodic scales, that 7th tone of the minor scale is raised (in the melodic scale, both the 6th and 7th tones are raised). That makes the Bb a B natural. So that same 5 chord that had G+Bb+D for the natural minor scale now has G+B+D which makes it a regular major chord.

    So that’s why you get a major chord. In this salsa tutorial https://www.hearandplay.com/main/now-you-can-play-salsa-without-learning-any-new-chords , since Jeff Goodkind was playing C minor to F minor to G major, those chords would have come from the harmonic minor scale as:

    C natural minor wouldn’t have a G major on the fifth tone
    C melodic minor wouldn’t have an F minor on the fourth tone

    And C harmonic minor has all (C minor on first tone, F minor on fourth tone, and G major on fifth tone).

    All the best,



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