• Here’s the radio show #6 recording

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    Shame on you if you missed radio show #5… here’s the recording though

    Check out the recording for the show…

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    Awesome second radio show featuring Jason White (recording enclosed)

    We had an amazing time tonight! Not only did Jason White bless our hearts with tons of insight and pointers, but we had tons of callers and live interaction in the chat!

    We tried to give away up to 6 prizes but callers just weren’t getting our questions right! We ended up with two winners in the last 5 minutes of the show so that was good!

    Don’t miss the recording (especially my gospel musicians who look up to Jason White). You’ll be blessed!

    (Also, you can get a thorough recap of tonight’s show by clicking here).

    Listen to Jermaine Griggs on internet talk radio

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    Join me for tonight’s radio show! Tueday, August 19 @ 6pm pacific

    Listen to Jermaine Griggs on internet talk radioThe show is tonight. Join us at 6pm pacific * 9pm eastern! We’ll be giving away stuff, chatting about music, and taking live calls!

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    Great first radio show (recording enclosed)

    Our first radio show on blogtalkradio.com was awesome!

    We had 407 live listeners and 57 callers (only got to bring on 8 of them live)! This is not bad at all considering the e-mail went out late.

    We gave away an Ipod shuffle, an Ipod touch, and a free course to three deserving callers. Every week, we’ll give away prizes on air so you wanna make sure you’re on!

    You can get a thorough recap (with explanation of questions & answers) of the show on my radio blog by clicking here.

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    Hear & PlayTIME Radio Show #1 @ 9pm pacific / 12midnight eastern

    Listen live here or visit https://www.hearandplay.com/radioshow to chat with other listeners or call us as a guest (from your computer)!

    You can also call in to talk to us LIVE using (914) 338-1526.

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