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    Here’s a lesson I just recorded for you. It covers a few worship chords and progressions you can put to work for you right away! I hope you enjoy it. I had fun making it.

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    Talk soon,

    Jermaine Griggs

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    Hi, I'm Jermaine Griggs, founder of this site. We teach people how to express themselves through the language of music. Just as you talk and listen freely, music can be enjoyed and played in the same way... if you know the rules of the "language!" I started this site at 17 years old in August 2000 and more than a decade later, we've helped literally millions of musicians along the way. Enjoy!

    Attention: To learn more about this, I recommend our 500+ page course: The "Official Guide To Piano Playing." Click here for more information.


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    1 JMichael Beasley

    Jermaine: I’m loving your blog and all of the free lessons and not only ME, but I have passed your blog site along to so many of my musician friends as well. You are so kind to offer these free helps and hey, in today’s economy we can’t all afford a private tutor or even to spend a couple of hundred dollars on teaching courses, DVDs and CDs you know? I have purchased most everything that Hear and Play offers beginning with the 300 page beginning course and just recently got the Jason White DVD. I have also purchased from http://www.giftedplayer.com and http://www.wheatworks.com but really do prefer the things that you and Bro. Powell put out. Thanks so much for the passion you have to help others in furthering God’s work through the powerful channel of gospel music. I have played for a bit over 40 years now and there is still so much to learn in spite of the fact that I have had and kept a dozen or more students of my own lol. You guys are the greatest!!


    2 Cynthia

    Hi Jermaine,

    I’ll be honest with you. My playing is like your singing. (Actually, I think you can sing as well as anyone.) I understand the circle, the theory, my ear is very good and some people (like my Mom) say that I play well but I guess I can hear too well. The music sounds bad.

    Maybe if “I” stop saying that I can’t play, then something will change. I am 58 years old and there are elementary school children who can out play me. What’s up.

    I even made an audio podcast several years ago and it is hard for me to listen to it. I am trying hard this year to change my attitude. Maybe the reason why I can’t play the piano is the same reason why you feel you can’t sing.

    So, I promise I will stop saying that “I can’t play” if you promise to stop saying that you can’t sing.


    3 Asha

    Hi Jermaine,

    I loved to learn and play music from my childhood days but i didn’t get the circumstances for that .First of all ,let me thank you for your kindness in offering free lessons .I am just a beginner and i really wanted to learn playing piano.Your lessons were very helpful to me in understanding what a piano is .I learned the keys,notes,chords-major and minor ,flats and sharps etc.

    May God bless you for your work .


    4 Jerry Ficke

    is there some way to download this to my local computer in case you can’t keep it up here, or i can’t get on line?


    5 jerry dean johnson

    I’m really enjoying this material.


    6 C Raines

    What kind of software are you using?



    7 Duane Lewis

    This was really some nice material and a great video lesson. I’m going to incorporate this in church service asap:) Thanks.

    P.S. Keep up the good work in GMTC…I’ve been a member for a little over 3 months now and I absolutely love it. It continues to enhance my chord progessions, knowledge, creativity and much more. God Bless You, your family along with J. Powell and family. You guys are great.


    8 Audrey

    I clicked on the video, and nothing happened. It just shows a panio and an arrow.


    9 Bill Evenhouse

    Thanks for posting this interesting session. You have a really nice way of being yourself while doing these sorts of lessons. I am sure your students benefit from that. I have benefitted from going through your first course, although I am at present teaching a university course concerning ear-based playing of guitar and piano (same course but not at the same time).


    10 Emmanuel

    The lesson is great.

    You have provided very great lessons in the past and this new video is an addition to list.

    Please make the lesson downloadable so that those of us who are not on the internet all the time will be able to play it on our computer at leasure.

    Keep the great work going and be blessed.


    11 Rukaiya

    God bless you Jermaine for this quick lesson. A nice treat in addition to all the other lessons on GMTC. Love the new software too, makes it very easy to follow.


    12 claudia phillip

    thanks jermaine for the lessons i will make good use of it .i will let you know of my progress.much love to you and your family.


    13 Greg McCrary

    Im really thankful for all the free lessons that you’ve shared with all of us,you are causing others that have the desire to become just as great as you are, we are trying , and you are giving . Thank you very much, continue to be blessed and be a blessing .


    14 Gloria

    Thank you so much!


    15 Deek

    Now, that’s teaching to “play for a lifetime” and understanding not just mimicking.
    continue to ‘Be A Blessing! Much Love Jermaine and to the entire growing Griggs tribe.


    16 J

    Hi, I clicked on the play button, but nothing happens.


    17 KP

    Awe man, Im gettin really mad at my computer! I click on the screen arrow and nothing happens…it just goes black. Wooooo Saaaaah. Ok, Im calm. What should I do? I’d like to be able to view before you have to take it down.


    18 KP

    Awe man, Im gettin really mad at my computer! I click on the screen arrow play button and nothing happens…it just goes black. Wooooo Saaaaah. Ok, Im calm. What should I do? I’d like to be able to view before you have to take it down.


    19 Musallio

    Great stuff Jermaine!
    Thanks, I’m going to use this at church today at the whole night prayer!!!


    20 James Chambers

    Bro.Jermaine: I first found your website in Dec.2009 and my first
    Dec.30.2009 and every sense I’ve been up hill after one month working the fist DVD and play in church, I thought after gospl5oo DVD was the ultimate DVD but this 43 minute lesson it’s blessings is overflowing.

    Thank You Bro.James
    PS.I now it was The Lord that lead me to your website.


    21 Justin K.

    Ahhhhhhh, this is exactly the type of stuff I was hoping to learn when I stumbled on your website. You’ve already exceeded my expectations with the emails so far and now I am even more excited to learn how to play stuff like this. You are the freaking man Jermaine!!!


    22 samuel

    Wow is nice thanks for letting me know about it. God bless you


    23 SulenaOlivia

    Thanks Jermaine for another great tutorial. Right in my zone…the worship zone!
    Just curious, what software did you use to create this one? (very excellent)


    24 Willie Henderson

    I think this is the best method of video training you have every done.
    It is easy to follow.


    25 Richard

    I love your New! 43-Minute “Worship Chords” Virtual Video Lesson. What software did you use to display the piano keys, it was so helpful.



    26 Steve7867

    Jerry, Look for the text below for the download; just below the video player:

    You can download this video to your computer by clicking here



    27 paul

    I’ve got a problem, until now, i did see this video, because get long time to be loaded even in my computer, but still trying, i’ll let you know


    28 wisdom

    am greatful for bing part of this progam.
    the time have spend with u have lead me fear.
    i will like to have some of ur product
    . thank u and God will give u more grace for discovering.



    Hi, I will like you to send anything you wanna send to me in note.



    30 Andre Springer

    Since I started using these cords, i have been having problems with the ladies. I thought this is suppose to be worship cords and or improvisation into any type of music. I didn’t realize that playing could do something like this. I am know praying for peace.

    Thanks Bro.
    Andre ( New Jersey)


    31 Oma

    Jermaine, This is soo good. I have to have anything where I can see how it’s done before I can learn it well. You have done just that in this video. Wish you would do all this way. I can’t thank you enough. You are doing such a wonderful job for some of us who can’t afford some material. Thank you again.


    32 aneni

    hi the video you sent was okay,infact the video taught me so many things i didnt know.i want to thank you for the opportunity given to me to learn from you a great man and,i must say you are a great teacher.i also want to promise you that i will not let you down,that i will make use of every thing you ve sent me wisely.thanks once again. aneni origie


    33 Brian

    Farewell! This is my first post {:-) but I have tried downloading the video “new-43-minute-worship-chords-virtual-video-lesson” with the aid of “FDM”, even though resume is not supported – my mistake, I suppose!!

    After about 3 hours we had a slight power-dip which caused my PC to reboot immediately, without intervention. But all that work was lost, and these dial-up connections that Telkomsa has at any distance from town, well …! (1!@#$% !!!).

    A website that can cause me that much harm – as I said at the beginning: “Farewell!!”


    34 emma

    hi Emmanuel , i went some less for you i went to lesson how to play piano


    35 Abiodun

    I am realy intrested in dis but i dont knw hw 2 check it


    36 Lysanias

    Hi Jermaine,
    learning the why behind chord structure is very helpful. I played piano as a child and never realized why I never advanced any further than the basic sight reading. I discovered that my instructors did not know, therefore couldn’t teach me. These lessons are an eye opener! I never knew that a circle of 5th existed until now. It helps me to understand how chords relate. Thanks again


    37 Charles E. Johnson

    Minister Jermaine,
    How are you doing? Its been a long time since I have made contact with you.
    Today, I just decided to check your sight to see what new novel creation you have come up with. As per ususal, I was not disappointed. I just want to encourage you to continue this great work that you are doing. You have not seen
    God’s entire plan for you and your ministry. You are a light shining in darkness, enlighten thousands. I will be contacting you later-on.
    I am praying for you.

    Charles E. Johnson


    38 Rose Benitez

    I just started playing keyboard this year, i know most of the chords but didn’t understand them, you’re lesson was very helpful. Thanks so much!


    39 Tim

    Thanks Jermaine
    Great piece of work. God bless you and your growing faimly


    40 Promise

    you have real well,i don’t know how to thank you guys, but God will bless you for assiting me on my piano life.THAKS GOD BLESS YOU.AMEN


    41 ruth

    Hi Jermaine,
    thank you for this lesson. It’s precious. So much I am learning from it.
    All the best!


    42 ricardo

    good video as usual,will try some at church.i will be purchasing the gospel urban cd soon,i like that on also,but thank for this video i will try to get most of it into my playing style.thanks jermaine


    43 Lorna

    Hello Jermaine
    Thank you for your unselfish love.You are a STAR!! What an amazing music teacher!
    The online music resources is a great help!!

    God bless you and your family.

    Lorna Mathilda


    44 Alfred

    Wow! loads to take in but you don’t hold anything back,your explanations and break-downs are so clear and precise…plus alternative progressions,passing chords and more…thanks and stay blessed.


    45 belinda

    loved it Jermaine it was a little deep for me, but i,m growing.May God Bless You


    46 Dorothy Rainey

    Thank you so much, Mr. Germaine! :) I needed this lesson–very ‘on time.’ I liked how you took one major key (Ab) and demonstrated the different progressions and explained the breakdowns. It was fun with you using a relaxed setting to give us insight into your (God-given) creativity. God Bless. May He continue to enlarge your territory.


    47 Austyn

    Thanks Mr Griggs, words are practically inadequate to express my thanks and gratitude to you for your love, understanding and guidance. Up until now I’ve been a dumb player stuck on the major chords and never knowing what to do with the otehr chord formations. Over the years I have copied out as many of the chords… augmented, suspended, flatted fifths etc but nobody could tell me how they fit in to make music. So far I’m having a grip on passing notes and by God’s special grace I’ll make you proud…thanks. Austyn


    48 Andre

    It’s great to get more into the real thing of playing by ear. Amazing how you explain how-to-do stuff that you would not get anywhere. I have found, when you ask other musicians for a little help, it’s like going to court – you are place on a waiting list. So thanks a whole lot Jermaine.


    49 Yansen Alexander

    This cheatsheet song very intererst..thxs pakar seo


    50 Doris Crump

    I haven’t seen yet. I know it is going to be nice!


    51 Sam

    hello sir,
    I appreciate your efforts all long in making music a simple lifestyle to those interested, more grease to your elbow. Please I need a detailed explanation on ditones and tritone also it’s application in chord progression. thanks, waiting to hearing from you soon.


    52 Carolyn Clark

    Great video. Thank you Jermaine for sharing. Lovse
    the beautiful worship chords. God bless you.


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