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    Happy New Year!

    Yup, it’s been that long since I’ve written in my blog… but for good reason…

    You’ll probably remember I promised I’d go on vacation after the launch of my latest 12-disc “Musician Transformation” & Gospel Music Training Center resources in December 2009 (which sold out, btw).

    But that’s not the only reason I’ve been gone…

    On December 15, 2009 at 3:41 a.m. (just a lil over 3 hours after my wife’s birthday ended on the 14th), God blessed us with another little angel, Layla Ann Griggs… 8lbs, 11oz, 20 inches.

    Here’s a pic of her and my wife:

    layla and sarah

    If you remember the birth of my first daughter, Jadyn Olivia Griggs, on June 8, 2006, you’ll know they practically look like twins!

    I never thought I’d be one of those types that forget the names of my kids… “Now take this bottle Jadyn… I mean LAYLA!!!” (And I’m only 26…!!!)

    I’m also so proud of my beautiful wife Sarah because just some weeks after giving birth to Layla, she was back up and glamorous! Here’s a pic I snapped of her just before our “date night” to a nearby comedy show.


    And since I’m revealing pics, I guess I’m next…


    You’ll have to wait to see my transformation! I’ll reveal myself in June (maybe on my birthday????)…

    Let’s just say JP (from GospelKeys Urban Pro 600) and I have been working out every morning at 6am… yup 6am! (If you got a goal or dream, GO GET IT! And go STRONG! Will Smith says it best here)

    With that said, I want to reintroduce you to over 2 hours of free video content and over 50 pages of written material I created early in 2009. I realize that a lot of people have joined the hear & play family since then and have never seen these free resources.

    Others have been on board a while and still missed these.

    And the rest clicked the links when I originally posted them but FAILED to do anything with the information. So here’s another opportunity!

    (If you did make good with this information, congrats… you’re in the top 10% of action-takers! Take this time to review…)

    This is a series. They all go together.

    VIDEO LESSON #1 – “Finding the key to any song”

    If you ask any ear-musician, this skill will be at the center (or maybe the “center” of the “center” like in hit movie, Slumdog Millionaire).

    If you can’t determine what key a song is being performed in just by listening, you’ll have many problems down the road (at least when it comes to playing by EAR in situations where you need to “think on your feet.”)

    This is the most “intuitive” of all the skills and knowledge you’ll attain. It’s not like reading sheet music where you look at the grand staff and determine what key the piece is in by the number of flats or sharps that appear at the beginning of the music.


    No reference.

    Just your ear.

    This video will make it plain…

    Note: If you really like what I talked about, I have an 80-minute course that covers finding the key to any song. You can find it here.

    VIDEO LESSON #2 – “The KEY to getting to the next level in your piano”

    This next lesson reveals a very important STRATEGY you MUST have as an ear-musician.

    Again, if you’re reading sheet music, this probably isn’t emphasized as much… but when it comes to playing by ear, “NUMBERS” rule.

    And your ability to know your numbers “inside” and “out” will determine how far you get… and how fast you get there.

    If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out the next lesson below. There is also a 28-pg report that goes along with it.

    (You may also find my “core fundamentals” courses helpful)

    RESOURCE: Click here to download the free 29-pg report that goes along with this video lesson.

    VIDEO LESSON #3 – “The SECRET to playing ANY and EVERY chord you want in SECONDS”

    This next lesson will take you even further…

    It borrows a very familiar concept from the car industry (popularized by Henry Ford in the early 1900’s) and adapts it to music!

    It’s the very next logical step in the process and you’ll get it laid out for you plainly in this video…

    (there is a 14 page report included at the bottom of the video)

    If this topic interests you, then you may like my “hear & play chords” series.

    RESOURCE: Click here to download the free 14-pg report that goes along with this video lesson.

    VIDEO LESSON #4 – “The MISSING PIECE OF THE PUZZLE to playing almost any song out there”

    This last video could arguably be the MOST IMPORTANT part when it comes to learning real songs and understanding just how closely related songs are (yes… all songs follow the same general patterns and principles — this video will reveal all of this to you…)

    There’s also a 12-pg report that goes along with it…

    RESOURCE: Click here to download the free 12-pg report that goes along with this video lesson.

    (If you’re into gospel music, GospelKeys 202 really breaks down the idea of “patterns.” 70 to 80% of songs have the same common movements in them. This course is revolutionary in that it breaks down all these patterns and covers the “how,” “what,” and “why.” Click here for more information)


    Wow, so there you have it! A good way to start off the year!

    I look forward to your comments about our new addition and/or the videos above. I read each and every one of them.

    (My last blog post got over 750 comments when I was giving away my FREE 12-disc “Musician Transformation” course … which will be back in a couple of months, don’t worry!)

    Take care,

    Jermaine Griggs

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    Hi, I'm Jermaine Griggs, founder of this site. We teach people how to express themselves through the language of music. Just as you talk and listen freely, music can be enjoyed and played in the same way... if you know the rules of the "language!" I started this site at 17 years old in August 2000 and more than a decade later, we've helped literally millions of musicians along the way. Enjoy!

    Attention: To learn more about this, I recommend our 500+ page course: The "Official Guide To Piano Playing." Click here for more information.


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    1 LadyD

    Congratulations Jermaine and Sarah Griggs! Welcome Beautiful Baby Layla!
    Thanks for reintroducing these 4 great video lessons teaching musicians to play by ear! Warm regards, LadyD


    2 ampofo kyeremateng

    thanks for all this and God richly bless you and your wonderful family.


    3 Tina

    Wow, what a beautiful addition to wonderful family. Thanks for the repostings. I look forward to reviewing the material and incorporating it into my playing. Wishing you and your family a blessed and prosperous new year!


    4 Gaspara Angeles

    Indeed, your wife is very beautiful. She can be a Hollywood actress. By that I mean her beauty os star quality. Congratulations on your growing family. What an enormous achievement that is.


    5 Emoni

    Wow, that really waz a suprise. congrats on your new baby girl. And i also wanted to know if you teach any other stuff for other instruments besides piano an guitar.


    6 Cassandra

    Welcome back Jermaine – Congratulations on the birth of Lovely Layla. Sara looks lovely. Thanks for the inspiration for complete transformation!


    7 manuel

    Jermaine, I’m your fan #1, I’m a retired accountant and all my life I’been studying music far away from my instrument (pano), now I can study everyday, music is my passion, you are a living testimony of many things with only 26, I,m 60…I wish many blessings for you and your family.


    8 Jahmercy

    Hey JG congrats on your new family addition, I wish you ten more – lol.
    anyway your lessons are always helpful as usually, you are by far my best musical mentor.
    God bless!!!


    9 Alisa Cody

    this is awesome you have the coolest operation known I love sowing into you


    10 joel

    Congratulations to you and your lovely family. Thank you and the Hear and Play.com crew for the information that you’ve shared with us over the years. It has opened my eyes to the grand possibilities that are available at my fingertips. I also understand, that playing music really isn’t that hard. It just takes a committment on my part.


    11 Leik

    Dear Jermaine & Sarah, Congratulations! We all welcome Layla with open arms. Peace, Love & Happiness to you and family. Sending Love & Light your way. My warmest regards, Leik


    12 paitric

    Hey Sir Griggs congrats to u & Sarah Griggs on ur new born!! I must say God bless: Hear & Play took me from Basic to now am playing in another country as a paid musician, to God be the glory!! Prayer & blessings for the Hear & play family which am happy to be apart of. God bless!!


    13 Nancy

    Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl. May God be with you, Sarah and those little ones He had put in your care.


    14 Yasmin Kerr

    Hi there,

    it was really good to hear from you again. Congratulations on the birth of your little angel. Your wife is also beautiful. She looks like she is from indian decent. I am from indian decent too and my birthday is June 8th just like one of your daughters. Keep up the good work and may God bless and prosper you and your beautiful family



    15 Dorothy Rainey

    Hello Griggs Family, great to see you back! Congratulations on your new baby girl. She is adorable (just like little Jadyn). Sarah has recovered from the pregnancy–just like her Hebrew name: Princess. Thanks for the recap of music theory and music technicalities. The more you reiterate the methodology the more it resonance as gospel (smile). Looking forward to 2010 and all that God gives you for inspiration, your music ministry and the Hear & Play Company. God Bless!


    16 Bernice Odonkor-Quartey

    Wow you danced well.you are an inspiration to me!Keep it up and may God richly bless you.


    17 Ian Evans

    Congratulations Jermaine and Sarah.

    Thanks for the videos, I have only had time for #1 so far, “How to find the key…”

    I’m 79 and have always said “I do not have an ear…” but I came pretty close to most of the ones in the video…Wow!

    Actually I spend most of my hobby time playing drums and had more or less given up on piano, maybe I’ll give it another try.



    18 Michael Taylor

    Hello Jermaine. Congradulations on the new addition to your family and on you and JP starting regular scheduled workouts in the morning. I used to workout in the mornings before going to work at the gym in my apartment complex up to about 4 months ago but got away from it and my body feels the effects of it. Now that you and JP are doing it I am now start my workout schedule again.

    I am glad as always that you provide materials to us and am thankful that you put up the 4 videos again. But I have been a member of GMTC for the past year and have worked through the Music Tranformation Videos on GMTC and answered the questions up throug the “Intermediate Song Learning Approch” of the “Song Station” video. So the information provided through the Music Transformation Videos and GMTC not only include the information in the videos above but far surpass it. I only wish that there was someone like you and JP when I first started playing the piano and organ back in the 70’s. I never got the hang of being able to play gospel music until you and JP came along. Now I can play just about any melody that comes into my head and am able to harmonize it from a Basic Harmonization stand point. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to developing those JP sweet stuff arrangement to the melodies in my head but if I keep working at it I know I will be successful. My biggest problem now is being able to hear bass line from tapes and CDs especially since it is not as prominant as the melody. But if I am able to hear the base line and put it with the melody which I have no problem picking up, then I will really have reached my next level. Maybe once I get to the last Music Transformation video that deals with developing one’s ear, my ears will open up to hearing bass line off of tapes, CDs and records. Again may the Lord bless you for all that you are doing for us struggling musicians and giving us the tools to enable us up to minister to the Lord’s people in a marvelous way.


    19 Kdee

    Congratulations to you and Sarah. I have been with your business for awhile and I am happy to have witnessed you and Sarah being blessed with two beautiful Daughters. Thanks to all of you at Hearandplay for your visionary work.


    20 Emmanuel Louis

    Hi Jermain,

    Congratulations on your new baby and pretty wife. My congratulations go also to you specially for your extraordinary musical talent. Thank you for everything.
    May God bless you all


    21 Nextlevelmin

    JG & Sarah congrats on your new edition. Our new addition is on the way in a couple of months so I’m trying to learn all I can because I remember what happened 19 months ago with this one. We have something in common, we are out numbered by females 3 to 1 lolol so we will have to make sure to support one another. When I was reading your blog & thought it had been a min since we’ve heard from you & look how time flys because in 2 weeks your daughter will be 2 months.





    23 Alma Kastler

    I am 83 years old, started playing piano when I was 3 years old. I don’t think I need any further instruction! Am at this time also substituting as an organist at several churches. Please remove my name from your mailing listings.


    24 Ruth Miller

    Thank you for sharing your music and instructions with each of us.
    The way you make the video’s and connect,as friends, to your students etc,
    you have inspired and motivated each of us to be the best we can be.
    Your sharing great information and short cuts with us,so we can play
    beautiful music and share your site with others, that have a desire to
    learn how to play the piano.

    I share with those I feel to and I ask this question?
    Yes. Ever since I was a child. They share how they love piano.
    I give them the web site and they thank me. I ask them to type in my name
    as the one that shared the site with them. Ok. is their reply.
    My piano playing has improved so much with your instructions.
    Your team of musicians are very good also. Bless you and your team. we appreciate your time and your love for your people. We all are standing on
    the team of excellence with you and your team of musicians. It is so
    exciting to be a part of what you and your princess are doing. Your team etc.

    Glad that you share your story about Sarah and the children.
    Sarah is a beautiful person, inside and out. You and Sarah have a lot of love
    for people and your Lord and you enjoying sharing and giving to others the understanding, wisdom and knowledge that you have been given with each of us
    and we your email friends appreciate you and your team. Thank you for letting
    us be a part of your family, your outer circle of your family friends.

    Stay focused on the one that loves you the most for he has all the answers and
    will share them with each of us if we just ask and listen to his instructions.
    A bless family. Your good ships that you have put out are coming back to you
    every day. Everyone loves you and what you are doing. Yes, you can sing?
    Let the training begin to give you that understanding Jermaine. vocal training
    is yours so say yes and go for it. signing off.


    25 Lennon

    Hi Jermaine

    Just wanted to congratulate you and your wife on a new member of your family.May she bring you joy and laughter. May the hand of God rest upon her for a blessing.
    Thank you for your faithfulness in keeping Hear and Play as a resource center for budding musicians out there,especialy church musicians. Your patience is amazing. I have benefited a lot from you. The videos are greate.

    May God grant you increase in everything that you do.

    All the best



    26 Mz. C

    God Bless you and your family,
    and thanks so very much for all the lessons they have been a true blessing.


    27 aundre

    Hey Jermaine,

    So thoughtful of you for sharing the pics of your lovely wife and daughter. I have two princesses myself (Kenya (5) and Kayla (1).

    What came to my mind is that we as musicians out here have a vested interest in the joy that your family bring to you…….if you are happy, it will be transformed in more good lessons that make us happy. (I hope you get my point)

    For that reason, I personally will continue to pray for you and your family that God’s richest blessings will NEVER cease to flow on you.



    28 Beatmaking Housewife

    Congrats, I’m expecting my first in April


    29 Derrick Woodall

    Congratulations on the birth of your new angel. May God continually bless and keep you and your family. Your site has revitalized my interest in getting to the ‘next level’ with my piano playing. Thanks for all your hard work…I still crack up when I think about that secret agent video you did lol.

    God Bless,



    30 Rudy

    Wishing you, your family and all involved with Hear&Play.com Guidance & countless Blessings.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge & wisdom with us all.



    31 jerrell



    32 Andre McZeak

    My man Congratulations on another beautiful baby girl…. She looks like she is going to be as sweet Jadyn. And Layla is as pretty name. I pray your time off was a blessing to you and I pray this year is a blessing for you. Tell the whole family hi, and may God bless and lift you all up higher.



    33 Robert Gillett

    Congratulations to the Griggs family on the new addition.



    34 Kaz

    hey dts rily gr8 wat yo doin 4 us Jermaine. oh btw, yo wifey “ayokya” (shiz hot in ma language)




    please forgive me for not written ever since, not that I neglect or do not appreciate but its been work, work and work. First of all congratulations! I saw all the pics they are beautiful and I must confess that you are blessed, glory to God.

    I, my son Samuel & wife wish you and your family a prosperous year in Jesus name, Amen.
    By God’s grace I’ll be writing you as often as possible from now on
    Thanks and remain blessed.


    36 lucky E LUCKY

    congrate litle Layla. u are welcome to the year 2010 in jesus name AMEN.thanks for your teaching MR jermaine. i raely enjoy it. gradualy, a raely moving on in your teaching. thanks so much.my regard to ur wife. am very happy for you sarah God bless u and ur husband AMEN.


    37 Yvonne

    Hey lots of good info here.Gonna take my time learning it all.I am not so young.But I want to do this.
    Hey Jermaine..You only got 2?well I got 11 .I am sure yours are as precious as mine are.Loveya,Yvonne


    38 Kenroy

    Hello Jermaine,

    I am very happy to view your (4) new videos today> they are very educational and I am happy for those who have had the opptnity to view and learn from them. I am happy that I have passed this level but I appreciate the fact that I was once at this level and I love the methods tht u have used and all your realistic illustrations like accembling cars, Numbers, and even your humour and unscript teaching ( which makes it real and seeminly interactive)…

    Please continue and I love the Jazzy flavour to the end off your first or four vidoes…

    Have a blessed day..



    39 Tommy

    Congrats Jermaine my daughter will be 1 on the 22nd so i know the excitment of having a child they are truly a blessing from the most high keep on keepin on my brotha may God continue to bless you your family and your work


    40 yhumi

    “Babies are God’s way of saying that Life is worth living” Congratulations! Jermaine and wife, welcome to the world baby Layla!

    Thanks for posting the video lessons.All are so great!very helpful to me
    as a beginner.God Bless!


    41 vitalis

    Hi Jer
    Is’nt he WOUNDERFUL? YES he is, the LORD is blessing his people with a presource gift,my wife gave birth to baby girl on the 17th jan 2010 name ( FAVOUR )I that more blessings of GOD shall befall upon your family as you’ar blessing so many people with gift GOD in U


    42 Gwendolyn Embree

    Congratulations Jermaine to you and Sarah, God has blessed the family with
    another beautiful baby girl. Thank you for sharing your family with us.

    Love, Gwendolyn


    43 Gema Swaratyagita

    Congratulation bro…what a great surprise with ur new baby Layla..ur life was complete in happiness..:) thanks 4 share the lesson, it means a lot 4 me…


    44 Leonard

    Hello Jermaine and Family!
    Welcome back. My congratulations,and I pray that The Lord continues to bless you and your wonderful family.It’s very good to have you back, and a happy belated birthday to Mrs. Griggs.God bless you exceeding abundantly.


    45 Wendy R. Bradford

    Congratulations Jermaine and Sarah. I am very happy for you. I love hearing your family stories. You are so blessed and I am happy to be a part of sharing your new joy via the internet. I pray for God’s continued blessings upon your life. Take good care.


    46 kenneth

    God bless you bro. Congratulations on the newest addition the family. You are truly blessed and have a wonderful family. I never cease to thank God for you as you allow him to use you in providing such great and timely info to musicians everywhere. The information has truly been a blessing to me and has renewed my interest and zeal and desire to do whatever i must in order to become the best skilled musician that i can be, and to master my craft. Thanks again bro, and continue to do what yo do for the glory of God and for the kingdom.


    47 chris

    Excellent post, just what we’ve come to expect. Received the initial offering of the four videos though I didn’t seem receptive to the message as I am this time around. Don’t know what changed with me, but thanks for the second chance with the material.

    When I was training new salesman, I would tell them what to expect on our next call. They were amazed when things developed as I had predicted; they shouldn’t have been, people move in predicatable patterns. You could say they were following their own circle of fiths.

    Your’re a very capable and concerned teacher, and for that I thank you,



    48 Tyrone Norwood

    Congras to you and your family…also, thanks for all your hard work…i’m now playing in church for about 6 months now..and learning songs much faster now that i understand how to think about numbers and patterns. I use to only think of each song as an isolated situation. Thanks again…Tike


    49 ALBERTO

    Thanks Mr. Jermaine for coming back. I call you Mr. because your excellent way of teaching how to play the piano inspire respect to your personality. God bless you and your beautiful family. Thanks for given us for free those 4 great videos. What I give you back, instead, is my prayer to God for you, for your family and for your company. At this moment, I am watching the VIDEO LESSON #1 and it is very helpful. Jermaine, I would like you to continue surprising us because your surprises are full of good things. God bless you again.


    50 Jean Nash

    Hi Jermaine.
    First time writing you. Congratulations to you and your wife on the newest addition to your family. You are truly blessed and ineed you are blessing others with the quality resources that you are sharing.
    I received my Musician Transformation package a few weeks ago and really love it, The packaging is beautiful and the information is extradionarily helpful to me in my music. I had been taught to read music, but I had little or no understanding of the connections between the scales and the chords in the different key. There is a lot of information and insight to be gained and I am working with them at my own pace and can see great improvement in my playing, because of greater understanding of the principles.
    Thank you so much for sharing in such a loving and caring way. I wish for you and your lovely family God’s richest blessings throughout 2010 and beyond


    51 Akah Thomas

    I wonderfully appreciate the effort you’re making to let some of us music lovers be up to date with are piano lesson.I really lack the words to describe the job your doing.But all I’ve to say is a BIG THANK YOU.Congratulation to you and your wife for bringing another baby to this world.Hope she’ll be another music expert.
    May God Bless you and your family abumdantly


    52 Alexander

    Congratulations, Jermaine.


    53 MARY ANN

    Thank God for you and your addition to your family, we love you for all you do.
    your wife is very pretty.


    54 Carol

    Congrats Jermaine and Sarah! She’s such a beautiful bundle of joy with a lovely name. I know how blessed you feel. I felt the same way myself many years ago when I had my three sons and God has blessed me to have each of them give me three beautiful grandchildren. So, as the little ole folks say here down south “I’m so proud for ya!” Much success and God bless you and your family!


    55 Brad

    Thanks for the free videos!

    Congratulations on your new child!

    Man in the Mirror is one of Michael Jackson’s best songs!


    56 sabry

    Hi Mr Jermaine first of all congratulations to you and your beautiful wife for bringing another angel to your life. i dont know what to say but it is been very useful to me and i have learnt alot from you so thanks is not enough if there is something beyond thanks you should have it.


    57 stephen amoah

    hi jermiane i congratulate you for all the notes you have given me so far.i admire that.and i am saying god bless u.


    58 Lorna

    Hi Jermain

    Your wife is beautiful!Praise God.I wish I could give your cute little darling baby a hug.She is gorgeous.I pray for Gods protection over her life.
    Thank you too for an excellent music site.I have learnt so much over a short period.
    The material printed on your blog,will certainly be of great help to me.This year I am planning to start an instrumental junior group in our church.

    God bless you and your family.
    Christian love


    59 folorunsho

    i want some tips on how to train my voice and how to sing on a high pitch


    60 Danick Kombe

    Congratulations on the beautiful addition to your family in the name of Layla Ann. She looks a bomb already just like the mother.

    Thanks also for reintroducing that helpful package.

    You are a blessing.

    Mongu, Zambia
    South Central Africa


    61 shuaran

    waauuh! You are blest dude, as a matter of fact, you are not afraid to openly display those blessings. May your territories be expanded more and more…


    62 Chris K-SATX

    Congratulations to you and your wife for the beautiful new addition to your family. Keep up the good work with the video series.

    Blessings and best wishes!



    63 Victor Werekoh

    A year from now we will all be joining you and your beautiful wife, Sarah in the celebration of your new, lovely baby Ann layla’s birthday, who i think the GMTC should be dedicated to. Even at the time that she was in her mother’s womb, you were so busy preparing in depth lessons for all members of the GMTC. Mr. Griggs, hear and play director, please grant me the opportunity to extend my regards, not enough but i also would like to contribute to layla Ann’a birthday if possible. I encourage all members of the GMTC to contribute to Ann’s birthday just as we are being blessed everyday.


    64 Lisa

    Congratulations you guys! What a blessing! My husband & I just found out we’re having #8!!! We have 5 boys and 2 girls!! I love the work you put out! It challenges me and how I love the keyboard!! I play at our church, my husband has pastored almost 9 yrs now. Thanks for all the great information! I’ll keep absorbing!!


    65 Carri

    Happy New Year to you too. What a lovely family you have Jermaine. Congrats on your second daughter’s birth. Such a wonderful birthday pressie for Mommy! Sarah you look great to say you just had a baby :) I always looked beat up after I had my kids. Thanks for sharing your blessed talent and knowledge so freely Jermaine.


    66 DP


    Congratulations Jermaine to the new addition to your family, God gives everyone a special gift your one is the piano and I thank god he has given you another gift of teaching with simplicity. Keep up the excellent videos,audio and reports they are AMAZING!!!!

    Your New Zealander student


    67 Rose

    Congratulations Jermaine & Sarah on you littlest angel. Best wishes to you all. Have a great 2010.


    68 Abena Adu-Gyamfi


    thank you for sharing your musical knowledge with me. I’m so grateful. It has really improved my playing.


    69 Ricky

    Jermaine, Congrats on your new addition to your beautiful family! Thanks for all that you do to keep me motivated about furthing my piano skills. You are truly a blessing! May God bless you abundantly!


    70 Marlyn Manipon

    Hi Jermaine,thank you for this online video lessons. I went into it and its really great!It gives me courage to keep going in my pursuit, to become a good pianist like you…. Hey, congratulations on your second baby. God bless you and your family.Thank you very much.


    71 tony

    Welcome back Jermaine and god bless little Layla Ann. Wish you and your family all the best. Thanks for all your insight.


    72 Simiyu

    I bless the child with the blessings of Abraham who was blessed with God’s favor, long life, divine health and prosperity. I guess that’s also a musician in the making. you have a beautiful wife over man. where’s the father’s photo? with long life, God will satisfy you. thanks for them lessons.


    73 julius

    hi Bro Jermaine!
    Congratulation I’m happy for you God Bless you so much.


    74 sammie

    Hi Jermaine

    its God’s pleasure to write my first article of appreciation and congratulations to u and your family as whole.mine is to thank you for the support and guidance through this while as i was struggling to master notes, numbers ,chords as well as keys.to be frank i admit hve gotten something crucial n basics for keyboard, but i also admit that my fingers are stiff to adjust for notes n speed control, especially my left hand i dont know what i will do to adjust n be able to play smoothly and rythmically.The goood news is i can play at any key the three chords starting from C to C, but the worst is i dont hear as if they sound like a complete song, e.g if i play key C ,these chords CEG CFA BDG continuously i dont feel as if am playing any song, likewise to other keys e.g FAC FA#D EGC sounds the same,,where could i be going wrong?
    Pliz Advice ,
    May you have a happy new year full of God’s Grace, knowledge and understanding as you sacrifice yourself to serve God’s people and your clown will shine n shine as we r called to serve.remeba !!!! Service to Humanity is sevrice to God ,be blessed all the time

    Kind regards
    Svp Digicam Studios



    HI JermY

    AM glad to write to you for the very first time.
    I like u and the mails you send to me but sometimes i am comfused i dont know where to start where to continue and where to…. Please can you resset my mail and start my lessons afresh?
    Or let me know how i will learn how to play keybaord from the scratch. thank you.


    76 Gordon Mitchum

    Hello,Jermaine&Sarah. Congratulation on your new baby girl. &may God continue to bless you & your family. & thanks for ‘gmtc’ & all the lesson have been a blessing, thanks for sharing your knowledge & wisdom with us that we may become better musician for the Lord.


    77 justice Adigho

    Hi master,congrats on your little one.she looks just like you.sir can i hav some free downloadable stuffs?thanks.


    78 Karen

    Congratulations and God bless you and your family!


    79 Jesse

    Praise God for a wonderful family like you have.
    Thank you for your generous heart to share your incredible Gog given music talent and and crystal clear teaching. You are a very intelligent music instructor. I have been greatly benefited by your brilliant insights.


    80 Claudine

    God has blessed you with a beautiful family and a wonderful ministry. Thanks for all the resources in 2009 and looking forward to 2010 materials.



    81 Fredypiano

    Merci Frere que Dieu te bénisse ……….


    82 Jackie

    Hello Jermaine,

    Congratulations, God has blessed the family with
    another beautiful baby girl. Thank you for sharing your family, your knowledge & the videos with us. God bless you.



    83 Bernard Burton

    Bernard Burton say,thank you for the video God bless the family i know you pride of your daugher, God bless.


    84 thomas

    frist god bless your daugher to have a father like you. you make it so easy to under stand the circle.


    85 carl

    congratulations to the Griggs family for the addition and God bless and increase you for your enormous encouragement to some in the field of music. Thanks for the video too. Lots of regards to sarah.


    86 Carolyn Moore

    Hi Jermaine,

    Congratulations on your beautiful little girl. I can imagine how proud you and your wife are. Children are truly a gift from God. The Bible says, the fruit of the womb is a reward, and that is what I believe. Also, you have a beautiful wife. It’s amazing to me (an old mother) how soon they get up and back to everything. Tell her, to take her time! I have learned so much from your course. I have been telling everyone about it. I call it my answer to prayer. My son is a music major with who will be receiving his Master’s in Music in May from Peobody Music Conservatory. He plays and sings and I have been playing over the phone for him every time we talk. I sent him all your links and I have been singing your praises. God Bless You and keep up the good work. Oh, by the way, one of my daughters is expecting my first grandchild. She told us last week and I can’t wait.


    87 monette

    Hi Jermaine, congratulation on your new baby girl… I know how proud and happy you are. By the way, thanks for all the email you sent me, I’m really excited of learning them all.
    Thank you for your time and effort. More power and Godbless…:)


    88 caily

    congrats on your new baby she loks heathy and well


    89 Philip

    well,jerm don’t have much to say!thanks a lot!i know definitely that your reward will come from God. thanks again!


    90 Emmanuel

    Hi! It’s to have people like you around.keep the flag flying.However i need your assistance.How do i combine advance chords such as 11th,13th diminish and augumented chords?


    91 Alice

    Congrats Jermaine and Sarah! You are a beautiful family and you set a wonderful example. I subscribed long ago, but am just now …starting to…being able to…(whatever) focus on the lessons. I kinda fell off track because I couldn’t afford to purchase the books. Now that my kids are on their own (artists, themselves), I’m in a better position to stay committed and I’ve set playing the piano skillfully as a priority. I feel like a prodigal child returning to my piano lessons.

    The four video lessons were such a blessing to me. I printed the flash cards and will learn them through and through before I move on. Once I accomplish that, I hope I can follow from the last video as to what to study next. So much is posted and I know I’d be so much farther along had I kept up from when I first signed up. I love your style of teaching. It is very clear and not boring. I don’t have to leave home every week to go to lessons and I don’t have to budget for lessons AND materials, which pleases my husband! I can pause the videos, if necessary, to write my notes for concepts I need to learn. I just picked up more than I’ve learned about playing music than I have in a lifetime. Thanks for still being there! God bless.


    92 Mary Burton

    Hi Mr Giggs,
    Congratulations on the birth of your daugther(Layla)and thanks for all the great information (lessons) that you have blessed us with. I thank God for you! I am a struggling musican who loves music but can’t play it like I would like to,but with your help I’m getting there! May God continue to bless you and your family.


    93 Dennis Emanuelson

    Hi Jermaine,

    Congratulations with your little girl, and also your wife Sarah.The pictures are very nice.Thanks for your letter of january 8. I received it last week.
    Also thanks for your 4 free lessons.They are very wellcome andthey will help me to understand the piano and fingersetting better.
    Thanks for your organisation.You are doing a good job.

    Dennis, God bless you and your family.


    94 Dennis Emanuelson

    Hi Jermaine,

    Congratulations with your little girl, and also your wife Sarah.The pictures are very nice.Thanks for your letter of january 8. I received it last week.
    Also thanks for your 4 free lessons.They are very wellcome andthey will help me to understand the piano and fingersetting better.
    Thanks for your organisation.You are doing a good job.

    Dennis, God bless you and your family.

    p.s. Your baby is born on my weddingday.


    95 Victor Otonekwu

    Hi Jermaine,
    A big congratulations to ur family. It realy makes me feel good the way u talk about ur family and stufs. Wel for me it makes feel comfortable cos I guess I feel better with people who love their families and are very proud of them. May God add mor Love, Hapiness and Joy to ur family. Also tanks alot for the inspiring and eyeopening videos. U r rilr doin great. God bless.


    96 nnamdi

    hi j,
    its amazing what one can do with the tools you are teaching in this articles. I ve been playing the piano on sofa notations of C major and then transposing other keys to C for electric piano.
    your lessons have been very encouraging and now beginning to develop the attitude to play other keys in there major state.
    am still finding it difficult to play the gospel tunes with this diminishe / augument chord. please you can throw more light on your next lesson.
    thanks ,


    97 ko sai

    hello my name is ko sai myanmar shanstate taunggyimyo



    98 Ankit

    Your lesson was great but i just wanted to know 1 thing how do we know for example I played Cmaj chord,what chord should be next to make it sound good?Fmin or Dmaj or any extended chords or whatever.I mean there are so many chords to choose from so how to make a decision to which chord should i use?I know its called chord progression but how do you know that if I play this chord next then it will feel good and if I play this one then its going to be muddy?


    99 Becky

    Hi Jermaine –

    You are a lovely person and a gifted teacher – you have such a lovely manner on the video. I’m a clasically trained and am always looking for alternative ways to teach difficult concepts – and your methods are spot on.
    Can’t afford to subscribe to your site yet, but hope to soon. The free videos are worth their weight in gold! Love to you and your beautiful family and thank you!x


    100 Gary

    This was very helpful in finding the key to the song. Also, I love Man in the Mirror as it is, as you say, a deep song! Michael Jackson’s music was some of the best music in the world. I love how Q worked with Michael on the Off The Wall CD which, in my opinion is one of the best CD’s ever made!


    101 Harry

    You are so right, this is very helpful to figure out the key of the tune ……. I have the tendency to pick the fifth ……. but like you said, at least I can narrow it down to 3 keys to choose from to get the actual key. Thanks a million Jermaine. I also agree that Michael Jackson has the best music in the world. True genius in all that he did ……….


    102 Simeon

    hi jermaine
    congrats on ur new daughter . ur wife is beautiful. thanks so much for all the knowledge you have spread out to us .


    103 Adrian

    Just got through listening to the first of 4 video’s you put out awhile back on how to determine the key of any song! Was excited that I found all the notes on the first try when you played each song! wasn’t fishing around on the 3 or 5th notes at all, always hummed the actual first note, which is the key of the song! lol! You and the Hear and Play team keep up the good work! G.M.T.C memeber for life! lol! Peace and God Bless! Adrian a.k.a Driza http://www.driza.info and http://www.youtube.com/driza97


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