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    Happy New Year!

    Yup, it’s been that long since I’ve written in my blog… but for good reason…

    You’ll probably remember I promised I’d go on vacation after the launch of my latest 12-disc “Musician Transformation” & Gospel Music Training Center resources in December 2009 (which sold out, btw).

    But that’s not the only reason I’ve been gone…

    On December 15, 2009 at 3:41 a.m. (just a lil over 3 hours after my wife’s birthday ended on the 14th), God blessed us with another little angel, Layla Ann Griggs… 8lbs, 11oz, 20 inches.

    Here’s a pic of her and my wife:

    layla and sarah

    If you remember the birth of my first daughter, Jadyn Olivia Griggs, on June 8, 2006, you’ll know they practically look like twins!

    I never thought I’d be one of those types that forget the names of my kids… “Now take this bottle Jadyn… I mean LAYLA!!!” (And I’m only 26…!!!)

    I’m also so proud of my beautiful wife Sarah because just some weeks after giving birth to Layla, she was back up and glamorous! Here’s a pic I snapped of her just before our “date night” to a nearby comedy show.


    And since I’m revealing pics, I guess I’m next…


    You’ll have to wait to see my transformation! I’ll reveal myself in June (maybe on my birthday????)…

    Let’s just say JP (from GospelKeys Urban Pro 600) and I have been working out every morning at 6am… yup 6am! (If you got a goal or dream, GO GET IT! And go STRONG! Will Smith says it best here)

    With that said, I want to reintroduce you to over 2 hours of free video content and over 50 pages of written material I created early in 2009. I realize that a lot of people have joined the hear & play family since then and have never seen these free resources.

    Others have been on board a while and still missed these.

    And the rest clicked the links when I originally posted them but FAILED to do anything with the information. So here’s another opportunity!

    (If you did make good with this information, congrats… you’re in the top 10% of action-takers! Take this time to review…)

    This is a series. They all go together.

    VIDEO LESSON #1 – “Finding the key to any song”

    If you ask any ear-musician, this skill will be at the center (or maybe the “center” of the “center” like in hit movie, Slumdog Millionaire).

    If you can’t determine what key a song is being performed in just by listening, you’ll have many problems down the road (at least when it comes to playing by EAR in situations where you need to “think on your feet.”)

    This is the most “intuitive” of all the skills and knowledge you’ll attain. It’s not like reading sheet music where you look at the grand staff and determine what key the piece is in by the number of flats or sharps that appear at the beginning of the music.


    No reference.

    Just your ear.

    This video will make it plain…

    Note: If you really like what I talked about, I have an 80-minute course that covers finding the key to any song. You can find it here.

    VIDEO LESSON #2 – “The KEY to getting to the next level in your piano”

    This next lesson reveals a very important STRATEGY you MUST have as an ear-musician.

    Again, if you’re reading sheet music, this probably isn’t emphasized as much… but when it comes to playing by ear, “NUMBERS” rule.

    And your ability to know your numbers “inside” and “out” will determine how far you get… and how fast you get there.

    If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out the next lesson below. There is also a 28-pg report that goes along with it.

    (You may also find my “core fundamentals” courses helpful)

    RESOURCE: Click here to download the free 29-pg report that goes along with this video lesson.

    VIDEO LESSON #3 – “The SECRET to playing ANY and EVERY chord you want in SECONDS”

    This next lesson will take you even further…

    It borrows a very familiar concept from the car industry (popularized by Henry Ford in the early 1900’s) and adapts it to music!

    It’s the very next logical step in the process and you’ll get it laid out for you plainly in this video…

    (there is a 14 page report included at the bottom of the video)

    If this topic interests you, then you may like my “hear & play chords” series.

    RESOURCE: Click here to download the free 14-pg report that goes along with this video lesson.

    VIDEO LESSON #4 – “The MISSING PIECE OF THE PUZZLE to playing almost any song out there”

    This last video could arguably be the MOST IMPORTANT part when it comes to learning real songs and understanding just how closely related songs are (yes… all songs follow the same general patterns and principles — this video will reveal all of this to you…)

    There’s also a 12-pg report that goes along with it…

    RESOURCE: Click here to download the free 12-pg report that goes along with this video lesson.

    (If you’re into gospel music, GospelKeys 202 really breaks down the idea of “patterns.” 70 to 80% of songs have the same common movements in them. This course is revolutionary in that it breaks down all these patterns and covers the “how,” “what,” and “why.” Click here for more information)


    Wow, so there you have it! A good way to start off the year!

    I look forward to your comments about our new addition and/or the videos above. I read each and every one of them.

    (My last blog post got over 750 comments when I was giving away my FREE 12-disc “Musician Transformation” course … which will be back in a couple of months, don’t worry!)

    Take care,

    Jermaine Griggs

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