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Note: Recorded in 2009

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Talk soon,

Jermaine Griggs

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Hi, I'm Jermaine Griggs, founder of this site. We teach people how to express themselves through the language of music. Just as you talk and listen freely, music can be enjoyed and played in the same way... if you know the rules of the "language!" I started this site at 17 years old in August 2000 and more than a decade later, we've helped literally millions of musicians along the way. Enjoy!

Attention: To learn more about this, I recommend our 500+ page course: The "Official Guide To Piano Playing." Click here for more information.


1 Steven H

wow, jermaine! you are awesome. this guide really kicks butt. thanks so much for what you do. when do you sleep man?

2 Melissa

Amazing material. I’ve never seen anyting like this and I’ve been playing for over 21 years. You are blessed.


3 Carlon

Yet another great resource from Hear and Play. Two thumbs up!

4 Mike

Germaine- Awesome Guide and Chart! Wish you would provide the Audio without having to leave a Twitter comment. I do not use Twitter and prefer not to. Please advise if you will honor my request for the audio without the Twitter comment. I am a current customer.
Thanks, Mike

5 kagiso

im with you on this one

6 Elma

Germaine, I tried to download your report, but it came through garbled, with only th graphics and photos as they should be. The text is completely unusable. I’m working on a Mac. Do you have anything for me?

7 Jonathan

Thanks Jermaine, you have a gift. Even the things that normally seem really complex you simplify and make extremely easy. You have put mastering the piano within reach of everyday people! I am ready to be a ‘transformed musician’ :)

8 Jermaine

@Elma – I use mac. What is the file size? Perhaps it didn’t download all the way. it should be around 1.3 mb.

@everyone – Thanks for your comments so far!

9 Jermaine

@Mike – hey, just create a twitter account with an e-mail address you don’t use anymore. Don’t let that stop you from this 90 minute audio bonus. It’s an awesome resource!

10 Terrence


Thanks for all the valuable resources and info over the years. You’ve been an inspiration is so many ways. Your blessed and keep at it!


11 Ronald


You are truly a genius. This is really great. Thanks for sharing your gifts. This is so awesome, now we have no excuse for becoming professional muscians.

Much Love,


12 raymond

urnestly sir, want to apprecaite the love you have been showing to other gospel painists,you have really been a great source of encouragement.all your lessons had really been a perfect one.only God can really repay this kind of work.

13 A.Stephen

Thank you Jeramine.
God has give you a beautiful gift, really you are the blessed.
I enjoyed very much. You are making the music very simple.
May God bless you.

14 A.Stephen

Thank you Jeramine.
God has give you a beautiful gift, really you are the blessed.
I enjoyed very much. You are making the music very simple.
May God bless you.

15 Lenka

Hallo Jeramine, you are a really great musician! Thank you very much for doing this for oter people. By the way, have you ever been to Prague? My best regardes from Prague, Lenka

16 Gabriella

Hi Germaine,This is music theory made easy and condensed into easy to understand concepts. I love it! Thanks for sharing. God bless you.

17 gabriel

hi germaine, you are a really great master and teacher..sir your music notes has really really improved my playing.i also want to thank you for the musician transformation chart that u sent to me.i will advise other who have gotten it to HURRY NOW AND GO AND GET THIERS……….HURRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYY

18 Jammell

hi Jermaine thnks this really helps alot.
God bless

19 dickson

Hi Jammell thanks very much you’ve been so helpfull,very soon i’ll compose a song and dedicate it to you.Thanks again.I will discuss some thing with you later on.Dick

20 Bob Howard

The good stuff keeps coming! Thanks Jammell for keeping us in the loop. It’s nice not to be forgotten. Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

21 sterling

Hi Jermaine, I have been upset with Hear n Play for sometime because an Uncle, Edmund Martin-Lawson ordered for me Jazz 207 last year, which never got to me and seemed not to have been returned to you.

I was very happy to see this report today. I found a lot of consolation in it. Thanks for simplifying everything for us so well.

I will be making some new orders soon. I am convinced that you are the one to help take me to my next leve. God bless u!!

22 Duran

I just want to say I am happy to hear about your family.I was starting to get a little discouraged about playing the keyboard until I read this report.I thank our Father that you discovered purpose and potiential and are not selfish.Heck you are younger than me and I am learning a lot from you.


Numbers 6:24–26

23 lorena

Hi Jermaine,
I purchase your system several months ago, but is taking my time to learn all of the basic before moving on. I am almost 50 years old and have just completed 101. You really are a god-send. with the 300 page workbook and your video my goal is to be playing for the sunday school by the end of the month with confidence. I have put my keyboard in my bedroom so when i get the urge in the middle of the night i practice my scales, correct fingering and the song on 101. Thanks again and God bless

24 Bert

this is what i call “usable working/street theory” .. theory that is applicable to working musicians ..

25 venesha

Thanks Jermaine

Your report describes exactly where I’m stuck at musically right now, only being able to play basic chords, in all keys but not having the ability to transform the chords. I’ve read your report and believe i’ll be able to improve by what you have kindly taken the time to prepare.

Thank you and God bless


26 celine

thank you,thank you and thank you again!

27 Jacqueline

Wow. I was stunned when I saw that you have a mailing list of over 300K people. I thought you were talking directly to me alone. (insert smile.) Here’s the struggle-though I understand everything your write and have waited my whole life for you to write it, at the end of the day one has to practice – a lot. I’m lacking in CC and EE. I’m barely holding on with 20 minutes of Hanon in the morning and whatever time I can snatch in the evening while my kids are doing homework. I try to follow “the P’s of practce’ýyou published and myguess is that two hours a day is what’s needed at a minimum. I’m hesitant to buy more products because I don’t have time to absorb the ones I have. Does anyone develop without doing this seven hours a day? I’m getting old- I need to be efficient……….

28 Goytom

Thank you for your hard work
and Thank you for your free help
God Bless you

29 Goytom

Thank you for all your hard work
and Thank you for your free help

God Bless you

30 Emotion

Hi Jermaine

Excellent it really helps

Thank you.

31 Deborah

I’ve got to say you are a rare and beautiful jewel. Nobody GIVES AWAY the kind of information and knowledge you do. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!!! There are those who genuinely desire to learn piano and are unable to do private lessons, and you’ve put piano in reach for us. Thanks for ALL you’re doing!

32 Jimmy Hines

Hi Jermaine, I am so grateful for you and your visions to help struggling musicians. I bought your 300 pg. workbook to learn on my own . I started out well but kind of fell of a bit but I have recently gotten back into it because i recieved an offer by a gospel group to play keyboard as a beginner (because they donot have the money right now to employee an experienced keyboard player).I think all your info is greet and I look forward to advancing in my piano playing. Thank You Jimmy Hines

33 Lennon

Hey Jermaine

Just want to say thank you for resources. Keep up the good work. Your stuff is greate and uncomplicated.

God bless

34 Chris R.


God bless you for this one. After reading your report (in which I’m still going through it) I’ve found myself in a couple of the categories mentioned. I don’t have to experience frustration any more when I practice, because I can apply these principles. Thanks, Jermaine and I will surely pass this on.

35 Sriskantharajah

Hi Dear Sir!!
Really you did good job!!!

very very usefull for me and other learners also.

Pls keep it up

Thnaks take care!!!
God bless you and your family also.


36 Felix

it is my desire to know how to play the piano, either hymns or contemporary and so far you help has been fantastic.keep doing good and may EL-ROI(the God who sees) continually bless you. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

37 William R. M.

God bless you aznd keep you
Make His face to shine upon you


Jermaine,thank you for your miracle system. I’m begginer, but I feel this is a beautiful gift. I’m glad to see the pictures from your family.

39 Michael Smith

I am just one of your student’s having some road bocks, provitting me from buying, my music course’s as I would like. I am Now” in my new home, in a new City. and begaining to start in a new walk;! however with the move I know it’s
delaying from getting and starting your class.

but don’t give up I still going to get my learning course from you Sir mystro;”.

your almost study: will be soon hearing and playing with the best;” GOD Bless you. “O” could I put you on what I am useing right now; yahoo!messenger. I
have a website as of yet, and that other site up here, I’m just learning how to use messnger.

40 Donna

No comment. Thanks.

41 wilson

Thank you. I’m a christian musician living in Brazil and I’ve been really blessed with your teaching material. You have a gift from God and your using it. Right on!!!

42 Edward

Hey Jermaine,

You’re the great! I love the material so well. as A MATTER OF FACT, THEY RIGHT IN TIME.
You are challenge to this generation. I saw the beautiful picture of your wife and the children the LORD HAS endowed you with.
May the Lord God expand your horizon, may he teach your hand wisdom (Amen)


43 Michael Smith

“No” just read what I just sent you think’

44 vickie lowery


Jermaine, as an faithful listener to your radio talk show, I want to know when will you start your show again? I hope realllllllll soon. You are a great teacher and you are truly missed.

45 steve

Thanks Jermaine.With time so precious these days but not too precious to give my undivided attention to your emails which really are quality reading.It,s coming up to three years now and i,ve learnt so so much and to your credit.I recommend Jermaine’s beginner courses as the core to learning to play piano.Whichever you course of study you choose include Jermaine’s too.Or if your real smart you,ll need to look no where else it,s all there at…Enjoy and remember
everything yields to practise.

46 Munchie


I really appreciate all the info. I was really skeptical about any music programs because in the past I have invested in programs that were to advanced for me and of course they are collecting dust rite now. I have had the desire to play for years. I can hear music so well because I have been singing for years so I think. but to make a long story short, your gift is making it easy for me to understand what seem like german to me for so long. For that I want to say I really thank you. I even got my husband interested in playing the keyboard, who is a drummer. I will be investing in more of your material in the near future.

I know The Lord will continue to Bless You because You are A Blessing To so many others.

47 Oniel


WOW I really appreciate all this info…. I’m a musician from Jamaica, reading through this Guide has open my eyes to a lot of things I did’nt know (right on Jermaine). Its really amazing because everything you mention in this guide is so true, I would never image that the music could be broken do so easily.Thanks alot man I would not have gotten this anywhere else. Your a Blessing!!!.

48 james drayton


49 Michael

Wow I Never Thought About All Those Little Things In That Order
And I Can Tell You Im Self Tought And I Apply everything I Can To Learn To Be a Better Musician If This Is As True As She Gos Im Going To Love It

Thanks For Shareing

50 Nancy Gragg

After years of lessons, this is what I really needed


51 Michael Henderson

Wow, This information is invaluable Jermaine. I appreciate your dedication to help others that have a desire to play the piano. Especially someone like myself. I thought my dream of learning to play the piano by ear was over. I’m desparately interested in purchasing your 300 hundred page book in the next few weeks. I purchased your 702 series & your Gospel 202 series and now I just got to get my hands on you book.

Thanks you for your willingness to share your gift. Stay Blessed My Brother!


Thank You!

53 paul shelton

Brother Jermaine-

Each time I think you can not do more, you find a way to out do yourself. That is the evidence that GOD is at work because we now that growth with him is truly limitless.

Thank you for sharing and your candor makes is real.

Nice pics of you and the fam and I pray that your addition soon to arrive is healthy and your wife has a safe delivery.

God Bless you and keep up the good work.

Thank you for being different than the rest of Gospel musicians and allowing yourself to be a willing vessel to impart knowledge to others without fear.

Best regards,

Paul Shelton on the East Coast (D.C.)

54 Gloria Stewart

Awesome,Awesome!!!!.Great info,looking forward to receiving package when its

55 Will

Hey Jermaine,
I wanted to thank you for all of the free lessons you provide us. man this has helped me sooo much in learning what i need to know. I ran across hear and play by accident and got stuck here and i’m glad i did. Hopefully when i get to the point i want to be in my playing I hope to help people just like you do. may god bless you like you and keep doing what your doing.

Thank you again.

56 Sandra Stevens

Hello Jermaine,

Just wanted to say I just downloaded the 44 page report and am excited about this new resource. I just can’t wait to try it but wanted to give a quick response to say Thank you! I really love the pictures of your family and the little history. I wanted you to pass on to them a special THANK YOU as well from me. I know it must be a sacrifice sometime for you to write and provide all this free stuff… so that tells me that you really care about your students’ (like me) progress. But as you give of yourself, they too must give! They give by way of their time in allowing and supporting you to write all of this. So a great big thank you to the entire Griggs Family (+ one).

If I were to send you a thank you note each time you give, it would not be enough. So I’m praying that God will return to you three folds (and more) what you have given to the Gospel Music Community! May He continue to Bless You!


57 Kimberly


Thanks so much. I haven’t had time to read the whole guide but I just downloaded it and glanced at it. In 10 minutes I have learned more than I have in years. I know that this is going to be a great help to me.


58 Matthew

I have not yet check what you have sent, with the comments I have seen here written by my colleagues, I mean, you guys are just too much. I wonder what kind of a blessing you are to the whole world. As far as from Nigeria I am, we are feeling your impact. Thanks to Jermaine, thanks to Hear and play. May God bless you and your company.

I will still comment when I am through.


59 Pau

Hello Jermaine,
Wow! What an incredible gift! Thnaks much bro! Great help!
Keep it up! God bless!

60 Gerald

Shouting a Mega Thanks to You,Jermaine all the way from Nigeria!

61 Floyd


You are the best man; you must be a man of God to offer such an informative material, such as musician transformation, free of charge. God will continously bless you and all that you aspire to do. Remember my name, one day soon through God and hard work i’ll have a number one hit.


62 Michael Swaby

This is a really great report. I think so because i am a classically trained pianist who even plays pieces like the “Rahapsody in Blue” by Gershwin and still have some chalenges playing gospel the right way.

63 Charlotte

I checked out your guide, how awesome. Thank you for such valuble info. And thank you for sharing your photos. You have a beautiful family, and Congratulations on your second child!

64 Alison

I pray God will continue to bless you as you continue to be a blessing to others. I had lost time and desire for playing and God has allowed you to encourage me to get it going again. Looking forward to getting it back and going to another level now the desire is back.

Thanks again & God Bless

65 Claudette

This is really a treasure for me and it’s free!!! God bless you and your family. This is the greatest gift ever given to me and I thank you all the way from Jamaica. A really priceless gift!

66 Arlene Wint-Thorpe

Jermaine, Jamaicans have a term to describe things that are exceptionally GOOD. We say “JERMAINE YOU WICKED… MY YOUTH.” This is the best thing I’ve come across in my musical lifetime. MAY GOD CONTINUALLY BLESS YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING…DON’T EVER GIVE UP MY BROTHER.

I HAVE HAD CLASSICAL TRAINING to play the violin and the piano, but I’ve always heard phenomenal sounding chords… beautiful complex chords especially in gospel music and wondered when i would be able to play what I have been hearing for a long time now. I am excellent at sight reading, give me anything on a score I will play it… but some of these lovely gospel songs… can’t gett a score sheet. I was stuck til you came and freed me.

I ain’t giving up. God has placed you into my life. I need to be a better musician to praise God how I really want to praise Him.

Love always, and God’s anointing on your family

67 jerrell vianen

thank you. GOD BLESS YOU.

68 Bob Huddleston

I have been working on my playing skills for seems like years and my prayer was that God would send a mentor my way…If you allow Him to work in is on time He is faithful..So I commend you for giving to others what you could very easily charge a fee…May God continue to bless you…Thank You so very much…Bob

69 jennifer

I just want to thank you for the 44 page information booklet. I believe it will be a great help to me. I ordered your gospel keys booket and video about 2 years ago and It has really help me to understand how to play in a certain key.
I am currently playing for my church devotional service. Thank You Much.

70 Lois

Dear Jermaine, Your 702 Series Course is informative and helpful and I appreciate you sharing your enthusiasm and knowledge. Looking forward to learning to play what I hear. Thank you. Lois

71 kenneth

Hey Jermaine, the material is awesome man. you are truly blessed for your willingness to share this information. I pray that God will continue to bless you and your family.

72 Jedidah

Jermaine,may God always expand your territories and add you more knowledge on music to enlighten others.Thanks for the information,i have improved abit in playig the keyboard.from Kenya.

73 Sam

Jermaine, you are truly a blessing. Thank God for your life and your family.



75 matet

hi..thanks a lot for this free’re really helping a lot of people..thank you once again. God bless you and your family! :D

76 Melissa

I love it !! the concepts have been broken down into simple undertandable techniques…great job!!

77 rama

hi mr germain,i am still on the basic of learning piano,i really appriciate your opinion on musician hidding to share what they knows,i will share with you some comment from Oliver Wendell holmes:
i hope that these few words will give you the courage to share what you have with people like me who cannot afford to buy your course.
all the best love from

78 isaac

Thank you very much for the good works and may YahWeH bless you.

79 tammy treadway

i can play by ear i do not know how to play in all the keys but enough that i play in church sometimes please help me play so i am confident enough to play in church

80 Samuel

Thanks and God bless for your good works.

81 Carla

I thought the guide was very interesing and informative. thank you

82 aundre

Just like celebrity Actors, Singers, Business Moguls, etc… You are celebrity to me (and I am sure to other) in the gospel paiano music world, except I can feel the connectedness that you have with your subscribers, inclusing …ME.
I want to say that I would love to meet you in person. I am a Jamaican and would love to meet you when I next visit the United States. I will keep praying for you and your lovely family (including your expected daughter) that God’s richest blessings will multiply for the many years of your lives and that He will bless you for your continued sharing of your talent to me.

83 Victoria

Absolutely awesome! It is a rare thing to find someone in this world that is willing to freely give anything and yet Jermaine has freely given so much knowledge! THANK YOU so much….I am a homeschool teacher that is attempting to teach my son music theory and the piano…I would not have been able to even start teaching him had it not been for all your great resources.

84 Abraham

Jermaine – Keep up the good work. Started out with you a long time ago. Talked to you on the phone. Received your first package in the mail. Became confused with the downloading and such that I just quit. Now this program says download. I know it’s easy. But I’m confused again. And it’s free TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Can you imagine, I can’t download to a CD. I keep missing out but I’ll learn before it’s too late. Thanks anyway. Abe

85 Laura

I wanted to take adventage of your 30 days trial offer. (singing) but could not find the link….can you help me?..Laura

86 Melissa

I was just at that site laura, i think its

87 Joseph

May Yah continue to richly bless you and your staff on teaching potential muscians on how to hear and play!!(M.T. sounds like the motherload!!!)

88 Michael

I’m enjoying learning. from your site.. Keep up the great work….

89 Chevonne Reynolds

Man Jermaine let me first start off by saying that “YOU ARE PREACHING UP IN HERE”!! I have a hard time here in south Jaw-guh (Georgia) getting more experienced musicians to help me with the simple things. One time I was at an anniversary and this guy was playing, I asked him would he teach me somethings and he said yes. Anywho I just happen to get on another keyboard and play around and when he heard me he stormed out saying that he was late for another meeting. It’s just like you said though, that episode only blessed me more. Thank you so much Jermaine for helping us so freely. The only way that you can do this is because of the fact that you are secure in God. A person can always give freely to others when they know who they are in God. Thanks again for all that you do….and thank you Mrs. Griggs for allowing your husband to help us.

90 solomon

Hey Jamaine, this is indeed an eye opener ! It’s mindblowing…

I just can’t wait to get to the next level in my piano techniques…

91 stefan


92 Bryan Bridges

I am really learning alot from your site.

93 Bryan Bridges

Great Job!!

94 Clarence Golbourne

Dr. Griggs,
You are awesome. But, I give the Glory to God for using you to enlighten us who are in darkness. I enjoyed reading and learning from this 44 page report. It definitely exposed my weaknesses. Although i have alot of other books and courses (including your learning to play jazz course),this one is the ultimate must have. It puts it all together.
PS I heard from the Lord on this one. He said ” Whatever he tells you to do,
Do IT.
Thanks Bro for keeping me informed
Peace and Blessings,

95 Marion

I could not download the information Marion

96 Ira Daniels

This is an awsome presentation. It will be good to have it all at one time. You are a blessing and that is why God is blessing you. You are always sharing your information to help others. Give and it shall be given unto you. This is my first time responding, but I really do appreaciate you very much for the work you are doing. I am not a professional yet.


97 Jerry Kinback

I have been trying to learn how to play for years but could not understand what my music teacher was trying to say. I started geting your cds and other lessens from you and have learned more then I ever did from lessons.the way that you explain things is great. Some day I hope to be able to play

God Bless you and your family, plus staff, great work!

98 Robbie

I enjoyed reading the 44 page report and was able to play Thank You Lord with the base notes given in the report. (So beautiful) I learn so much from your hard work and thanks for makeing it available to me. May God continue to bless you and your family.

99 Louis

can’t wait to buy this product may God bless you

100 Jan

I have downloaded your information. I will give it a try. I will let you know.
I have been looking for lessons for so long.

101 eyefee


102 madcatmoore

Hi, Mr. Griggs
I have downloaded the information from the web site and I’am ecited about trying those techquies that you have sugguested. I have also learned tones of new techquies from the DvD teaching system I purchase from hear and play music. You always give us such good and usable matiarl to work from that builds a soild foundation and great confindence in up coming muscians. May God bless you and your family always. Thank you so very much.

103 Marilyn


Thank you so much. You have already caused me to go to another level. I can see what I’ve missed.

God bless

104 darwin

thanks and god bless you always…

105 Jerome

Jermaine thanks for all your hard work. As an elder musician who likes to study to ehance the gift the Lord has given me on my instrument (guitar), I am excited and proud to see a young man as yourself reaching out to others to share freely as well as trying to support your family, in teaching others how to increase their gift for the Lord and themselves.

Because of your heart to see Gods music played with excellance you will be highly blessed. Congratulations on the new arrival to the family. My wife and I will be celebrating our 37th anniversary in December and have been blessed with six children, 4 sons and 2 daughters, that are all adults now and such precious treasures from the Lord.

I plead the precious blood of Jesus over you and your family and ask the Lord to bless you with a special annointing that takes you to the next level in your ministry. Brother Jerome

106 Miriam Tierno

Greetings Rev. Jermaine,

Wow!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your family pictures. Your wife looks like a classic princess. Is she part Spanish? Your daughter is absolutely adorable! I am not leaving you out. I think you are very handsome. The few extra pounds looks good on you. You must simply love your grandma. You always speak about her. The story of never knowing your sister and now you finally meet her, that is some story Rev! I have a similar story, but it is long and I will tell you another time.

The information about how stingy muscians are, is simply the truth! I had to leave a church because the worship leader’s jealousy was eating her away. She did not want to share the music throne with me. The church was handed over to my husband, but people were not willing to be flexible and make simple adjustments. Lots of rebellion in the churches today. That’s another long story I will reserve for later.

Rev. Jermaine, you are so giving. I listen to your music theory CD’s almost every night. These lessons were great because I now don’t have to transcribe everything you said on your Gospel Keys 101. This is now all review for me, but I sometimes forget a few things and have to go back and listen. As you know, I still have not found the right medication to help my swollen hands. They are very painful as I write. I cannot practice as often as I would like to. This is why I listen and watch you and JC teach at the GMTC. I know that the practice part on the pyramid is missing. Yes, as you say; “perfect practice makes perfect.” I will soon catch up! You will be seeing me on YouTube when that happens. I will joyfully say, “Rev. Jermaine taught me.” Ha! Ha!

God bless you for all you do for your student. You keep me inspired.

Miriam Tierno

107 aise

your material is awesome

108 Grace

your material is awesome!!!!!!!>_< luv em!!

109 Gordon Mitchum

Mr. Griggs. Thank you so much for all the imformation. Glad to be a member of GMTC. My playing is at another level.Thanks & God bless you always.

110 LJ

You’re the MAN. God has blessed you with something big and He is going to enlarge your territory. You Just wait and see.
you just made a lot of things easy. God bless you man

111 Godfrey

May the almighty God bless you richly!

112 Edward


I kinda don’t know what to say about this material. Am speechless! The materials are all right in time.

May the Lord God in His infinite mercy and grace begin to expand the horizon of your wisdom such that the world will not be able to comprehend nor fathom it.

You might not really know that this material is of great value and has gone so far.

May the Almighty God enrich in all things. May He protect you, keep you, be with you, lift you up, teach you wisdom and honour your before kings and queens. (AMEN)

All the best.


113 Edward

Am so thrilled about the whole new method you adopted. It’s like you really knows what is going deep down within the mind of people.

Been an answer to people’s longing at a time like this is a great one.

More grease to your elbow.


114 Thelma Smith

Good Morning

I think that what you are doing is great. For a while my finances has been shot to pieces. I am now starting to come back. I have been thinking about getting a musical instrument to practice on. I enjoy your emails.


115 Tamika

Thanks for being so kind. I don’t know anyone who would give this kind of information away for free. May God continue to bless you!

116 jacquetta

Hey Jermaine,

I think you have a very beautiful and blessed family. Congradulations on your second child. I know you have a gift to do what you do and the material is great. May God continue to bless you all.

117 Sydonie

Hi Jermaine, This document is very great. I was just about to give up on playing by ear as I was suck with one type of playing and could not transform it further, this will be of great help.

Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you and your family.


118 Cassandra

Jermaine – Thank you so much for your insight. I am especially grateful for your generousity – few understand the concept of ‘Freely-Giving’ of themselves from an abundance mind-set. You clearly have it! Your Musician Transformation report is both timely and effective. Why? Because it lets me know exactly where I am as a musician. Further, it provides me with a clear understanding of what I need to do in order to become the musician I desire to be, and a path to get there.

You are a miracle, and I see an abundance of miracles in store for you and your family.

Thank you once again.



119 Will

MAN!!! you know…Sometimes you have to read things twice to understand what you are missing, and i’m so glad you posted this because i know what i need to do in order to take my playing to another level. Thank you my brother. I’ve learned more from you than i have any where else including private lessons. So again Thank you M.r Griggs and may god bless you in everything you do.

120 Cassandra

PS: Beeeeeeuuuuuutiful FAMILY – Thanks for the pix.

121 Israel

Thanks for this wonderfull work. May God bless you and family.

122 Robin


I wish to say thank you for the email with the 44 page guide which I couldn’t stop reading as soon as I got it. It is just so informative beyond belief, especially the chordal command section.

I enjoy all your tutorials, but this one in particular.



123 Donald

Thanks for all the work that you did to put 44 pages of your knowdledge for free for us to understand .God bless you.


124 Emmanuel

Hey thank you Jermaine

I bought you very first product on VHS and I could learn because it was too fast. I swaped with a friend for your worship DVD in C# and I can pretty much follow a lot of song but since then I have been buying products from everyone trying to improve with no success. thank you for the report and I hope it is exactly what I need to go to the next level in my playing as I just really work hard but the fludity in playing creativity seems to be missing

125 Erik and Jane

This is awesome, Jermaine. The Lord will surely bless you more for your generosity in sharing your talent and wisdom.

126 Julius

Thanks for the page on learning gospel , may God bless you and keep you.

127 Richie

Jermaine, thank you so much for helping me go forward in my understanding of music theory. I am playing my way round the circle of 4ths and starting to understand chord progressions thanks to you! Your 44 page guide is inspirational. Best Wishes and keep up the good work.

128 Janette

I don’t seem to be hearing the teleseminar though every thing is on and working. What may be the problem?

129 Nduka

Really great stuff, Jermaine!

130 Dillon

Fantastic Work Man…..

Its Really Helpful, easy to understand and much knowledge to gain.

Dillon Govender
South Africa

131 christine warren

Young man, wife and daughters, may God continue to Bless you with the gift of sharing. Hopefully I will be able to take advantage of this wonderful material. Please pray that I do the necessary things to get this program up and running. My desire at this point is only to be able to play enough to make decent sounds however I feel if I could just keep up with all of what you keep trying to get me to learn I will put a whole lot of people in the shock including myself. Can’t wait for that day to come. ( I realy don’t know how to play I just simple have a desire). I Love what you are doing. Keep up the good work.

Love Sis. Christine

132 Samuel L Jackman

Thanks, Jermaine for this material. I shall use it for improving my musical skills.
I am responding now after finishing the download. I listened to a few of your comments as you were going through the audio. Thanks for sharing unstintingly your great knowledge with the world.
Samuel Jackman.

133 Abraham

Your 44 page report is dynamite. This lesson should start with your first music lesson. Yes we do unlearn what we thought we knew and it’s in a more simplified manner. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

134 Robin

Thanks so much Jermaine. It is beginning to come clear to me, and how exciting is that. I so appreciate your graciousness in sharing your knowledge. I have been a pastor for many years and have always given like you do, to the Lord’s people, and it is wonderful to me to find someone who can help me now to lead in worship at our home group, as this has always been the desire of my heart. I was definitely born a Worshipper, singing all my life, continuously almost, and my heart longs and longs for the depths of our God, so this teaching is opening up my life and giving me the confidence to play, worship and sing all at the same time, so that I can not only enter His throne room, but take others with me. Do you know, that all my life people have knocked me, and withheld from me the joy of actually doing this, and I became almost stunted in what I love, so thank you so very much for opening up the doorway of “how to” sing to Him all that has accumulated in my heart.
Blessings to you and the team. With much love, Robin Knapp.

135 Nana

God bless you so much for all the help you’re giving to gospel musicians out there.
You’re a real kingdom-minded person and i really appreciate all you do.

You have a very nice family…saws the pics in the guide. always good to know of young people who are sold out to God and His work.

Keep up the good work and God bless.

136 Michael

Thanks Jermaine, I appreciate all the help with my last purchase… May God continue to Bless you abundantly as we await his very very very soon return!

137 Al

Jermaine, I believe you offer the best resources there are on the web. Much success and a long future.

138 Dave

This is awesome,God bless you.


Dear Jermaine,

1> Thank you for your email and also the 44-pg report on “Muscian Transformation”. My humble comments on your report:

“Your 44-pg report is awesome and you have opened my inner most eyes making me to realize the deficiencies I have in the field of music. The 5 secret hidden strategies and the well defined roadmap has made me more confident and enthusiastic to enhance my piano keyboard skills. I am highly grateful to you for your never-ending encouragement to transform your students to good Gospel Piano musicians”.

Best wishes from India


140 Ben Pisoro

Dear Jermaine,

I greet you in the name of the good Lord, Christ Jesus. You are a real blessing to people like myself. For quite a long I had wished if I could learn and play piano. My wish almost faded away until I show your web site “HearandPlay”. Thanks very much for the free information and lessons you provide online. Your free 44 pp report is a great Christmas present to me and all your student around the globe.

May God continue to bless you so you be a blessing to others.

Thanks for the photos of your three beautifull children with your wife. May God take care of you all during the Christmas holidays.

God Bless.

Ben Pisoro.
Papua New Guinea.

141 Dennis

Hi Jermaine,

Thanks for the 44pg material. they are just great. Your wife and kids also. God bless you and your family.I think that this is just what i need to help me get through the lessons. they are very simple. Keep on going with the good work.


142 Dominic

Jermaine this report could be the key to helping me get to the next level of playing, which is great, but it also reminded me of the importance of attitude and approach. Too many people guard there creativity when it should be shared. The view of abundance impacts your whole life, you have to give first.


143 Aaron

God will give u a new song to sing every day of ur life. God bless u

144 Adrienne Chappell

Hi Jermaine,
I am so excited about these courses you provide so free heartedly. You are truly a blessing to me and as I read your site, to so many others. I believe because of you and your programs, I have finally tapped into what will help me reach my musical goals. That is to sing while playing for myself, and to play the songs I hear on the radio. And just to be able to play the music I feel inside of me. I can’t play OR sing very well, but I see the possibility so clearly now. My story is long and I won’t bore you with all the details. But I am over 50 yrs old and I can tell you I’ve been waiting for a long time to get this enthusiasm again. I started taking piano lessons when I was 8 and stopped when I was 14 because I feared a recital in a symphony hall. As an adult I’ve had a piano in my home since 1976, my children even had lessons, but I rarely touched it. I started lessons again 1 1/2 yrs ago but I was so frustrated, I was just learning songs, she could put the notes together, but I couldn’t. Since purchasing your GK’s and Secrets to playing by Ear, and with all the instructions and lessons, I can hardly believe it, but I practice everyday for more than an hour usually. And I actually read the materials. I am still so excited and I have learned so much in just over a months time. I don’t know how you do all that you do, but it is certainly a Gift from God and I pray He to continues blessing your life.

145 David Naylor

Hi Germaine

Many thanks for your astonishing 44 page and 29 page material. I was totally blown away with how simple it all seems to be. I can’t wait to get started as, not unlike you, we have “the builders in” doing some re-decorating so I can hardly hear myself think! Not the best situation to try and concentrate :~}.

Also, Good luck to you and your family with the imminent arrival of the latest(!) addition to the Griggs household.

Can I just ask a quick question – “The chords as laid out here – caan they be used for Left Hand accompaniement as well as Left Hand,and,if so, why does it not sound right?”

I would welcome your comments – or is that another chapter on it’s own?!”

I can’t believe you are actually giving this material away. What an early Christmas gift.

Many thanks, Germaine.

Kind Regards


146 Amos

Very interesting, the information is worth its weight in gold

147 Fred T


I’m in Orange County like yourself and am active as a volunteer with the “Praise Venue” (Gospel) at Saddleback handling the Tech Side of things. About six months ago we communicated about your web site and I purchased a course which gave me the motivation to go ahead and buy myself a piano. Jermaine, I think your explanation of “Black Gospel” is spot on. I spoke to a singer last week (he’s Black and I am a white guy) and told him that not only can I not jump, but I am trying to internalize the feel, rhythm, syncopation and chord progressions of Gospel having not grown up around a Black Gospel Church. He looked at me like I was crazy!

Eric Lige is one of my favorite Gospel Artist and Eric has been kind enough to send me the music to his latest album, which has been residing in my CD player in the car for months. Eric is an exceptional example of being willing to share with me what he knows to help me learn Gospel. Thanks Eric! I love your music and appreciate your willingness to help give me a lift up the ladder to understanding and learning Gospel!

Jermaine, as an older guy who studied Classical Piano for twelve years I have a pretty good grounding in Music Theory, but I flipped the switch off when I joined the Army to fly helicopters and have only turned it back on twelve months ago. So, I am playing a lot of catch up (pun intended). Jermaine your 44 pages covers to essentials and also gave me an insight to making different chord structures. By the way, the difference between “voicings” and “inversions” was pretty simple for me. Inversions are me standing on my head upside down getting the new chords committed to “Unconscious Competency”. Believe it or not, it has a lot in common with learning to fly helicopters, but isn’t nearly as dangerous.

God Bless You Brother! I look forward to becoming more involved with your courses at You truly are a gifted instructor!

148 Andre

This is just what I needed!!!!! I know there was something I was missing, I can understand alot of the information I recieved from the awsome HearandPlay site, But did not understand how to put it all together. This chart is really going to take me to the next level. I have only used it for one day and can tell this is going to be a hit. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!


149 Duran

Hi Jermaine,I just want to say when someone cares more for the people than money it touches the heart.Listening to you is like listening to someone I have known for years and am very confortable with.This makes learning easier and fun.Thanks for just being who you are,more than likely that is why you get so many responses,you have become a friend to so many people.God our Father knows what he is doing.

150 Paul David


It is very kind of you to share and well explain your gifts what God has given you in these materials.

I am sure many will be blessed by this website.

Thanks for your great help.

151 Charlie

Hi Jermaine,

I thank you for all the great tools you just give away. We all know where your heart is. I have never been hasseled once to “buy” a thing, although I would like to. It is not that I am cheap, I’m a disabled VietNam era veteran, who spends what ever extra money he has on my only solice, my studio. I will be back to purchase. Thank you so much for all you do for musicians around the world.

Charlie Black


WOW Jermaine! I think that God is blessing you every single second because you are always helping your students and sharing your music experience with us just for free. Thanks Jermaine for the 44pg & 29pg Guides. God bless you, your busness and your beautiful family.

From the bottom of my heart


153 Bill

Hey Jermaine,
I downloaded these two things to put out there but can I also use this as a Rock Musician? I would think so! Maybe?? If not could you also put something similar out for the other music people out here!!


154 Emmanuel

Thanks Jermaine,

You have located my problems in playing piano and how the problem came. Now I can see how I can get out of my state and be the pianist I want to be.

155 Judy

Hi, Jermaine —

Thanks so much for this terrific information — and motivation!

I’m one of those folks who tries to learn music, then gets frustrated and drops it, only to come back again and again because I WANT to play and understand it so much. Well, I think you
ve given me the keys to this kingdom!

I’ll be practicing in an your recommended way, and I’ll be moving forward all the time.

Your the best,
Judy in Florida

156 Merlin

My problem with music is I do not commit enough time to it. how sad! However when I do make the time (Again) I am sure by using your tuition; further advancements will be made. Thankyou sooo much

157 Loward

I was all over the place with my playing and was confused about where to go next, but this report showed me the light. Thank you Jermaine.

I just had a 1st separation in my AC joint in my right shoulder and was about to stop playing but i’ve been re-inspired to continue on. God bless you Jermaine.

158 Mike Preston


ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The blessings that God has for you are too great to number!! What you have here is really great. I have gone from a drummer of 20 + years to a bass player of 8 years to now a piano player of 3 months. I have been trying to get my friends or musicians that I know to help me learn piano. As you have stated in your writings, they either do not have the time or they do not want to show me what they know in fear of their “thunder” being taken. If we are minsters of God’s music, then why are the really good musicians stingy about sharing their knowledge with others who want to play for God? What if ministers in training went to another minister to ask for help in sermon preparation or other ministry business and is told “sorry brother, you have to get it on your own.” That would be a sad day for ministry.

I thank God for you and what He has placed down in you heart to help out the masses in regards to serving the Lord musically. As you know, the number one thing that churches and new church start-ups is looking for is a keyboard player. You have leveled the playing field. Now, the person with the humble heart and wants to play for God (He/She can now with Hear and Play) can replace the arrogant piano or organ player who thinks that they are God’s gift to music. Your products and methods are indeed terrific. I am eager to see where I will be in 6 months. I am going to shoot video of my growth in 30-day intervals to measure my progress for 6 months.

Thank you again and God continue to bless you!!

159 Pal

Jermaine – what a GOD send, I’ve been so lost recently with practice and been feeling like I’m stagnating.

Thanks to your report I now have direction.

Stay blessed brother – one…PaL

160 nina

Hi Jermaine,

Thank you so much!! Everybody says you’re “blessed”, and you are indeed! The good thing is you share with others and that makes you a “Blessing” to us all!!

161 Lamarr

Got to say that this is one of two sites that I found works really well. I’m 51 and have just started my music degree as a mature student. The joy of learning is increased with this site. There are treasures to be found on this site.

Thanks for sharing.

162 Ahto E

hey, i really appreciate the stuff you deliver us. haven’t read the free guides yet, but im sure they are great and very helpful. Thanks for presenting this material in such a direct and graspable way!

163 Judy

Hey, Jermaine,
Thanks for all the information in the 44-page report. You are right about
a lot of musicians not wanting to share, but we should all get better at
sharing. We all like to hear good music.
Congratulations on the family. God bless you as you share and encourage us
to do more with our talents and music.

164 Mike Washington

wow, i just signed up for the priority notification list. I really hope i get one of these 1000 musician transformation packages you’re offering regardless of the price. Plus, you’re always fair with that so I’m not worried. I just want to make sure I get one.

If the dvd package is anything like what you’ve shared for free, we are in store for a mighty treat and I honestly can’t wait. I told my wife that this is all I want for christmas. You are my santa clause this year son!

Mike Washington
Dallas, TX

165 Fende

Hi, Jermaine
I wish to appreciate you for the report. It’s content is very rich and thrilling.
I am working hard daily ever since I bought your Gospel Music Course (202). It’s a treasure course. It has enlarging my musical horizon.
I also had a problem in downloading the addition 29-pages report. Can you help?

Have a lovely day!


166 jacquetta

Hey Jermaine,

First I want to say I thank our Lord Jesus Christ for you and your team and your family because I think they probably have some type of encouragement also for you to do what you do. Be forever blessed.

I also want to thank you for your 44pg and your 29pg guides, plus all the other materials you provide for us. I am very greatful for your site. I have been looking for help and now I think I’ve finally found the help I need. I know I got a lot of work ahead, but at least I can get started the right way. I have no time to waste. Until next time, you and yours be blessed.


167 Michael Stone

Hey man, I have nothing but love for you and your family. Just downloading the info from you has opened a wealth of knowledge, and I went to Berklee College of Music!!!!!!!!!!!.

So with that said, once (God willing)I get my funds together, I will support you and your family by getting the cd sets.

168 Sandra Ham

I have used the material I gotten from since the first book I brought. All of your material and lessons are super helpful. My playing is better my ear has improved as well. when I hear a song I can get the exact key their in. I love it. God bless you richly and your family. Keep the lessons coming. Love you with the love of the Lord. S. Ham

169 Sandra Stevens

Oh My goodness. Just download and read as it was printing. I can’t believe it. You have really done it now. You read my mind. I read the 44 page version and thought to myself, “Self, Discipline” will get you thru this but if only you had a calendar that broke down all the steps into chucks of time. Booyah! you sent it. You are amazing! Thank you thank you thank you. God just keeps blessing and blessing and blessing. I have one question? Is there any way to order more than 1000 copies? I’m worried that i may not get one–believe me when i say — i have waited my whole musical life for this– i cannot miss out… please order more copies. I’m on the list but you never know… I’ll keep watching my email. Still can’t thank you enough! Still praying that God will continue to bless you and your family. Sandra

170 MARK

goos stuff looking forward to the new material….. trult a teaching music web site!!!!!!!!! EMANALPHA

171 Will

Man it’s almost like you read my mind. Before i could ask the question you answerd it, Thanks Jermaine, this helps more than you know. God Bless…

172 Glennise

Jermaine, I don’t know if I’ve said it before – maybe I have, maybe I haven’t? But you sir, are a PRINCE among men! I pray to GOD that he would continue to bless you and your family, as you continue to educate people such as myself. My music is “shooting” to another level all because of you and what you’ve been sharing with the world. Superb!

173 alm

Passed it along to some pan players — tenor pans are layed out in 5ths/4ths. The players have little or no theory, and learn only to play songs. So you guide will help them learn some theory.

174 Sam Collins

Finally someone has tied it all together in a format that is easy to understand. You have demystified the circle of fiths and laid out a plan to effectively practice and enhance the learning experience. Thank you for giving me this oportunity to make great strides in my understanding of music theory and thank you for opening the door to a cohesive practice method that will produce the results I desire. Your efforts on our behalf are greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

175 Barbara

Jermaine, just when I thought your 40 page report was the absolute bomb! You added more. You have revolutionized the art of learning how to play Gospel Music. You have affected so many lives. You are a blessing to the industry of music, and particularly to the ministry of music, for those of us who serve and desire to serve through music. God Bless You and your beautiful family. You make it so plain that anybody who really want to learn to play have no excuse. Never again should anybody ever ask you “How should I practice and what should I do next? You broke the ceiling! What’s next? …. I just stay posted!…Bless You Indeed!

176 Barbara

Jermaine, just when I thought your 40 page report was the absolute bomb, you came back and gave away more. You have affected so many lives and have revolutionized the industry of teaching gospel music. You have cracked the ceiling! Never again should anyone ask you “How should I practice – or what should I do next? Anybody who have a desire now have no “excuse”. THIS IS IT! A system that brings it all together. It bridges the gap in my practice routine. What’s next?… I will just stay posted! God Bless You and your Beautiful Family.

177 Dana

I started reading the 44 page last night and this is WONDERFUL!!!! You are so right about schools not teaching people how to play the music they REALLY want to play. I’m so glad you are doing this ministry! I just glanced at the 29 page now and looks like you’ve done it again!

178 Ron Marshall

Thanks a million.
Nothing like this “down under”where I live.
You are one great person.
Lots of love and thanks again

179 Jason Crowe


I consider this a gift. The guide alone was excellent(can’t imagine how great the DVDs will be). You are an excellent teacher and I believe your heart is in the right place. Keep on keeping on brother.

God bless

2 Pet 1:5-6
5For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; 6and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness;

180 lenny bruins

Hey Jermaine and Family!
I remember when I had to leave GMTC, it was one of the saddest days of my life because what you are diong is so enriching for so many people,(“I’ll be back”) yet you continue to issue forth awesomeness’.I haven’t had a chance to read the report yet,but I am absolutely sure it is going to be a pure delight. Thank you for sticking with me through my thins, and I will be back when it gets thick. God Bless you going out and coming in friend! Will post again as soon as I’ve devoured this latest goodie you’ve sent. Be well.

181 sterling

what else can I say but a BIG THANK YOU.God bless you so much. There is no reason for me not to rise to the level of a transformed musician. I’ve always wondered how I can effectively practise…..and there….you’ve done it again. Many blessings!!!!

182 Lenora

I want to thank you for your insight and knowledge in music. This is great and although not getting the time to practice as I would like to, I welcome these two (2) reports. There are masterpieces in theory and otherwise.

All the best to you and your family.

183 Lenora

Forgot to say, This is a good birthday present. Birthday on the 21st.

Thank you again

184 Gwendolyn Embree

Jermaine you are really a God sent man and I am a new comer to this sight but have found it to be just awesome. I pray God’s continued blessing on you and your family. I was trying to download the 29 pages but I haven’t got it to come thru yet. Thank you for all your teachings.

Gwendolyn Dianne Embree

185 Emmanuel

Thanks for this resource, although I have’nt gone thru it yet, I know from other peoples comments that it’ll be perfect. I actually just downloaded it over a 1kb/s connection. Thanks for all the good work, God is the only one who can reward you the way you should be. You really do not know, how many churches now have good worship and praise just as a result of your tutorials and all. You have brought heaven to a lot of local churches, particularly here in Africa. Once more God bless YOU! BIG!


FROM, walter/debbie

187 Diane


Excellent report! You make it so easy to understand, you are awesome. The information is very user friendly. Thank you so much for your willingness to share your craft.

188 Gwendolyn Embree

Jermaine each time I try to download the 29page bonus the pdf file doesn’t open.
I downloaded the 9.0 reader but for some reason the file is not coming up. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong. The same thing happened when I downloaded the 44 page report but it finally came thru. Help please. I don’t want to miss the additional information.


189 Arnim Reid




190 Michael

@Gweondolyn – try right-clicking on the file and pressing save file as or save target as. Then once it’s saved to your computer, open it from there.

191 Jermaine

Wow, thanks for all your comments. You guys don’t know how great it makes me feel to know all of you are helped by the things we do here at! I’ve read EVERY single one of your comments and am very inspired! Thanks for all the encouragement and keep up the great work!

Jermaine Griggs

192 TDredd

Jermaine, you’ve done it again!!! Yo doc I gotta tell ya. You basically broke it down to each phase that a musician (let alone a gospel musician) needs to know and achieve to be successful. I am so glad that I found your website. I have purchased courses from you in the past, and they have definitely been helpful. I plan on purchasing this one too. I hope it has alot of contemporary stuff in it. Continued success and blessings to you my brotha!!!!

193 JForeman

Cannot put it down.This is a piece of the puzzle missing for energizing to get a better practice habit. For some reason you stated the correct word and was not selfish to share . You have given me something to always keep in mind share and you will be blessed. God will keep his blessing upon you for what you have shared in a special way. I really do thank you because it sure reenforce my other video I have purchased for you, they are great. Thank you so much.

194 Jerry

Hey Jermaine, my situation is like one of the comments I read about not having enought time to study, your courses is making a big difference in my playing , I think maybe you should try including with your instruction the correct fingering also , that is where I am weak, so I keep rewinding your video’s trying to watch which fingers to use in order to accomplish the quickness needed for example your 300 page course, if you know what I mean,anyway thank you for every thing I will keep buying your products, Peace– and may God bless you {Jerry}

195 Victor M.

Hi Jermaine:

Thank You – ma-a-a-an! I love this! And, by the way, the pyramid does work. I’m a teacher by profession and I utilize it in my teaching – all the time. For instance, it’s amazing how quickly and easily my students transcend thru’ UI – CI – UC- … even to CC (in Math)when they learn the secets of ” sharing with someone else a concept as soon as they understand/learn it!” I call it my “each one teach one’ approach.! Anyway, I just want to express my profound gratitude for your unselfish approach to music. I’m really learning a whole lot from you. Keep on doing what u doing Jermaine! For who knows… You are brought to the music world (Kingdom, if you wish) for “such a time as this!” I am really a bass player – probably somewhere between the CI and the UC stages. But, I’m learning a whole lot from you that I’ve been ‘Transposing, if you wish) to the BASS. Hopefully, some day soon, I’ll start the keyboard. But for now, It’s amazing how much I’m learning about music, in general, from your products and articles. GOD Bless you! Keep up the good work – I believe you are indeed blessed with a GOD-endowed Gift. Yes, it’s a gift from God that you possess. Keep Sharing it!!! LOVE You, Man!

196 Sandra


197 Stephen K Amankwah

Hey Jermaine,God bless you for all you doing for us but there is one concern that i want to raise; ordering for a copy of your all crucial DVDs has been a problem for me, since credit cards are not operational in Ghana as it is out there. I would be much grateful if you would find other avenues for me to get copies of the materials for your lessons.See, i may have the resource but the how is my problem.Please do something about it.

198 Stephen K Amankwah

Hey Jermaine,God bless you for all you doing for us but there is one concern that i want to raise; ordering for a copy of your all crucial DVDs has been a problem for me, since credit cards are not operational in Ghana as it is out there. I would be much grateful if you would find other avenues for me to get copies of the materials for your lessons.See, i may have the resource but the how is my problem.Please do something about it.thank you

199 Moses

Sir; Your systematic gospel music teaching is amazing and perfect.As a mather of fact, it is a blessing to the new generation gospel musicians; especially,I Moses.You have given freely, God will reward you abundantly.People who are blessed by your work will remember you.Thanks!

200 Willie


May God continue to bless you for the work you have done. Thank you, as your material has greatly helped me to enhance my playing. I do have one question however….I am struggling with when to use the bass in my left handas as oppose to chording. I know when I have a bass player, the bass should be left up to that individual but I find myself still wanting to include it on the piano. Please advise. God bless.

201 Zenobia Coleman

God bless you for sharing. Some programs out there want you to buy, but don’t give you much information, which makes it hard to know whether it will help you or not. But you freely give so much information about your programs which to me shows that you are all about really helping people and its not just a money thing. I love you for that.

Z. Coleman

202 silvio


203 Zenobia Coleman

This really sounds like the missing peice for me. Now I can see why I’m stuck where I am and can’t seem to reach “song solidity.” Looks like this is just what I need.

I can hardly wait until Nov. I want and need it now!

Thanks for all you do to help musicians like me, who want to do a good work for God, yet struggles because of lack of fluency in the areas that will be presented in this course.

Zenobia Coleman

204 Clarindo


This stuff will become me a better musician because you show the target, it is time to pratice right, who teach others also learn.

from Brazil

205 julius

I truly thank god for you .

206 elena

Ich bedanke mich für alles und wünsche Jermaine viel erfolg, der hat schon…
God bless you

207 Delphine

Hi Jermaine

I discovered your material last year “by luck” and the Internet. I’m so happy and grateful to you for all this.
I’ve made great progress thanks to your holistic & pragmatic method.
Also congratulations for your mindset : you’re right. You share information, give a lot of free reports that are very valuable.
And this only gives me more intention to buying more materials from you !

Keep up this great work Jermaine.

Delphine from France

208 Virginia Douglas

Thank u Jermaine, you have given me so much more than I expected, and in the simplest way ever. God bless you

209 Jacques

Hi everybody!
I am a great fan of germaine.
His piano lessons are great sources of inspirations.
If you want to play by ear and improvize like I do, try his products.

When you do, you will at least find something to bring to church.
Psalmes 150
You will be admired by God and by His.


210 Gladman

Oh My God!!!! Thank you so much for this Jermaine. I can’t wait for the 24th and I wouldn’t like to miss any of your courses anymore because they’re all reliable, I mean from 2006 when I first heard about you until today, I still haven’t regretted the time invested with you.

Gladman (South Africa)

211 Martin

Hi, Jermaine, this is the most important information I ever got from somebody about music, I really appreciate very much and I am going to study very hard in order to get a very good level, following all your instructions I am sure to make it, and I am open to all the information from you, thank you very much. (Excuse my english it is not very good, I live in Colombia),

212 L.T. Carson

Hi Jermaine. You inspire me! I’ve studied piano off and on for many years. I bought your 300-page book and all GospelKeys cd’s in 2007 because I was stuck. I’m almost finished the book, which has helped me play a lot better, but as I read and listened to your 44-page MT, I’m very excited about learning in a more creative way and sharing with the kids in my community. GOD bless you and your family for what you do!

213 Rev. Alejandro Ramirez aka gozpeljunkie

Thanks for the report and the guides. As a former management major, I know all this goes along well with your marketing plan. Plus, I have read your interviews elsewhere where you express the “business” side of what you do. All in all, I condone it, because there is no way we are going to “muzzle this ox that feeds”. Besides, no one else is doing it with a product line that provides so much promise for the budding gospel musician. Keep up the good work, and excel at the business model that God put in your heart for both you and thousands of now-musicians to profit alike.

214 Jerome

Just finished the missing chapter reading and want you to know that I have been shown a wonderful method of preparing my practice proceedure and preparation. Thank you for again for giving this writing to us. Many would have charged for what you’ve presented to thousands who could not afford the program.
I also want to let you know that the cycle of 4ths and 5ths chart is one of the best I have seen. The visual of the minor triads tones in the chart is a great feature and takes a lot of the guess work out seeing the total relationship of the chart to music. That is one of my favorite things of the writing. Thank you abd blessings to you and your family. Jerome (jc)

215 Faye

Thanks Gregg for your devotion in helping the handicap learn to play piano. God bless you and your family, you go above and beyond.

216 sue

hi, i am trying to get the 29 pp, but its not letting me without the 44 pp. which i already have. is there something i can do about this?

217 Michael

they also send you an e-mail with all the links. when i put in my email above, i saw the 44-pg report but underneath it i saw the new 29 pg report. you may have to refresh or just check your e-mail when they send the confirmation links.

218 Deon

Thank you for the wonderful report. May the good Lord bless you for sharing with us your knowledge.
Thank tou once again

219 Greig

A very sobering report on learning piano, and not really confined to Gospel music either. The Musical Transformation & Learning Pyramid diagrams really do break down skill levels in a way that wakes a student up. I’ll be the first to admit that I do need a fire lit under my butt to practice more to evolve.

I know a senior musician set in his ways who has been playing piano for about 40 years – pretty much all self-taught by ear. Now this guy is not a prodigy but he does have a natural flair for playing(we all know them). After several conversations with him, it occurred to me that even though I am not at the same level of playing as him I still know more about theory than he could ever care to know.

Big Deal.

Well it is. When I read your report it woke me up to how I was not living up to my own true potential as a musician. I am willing to learn (obviously more motivation is needed, but its something I can work on). If I can understand these concepts I should be moving forward a lot quicker shouldn’t I? I stopped private music lessons for the exact reasons mentioned in the audio message by Jermaine – getting morsels of good music knowledge strung out over a long time. Maybe an all encompassing system that works on different aspects of music is more practical to me than a traditional approach.

220 Jose

Hello Jermaine,

Thanks very much for your unvaluable help. I am a guitar player, or better said, an autonome guitar student, and your guide is serving me as a roadmap to better structure and simplify all my learnings and practices, something I had been looking for during the last years without success.
Thanks again from all of us who does not have the possibility for any reason to learn our instrument in presence of a teacher in a music academy.

Jose, Spain

221 Sandra

Wow. I just listened to how you got fired and I’m amazed. I never knew that. I think what they say is true. That is when people don’t have information, they just make it up in thier heads. (LOL). Listen to this picture i had of you: You were about in your 30’s to 40’s (even though i’ve seen all your videos and you don’t really look that old–just wise), you had graduated from UC Irvine after studying music the traditional way of course but had this amazing way of teaching music by ear that was unbelievable given your classical training background. (LOL). Just the other day, i mentioned to someone that “I think UC Irvine has a great music school because germaine griggs went there and if you knew germaine griggs you would immediately hop on it. LOL again. All I can say is “oh mah goodness”. I’m a classically trained pianist trapped in a wanna playbyear body. All my life, i’ve loved music and wanted to play the piano. My parents “made” me play everything but the piano. So when i became an adult, I found myself a piano teacher (both of my children also play the piano), brought myself a piano (not just like that but i’ll skipp that part) and bammed there it was. Until i got saved, wanted more than anything to play for the Lord but found myself limited playing traditional sheet music in a hopping baptist church. I searched everywhere, read books, scoured the internet and found your site years ago. I purchased the 300 series–still have them on VHS and still watch them over and over, purchased the 300-page book (i was probably one of those early ones), purchased some other stuff along the way from you, later joined the GTMC and now i can’t wait for the Transformed Musician. All the while thinking that you were this formally educated musician–lol. Well i have to say to all of your readers, Germaine is absolutely correct when he says he is giving us short cuts without sacrificing any of the theory– i can’t figure out how this guy even knows half of what he knows but its spot on–I’m not a professional so don’t get me wrong but i have literally paid thousands of dollars for what he is sharing for free and i still could not figure out how to apply all the expensive stuff i learned until HearandPlay came along….I was just like your first student==nobody wanted to s show me anything–even my piano teacher (one of them because the other one was great) told me that playing by ear WAS NOT music. The closest she would let me get to playing black gospel music was Rag Time from sheet music. That’s because she wanted me to keep coming back– I even tried moving ahead always, on my lessons, hoping she would speed it up a bit after all i already knew how to read music just did not know how to play the piano but no, she said it takes time. Well i’ll stop here but wanted to say Thank you and Thank you– You are awesome to say the least. May God continue to Bless You. Sandra

222 Gina

Hi Greg. I have been checking out your web site for some time now and enjoy the drum techniques. However, I am in the process of recording some gospel music on the Saxophone as a soloist. Are there any hear and play stuff for this type of instrument? A number to call would be great. Excited already in hearing from you. Gina.

223 Lois

Thank you for the informative 44 pages. I am unable to download the 29 pages on my Mac Lap Top. Thanks, Lois

224 Jeff Calhoun

See my post under The Basics Forums, Beginner Questions and Discussions, “Jermaine’s Role- Not so Much Revealing Secrets” for details.

Basically, I’m so ignorant that I fall off of his chart. Green beginners need to have a place on the chart, because they need to transform themselves from a music lover to a music player. Everything is a weakness and everything needs to be improved, and nothing is understood. It has been very hard for me to figure out where to start, that is, where the very beginning is, and to ignore everything else until I get Hear and Play 702 under my belt. It took a lot of looking and reading and listening to even find this course on the site, as well as figure out that this is the place to start. After this, maybe I’ll be ready for the 300 page book, and perhaps after the book, I’ll have a place on the chart- be enough of a musician to be transformed.

Please don’t ignore us new ones– I’m been trying for years to get a handle on this (I’m 60, and lessons using notation were a failure), and have put in a lot of time and thinking this past week trying to figure out where I need to go and where I fit in. I DO know that ear training is the route (I’m not sure what a key is, but I’m often able to pick it out by ear, although I did not understand the CD “Finding the Key”) but that’s all I know! I’m sure there are many thousands of “latent, frustrated musicians without a clue” like me out there, just waiting for this opportunity!

And please consider adding guitar stuff, which is much harder than piano; there are a lot of guitar lovers who are even worse off than those struggling with piano. Around here, acoustic guitar is often used in churches.

225 Tope

Jermaine, you’re not only blessed, but are a great blessing. Thanks for everything.

226 Marion

Thank you for your inspirational audio. More than a gifted musician, you are a mentor in strong moral life values. God Bless you and your family

227 allen

I am very grateful for the theory and practical applications of the hear and play program. This offering of the 44pg and 29pg missing chapter is more than expected.

From the first Gospel Keys Organ DVD offering through the emails and updates, I have been very energized in improving my musical skill.

THANK YOU Jermaine!


228 Steven Jones

can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wiat

229 Reginald Donel

Thanks Jermaine,
This is the clearest I’ve ever seen this stuff presented and it has shown me where I am (level wise) as a musician. Now I am more than motivated to learn properly and to practice properly before I just waste time playing. Thank you once again and please stay the course with your aspirations at…By the way, I was impressed to hear of your humble beginnings and to realize your real passion for instructing in the area of Piano playing. Your honesty was brilliant and motivational and I will keep it as my fire to propel me forward…You may have forgotten me but I was the guy who met you and was trying to get your products into some stores…I’m now residing in Houston,TX and have recently learned of a way that you can get your Audio CD products in distribution mode within in the Best Buy chain of retail stores. I’m sure that you probably know of these things already but if you are interested in more info, I was referred to REGIONALCD.NET and now I am referring you. I love you guys so keep up the good work.

Stay Blessed,

230 Marlou

Thanks a million Jermaine!

You are really a genius! Breaking things down, and making it easy to understand for us! Thanks for sharing your gift to us! You’re the bomb!

231 Tom

Thanks for sharing your personal story with us. I can relate on several different levels, including marrying my childhood sweetheart. From playing in church since I was 10 to teaching others how easy it is to play.
We should get together & do lunch sometime. My treat!
God Bless!

232 Becky

I started taking piano lessons in third grade and continued into college. I never had one teacher teach me theory! I have learned so much in just the first few pages of the reports. Thank you! Blessings to you and your ministry!

233 Mary Lett

Thank you so much for blessing me with your music theory. Iam really trying to digest it all,so please be patient with me .Again thank you very much.

234 Bob M

I felt very humbled by reading your reports. I have never seen or heard such insight into where a musician could be lacking in various areas. It certainly showed me where much improvement can be made by identifying weakness. A big Australian thanks for you and your organisation.

235 Darmanto Sudarsono

I really appreciate the free 44 pages and 29 pages report I downloaded from your sites. It is a very practical and easy to follow guidelines and now I practise daily using those reports. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a better musician. GBU

236 clara

Hi Jermaine

Thanks so much for sharing your passion for music. May God use you mightily to raise musicians for His glory!

237 Dawn

Hi Jermaine,

I was on this site several months ago working through some of the 60 or so free lessons you had posted for beginners. I was deciding between your original course or some other guy’s. I bought the other guy’s course because I thought some of your lessons were quite heavy on theory and while I ate it up, I was sure the 300 page course was going to be overwhelming, and I wanted a simpler approach. Well, I worked that other course and soon ran out of steam because it lacked THEORY. So then I came back just in time to see the new video lessons you put out and was following the blog posts and now these new reports and the new MT course coming out just feels so perfect..I only hope I can get on that priority list and be at my computer the moment this thing is launched so I can get my copy! I’m not necessarily out to play black gospel music, but the course is so comprehensive I don’t see how any aspiring piano player could pass it up!

I also ordered the 702 course and got the Monthly Music Mentor package before you announced the MT course but I am not sorry and I will still do the MMM thang because in that original audio “No Time to Waste” CD you got me all fired up with your talk about goals and persistence and patience in practice and I realized I was not giving my piano playing a chance unless I committed. So I really did, Jermaine! I wrote my goals down and taped them to my piano and decided on a time when I could practice…5:38 in the morning. I am a housewife with 3 little kids and I homeschool, so this is the only time I can commit to. I even made it part of my goal page to account for this time to you and the community by posting my practice times weekly (sorry for the long post, ya’ll but this is finally working for me and I hope you guys give the Monthly Music Mentor a chance):

11/11 5:38-6:46
11/12 5:44-6:57
11/13 5:44-6:49
11/14 5:45-6:35
11/15 5:45-6:49

I now look forward to this time, and it gets me so excited about music that I have to get on the computer sometime during the day to see what’s going on at hear and play…and plan my practice for the next day. I used to work out at this time every day back when I was in the Coast Guard..and the reason I know I can do this practice time was that when I was faithfully going down into the hold every morning to do my 1/2 hour on the StairMaster, one day I went down and the thing was broke…I mean, it didn’t break under me, but I was almost sure I was the one who broke it! Then later they asked the person who broke it to come forward but I was too scared…maybe my goal should be to break my piano so I can get a fancier one but then how could I do without it??? Thank you so much Germaine!

238 Jenelle

Just wanted to say thanks for all the free audio and written piano lessons.. whether free or paid its really worth it and you are truly a blessed man of God for sharing your talent of music with the world!

239 Travin Hill

Jermaine, You are a Godsend. I have had many a lessons but the instructors were really not interested in my learning. They were more interested in how much money they could make from me. I was held back and never moved beyond certain points. So I ventured out on my own. I have been very frustrated but when you came along, it was like God sent and Angel. Thank you for Listening to the voice of God. Love ya..

240 Nate Williams

I’m a professional record producer. no 9-5 necessary for me :) Since Hear and play’s emails and 44 pg report I can now play around and improv without necessarily feeling constrained to the notes of a specific key. I always knew the circle of 5ths and forths, but now I know how to apply them. I’m still waiting on you to hopefully get into a free quick explanation of jazz reharmonization and splitting scale degree chords into tonal, sub-dominant, and dominant. lol You know really break it down so people know how to replace chords in their patterns to give it a different feel.

241 Janet

The Transformation article really hit home on what to practice. I was randomly picking up things to practice and occasionally did chords and theory and used my metronome but mostly I picked out new stuff. (I get bored easy). Now I divide my practice as per your article and find that I am progressing much faster. Thank you for this and all your website!

242 John


I took some piano lessons in grade school, then laid out for about 45 years. Since buying some of your courses I’m really enjoying playing the piano again. My kids are amazed — I never played the piano when they were growing up, and now I can do it. I’m playing stuff we all know, like Beatles songs, and having fun.


243 Sal

As you pointed out, it’s rare for those who have “seen the light”…on anything…to want other people to see what they see! God may have shown you the light of music, but you’re exercising the choice to share it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

244 Antoine

Hey Jermaine,
Thanks for this report. It really helped me focus in on the problem that has limited my playing from reaching another level. Your course “The Secrets to Playing Piano By Ear” has been and continues to be like a dictionary to me in my piano playing self education. Thanks again and God bless.

245 Pierre-Luc

Hey Jermaine,

Thanx a lot for guide musician transformation… since i bought different courses at Hear&Play, i m very blessed et passionate for music and to become not only a simply musician, but the best musician i can be. Thanx again and may God bless your work!

246 Tig Haner

All those long years of piano lessons…all that money…but I never did learn how the notes and chords relate to each other. All I could do was read sheet music, and that gets old! The piano teacher was sorry to lose my money when I left, but I’d have left A WHOLE LOT SOONER if I’d had Jermaine’s lessons back then (grin)! He has the genuius to break big subjects down into small, spoon-sized bites so anyone can “get it.” Not just musicians, but ANYONE. Nothing out there compares to his courses–nothing else out there will get up up and playing (and sounding good) as fast. It’s such a thrill when you can play something and it actually sounds really, REALLY good!!

247 Richard Coplin


We have never met, but you know me sooooo well! I am 61 and have been retired since 55. I have been blessed to have been around and worshiping with “anointed” gospel musicians for the last 10 years. Two of my best friends (one now with the Lord) are/were “off-the-chart” talented and work/ed hard to keep their skills (and they would say gifts) polished so they could lead God’s people in worship. These guys would share anything with me, but for the most part, and I think partly out of respect, I would not ask them for advice. BUT, I knew that they had something special, something that was very different from the red-green-blue (C-E-G) that I painted with. They added the most interesting and beautiful pastels and variations to their palet (like lavender and rose) that turned the ordinary into the spectacular and really enhanced the worship.

I have several of your courses and even though I have been playing for most of my life, they were and are challenging. The “Next Level” guide, for me, really pinpointed exactly why I am still where I am in my playing. I “know” a little bit, in some areas more, about each of the elements in the matrix. But, I haven’t really mastered any one completely. I loved the 44 page manual and the missing chapter.

Until a month ago, I was a premium member, but being a bit discouraged, and kind of adjusting for the recent economic events, I dropped my membership. I just wanted to tell you, that these last two freebees and the promise of a chance to get in on getting “Transformed” has changed my mind, and I am going to sign up again.

I was impressed by your honesty and gentle spirit in the audio of how H&P came into being. Great story all around. Thanks for sharing it and thanks for what you do.


248 Richard Coplin

Sorry for mis-spelling your name. Can we call it a “senior” moment? (;-}

249 Selly

Its AWESOME!!!!!!

250 Yvette Pierce

Hi Jermaine,

I am a retired music teacher who learned piano by reading notes, but was not able to play by ear. Your publications have helped me teach my students in ear-training. I am also working on my ear training. I am a church pianist, but my training was for a concert pianist.

251 Russel


Thanks for the reports. This has helped me to see what areas I am lacking in and where to concentrate my efforts. It also really helps me to see what products to buy from you so that I can work on those areas. I am new to the piano (about 1 year)and all of the products can be a little overwhelming especially if you don’t know what to work on.

Good Job…


252 Debbie

I am so thankful that you are willing to share so much information for free. There is no way I could learn these things without you being so generous with all of your knowledge. Thanks so much and may God continue to bless you in your ministry.

253 Udofia

You set me on the road to looking at those keyboard playing differently. Your catch phrase of “If you can hear it you can play it” was instrumental in helping me know deep down that if I could hear it then I could play it. Your sharing philosophy is phenomenal and reminds me of a line in a song – “Give and it will come back to you, good measure pressed down, shaken together and running over”.
Thank you very much. Keep the good work.

254 Udofia

You set me on the road to looking at keyboard playing differently. Your catchphrase of “If you can hear it you can play it” was instrumental in helping me know deep down that if I could hear it then I could play it. This and your uncanny ability to explain music theory has really helped me in my keyboard playing. Your DVD’s have helped me to feel unafraid of those unwieldy chord names because of your clear explanation. Your sharing philosophy is phenomenal and reminds me of a line in a song – “Give and it will come back to you, good measure pressed down, shaken together and running over”.
Thank you very much. Keep the good work.

255 Jermaine

we got the same name!!! lol…

thanks alot Mr Griggs, I have been following for a few years now and have loved your humbleness and willingness to share. I have went for piano lessons from a young age, and I felt that the music sheets restricted my playing, and eventually I drifted away from them- then came you :-) yor play by ear system has helped in ways that I cannot express, now I dont have to fumble and look to sheets as I can now apply your systems and work out songs in a short peiod of time, I am still working but I know that I will get there soon ad very soon- tc

256 Jermaine

we got the same name!!! lol…

thanks alot Mr Griggs, I have been following for a few years now and have loved your humbleness and willingness to share. I have went for piano lessons from a young age, and I felt that the music sheets restricted my playing, and eventually I drifted away from them- then came you :-) yor play by ear system has helped in ways that I cannot express, now I dont have to fumble and look to sheets as I can now apply your systems and work out songs in a short peiod of time, I am still working but I know that I will get there soon ad very soon- tc

257 Rev. Alejandro Ramirez aka gozpeljunkie

This is so great…5 years of personal, formal music instruction weren’t able to quantize that for me in such a way! I think that somewhere up Jermaine’s sleeve, he had some crazy revolutionary, tucked-in-under-his-sleeve resource that taught him all of this. Either that, or the School of Hard Knocks is now handing out honorary doctorates. :) Either way, now I know exactly where I am at and exactly where I am going, or where I need to go. Before, my learning was always about getting the next chords, or getting the next new contemporary way to play the same old progressions, but I see this has progressed and graduated into such an intricate system, that I can only envision down the line music courses in college (and I have studied Music Theory in College) will be struggling to incorporate into their curricula. Now I have a flowchart, or rather a road map to set concrete plans, goals, and directives to reach a new other level in my ministry. And I see exactly “in living color” the areas in which I majorly lacked.

Thanks again a million times over, Jermaine and dedicated staff and instructors!

258 Cynthia

Your marketing skills are awesome. I am trying to duplicate your skills in my life but I am falling way short. Applying the same skills and dedication to developing music skills can make anyone a success!

259 Chris - Malaysia

Awesome man! Thanks for all the free lessons! God bless!

260 Mel Carrol

I grew up playing in the church. I took piano lessons at an early age. After a short while I would memorize pieces when my teacher thought I was reading the music. I learned my gospel techniques by listening to a lot of CD’s. I learned the gospel chords in my favourite keys of C, F, G and D. Any other key limited me to playing the basics. I didn’t properly understand or could name the chords I was playing. Your courses have taken me back to basics where I am learning about scales and chord theory to build towards what I have already learnt by ear and to progress further having that understanding. Thanks Jermaine.

261 Jeff


Your guides are absolutely amazing. I first came across your site from a YouTube link. I am so glad that I joined your mailing list, because I have learned so much from you. Thank you so much! God Bless.

262 B. M.

Thank you for the emails and the Musicians Transformations Report. I actually don’t know too much about playing the keyboard, but I was placed in a position where I am required to learn more about playing music. I honestly only know few basic chords by memory and I am trying my best to learn as many chords as I can and fill-ins, etc. I also have learned through your website how important it is to focus my attention on practicing my scales & learning the number system. I tried to get help from a few people, but they were hesitant to help and it was really encouraging to see that you started out in a similar situation. As I stated before I really don’t know much about playing the keyboard, but I try to purchase different programs, books, videos, etc. (including a program from to help me get a better understanding of what I need to do and what I am missing. I noticed that in the report you stated that this report is to help the players get to the next level & I am one of the people that have a strong desire to move from where I am currently because it gets frustrating knowing you want to go somewhere but not knowing where to go or how to begin going where ever. It’s also hard trying to ask different people questions and each person give you a different explanation. I have been continuously reading the report over and over to make sure I have an understanding. I even read different sections to my husband because I was so excited to have a new resource to help me improve. God blessed me with someone that helps me for about 15 min. every week. It’s awesome although sometimes I lack the understanding that’s needed at that time. I always try to take listen & take notes for later because I will eventually understand it. It is nice to see that you explained the 2-5-1 pattern in more detail because that is one of the things that I am currently struggling with. Listening to your audio files and reading your reports have really encouraged me to keep moving forward with learning and trying to perfect my keyboarding skills because I am frequently approached by others that desire to play the piano. I always tell them I will show you what I know although I don’t know much and God keeps blessing me as I bless others.Anyway, I said all that to say thank you for sharing.

263 Theuns

Dear Jermaine,

I never had piano lessons, but learned to play by ear and then expanded by “looking over the shoulders” of players and watching their chords. Then I would sit at the piano and just experiment with chord variations, without understanding what these were called. From reading your free instructions I feel I now have the tools to expand on this, understand what cords to use and really get my cords to sound richer. Thanks so much.

264 sterling

Hi Jermaine, I thank God so much that I came into contace with you and Hearandplay. I’ve always wanted to be a very good musician, especially on the piano. You have really broadened my horizon and opened my eyes into the world of music. I’ve always wondered how and what to practise to get to the next level. These two new reports you sent out has brought new life and zeal to me.

God richly bless you for availing youself to be used in equipping vessels in his Kingdom.

265 Grace

Thanks Jermaine for all of your many gifts. You have been well blest because of your kind generosity – your Grandma did a good job.

266 Karen

Jermaine you’re a star.
Thanks for the MT Report. There is enough info in there to keep me occupied for quite some time. Simply by applying your strategies I am able to apply the instruction to different applications. That’s the difference between remembering what someone has told me with the benefit of learning one new trick compared with understanding the principle and gaining many new tricks.
I don’t feel like such an old dog now!

267 Elizabeth Mumbi

Am so blessed and inspired by the information and great lessons.Am looking forward to purchasing your products soon.Am a beginner and thank God that i found your site coz i know am gonna be a real transformed musician and pianist as i follow your step by step lessons.God bless you for the good work.

268 Peter Rosenstrom

I think the ‘Muscian Transformation’ will be a great guide to fill in gaps my playing skills.
Thank you Jermaine

269 Roberth

Thanks Jermaine. This is huge. I’ll spend all my extra time to really dig into this material.

270 Michael Smith

“I give think’s unto thu Lord GOD” for Elder Curry my very good frind who’s play’s but he saids even thou he could not teach me,he beleved I could learn “If I had the right preson to teach me.

“So Elder Curry just looked you up!” and I know now’ from hearing your very Beautiful and inspairing Story, you was sent to me, from me to learn how to Play.

and yea’ I know you will know, from this wtitting’s that I am very short in the spelling’s of works;!…….however I see that you are whom I am to learn to play musice from.

“So now I’m in my new home now’ in the city with “My Sister whom I had been seperated from since childhood for over 30 some year’s, and I was around a about 33 or 34 the 5-Five of us mate one a other from the first time seinc we where children back in 1973.

So now I came back to the city where we all first mate one a other back in 2005 to get to know my Sister she and I are the oldies of the 9-Nine even throw we have ever seen the other four seber’s.

anyway I’m saying I have find tearch that is you and with your hear and play lesson’s and my Sister’s pushing me. I know I will become your other best story.
plus…my Sister don’t know it yet” but I very must so plan to get her back into playing Music her self too. tolk music in school but she stop. but she do not have you!……even throw I am the oldies my Sister is a hero in my eye’s, and as I Learn from you I am going to give you to my Sister too and I Think you and thu Lord GOD for you. and alway rain down Blessing upon you and your Family too. Aman;…

271 Sandra

Ok so i’m finished reading the 44 pager and the 29 pager and WOW! I also listened to your personal audio–it was very inspirational–I still can’t believe you are not a formally trained musician–where do you get this stuff? God is Good! I was amazed at the practice chart so i wanted to let you know that I WORKS. People, it works! I kid you not. I have just learned (it took me 2 hours straight) all 12 Major keys! and get this, i used the fingering chart from the 300 page workbook to make sure i had Perfect Practice. I started at turtle speed, just like you said and bam. (now i must admit that i already knew C, F, G, Ab) but I never ever played the keys in sharps in any sheet music in because, well what’s the use– I’ve always told myself that sharps were way too hard– i never imagined my self playing 5 flats muchless bothered to figure out that it was the 6th tone of the scale right before it. And you know what, sharps are easier (at least for me) to play than flats. I took the scales box out of the PP list and just worked on that because the chart told me that was one of my weaknesses. I still can’t believe it. I went back down stairs, plugged in electric piano and put the headset on (folks are sleeping and for the life of me i can’t understand why they don’t want to hear me playing all day and night–LOL) just to try and play all 12 major scales in the order of the circle of fifths to see if i still remember (silly me cause i could not believe it) and guess what– i can still play it. I’m also learning a lot of other stuff from your freebies–like i need to stop robbing God of His time–i need to crave out a time to practice each day and stick to it–because i know He’s not pleased with leftovers. I was convicted when i read the part about practicing because it reminded of how many times i rushed out to church services to play without proper practice. So thank you for reinforcing the necessary of discipline in “practice”. I also dug out my metrodone out of a box in the garage as well as my Hanon exercise book (i brought it years ago and used to play the exercises regularly but never really knew why i was playing them (’cause my teacher said so–LOL) I checked out the free Hanon lesson (#1) and it was similiar to number 1 in my book so i think i’ll use the book and work on the 1st ten until i can buy your DVD on Hanon (demonstration is better for me than the plain old sheet music). Well that’s what i learned today. I’ll keep waiting for the email for the MT. Sandra

272 Sharon Harvey

Well, Jermaine, this is just what I’ve been looking for! I’m still studying your Play by Ear guide I bought years ago. Something was definitely missing with my coordination, or I thought. I just couldn’t fill in the appropriate sounds I wanted to make my music come alive. This definitely did the trick. Thank you so very much!

273 Alicia Hollis

What can I say! Thank you so much! All of the material is awesome! The lesson that really boosted me was how to make the polychords! How knowing four main chords in all 12 keys help you quickly make bigger chords. My playing was sounding so empty! But this technique makes me sound like I know what I’m doing! (smile)…thanks to you!

I was about to take some extra organ lessons and suddenly there was a significant unexpected shift in my finances so that caused me not to be able to take the lessons…then a couple of says later I checked my email and here you are with a FREE 44 page manual!

Jermaine, I was so excited…I knew God had blessed me with this…he knew I could not afford to take anymore lessons and here I am still getting the lessons I need for FREE!

Thank you Jermaine. You can’t possibly know how much you are adored and appreciated! Little people like me with a desire to play with limited resources cant say thank you enough!

Blessings to your family!

Alicia…Meridian, MS

274 Curtis

I’ve been playing piano for 30 years. I’ve been struggling to take improvisation to another level but just have been stymied. Your Chords courses and all the written material–especially these last reports–have just opened up another path to explore. Your suggestions on how and what to practice should be engraved on the walls of every music classroom–you have to spend time every practice working on the basics and you have to work on new stuff. I’m really in awe of the depth of your knowledge of chords and harmony, and I”m inspired to try and achieve that same level of understanding. Thanks so much for sharing your love for music with us!

275 Joshua

It is nice to have people like you on this planet earth who are not money conscious but rather are bent on helping others to grow and become great in life. I downloaded the stuff and i read through it. It was just mind blowing and it has helped me to believe i can transform my play by using your technique and with more practice. I fall in the category of people without a basic foundation per Se cos when i start i didn’t have anyone to teach me. I search for books and materials on the internet cos they were not available then in my area just for them to say “Our Service is not available in your Country”. well thank God you Came. God Bless you as you decide to impact your knowledge into others. Thanks and i hope that the baby is a boy? Yes he is a boy. Say me well to your family.

Stay Blessed


276 Cliff

Great new presentation of some really deep materials. Thanks.

277 John


I like the step by step explanation in your “missing chapter” saying how we need to partition things down to learn them. That’s been my experience too – that’s a great way to make sure you learn things well and fast.

Thanks for the advice. Keep up the good work.


278 Monique

Hi Jermaine,

I really want to thank you for always making things easy for us to understand. Now I know what I should focus on to improve my playing. God bless

279 Shawn

Hi Jermaine,
I really appreciate all your hard work for this new course and I would like to let you know that I think it’s great. Praise the Lord and God be glorified

280 Hakeeb

Hey Jermaine,

Word cannot express how grateful I am to God for putting you on this planet for such a time as this (now, that’s real talk). I am really grateful to you for being who you are, you are in one word to me “A Giver” and where I come from there is a saying that says Givers never Lacks, Jermaine you will not lack anything, now, that is not a prayer, it’s your reality and if you are a millionaire already you will be soon, it’s only a matter of time, it will happen (mark my word). you see you have tapped into a principle, that many cats out there don’t know about or may be know about, but won’t practice. I may not know you personally but the bible says that by their fruits you shall know them. In essence what I’m trying to say is thank you.

Thank you for your obedience, thank you for your tender heart, thank you for your understanding, thank you for the time you spent in laboring to acquire these knowledge and most of all thank you for sharing these knowledge.

You see the reason why I am overwhelmed and touched by your generosity in this report that you have put out there is because basically you were telling my story and I’m sure same goes for many others out there .You see, I have tried for many years to learn and master keyboard playing and music for that matter but no one to teach, the musicians that surround me were too busy hiding their stuff in fear that I would get better than them (basically the old age problem in the Gospel Kingdom as you have mentioned), then came along you (Jermaine) and troubled the water and you have helped a brother get whole. What works for me on this report is the way you have filled in the missing links. All my past queries such as how you use chords, progressions, circle of 5th and a lot more were answered and I cannot wait to jump right in and practice (“the right stuff, the right way”). Jermaine you are not only inspirational, you’re a Champ!

Man, you are blessed!!!!

Much love to you, your family (it is well with them) and your entire crew.


Hakeeb Awoyemi (London)

281 Daniel

Hi Jermaine,

Yeah…..what’s cool about MUSICIAN TRANSFORMATIOM METHOD to me is the polychord concept knowledge. This is a quick tool for building fat chords and stuff.
Even when just playing chord I (diatonic) its amazing hearing how different it sounds.

Tks for all good work (and will). God bless ya and yours.

Daniel (Brazil)

282 Sou

Hi Jermaine,

I’m grateful to your generosity
many thanks

283 Peter

Hi, Pastor Jermaine

From Cape Town, South Africa, I just want to say a very great big thank you and give you an awesome “God bless you”. I started out six months ago, saying that I would like to play the piano within at least six months. Well thanks to all your lessons, during prayer meeting two weeks ago, I put down my guitar and shyly walked up to the electric piano and played a few gentle tunes whilst a few people were sharing some experiences how God blessed them during the past week. Then in pre-practice for worship in church the following Sunday, I played a bit on the piano. Amazing. Before my six months target I actually was brave enough to venture out and play the paino in front of other skilled musicians. I really do thank you. Now all this “new” material and guidance. I think you must be an awesome and blessed person.

I actually started to learn to play piano because I wanted to teach disadvantaged children in our townships (I think that could be the same as your projects) to sing and to play musical instruments. (I play flute and guitar, without having learn’t to read music.) I felt the need to add piano, which will force me to learn to play it AND learn sight-reading, which in turn I then can share with my kids, as well as helping me with my other instruments. Your material has helped me tremendously to achieve that that objective. Not only did I benefit, but children with no money and no access to the net will also benefit from your lessons.

There is only one down side to this whole piano thing… my wife giving me the look when she walks past the piano and I have been sitting there for about two hours. She also has to patiently listen when I explain to her what one Pastor Jermaine Griggs so unselfishly made avaiable to his multitude of students…

God bless you and your family.

284 Elaine

Dear Jermaine,

I do very little commenting on the internet, but I retain many thoughts of all the wonders that you continue to do. You are the subject of my bragging wehen I talk about learning to play the piano. Thanks

285 Christian

I’m struck by your abundance mindset. May you be truly rewarded a thousandfold for your deeds. I never had formal piano lessons so since I started playing the piano 3 years ago (now I’m 24), I’ve relied on online piano lessons, my ear, and spiritual inspiration for my growth. I find Hear and Play Music, Inc one of the top 3 resources for low beginner pianists, and easily the top resource for high beginner / intermediate pianists (My opinion ^^)

Hmmmm…what are the important changes/insights that I’ve applied to my playing as a result of the musician transformation system?

Chordal Command: the concept of “polychords” to form all the “big” and “bad” chords. Knowledge of the shortcuts and formulas made it so much easier

Pattern Proficiency: I used to just rely on the 1M,2m,3m,4M,5M,6m,7dim pattern. I’m in the process of acquiring the circle-of-fifths flow of music. I like the 2-5-1 2m or 2m7 >>> 5M or 5dom7 >>> 1M or 1M7 concept.

Ear Efficiency: To use the ear to come up with alternatives, the “Circular Major Scale” revolutionizes everything. I rely on my ear oftentimes and the concept of the “Circular Major Scale” makes me realize why songs flow in a certain way. I carry on these realizations and store them in my creative memory.

I’d like to be more detailed in my testimony and I hope to do that next time.
More power and may God bless you always!

286 sbu

wow! it amazing how things were made easy and now i can take long hours on my keyboard cause i now understand what i’m doing.

thanks Jermaine, you are a star may God bless you and your family

287 Romayne Wright

I’m disabled and have severe OA in my right hand, so practising any sort of scales is tough, but this guide has helped cut down on wasted time messing around not really knowing what I was doing. Was a proficient player when I was younger but 25 years away from it has left me struggling heavily now, but your courses are superb in enabling me to learn things so much faster. Much appreciated. Blessings, Romayne

288 Tanya

hi Jermaine

i just wanted to say

289 Scott

I am a beginner and have been putting off learning to play. Jermaine, I’ve perused your site numerous times over the years . I’d like to introduce my family to music in a more meaningful way and I’d like to start learning. Thank-you.

290 Tamara Adams

Hello Jermaine, I’m gonna try to make this short, but I don’t know how successful I’ll be. :) Your programs, and dvds have not only made me better as a musician and a minister of music, but as a teacher as well, I give piano lessons, and it feels so great to know that I had a part in helping someone else became I musician for their church, whether they become a MOM (minister of music) and an MD, or just an associate musician. You have also been a blessing to me in the youtube world, I didn’t know how to post videos until you answered my questions, I started putting youtube videos up 8 months ago, and now I have 51 subscribers who tell me how much they love my playing, and ask me to learn, play, and teach songs to them, it also encourages me to know that some of my female subscribers are encouraged by the videos I post and by how well I play (in their opinion). Lately, I haven’t been taking youtube seriously, and I think I’ve been posting videos that have not been a very good quality of music, so I plan on doing better in that area, because my subscribers deserve better. I can now play major, minor, blues, and pentatonic scales in all 12 keys, (minors including harmonic and natural, I’m a little rusty on the melodic because it’s not very popular to me). I guess I better stop typing, you probably have enough to read… Thanks again, God’s richest blessing to you and your family, and I can’t wait for what ever else you have to offer. YOU ARE SUCH A BLESSING! Thanks again.

Tamara Adams
North Carolina

291 sue

Thanks Jermaine may God richly bless you ,wonderful stuff indeed,now learning to play is no longer boring thanks again

292 Kilanko Oluwaseun

Hi Jermaine,

I just want to show my appreciation for the great job you have done. you have really helped me to advance in my playing. I purchased some of your DVDs sometimes ago, but many of them are too advanced for me to start with. But with this new Musician Transformation you have done, I could now see how to move from one level to another until i get to the advanced stage. Those information are quite interesting and enlightening. We need more stuffs like these, that will show deeping insight into chords analysis and combinations for getting advance and crazy chords.

May God bless and increase you more and more.


God bless you


hie Jermaine,

thanks very much for the guide and i am really looking forward to the completion of the course.

i love the document

294 Barbara


You’re Music Transformation System is my Christmas miracle! I could hardly believe all the free information.

I am missing so many letters in the System that I am like an alphabet waiting to happen. (smile) I will use the System & I really believe it will transform my playing.

Thank you so very much for everything you do for all of us.

God bless you & your beautiful family,

295 Ruba

You have opened a new door for me in music… I’ve always longed to have the ability to play anything I hear, but with those comlicated piano chords, playing the left hand was almost impossible!! Now, you have given me enthusiasm to work on your courses…
“Blessed are those who give without remembering. And blessed are those who take without forgetting”.


296 John Brown

I thank God for you! I have learned so much from you! I asked God to double what you have now because it is done in excellence! I want God to take you where no one has ever been! Thank you!

297 Scott

May the Lord of hosts continue to bless you and your music ministry.

298 joseph

hello prof
Thanks for all the good stuff,i really thank and am gratefull.
How can i recieve progressions and chords on some gospel songs from kirk franklin and others.
love to talk soon

299 John

Jermaine, you’re a genius. God has given you a great and powerful talent. Keep using it for His glory.

300 Danny (p-rex)

Great stuff Mr. Griggs. Great stuff.

301 Kenneth

Wow! Thanks for sharing your best you actually inspire creativity. I like your phrase “If you can hear it you can play it” and sure think am begin to “hear it right”
Keep it going. I truly believe God will use you as a resource to revolutionise the study of music.

302 David Wasmundt


You certainly are the epitome of the scripture that speaks of “whatever you sow, that you will also reap”; God’s blessings are all over your life and that is as a result of your generous spirit. Thanks for this Music Transformation Project which has helped even me with a college degree in music. Continued blessings.

David Wasmundt

303 Lorraine

What you are doing is a blessing to so many. I just want to thank you. I don’t seem to plan my practice session in a meaningful way. The musician transformation chart will be a great help for me. In Nov 2008 I lost my job of 18 years and so I decided to follow my passion and practice the piano everyday. It started out good but it seems that once again it landed on the back burner. This article I hope will jump start me again. Is 65 to old to learn to play the piano?

Yours in Christ

304 Lynne

This is great Jermaine. Thank you so much. It seems like a whole new world has opened up to me. I will definately be applying this to my playing. You have made it so easy to understand. May God bless you and keep you and may he give you all the desires of your heart.

305 Zamor Goje

Thanx so much Mr. Griggs for helping some of us who can not afford tuition fees may God richly bless you.



306 Bree Gates

Your “Musician Transformation” helped me to divide up my practice time much more efficiently.

307 Starling Jones,Jr.

Cool product. Looking forward to the fundamentals that will enhance musicianship.

Take Care & God Bless.

308 Wanda White

I really enjoyed your reports you gave for free! They are helpful to me and I can see now where I have to go with my practice! Back to Basics for me and then on again. As for the exercises I have the Hanon book and cannot say enough about it. It has increased the flexibility in my fingers tremendously!
So I am going to “Pray it back” to you with prayers for you and your family! This is the only way I know to thank you for your encouragement and help in my path to learning to play the piano!
With Lots of Prayers winging their way to you from WV.

309 Daphne

I have always loved music and wanted to play because somehow I felt that I possessed an innate talent. Over the years, I kept beginning lessons and
discontinuing them because of this talent never manifested itself. After
downloading some of the lessons and practicing them, I feel that there is
hope for me to succeed in playing coherent music. My gratitude cannot be
expressed for the insightful and simplistic ways chords and other music
fundamentals are taught. However, before I am considered an ingrate, let
me extend my thanks and appreciation for the wealth of information received
and the hope it gives me in becoming the gospel musician I, and my husband,
have graved. May you continue to have ‘good measure pressed down,shaken together and running over.’

Daphne – Bahamas

310 Daphne

I have always loved music and wanted to play because somehow I felt that I possessed an innate talent. Over the years, I kept beginning lessons and
discontinuing them because this talent never manifested itself. After
downloading some of the lessons and practicing them, I feel that there is
hope for me to succeed in playing coherent music. My gratitude cannot be
expressed for the insightful and simplistic ways chords and other music
fundamentals are taught. However, before I am considered an ingrate, let
me extend my thanks and appreciation for the wealth of information received
and the hope it gives me in becoming the gospel musician I, and my husband,
have craved. May you continue to have ‘good measure pressed down,shaken together and running over.’

Daphne – Bahamas

311 Kehinde Ajayi

i realy thank u jermaine Griggs for all u have done to transform my life in playing the piano. u have realy inspired me. And i pray that the Lord will spare your life to live long so u can continue to be of help. The 44pg guide is realy helpful

312 Sheilagh

Jermaine, this is amazing- I’ve been getting your emails for years but this is the first time that I’ve actually looked through something fully, and I am extremely impressed. Thanks for doing what you do, and making so much valuable information free for struggling musicians who need the help!

313 Cassandra

Jermaine – I have organized my practice regimen to follow the layout for your Musicial Transformation chart. I am soooohooohooo ready to be transformed. Thank you for accepting your call to guide us to that happy place where we can play piano by ear with passion – in any key!!


314 AJ

Thanks for the tips. It really helped me out. I’m going to definitely forward this to the other musicians at my church.

315 Glenn Murray

Hi dear Jermaine, you are special and God sent freely you have receive this wonderful talent and gift and freely you share it with the world awesome man.
I believe God inspired you every single day, this is it God anointing music flowing from Him into you, there is now way to describe it.
May God bless you, your family and your ministry has you bring to us the anointing of music to the world.


316 Andre Broughton

Thank you for this blessing. I have not even gotten through every video yet, but it is helping me tremendously. I thank God for you and the gift and calling you have. This will allow me to reach my goal in my ministry. Thank you once again.

317 Tash

Exactly what I was looking for! You are a genious with such great generosity! Thanks!

318 Bill

Great Audio Jermaine!!
Maybe at some point you can do a series of youtube videos like you did a few months back regarding the techniques. Just some food for thought.

Thank you again for these reports I will study them always!

319 Lea Mitchell

I have been struggling for a long time to understand the rudiments of music. I have read theory books and paid for lessons, but never understood it enough to be motivated to practice.

In just one half hour beginning to read your section on Fundamental Fluency, I now understand how music works. I became very excited and actually began to love it.

I nearly gave up in despair of ever understanding it to the point that i could love it enough to want to excel in it. I NOW DO! I thank you for sharing this with us.

God Bless you!

320 Obrian

Hey thanks very much for this report man, i was really stuck in a loop for almost 6 years and since i have started practicing using your method i am really seeing results. I am planing on getting the download course 202 to boost what i am practicing now. thanks much man, God bless

321 Anna-Marie

Hi Jermaine, With my whole heart I give thsnks to you for this free report. I played piano as a child and now at 58 got a urge to play again. I do sight reading but never knew anything about chords and how scales were formed ect, What a lot I have to learn and what a challenge. What a good thing the Lord has send apon my path to take my mind of my problems. I have a son who had a accident (fell off a horse) seven years ago. He has severe brain damage and suffers from epilepsy and violent mood swings, He is Gods walking miracle as he can do a lot of things for himself, though still severely mentally handicaped.
Anyway I received your e-mails for the past few months and are always looking forward to them. I love the pictures ect, feel like your family. When you sew you reap, may your harvest be as abundend as you have sewn into my life as well as in others. Be blessed in the Lord. Anna-Marie

322 Georges Bokally

Nothing special to say, since I am still a beginner.

Georges B.

323 SAM


324 Yvonne Templeton

Wow! These downloads are wonderful…so much information. Thank you for making them available. You are awesome!

325 Dudley

Hi Jermaine, I would love to win the entire course. Please enter me.

326 Archie

Jermaine, I just want you to know that, I am by nature a drummer and bass player by nature, I have also mastered guitar as my primary instruments. I have always wanted to learn to play the keys though, and until I came across, I have always found that most piano courses offered very little explanation that made any sense to me for the lessons they covered. Basically, I am sure I am not the only one to find these types of courses intimidating, and thus, ended up just being a dabbler if you know what I mean? Since I have started receiving your emails with lessons made in a format that was very simple to follow and that made total sense of what you were trying to convey, I have become a much better musician on the piano, even my colleagues have nopticed the difference in my playing. Now, the “Musician’s Transformation Method” and accompanying charts have made so many more things I had been in mystery about crystal clear to me, and on a level I never thought I would ever achieve. I remain in awe with this method, its’ ease of use and clarity of information being delivered. I just want to thank you for finally breaking open a door for me that had been so much a mystic art in my mind. I now have such a love for playing the keys that I have never before experienced by any other means(and I have tried many), and I now can add to my talents, the ability to play piano in even an improvisational situation, with success and no more fear of where to go, what to play, when to play it. Again, thank you so very much Jermaine, I will always treasure the “Musician’s Transformation Method”, which you have allowed me to download for free and the accompanying charts, 29 page additional supplement and the associated audio file. This has totally changed my musical life, again, all I can do is thank you and continue to spread your name and website to everyone I come across, that I see struggling just like I was to make sense of the piano, so that they too may experience what I have in a very mystifying door finally being opened up, in such a way, that it actually makes sense to me now. I am sure I am not alone in this sentiment, just read your comments, they say it all…:)

327 Sebastien

This is a great tool to get even better at playing piano! Thanks for providing us with such a guide. It’s going to help me focus on what to work on to improve my playing. It also helps to see everything in a clearer way. Thanks again!

328 Tina

Since reading the music transformation report and the follow-up “missing chapter” report, my practice sessions have reached a whole new level. I now have purpose during my practice sections. I warm up with scales and some hanon finger exercises. Then I play chords (triads currently) following the circle of fifths. I already see progress. Next I play a familiar sing for a while. I listen while playing to find things I can do differently and places I can add a little something extra. Then I practice a new song that my choir is working on or that I just want to learn on my own. Then I wind down and play a familiar song again, so that I end my practice sessions on a happy note. The music transformation has helped a lot, and it came right on time because I used to just sit at my keyboard and play randomly. I found myself stuck playing the same old thing, and believe me it was the same old and boring thing. But now, I’m learning and understanding new exciting concepts and principles that help me and others. I felt proud to be able to pass on your report to other aspiring musicians I know. Many problems you spoke of in the report about musicians in the church were spot on, so I’m glad you let God use you to spread your talents so that those talents can go out and make more talents. Thanks Jermaine.

329 Frank Lara

I want to thank you for all of the information you give us, I’m sure if we were to purchase all this information it would probably cost thousands. Being a para and not able to work my resources are limited so I’m trying to teach myself how to play Piano and I am able to read although not sight read yet, so I felt fourtunate to have been able to use your free lessons. Thanks again for what your doing. G.B.Y


330 Sharon

I’m excited about the practice report you did. I’ve never given much thought to what I was practicing, but I’ve been playing the songs/chords I already know. No wonder I’m not seeing a lot of improvement. Thanks for the help.

331 Tom

I am really enjoying the information you share. I am completely overwhelmed by how much I did not know, now that I have the Musician Transformation Method. Thank you so much for sharing this and helping musicians to reach a new level of playing. I hope to share my new skills in playing music at my church.


332 Dale

Your report will help me to practice the correct way Jermaine. Thank you very much. You do a great job explaining things.


333 amos michael

The material is awesome, i have not read it all through but the little i read blew my mind, am still reading it . when am through i will make a full comment. God bless you and may the peace of God guard your heart and mind

334 Carolyn Bowman

Dear Jermaine: I cannot believe you would go so far to help all of us struggling musicians. You have a heart of gold. Most out there are in this to see how much money they can pull, but I feel you are truly out there to give us the guidance and encouragement we need, and on top of that, for free. How unselfish you are. God will surely bless you !

335 Daniel

Thank You Jermaine,

Your stuff is really powerful, it’s been life transforming for me! This free report reveals really cool and new stuff, i love it. I think i will read it again and again..
Thank You one more time, You are blessing for all of us, musicians, may God will be with You and Your Family!


336 Maren

You always seem to have a surprise in store. First there were all the free videos, you give more and more of your knowledge away – all for free.
I’m so very grateful for that! All that stuff helps me extremely!

337 Madline Sumner

Thank you so much Jermaine for the transformation course. It along with God’s grace has taken me to another level on the keyboard.
I have been a member a couple of years and have purchased several of your courses. I have learned a lot of good helpful information to upgrade my skills.
Just continue to do what you do to help all of us musicians who is seeking out better ways to enhance our playing abilities.
May God continue to bless you in this endeavor.

338 Mel

Hey Jermaine,
this is an awesome website!! Thanks for all your tips and lessons, they are amazing! I always thought I was “tone deaf” and could only play by sheet music, but you helped me to understand concepts for playing by ear that I have never heard anywhere else, thanks sooo much! Keep up the good work and using the talents God has given you. Your emails are so helpful=D

339 Michelle

I just received a new(used) piano and have found your e-mails and reports to be very helpful. I am reading, and rereading the information as it comes in. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of music theory with the rest of us.

340 Bob Schaffstein

Thanks for that information on the circle of fifths. It sure does make the flow of music more understandable. Keep up the good work.

In Jesus,


341 JD

This is all new to me , but , after downloading your 44 and 29 page book , I can see this is going to be great . Can’t wait to get started . Thanks

342 Molinda

I have throughly enjoyed reading and actually understanding the theory and concepts of playing the piano. This has been a missing piece to my puzzle. I am a drummer but I have always been fascinated by pianist and now I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel for me. I am learning things through you that others was not willing to teach and I thank you for stepping out and being the “ONE”.

343 Michael Smith

“A very Blessed Morining you my Brother’S & Sister’s at H&P and all who inter’s in chat’ today with you. it’s been a good rainly night and it may still continual to rain some more to day and throu the week and that’s alright by me too. You know I was looking over what I had written’ last night, and I can see that some words are missing.

it was in my head as I was saying it’ however I alway’s seem to leave words out as I am writting them down as the printed words from my thoughts; “Now if you can desifer what I am trying to say GOD Bless you, if not well shot!” GOD bless you anyway. I am saying I don’t know you all but that don’t matter I still Love you all the same anyway!… GOD Bless You all Doc Elder Jermaine Griggs & wife Sister Sarah and your beautiful Daughter’s GOD Bless this Family and your house and the people at hear&play. you have just a really Blessed componly at H&P. and After I learn it I am going do what I whated to do?…give what I learn to some one elsa…becouse I beleave to share one’s gifth’s is to Bless some else how you been Blessed. “You know;”….and as I leave here may thu Lord Bless you all on this chat line too and receive and do work with the full gift’s GOD was bestored upon your mine,your hands and feet to become what we all are sent here to do. and think you agein hear&Play …..Michael from Ponca City OK;.

344 Keith Copeland

Dear Jermaine,

Thank God for blessing you with the gift of teaching and the ability to make a complicated subject simple!!!

I have learned-and am still learning-so much about music over the last year and a half thanks to you, local guitar wizard and teacher Bobby Griffin and bass guru Alex Sampson. Even though I am a basssist, using your piano studies have helped me more than I could have ever imagined, especially your reports regarding Musician Transformation, Number System, Chords and Patterns, in addtion to you Piano By Ear course.

Again, thank you so much, Jermaine, for blessing so many musicans by sharing the gifts that God has blessed you with!!!!

May God continue to bless you, your family and your business!!!!

God Bless,


345 Kara

I’ve been learing so much–you’ve made the fundamental concepts easy to understand. Thanks for sharing this knowledge with the rest of us!

346 Tony

Hey Jermaine, Thanks, I make very few mistakes in my playing now.

347 Dean

Thanks for everything Jermaine. I am passing my knowledge to anyone who is interested in learning. I am also directing them to your website.

348 janice

thank you so much for sharing your knowlege!! i was trained in classical music as a child. playing piano for church now and you’re right!! people don’t want to share. i even took lessons a few years ago to learn to play church style music and try to learn to play by ear. she wasn’t helpful, didn’t want to show me anything, and when she did, it was so fast, i couldn’t see what she did. you are a blessing and i wish many blessings on you and your family.

349 Don Amon

Good read. Made me think about a number of blindspots I’ve got. The first one will be mastering the chords! Just beginning this journey as time permits.
Jermaine, thanks for all you do and share with us newbies.
– Don

350 Carl

Keep up the good work Jermaine. Great help for my future ministry. Thank you.

351 Pauline

Hi Jermaine, Words cannot expressed the awesome spiritual breakthrough I have just coming by your website a couple of days back ‘cos of prompting within my spirit that I have possibly the ability to just play by hearing piano. This has been an unexplainable gift that I used to possess years back when I was young. For many reasons, I have not the priviledged to pursue this talent until recently in my church fellowship activity did I share about my once lost talent that I have not developed further or invested well for the Lord’s glory. This has prompted me to search the website for people like myself to teach myself. Glad to have found you and your website. Although I have yet to comprehend everything that you have shared even in your first few lessons, been a newbie at my age, my spirit danced with joy and I am truly excited and confident that under your open sharing from your sincere open heart, I feel safe that I will progress well with your comprehensive ‘Musician Transformation’ course and be able to play in my fellowship group sooner. The Lord’s granting me the desires of my heart through your website. Thank you so much for caring to share your gift and talents with us. Musical Worship ushers the presence of the Lord and releases the blessing of the Lord to His people. May the Lord bless you and your family abundantly in the coming launch and all the works of your hand. Be Richly Blessed in your givings and rejoicing with you. Pauline, Perth, Western Australia

352 Mark J. Moore


Your play by ear program is phenomenal! In trying to get back to playing piano, your techiniques even help someone like me with rusty piano skills get back in the game!

Thanks and God bless….


353 Luke

definitely puts all these concepts in an easy to understand format. thanks!.

354 Donald Chioba

I cannot explain with mere words how much this material has really helped me update my skills on the piano. I have been hearing about the theory on the usage of the circle of fourths and fifths, but has never been able to apply it.

With this simple and well self-explanatory instructions on the 44-pg download, I have been able to apply and use that which had eluded me for a long time now. I am more than grateful for this input.

I only pray that you continue this good work so that people like me can get to appreciate some of the theories in music. Thanks and thanks again for this. I really appreciate it.

My prayer is to get to play like you very soon, applying every techniques I have learnt from this and discovering other application routes.

355 elena

Hey Jermaine,
Varum ich muss mich schuld fühlen? Eigentlich habe ich nicht gedacht es so ernst ist. Ich habe die beide: und Report ,und der Chapter gedruckt. Mein problem ist dass ich ferstee nicht so gud Englisch und du sprichst einbischen schnel, dan dein Rede klingt wie lied. Es tut mir wirklich leid und sei nicht so böse und angry mit mir, Bitte. Was muss ich sagen, ich bin auch übrascht, wie ernst ist in chor zu singen und jetzt ich muss lernen Keyboard spielen!…
Doch, ich bin Dankbar, ich habe dich gefunden und es gibt so Menschen wie dich überchaupt.

356 Cheryl

We are really tight on finances now and your free download came at the right time. I really believe it was a gift to me. I play in the church- accompany the youth choir and would really love to be able to improvise a lot more than what I do and also play gospel music.

I have been playing piano for years and i do follow the circle of fifths but your teaching on how the minor scale starts on the 6th degree of the major scale is awesome. Never thought of it that way – makes it so simple.

I loved the section on building polychords. Such a rich full sound.

Thank you so much and God bless you abundantly.


357 Carmen

Hey Jermaine,

Thank you so much for posting many useful tools to help further musical education. I live in a country that is not educated musically. I’ve been doing my best to teach those that are interested in learning. It’s not an easy task but what is a world without music and knowing how it’s made. God bless you and your family!


358 Keith

jermaine I’ve feasted of of your teaching for a couple of years, and I ordered most of your DVD courses, and I’ve learned a lot, and I applied the theory you’ve taught, and it helped me to play in every key, but I still have to phat-en up some of my chords, I believe this new course will enhance my playing. I pray in Jesus name that the Lord continue to bless your music and preach ministry and your family, I also pray that you get the proper rest that you need. I see your mind racing, I speak peace to your mind in Jesus name.

359 charlie jones

I listened to your audio testimony this morning. You are such a blessing to your customers. I have been a customer of yours for years. I bought your first product the 310 page course. To be honest, I didn’t understand it until I started buying your DVD courses. You have been a blessing to me and I’m sure that I’m speaking for your other customers as well. I just wanted to leave a word of encouragement for you and your family. BTW congrats on the new additions to your family and I will continue to pray for you and your family that God’s favor will continue to rest upon your household and ministry.

Charlie Jones

360 Mable Ross

Hey Jermaine, Thank God for you and for sharing your knowledge with us. Everything that I’ve read so far has helped me. I was taught to play by ear and just started a few years ago on learning contemporary music, so you are helping me so much. Thank you and may God Bless!!

361 Christian

Hi Jermaine! Thank you so much for your spiritual support musically. I am developing well and getting transformed to recognize the the patterns and ear strength in my musical walk. I like the fact that you are open to everyone and you teach music to all creatures, unlike what we normally hear from other people justifying their selfish ammbitions by trying to think that they are different in any way. You treat music in a universal way, i like that. May God Bless you more and more with the family and loved ones. I am always free to read your guidance, because it is clear to everyone and acknowledges diversity. With these few words I would like to express my attitude of gratitude, thanks.

362 Stevie

Hey Jermaine,

thanks a lot for sharing all the stuff with us. Much appreciated!



363 Lula

You are a really awesome individual and it really shows in your works.


364 Lula

Keep up the good work and don’t change.


365 John R.Lee

Very inspiring for someone like me who is just starting to learn.

366 Brown

God is Great and Greatly to be Praised…He has done great things! THANK YOU So Very Much for sharing with the world! Your light is shining brightly!!

367 Martin

Dear Jermaine, I want to let you know that you have answered my prayers. For the last five years, during which I have been learning to play the piano, I got to a point where I could not progress any further. However, after reading your Musical Transformation report my eyes suddenly openned. I discovered where the problem was. For that reason I want to say thank you. May the Lord God almighty bless you for your generosity. Martin.

368 Kevin

MAN … I’ve been trying to play like a seasoned for about 15 years now. I’d play for my church choir”S”, but get kicked to the curb every time somebody new would come. Those musicians would leave and I would be asked to play again, but only to get kicked to the curb again when someone new came. So I lost my motivation to play and practice. I also felt kinda used (I was the only musician for years, and I never made more than $40 a week playing for 2 or 3 choirs every week and teaching all the parts, so I imagine im not TOO bad).

After reading your 44 page download, it made the light come on and I feel motivated now. I feel I can go past the ceiling I seem to have hit. I have a few of your products, but for some reason that 44 pages ignited something. THANKS

369 Pal

Good looking out Jermaine!

Great practice tips that I neede man!

370 Trent

I can’t wait til Nov 1. I hope i get one. I REALLY need this Jermaine.

371 barb

I am still having big problems. oh well, i guess i can call it old age..

372 Everold Bharath

Hi Jermaine,
I am steadily practicing and getting results.
I have dvd 300 & 200 and have been working on hymns from what i’ve learnt. It is slow but i’m getting it as i get familiar with the chords.
One step at a time i,m taking it to be a sweet sounding musician.
Why don,t you do a dvd on hymns.
In Canada, we use alot of hymns in our services.
It would help me alot.

373 Michael

Everold, they do have a dvd on hymns. its gospelkeys 101. Just thought i’d help.

374 Angie Watson

Wonderful practice tips…you make it so easy to learn the fundamentals. The tips are so helpful! It’s like the lightbulb came on…wow! I wish more people were as kind as giving as you are. This is why God will continue to bless you because when He blesses you, you turn around and bless others.

Angie Watson

375 Michael

Hello Again
I Wanted To Say That Im More Then Half Way Deaf
But I Also Took To 2 Things from Your Guide

# 1 I Did a 30 Song Check On The Songs Structure 24 Were Spot On
Very Impressed At All The Key Changes And it Was Still Beautifull

# 2 I Checked The Bass Notes Out On Coutless Songs Again
I May Be Deaf But Now Im Not Dumb Sweet Stuff

Now For My Own Personal Words On Your Reports
Im Very Skeptical About Things I Learn I Always Test Stuff On Paper
Because I Like To Learn Theory Too

Ive Collected 30 Years Worth Of Things Ive Drawn Up
Could This Be The End ? I Doubt Ill Be Able To Get The Rest Of The Pakage
But I Sure Am Happy with What Ive learned So Far
My Dream For A Christian Band Will Come When Recovering Time Is Over
( Lung Cancer ) Been 18 Months Now And Its A long Way To Go
But I Will Continue To Be Blessed With What Youve Tought Me
In Your 2 Reports

You Rock
Your Brother In Arms

376 Victoria

I have to say that you have done a wonderful job of visually breaking down the steps to learning and understanding music. I hope to use my childhood piano lessons, as well as your instruction, to teach my own children the basics of playing piano, and prayerfully, they can in turn move on to greater heights with their talent. Thank you for this resource!!


377 hazael

hi everybody i just want to say thank u to germaine and his team that have helped me alot in my playing i play piani guitar, bass and drums well at least i try lol in my church here in Mexico and hear and play have taught me that tones are numbers and through patterns i can play any song thank u

378 Peggy Johnson

Jermaine,i am enjoying all of your inf.i have to put it in a folder so a can keep up,you know i need the free gift,plaese pick.


379 Bonita Maria Hines

Good Afternoon,

First and foremost, God bless you and thank you for your inspiring audio. I look forward to purchasing the Music Transformation Package. I have no formal training, only the desire to play the piano. Will this package teach someone like me, how to get started (finger placement/movement ect.)?

380 Alex Diaz

First of all, God bless you and your family. I’m a first time player with the keybooard, but I’m familiar with music ministry. I am a drum player at my local church and have a deep desire to learn how to play the piano to minister thruogh. I have tried to take courses at school, but it didn’t work out for me. But your courses have taught me more than what other people have tried to teach me, and I’ve been so blessed by your ministry. I know you have been blessed with this gift of music, and so forth, you been a blessing to many. You been blessed to be a blessing!!!!!! The music transformation is amazing and really good. May God bless you and your family, and your new baby on the way, and may God keep using you through the ministry of music. God bless!!!!

381 DeNica

Thanks for this guide, Jermaine! I have really learned to look at music in a different way. Practicing and learning one thing really does help you to understand many others. The part that I have been focusing on is singing songs that have the same progression as one I am learning. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. You and your team are really transforming musicians with your insight and giving!!

382 Kathy

I found all the info in the two reports answered so many questions. Thanks for all the good information.

383 Brandon

man i have been blessed by the stuff u put on youtube but i havent got the full expirence because i have now money and whan u have no money, you cant get better but through the anointing of god. i believe this is a god-given gift and i have a vision for the future of gospel im praying that i am one of your selected few to enjoy your products. god bless.

384 Lanina H

I love how you offer fresh and exciting concepts concerning learning to play…I can really appreciate your teaching ability because not everyone learns the same.Thanks SOOOOO Much.

May God Continue to Prosper you for your Generosity.

Lanina Hobson

385 Rudy


Maaaan, I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve sent thank you emails for the products I’ve ordered over the last month or two. But ‘Thank You’ is not enough to express what you’ve blessed me with.
I’m a Bass player first, I’ve collected many books on theory and concepts over the last 8yrs. I basically had information overload. Hungry to learn but had no direction on HOW to really apply the knowledge. I’ve had lessons with instructors over the years but nothing that compares with the way you’ve outlined concepts here. Real simple, clear, straight forward breakdowns that even a child could understand.
As mentioned, I’m a Bass player first but I also produce music. I’ve had no keyboard training whatsoever, just navigating across the board as best I could. Like the name of your Company, I would just ‘hear and play’ my way through….until now!.
Your Musician Transformation Guides are real revelations, I can’t grasp the info fast enough!. I know it’ll take time, but I’m doin’ the work and I already see, feel and hear the difference in my approach to makin’ music.
Thank you for taking the time and sharing this valuable resource with us all, God Bless.

1ne Luv

386 colin

thanks for the excellent download it is hard to say one thing that has helped because all of it did so thanks for the free be

387 Burnett Anderson

Hi Jermaine,
I think you have TRANSFORMED gospel piano !!!

388 Jerome

Jermaine this some very good helpful information,the main thing that had help me was the 2-5-1 pattern for end a song.

389 Val Scott

Hi Jermaine,

Just had to thank you for being secure enough in your “Christhood” to share information like this with others free of charge. As you give knowledge, more knowledge will be given to you. The laws of the kingdom are working for you my brother. Keep up the great work that God has given you to do.

Blessings to you and your family forever!!!

Val Scott

390 Vince Brown

The number system and the circle of fourths has completely changed the way I learn and play songs. Now I can play what I hear instantly. You are so right when you say If you can hear it you can play it. Thank you so much for Changing my life and making my dream of being a gospel musician come true!

391 jordan edmund


392 Shirley

What a great intro to your new MT course. I can hardly wait for the release of MT. God Bless. Keep up the good work!!


hi god bless you jermmaine, i just want say thankyou for the hard work you put on this fantastic material.i really learn alot from it ,everything you explain makes so much sense ,and it really gave me alot of hope on becoming a better musician for the lord.I AM REALLY EXCITED ,BECAUSE KNOW I KNOW THE SECRETS TO OVERCOME THE OBSTACLES THAT WERE HOLDING ME BACK ON GETTING BETTER.I PRAY THAT THE LORD WILL BLESS YOUR MINISTRY MORE AND MORE ,YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW YOU BLESS ME THRU YOUR MINISTRY.THANKYOU AGAIN AND GOD BLEES MUY BROTHER.

394 Prazmi

Hear and Play has changed my life. I have not used tranpose on my keyboard in almost a year now. THAT’s HUGE!!! I was addicted to transpose.

395 Prazim

Hear and Play has changed my life. I have not used transpose on my keyboard in over a year now. THAT’s HUGE!!! I was addicted to transpose.

396 Uche Ify

Jermaine, you are a gift to the worl of musicians. I can’t thank you enough for this great work you are doing. the simplicity of your style of teaching makes it more interesting.

397 Kachi

this is awesome. jermaine. thanks.

398 Gilbert Baham

Why don’t you write out all these gospel song for us by their chords ?
can you do that for us who are just learning it woould mean lot if we could play a song we hear all the time .

399 Robert Mc Rae

Hi Jermaine i would like to say that i enjoyed the 3 downloads that you posted,i also think that they are very helpful at lease for me. I have already changed my way of pratic, in the past i had problems staying on something until i got it all. I would often learn some of it and move on to something else, but thanks to the downloads i don’t do that any more.

again thanks a lot for your help
(and the Zone)God Bless!!!!!!!!!

400 Jeffrey

Tremendous presentation of what is usually taught in a long drawn out rote memory approach to keyboard and piano. Not a beginner to music but new to the keyboard you’ve made my understanding come quickly and enjoyably. Thanks

401 Sherry

Awesome tool and great information. I appreciate the free downloads and look forward to learning alongside my teen son!

402 Helen F. Brown

Hi Jermaine,

I read the 44 pager on my way to San Antonio Tuesday. I really enjoyed it. I am so proud of you. There is still a lot that I don’t understand yet, but it will come because I am determined. I have prayed for years to learn how to play gospel music not for church, but for myself. GOD is answering my prayers through you. I think I am Musician #2. You give us so much information, I don’t know where to start. All I can do is read music. I knew the three major chords, 1-4-5. Now, I know the diminished, augmented. I don’t have the gift of playing by ear, but from your teachings, Jermaine, I will develop the ear. You are a genius and you should be on Oprah’s show. You are doing the Lord’s work and that is why you are going to be very, very, very successful because you are sharing your talents and gifts with your fellowmen. You are doing the Lord’s work and he is very proud of you, just as I am.

403 Reb

Thank you, Jermaine. You are awesome. It was so nice to hear the story behind all this and your motivation. You have such a big and beautiful heart!!!!!!!!!!

404 Frank

thank you very much for all the things you are teaching me, I have always wanted to play the piano, but did not get a chance to start until last year, and now at 54 I wish I had started this when i was a kid. your instructions are great, easy to understand. and your taking so much time to give of your talent, without asking anything in return is truly remarkable. thanks again and keep up with the great videos. God Bless you and your family.

405 Jan Booze

A whole new world of using chords is opening up to me. I am learning to use chords to “color” my music like an artist would use a paintbrush and a palette of paints to get just the right shade of blue or green on the canvas. In a way, it is a bit overwhelming because there is so much to grasp. Progressing from one chord to the next while using more than just the diatonic notes is a bit daunting right now. But as time goes on, the newer more complex chords will roll off my fingers as easily as the basic diatonic chords do now. Patience, patience and persistence. They WILL pay off!

406 Kevo

This website and the free tools you gave are Fantastic!!!

407 Diadema

Thank you for that informative lessons/guide. I know God will richly bless you for helping out other Christian musicians.

408 Funmi

Jermaine, many thanks for the 44 and additional 29 pages gift. Just downloaded it and will go through them later. I was struck by the picture of your family. You have a lovely wife and daughter. I pray for a trouble-free delivery for Sarah and Baby Layla. Thanks for being a blessing.

409 Arlene

Hi Jermaine, I have a piano and also an organ. I would like to know if you give organ gospel lessons online.


410 Arlene

Hi Jermaine, Do you give organ gospel lessons online?

411 Joshua

Thank you for this guide. Thank you for sharing what u know with all of us. The guide, as you said, really helped me with my piano playing

412 Joshua

this guide really helped. I never heard of the cicle of fiths. when I leaned the concept, it really helped with my chords as well as playing

413 Emmanuel

May God bless you abundantly for the information that i presume its worth thousands of dollars

414 sue

well I finally got my answer to what is the difference between a minor and a major. our piano player at church said she didn’t know, I don’t know if that was the truth or if she just didn’t want me to know. crazy huh! but it is the best chart I have ever seen, I have had lessons on and off for over 3years and still can’t play a thing. But now I understand more than I did, and that is saying a lot. Thank you so much, you will, and are blessed by God. PTL…
I never understood any of what they told me, if they told me at all, I didn’t understand. So I ask if they would write it down, they did and it made no sence to me at all.
thank you again.

415 wesley baker


416 sue

I want to sign up for the free stuff or the drawing.

417 Curt

Jermaine, you have done a wonderful thing. I have purchased a number of your videos and find them extraordinary. Your 44 page document and the 29 page addendum were very helpful. I have gotten away from an organized practice and even though I practice daily I have probably not improved as much as I could have. Thanks for the reality check and for all you do for the musicians of the world. Most people don’t have the luxury of seeing how many people they impact. The magnitude of the response indicates the effectiveness of your ministry. May God continue to bless you in your endeavors.

418 Gilbert Baham


419 lewis

jermaine,man the info. you sent really blessed me.i struggled with the praticing part.that put me on track ,gave me the things i needed move foward. thanks for everything

420 Carol Cooper

Wow Jermaine, nobody can teach like you do!!!! I’ve bought many of the products that you have either endorsed or done yourself. I have to say, you are the best. I get so much more out of your lessons that you do personally because you break everything down to a science. I know that God has truly given you the heart of a teacher (which, by the way, that’s what he was & is). God Bless!!!!

421 Barbara Easley

Jermaine, I have really been blessed by your teaching. I have been a wanabe (wanting to be) a good musician all my life. What few lessons I have had in my lifetime have only left me discouraged. I would love to have several hours a day just to absorb all this good stuff you are teaching! Keep up the good work and enjoy the gifting the Lord has blessed you with. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

422 nigel

I’m new and has just completed listening to he audio about how you got started and “your story”. It was highly inspirational and motivating. I am anxious to read the manuals that I downloaded. I will then comment on it. But for now, It seems to me that God is using you to insure that the Ministry of music grows so that Praise and Worship grows to his honor and glory. Therefore, you are blessed and highly favored. Your selflessness is a testimony to this. Thanks!!!

423 Donna

Thank-you for your time and effort…very helpful.

424 David

Thanks for the great tips and charts! Awesome!

425 Turuva

Jermaine, I am going on to the next level with your musician Transformation concept. Thank you so very much. I bless the Lord Jesus Christ for giving you His Spirit of Grace. I have never known a person on the net to be giving the kind of info you are giving and for FREE!!! The Lord release His blessing on your life and the family, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing in Jesus name. Amen!!!!!

426 Lee

The booklets are a trememdous help. Thanks for sharing them.

427 Eric

Jermaine, great material. You’ve simplified material that so many people get hung up on and have make is accessable and easy to learn. Keep up the great work. God bless!

–Eric E.

428 Harold Lusk

My name is Harold Lusk, I have only been on the piano for less than one year, I have been following you for two and ahalf months, and you teaching and information on playing is incredible. Fast, unselfish. When I was in martial-arts, the teacher told us if you have knowledge you must share it. A full cup can’t get anything in it. Selfishness only stops your growth. Thank you Jermaine.

429 jacquetta

Hey Jermaine,

I really enjoyed the recordings and I haven’t read all of the reports as of yet, I’m still reading. I think once I get off into applying what I’m reading to what I need to do in learning my music and also be willing to share what I will learn I will be fine. I’m making this material a big part of my life because I really do want to play music the way God intended. Not to be selfish with it and to be skillful. I want to play for the joy of the Lord and for the deliverance of others as well as myself. I like the encourging words you have in the things you talk about in your life and in the e-mails you send. I try to look things from all angles as my mom use to say. I really miss her, but she always knew what to say to make things look a little brighter for you. I will listen to the audios again and read the reports over and over I’m sure. I will get back with you later, until then continue to be blessed you, your family, and staff.

430 Raymond

Hey Jermaine, praise the Lord. It’s such an eye opener to know that by combining C min to a G min ultimately yeild a C min9 Chord. In addition, in the key of C major, one can move up the 1tone and 5tone from a major seventh to a major 9th and the list goes on and on with chords/patterns….Thanks a lot, because of you, I am now able to hormonize in all 12 keys. I value your hard work, and I am really looking forward to taking advantage of the musician transformation methods at hand. Finally, I pray that the Lord would bless and preserve you and your family in every area of you life.
Thanks again,

431 Lucy

I’ve always wondered where I could continue my schooling as a church musician. I’d always ask “How do those gospel musicians learn to play, and how can I play like that…You know you don’t get it in college!” When I found Hear and Play, I knew I could continue my self-taught studies, and I’m so excited about soaking up all I can learn!!! I know with this material, I have enough to last a lifetime. The possibilities are endless.

432 Patrick Weathersby


You done did it this time… Wow this new 44 page PDF is a blessing in itself. I read it over several times and applied the techniques you outlined in this book, and man my music playing has sky rocketed to a level that I thought would be impossible to achieve. I have been a follower since the inception of your 300 page book “The Secret to Playing Piano By Ear!” in 2001. Keep doing your thing!

May you keep being a blessing in someone’s life,


433 Wayne


Your music transformation dvd is going to be a great hit just like all your other products you have out! Thank you for providing the tools and encouragement to keep playing and learning no matter what age, level, or skill you are. Keep the lessons coming!

434 marie cottrell

Brother, you sure know the secret to success. The circle of fifth information is
awesome. You have sowed a great harvest and will not be broke this Christmas.


435 Susan Howarth

Just scrolled through over 430 messages to leave mine and reading the comments by so many people feeling gratitude, like me, for your teaching insights and free downloads gave me a wonderful feeling of connection to them and you Jermaine. You really have musically enlightened so many desiring musicians, even very well trained ones, with your synthesis of complex concepts! What really impressed me was the fact of the flow being the same no matter what key you’re in and the 4th.’s being so powerful that they keep their bonds in every key. I learned the circle of fifths the clockwise direction just to learn scales and so missed this concept completely. I now have a new way of understanding how music works! Thank you teacher.

436 Peter Scherffig

Great stuff! Hold on and keep it going on!

437 Betsey

Hello Mr Jermaine – I am over 50 – all my children are finally grown and on their own. For the first time I have time to enjoy my life long desire to play the piano. You offer a wealth of experince and knowledge – I am using your secrets to playig by ear – I learned more in the first 45 pages then all the six books combined I had from various paino lessons I had in the past. I ever had the time nor monies to persue my lessons. You have availed me to wonderful knowledge at and affordable. I am confident and learning. I know you will be there if I need you or have any questions,(although most of the answers can be found in your archives!!)
Thank you

438 Jamie R

I’ve been a customer of yours for years, and love everything I have! This 44 pg. report is very intriguing, and distills a lot of stuff for me…thanks! I feel like I already have a better grasp on how to bring my playing to the next level. I can hardly wait to see more! Best regards to your lovely family and the new addition coming soon.

439 Sam


I find playing the piano exciting once more, thanks to you! God Bless you.

A Ugandan in Norway!

440 Elijah

hi, jermaine, you are really doing a great job out are a rare gem to compare. i really enjoy the piece and still on it. please include your audio or video demostration of all chords structure and how to use them, it will really help guys out there.

thanks and keep the work of the Master Jesus going until His Arrival.

441 keith

Hi Jermaine thanks very much for your sharing your musical knowledge in such a clear concise way!!! i have gotten the 2nd big tip from you the 1st was the importance of numbers in music some times when I hear professional well known musicians talk in numbers in music i just smile the other day i heard on TV Bobby Lyle the famous jazz pianist tell his bass player keep the six but don’t use the 4 because your clashing with the percussionist i knew exactly what he was talking about thanks to you, This last download was also major because it maid me realize where my music is breaking down I still need the fundamental fluency and chordal command to get to the next level Your explain the relative minor scale brought my improvising up as well thanks so much from the heart

442 Blanche

Hi Jermaine:
Thanks for the useful information. My son who is 12 yrs (Jayden) feels bored attending his usual piano lesson, I think your notes will help him to understand more in piano & he will be more interested to learn. It’s really helpful.Thanks so much!!!!!


443 Kehinde Ajayi

you are the best teacher

444 Joseph


This 44 pg is so wonderful that I did not hesitate to instantly apply when I landed on the MUSICIAN # 2 Hey I caught up because it’s really for me.I started applying the poly cord short curts rule man it is working so amazingly and I won’t be the same after applying everything in these pages, thank you for making it free of charge may GOD richly bless you.

It is true hear and play making music simple and easy to enjoy.

Joseph Shonga.

445 Anna

Hello Jermaine, thnak you very much for your great job. When i began to read that it was so clear for me…its like a levelation, it a great usefull for me. I am plaing for children and like to be a true profeccional, to bring glory to God and play greate music. Thnak you once more. God bless you
Anna, Ukraine

446 Howard Heath

Hi Jermaine,
Thanks for the 44page guide and the 29 page follow up. They are brilliant.
The most significant point for me has been the need to practice all 24 major and minor scales – previously I got by on just a few I needed, but practising them all opens up so many other opportunities in my playing.

Howard, UK.

447 Dighobo

wow! you are a blessing sir…your thoughts on the abundance mindset, and the break down to the transformed musician are priceless. God bless you!

448 Guillermo Sanchez

Jermaine is the best piano teacher I have ever had before to meet Jermain I was not able to improvise anything.I meet him in the web then I got his incredible piano book called “The secrets to play piano by Ear”and from these day I began to grow as a pianist.Now endly I can seat in a party for one hour or more and stay there improvising all the time I want,but the most great thing I could do with my new knowledges was to recognise all the songs I have always loved and then put it at the piano by myself ,by Ear alone without help, that was really great for me and since thar day I am very happy.God bless Jermaine for helping so many pianist arund the world to improve their Piano techniqs.

449 Michelle

Dear Jermaine

Your are truly phenomenal! In 40+ years of studying music, I have met one other musician who was able to actually TEACH where I could understand it. Problem is I’ve always approached music from an intellectual perspective, instead of developing my ear (that’s my weakness). So when you speak of the number system, that’s right down my alley!

I like the way you make things simple, all you have to do is understand the formula and apply it to whatever key you want. SIMPLE!

The Lord has blessed you with the gift of music, and he’s using you to give it to us! It is obvious that you are a real MINISTER OF MUSIC. I see your love for sharing your gift in the videos, emails and the freebees. You shouldn’t be surprised by the responses to your products, YOU HAVE THE LORD’S FAVOR!

Loved the pics of your wife and daughter. God’s grace and mercy multiplied in your lives.

Keep it coming!!

450 Pauline

As a 60 something beginner I am truly thankful for having found you on the web! Though I don’t always know what you’re talking about you have inspired and motivated me to continue learning and practicing. You have made something that doesn’t come easy to me less frustrating and intimidating. Thanks to you this is a lot more fun. Thanks to your help and inspiration, you have a true gift, thanks for sharing it….Pauline

451 dale turner

thank you very,very much for all the help i’m playing much better now dale

452 Joseph

I am switched on to this 44pg report and am changing differently just by doing the simple method poly cord hey am no longer the same until I finish putting into practice the whole stuff I will be arocket star.

Thank you for all your tireless job especially that it is for free of cost.

God bless you Jermaine.

453 dale turner

thank you very,very much for all the help i’m playing much better now

454 dale turner

thank you very,very much for all the help i’m playing much better now so GOD bless you .keep up the good work

455 Marva King

WOW!!! KNOWLEDGE really is POWER,That is how I feel POWERFUL after dowloading,reading the 44 page “Musician Transformation”. I have an even better understanding of how to approach my playing and to teach others what I know. May God continue to bless you and impart on you more Knowledge and gifts from above. You are a total blessing to us Musicians.

God Bless you real Good!

Marva King

456 Ernest

I am so glad for hear and play being around. God has destined you for such a time as this! Thank you so much for your ministry and I pray that it will continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

P.S. I love the picture of your family. Your wife favors Jada Pickett-Smith to me.LOL Later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

457 asdf

great work!

458 abria

Thanks, Jermaine, for providing so many resources to us! You don’t hide your secrets. I played somewhat by ear as a girl, and was tested to have “perfect pitch”. But I only ever dabbled in music. I was diagnosed with MS a few years ago, and sometimes my fingers hurt to play. But when I can do it, it always brings a little extra to me. Your material has inspired me to focus more on my technique. Thanks again!

459 kofi

this is sooo awesome. jermaine, God bless you man so that you continue blessing us. i remember the first 6251 progression that i played was taught to me by you man. and now these handouts….so awesome even though i’m not done reading them. God richly bless you and keep me inspired cos i always look up to you.

460 Chris Johnson III

Hi Jermaine,

I know you get tons and tons of emails but I just wanted to thank you personally for your hard work and all of the information you pass along. I purchased your “The Secrets To Playing Piano by Ear” book in March of 2007. It’s funny, the date I signed the book was 3/7/07 and I said that I would complete the course in 5 weeks. Lol… Yeah right…. Prior to 3/7/07 I had been making tracks with very little knowledge of theory, and since 3/07/07 I have stayed in my comfort zone and made track after track staying pretty much in that zone. Prior to studying your techniques the only technique I knew that was to stay in key and I’ll be ok. After a while you realize that you need to know more! I knew how to stay in key by watching Terence Fleming over at the now or Hip Hop In Session. Great guy who passes along information in a very nice way that I can relate to. I found you through him. But back to my original
point. I am kind of picking up where I left off which was Chapter 6: Major Chord Progressions, along with incorporating the 44pg and 29pg report and practice techniques. One of my weaknesses in life is organization but reading your reports have motivated me to “Do The Right Thing”, stick with it and stop procrastinating and become the musician I want to be. Also has reminded of some things I should be doing around house… :) I will be able to practice 2 hours a day. One hour as soon as I get home from work and one hour before I go to bed. I just had my first child (3 mos old now) at 38 years old and of course I want him to learn how to play as early as possible. Give him that early foundation as a child that I never had. Knowing that I will stick to my guns this time! I anticipate achieving the goal of the “Transformed Musician” by the end of the year and maybe even before that! Who knows. I know I am
not far from that goal though. So thank you for giving us a blueprint of how to reach our goal so that we can fulfill our dreams of getting the music out of our heads for others to enjoy! Keep you posted on my progress!

Thanks again for all that you do!

461 Elliott

Hi brother Jermaine;
Thank you for these wonderful gifts.
God is good – all the time and he shows it through people like yourself.
Thanks again

462 Matthew

Hi Jermaine,
Thanks for the new insights you just released.
Indeed it contains great music theory and practical applications.
It put together what playing by ear is all about.
It is something to chew on for years!

463 Rev. CONDUAH

thanks a lot you are doing a great job. i just decided to keep mute for a while to enjoy the fulness of your work but i cant stand being quite any longer. i have really learnt a lot from you.

more grease to your elbow

464 Damien

Just wanted to say thanks a lot. You have been a great motivator and inspiration to my Dream. Please keep up the good work.

465 Aaron

These guides have given me a total new look at how to play the piano. I now can see how it all ‘hooks’ together. I also have a better idea how to structure my practice time. I don’t have much time, due to college, but i’m determined to practice each day! Thank you so much for this insightful report. God bless you :)

466 Marcus Williams

This is good stuff. I talking like Oprah stuff like the “Secret” or something. Jermaine, Why don’t you try to get on the “O” show, or better yet. Let’s get on the “O” show for gospel music: “Bobby Jones.” When you get over to the east coast, Holla at me!


467 Brenda Justice

I was happy to get the download. Iwant to learn to play by ear so bad and this will be a great help. I have been practing listing to my playing and i’m begining to hear the music more. Before i would play but never really listened.

468 peter uwareme

hey Jermaine, THIS IS AWESOME!!! i can’t seem to thank you enough for this knowledge you are giving to us. my keyboard skills has improved drastically since i started learning from this site, i couldn’t have done it on my own, now when there is new song to be learned in church, the responsibility rests on me to learn it and teach the other keyboardist, even though they started playing way before i even knew anything on the keyboard. i just want to say thank you very much and God bless you and your wonderful family. Shalom!!

469 Andre' Clark

As an response to your sharing ideas to help people like me who has struggled over the years trying to figure out how to play gospel music is a blessing man, where were you when i was 18-40 of age. This Musicians transfromation is AWESOME information 1). showing chord charts: what are the half step note/whole step note..number system and all this information is new to me. Major scales/Miner scales and other scales i am just learning about I WILL BE TURNING 42 YEARS OLD November 30. I felt like QUITING until i received this email. No body wants to share chords or ideas to help folks like me Jermaine Griggs, i have been seriously struggling for many years TO up come up in my playing my wife has been begging,& begging me not to GIVE UP, not to BE A QUITER.

Well i dont know what else to say, but thank you for sharing such awesome information
i believe that this will take me to another LEVEL in time. WHAT ON EARTH IS 2-5-1CHORDS OR NOTE…i learned in Aflat looking at the charts Bb-Eb-Ab wow! GREAT DOC




God Bless,

470 Bernadette

Hi Jermaine,

Thanks a million for the 44-page and 29-page guide. I appreciate all you are doing to help musicians go to the next level and beyond in their playing ability. You certainly will be blessed by God through your gift. Thanks for letting God use you!

471 Lynn Mason

Hi Jermaine

hope this registers on your blog. I’ve sent in comments twice this week on the 44 and 29 page reports but your staff asked that I reply on your blog. (If this one doesn’t make it to you, I guess your staff needs to cut and paste it into the right spot so you can read it.

I want to thank you especially for the Eight P’s for Perfect Practice. While it may take me a while to fill all the categories of your Transformation chart, I can start immediately on correcting my practice habits. I have used this method before to lose weight but it was never labeled in a way I could remember it. Now I just need to tick the p’s off on my fingers to know I’ll succeed.


472 Selby

Hi Jermaine,
I couldn’t open some files so that if possible i could print out the materials. Nevertheless, if there is someone i could depend on, it’s you and the hearandplay team. No matter what difficulty i may have as a result of distance, you have already put me on a different mode. I am going to be one of the greatest pianist in this part of the world, and if not, the WORLD! For the GLORY OF HIS NAME. Your resources are user friendly, simplified and especially designed for someone like me. Jermaine, you have already given me the motivation to be somewhere, from nowhere!

Just keep following me to see the progress. I have already planned to purchase some of your materials, especially the 300pg one.

Please do not leave me out! You are an EXTENSION OF THE HAND OF GOD FOR ME!



473 William Roger Moseid

Hi Jermaine,

The song I’ve searched for, during the past 29 years, has arrived!

“You Don’t Know Me Yet” 1978 by Margaret Pleasant Douroux

Your Musicians Training resource has compelled me to learn the piano to play this song, so when folks hear it they will hear Jesus singing . . . . .



474 Lawrence John-Teye

Hey Jermaine,
God richly bless you for this divine gift of sharing. Words can’t describe how much these resources-the 44-page and 29-page guide-have boosted up my understanding of chord relationships.
All I can say is thanks and may God endow you with more divine musical secrets.

Stay Blessed,

475 Frank

Greatttttttttttttttt! material, you really knocked it out of the ballfield with this one..keep up the great work. and thanks so much for sharing your talent and
ideas with us…

476 Marvin Herbert

Hi Jermaine,

I wanna first thank God almighty for blessing you with the talent to show others how to play Gospel music in the best forms and with the best chords. I really enjoy going through the site and now that you have given this report, it has propeled me into a deeper level of playing. I realize now more about chord relationships and how the circle of fifths really work and trust me, i am going to learn much much more. I pray that you will be spiritually inclined to do more of this kind of stuff and implore us as gospel musician to go deeper and deeper into our playing. Thank you very much and may the blessings of the Almighty be upon you like never before.


477 Susan Brody

Dear Jermaine,

Learning music fundamentals for me has always been a matter of not being able to see the forest for the trees. Your report (and lessons in general) fill that gap. I am getting the big picture and understanding concepts for the first time ever — not just memorizing random bits of information that seem more difficult to juggle as I acquire more. I get it! Thank you!


478 Zenobia Coleman

Will this course be simple enough for a beginning musician?

479 Ronn

Your courses have made a big impact on my desire to play. The teaching methods such as the numbering system, progressions, circle of fifths, etc… really help put the music into something obtainable. Piano playing finally makes sense.

Still got a long ways to go, but we’re heading for higher ground. Keep up the great work. I can only imagine how many lives you have impacted for God’s glory.
“Reach one, teach one” is now becoming “Teach one, reach many”.

480 Shirley James

Thank you so much for your help. I have been taking piano lessons for about 5 years and while I have improved over what I was to begin with, I have always felt like I was missing something, that there was a piece missing that I needed but I didn’t know what it was. My teacher has tried to teach me the concepts you talk about but in a random, disjointed way that I never seemed able to “catch” onto. Living in a very rural area I only have dial up internet available so I cannot take part in the video and audio that you offer – takes way to long to load – but I appreciate the written instruction so much.

481 Valerie

Hi Jermaine:

I have been taking piano lessons for 7 years and I would like to be able to read music quicker than I am. Do you have a course that you could recommend that would help me with this problem.

Thank you so very much.

Valerie Brown

482 Sheila

Jermaine, Thank you so much for the MT 44pg report and the 29pg Practice Guide. I was desperately needing a practice guide. Are you serious about having an MT digital version or would it be better to try to get this course on DVD?
You have a beautiful family.

483 Marcus Williams


484 Lucion

Thank you for the free report, I have never read nothing like it before. Thank you for not holding back anything. I learned a lot, your website has taken my playing to another level, thanks again, and God bless!

485 daniel

You are great! God bless you

486 Vincent


I played piano from 1st grade through 11th grade and stopped because all I was being taught was classical music. I wanted to learn how to play by ear and more importantly play black gospel music. I started to pick up piano again when I came across your site and your products. I especially like the way you have laid out the progression of learning piano in your most recent guide, Musician Transformation.

I am excited because you have given me the means to get back to playing piano again. I have learned and understood more in the short time I discovered your site than in the years when I was actively learning and playing. But the one thing that I have applied as a result of the musician transformation system are the practical steps for organizing my practices. I was never really sure what I was missing in terms of the best way to optimize the time I spend practicing until you released the Musician Transformation guide.

Thanks for laying things out plain and simple. God bless you in your business and ministry.

487 Rulia

Hi Jermaine, thanks so much for sharing your best knowledge freely in the internet. I live in Jakarta and your report has given me new perspective in playing music. God bless you heap!

488 sterling

Hi, The more I read your reports, the more fired up I’m getting about it. My zeal to practise has really soared and I really look forward to my practise sessions now because it’s not boring anymore- I know exactly what to practise.

God bless u and your family so much.

489 Michael Bulauan

Thanks Jermaine… This is an amazing way to see the over-all overview of music playing. It makes my brain, ears and fingers work harmoniously knowing that there is a clear road now to improvement for the better.

490 Kie

Jermaine, Thank you so much for the MT 44pg report and the 29pg Practice Guide. I was wondering when a tool like this would become available as I was much in need of a practice guide. I hope you seriously consider try to put this course on DVD!
I am so excited because you have given me the means and a reason to get back to playing piano again. I have learned more in such a short time. Thanks for all that you do. You have a beautiful family and you are truly a blessing to those who come to know and appreciate the time and effort you put into these invaluable lessons. Thanks again and much contiued success to you and your family!

491 Osamudiamen

How can I say Thanks to you Jermain. You are one in a billion. You made me to see the light in music especially paino via you free paino lessons. May God bless and keep you in His Love and Goodness. You have a wonderful family.
Have a beautiful week ahead.

492 Jay

Thanx alot Jermain,I know God will definately bless you more. The bible says blessed is the hand that gives. Its a lesson that we all gospel musicians especially must practice;edifying others with wat God has blessed us with.


I really very much appreciate what you’re doing. Your materials are very much utilitarian, they’ve been helpful to me. THANKS ALOT!!!!!

494 Vanessa

Hey Jermaine,

I really liked how you separated the whole piano playing process into five basic ideas (FF, CC etc.). It really simplified the whole process for me. I used to think that playing by ear was a mystical talent – you either have it or you don’t. It’s great to know that it’s possible to learn how to play by ear if you work hard at certain parts of your piano playing.

495 Bruno

Jermaine: Your latest “Missing Chapter” is something I should have had many, many years ago. This, coupled with “The Musician Transformation” has answered so many questions — in particular, the Circle of Fifths. I took classicas piano lessons as teen but am now 80 years old and trying to do what I always wanted to do — play something, anything by ear. I feel that your two publicians have put me well on to that path with a solid approach. Many thanks and am looking forward to future works. Please dont fail me now!!!

496 James B

Thank you Jermaine for all that you do. I have been following hearandplay for quite some time now and have invested in many courses. I really am excited about this new program and can’t wait to get my hands on it! I really enjoyed the segment about CHORDAL COMMAND and the chord list concerning gospel music and I’m excited about getting better. Please keep us posted.

James B

497 ingrid

My Dear jermaine,
THANKS, THANKS, THANKS. I still have to study this more!! Thank God for your resoursefulness and grit and determination. I am 61 years old and now got my own keyboard. I am happy for your interest in us, who really want to fulfil our dreams. Your gift is definitely from God. God Bless. The TRANSFORMATION REPORT is exactly what I need. THANKS AGAIN.

498 Darlene

Thank you Jermaine for all the wonderful information. I am going to carefully study every page, and I know it will greatly advance me in my piano playing. This is just what I needed. Thanks again.

499 Portia

Elder Griggs,
Thanks for your honesty in the audio. I am praying for you and your family. The transition guide is a big help, I think my light is coming on. I can see some things that were not so clear before. I can get it a little better than just watching the video. Thanks for your spirit of excellence. I’m a late bloomer. I have seen the benefits of praise in a service with people who are burdened with overwhelming problems and I desperately want to see and hear music that is beyond 3 chords or three fingers with one to the left :). Thank you. I can get it and not make the Lord or the church ashamed. I don’t get paid, but I don’t want to sound like I don’t get paid. Let’s go foward and conquer this music thing to make all of the church glorius in the garment of praise!


500 Oma

You are awesome man, I just hope I can digest this info and learn it. I am trying my best. Thank you so much for the downloads. I appreciate it so much.



I appreciate how well you articulate the easy-to-hear, yet difficult-to-figure-out, and many times unexplainable concepts. May your efforts continue to prosper.

God bless you and your beautiful family.

502 Helena

I am very grateful for me to participate in the blog to compete for the draw of the course.
However, there is a drawback, I do not understand spoken English. All you have sent me I translate in Google Tadutor. But still I thank immensely all to your attention and affection to me. I am slowly translating what you have sent me, which are 40 pages, which already consider the greatest gift. Given that I can already get an idea of what is to listen and sing mostly hymns.

503 Ola

Hi Jermaine! Thanks for the 29-pg report. I never really understood how to form progressions with the circle of 5ths. Thanks for taking out the time to sketch (in different colors) the various progressions. That alone is a huge transformation for me. Once again, thanks, and God bless You.

504 michael

jamine thanks for your concern, you gave the courage to be a good producer, i have a couple of demos now on ground

505 Moses

Sir; your guide, chart, and audio teleseminar are perfect to perfect the new generation musicians, who will bring the real gospel music in the church. These have given me a new perspective in gospel music and have transformed my musical life.What other musicians could not do is what you did. What they hide is what you exposed. You really have the mind of Christ. Your love to the kingdom of God manifested in what you have exposed in music transformation report and audio. What one sowed is what he will reap.You will reap the fruit of your good work. God bless you. I love you jermaine. Thanks!

506 Marvin

I never thought I would ever be able to play like this. Thanks for all you help

507 Jason

Everything you stated in your report is absolutely true. It is very helpful to me and it was what i needed to push my self to the next level.

508 Steven

This really gave me a different perspective of practice….. A BIG help!!

509 Fred Thomas

The video was a lot of fun! I’ll be parked on your front door early on the 24th if it will help any! I need this course to move forward!
God Bless

510 don killion

Hello i think what ur doing is great,im 48 and have in the past six mths took up music. Im learning the guitar and work with a lot of other musicians who have many years in the buisness. I recently bought a keyboard and have found it has improved my understanding alot. thats how i found ur site just looking for somekind of help. Im now unemployed and take care of the house,wife and mother. It was not so good at first having worked all these years but they are helping me pursue a neat ideal. Music is and does break all barriers in these trying time for all people. Just wanted to say thanks for what i have learned through meeting ur site and good luck in ur new venture. Im going to keep working at it and god bless u all in every way thank

511 sterling

That was a powerful video. I’m sure Jadyn will be proud to have a hero as a dad. I’m am really trusting to get a free copy of this Package. It will be a great booster in my life. In our part of the world(Africa) where credit cards are not really used it is impossible to be able to purchase online, especially for a course that may sell out in less than 3hrs. Please consider this and see how you can help.

Really looking forward to owning a copy.

Keep up the good work. Many blessings!!

512 mike

Entertaining video! You gotta love the DRAMA… I am looking forward to being part of the Musician Transformaiton program and hope to be one of the first 1,000 people to join. Thanks, Germaine! Sincerely, Mike

513 stanley shack

Hello, i amlookingfor more no bars hold piano lessonno holding back. I have bought dvds from hearand play before. And jermaine did not hold anything back. So
iknow this one will bethe same. Looking forward to seeing it thanks.

514 Joana

Hello, how much is the Musician Transformation?

515 Katrina McGrone

Wow I have been asking my church to help me because I am in the training course and now you offer this.Great, God see’s your work and he has his hands on everything you do. Be blessed. Oh yea the video was just the best. Don’t stop you are a blessing. I will be on line. I am in Iowa.

516 Melony

Jermaine you did it again…this is crazy..we are spoiled brats by now.I’m loving it, gees what an opportunity to be grabbed with four hands…You are so blessed for doing this…I just hope and pray that your sales on this release will SKY-ROCKET!!!!…
Like we say in Afrikaans (the language I speak)…. “Jy is te oulik man” It means you are too cute, kind and sweet…all in one.

God Bless.
Cape Town, South Africa

517 Bill

You have done it again my friend. I enjoyed everything you put out with in the last few weeks. The 44 & 29 page report and all the audio stuff. You are a great teacher I thought I’d never find another good instructor. I learned so much frm you its not even funny. I will take what I learned and put it to my way of playing Keyboard and I am a songwriter by hobby, so I can use everything you teach. Could you make an audio for the 29 page report also?? Just curious.

Your rock musician pal

518 Khaliq Glover

Jermaine you are CRAZY and BRILLIANT. I was cracking up all the way through the video at you guys. It was amazing. Now you are going to have to TRANSFORM your site into ActAndPlay Music :-)

Take Care,
Khaliq Glover aka

519 Khaliq Glover

Jermaine you are CRAZY and BRILLIANT. I was cracking up all the way through the video at you guys. It was amazing. Now you are going to have to TRANSFORM your site into ActAndPlay Music :-)

Take Care,
Khaliq Glover aka

520 martin louper

it was very funny. I enjoyed it alot.

521 Paul Seltzer

This is great news and thank you for the great video and the incredible annoucement about the “Music Transformation” series giveaway. Hey, I’m all in. In just one audio series I have learned two songs and that may seem like small beans to you, but it is a huge accomplishment for me.

Stand firm,
Paul Seltzer

522 Emily

For a few years I have been receiving your emails, but I have never ordered any product. I got discouraged years ago about playing, but the desire has never left me. I took lessons when I was a child, and I’ve known for a long time that playing by ear was what I’ve wanted/needed. I don’t even own a keyboard anymore. Now you’ve given us the 44/29 page reports, and I’m excited-for the first time in a long time. NOW I’m motivated to order, whatever it takes. God has me in position to have lots of time, and I now know that one of the reasons is that IT’S TIME to work on the GIFT that’s been dormant in me all these years. Your Musician Transformation give-away is PRICELESS! God gave you the way to present what I’ve needed with simplicity and with clarity!!! I will reserve my MT set NOW, and I look forward to bringing back to you many good reports as I continue to work on a daily basis on what you’ve shared. May the Lord’s blessings overtake you and yours!

523 daniel

Wow,i think this is the bomb i have been waiting for.
Thanks for Mr. G for your selfless devotion.

524 vralex02

This is GREAT!!! Thanks for giving back!!! The movie clip was funny!!!

525 Ronald VanAllen II

This is really a blessing, you dont no how much i appreciate anything you do for us, i am a med student, a drummer now a keyboardist, and organist, i currently do not work due to being an over timed student and the musician at my new church home, if i had the money long ago i would have made purchases,you cant learn gospel in school, or anywhere, and im a living witnessabout stingy musicians, i was even told learn on your own no free loaders aloud, i can play great in some ways but lack tremendeous knowladge and skill, if u heard me play u would think i have been playing for years and no it all,im mainly good at worship playing for the lord and its beautiful, ive been told i no how to usher in the spirit through my playing, but i cant play most songs, i just get by, im a rehearsal musician and need help bad lol, i can write a book, biography, or a auto-biography on my struggle to share how long it took me to get what i no now,the 44 pg, 29 page and the 90 min report are stratigically put together and the more i observe them the more it helps, now i can perfect practise instead of rehearsal practice, you are the greatest blessing and it is an honor and a priviladge meeting you this way,as a young minister of the Lord my prayers are with you and your team, oh even God had to rest when completing the earth, dont over exsert yourself, i had three sons but one past away at 4 months old my other two boys are 7 and 5, you have a beautiful family and a life changing buisness you should be proud of yourself,you are a hard worker, and you stuck in there from the begining, im pretty sure you had ups and downs but God giveth (continues giving) you the streanth again i cant thank you enough mr griggs, i from Hartford, CT. and i am 30 years of age, soon to be a doctor before i am 36,and i will do it, and i believe with your system i can also accomplish the skills i always wanted as a kid to play anything on keys, i used to think because i can here it i can play it and you confirmed it,ok im done for now im kind of all over the place here God bless you your family and your staff ttys.

526 Ronald VanAllen II

by the way the movie clip was creative let me find out we got another producer in the movie buisness as a minority, your skills are unlimited keep your head up and dont let anyone or thing stop you God bless

527 Emily

I couldn’t get the video (Action/MImpossible) to play. What am I doing wrong? I right-clicked the little box in upper left corner to refresh, but no photo? Somebody tell me please if I need to enable something in my computer settings. Thanks!

528 Adebayo

OGM!! i will probably joining the club reguardless…i need this!….keep up the work JG! God Bless

529 Sandra

Oh WOW!!!!!!!!!! You have really done it now. I just watched the surprise video. I must say, Jermaine you are truly a “gift” from GOD. Your light is shining brighter and brighter. For those who are not currently in the Club, you must get a video and join. You will absolutely love it and the best part is everything is in archive so you can even go at your own pace, remind, revisit any time of the day.

Jermaine, you’ve outdone yourself this year. I really didn’t think you could top last year when you gave away the free video and started the club (which i was one of the fortunate members) but this is truly awesome. Wow.. I’m excited because i know my piano playing will grow in leaps and bounds. God bless you. It is truly a privilege to meet (virtually) such a highly favored yet humble and giving person. Those are unique qualities that most of us only strive for but you have attained them. I pray you will continue to be a blessing to the Gospel Musicians all over the world. Sandra


530 kobby

I think it was a good video, some suspense, there was no job cuts and stuff like that, sound effects not too bad…you never know…what movie you might come up with one day down the line…’THE KEYBOARDIST WHO CAME TO DINNER” or KEYS TO THE MUSIC TREASURE” lol…
cant wait to lay my hands on that free package though, who doesnt like free stuff…anyways how can i grab it all the way here in Ontario, Canada?


531 Charles

That was a cool clip. This info is realy awesome, it will for sure transform the way i play and understand music.

532 sylvester

LMAO am still amazed u actually acted and made that short movie clip. it was really, really nice to watch lol i watched it over and over again. JERMAINE! u re really cool, i have taken u as my role model long time ago.



534 alrydell

That video was really really corny!!!!!
It would have been allot better if there had been alot of Blood! and make it real Blood, Your Blood! That would have really been Kewl!!!!! Ha!


WoW!!! i am speechless. I thank GOD for you, you are a Gift from GOD to the body of Christ.The info is Priceless…I am out of words!!! What a Role Model.I pray for Gods abundant Blessings to overtake You and Your Family.

536 Brian

Music was mearnt is still mearnt to give God the glory and you are making it to be of the highest quality. I play in Church every Sunday and I thank God for you because I can play skillfuly as the bible say we should. the guide has clear step by step tutorials. Man its just sweet .God blesss

537 evana

you guys are great well blessed by the mighty one you are really giving, it will come back like a fountain over flowing im transformed from playing for the devil and plating clean god blessed music dont know how to thank the lord for you but i say thank you lord for hear and play love it my musical life depend on ittttt keep the faith

538 Jim

Great video guys, very funny even exciting! Cheered me up, thanks

539 Elford

Great stuff! The MT is a must for everyone who is serious about learning to play the piano. The video is very humerous. Keep up the good works guys.

540 Fernando Milton

Love the movie… I give you 4 **** stars. Just wanted to tell you. I love what you are doing. I been student of H&P for a while. And, I still have a long ways to go.I know I have to practice more than ever now. Our Musician had a stroke right in church while playing the keyboard. She die… No one was ready for something like this. What I mean is you don’t know where death is. Now I have to be the church Musician. I wasn’t ready for this, but I was the only one in church that knew how to play the key board… (A little)… I’m that person in the first block of this new lesson FF block. I have pray to God to help me and if I get a hold, on this new lesson. I will practice harder then ever. Keep up the good work Jermaine and please keep me in your prayers.

541 Hawaii Bassman

Thanks for all the great info about music. Its so hard to find good quality musicans and good musicans who teach here in hawaii. looking forward to watching the new musican transformation. wish i could get it for free. lol. that ll be a big blessing hahaha

542 Jeff


All I can say is “BRAVO”.

543 Peter L

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I will be on my computer extra earlier Tuesday!!!

544 Faith Downing

I am very grateful for the free 44 page and 29 page Musician Transformation guide. I am #1. I’m just like your grandmother. I can play and carry a service, but I use the same sound. I also use the same chords, and it makes me feel intimidated to get up and play. I play at a white church. I’m the only musician who plays by ear. I’ve gotten so frustrated that I resigned from playing. I became spiritually weak, disappointed, discouraged and stayed home for over a month or longer. I know the Lord sent me to this church. HE hasn’t released me from going there, but released me from playing. I beleive this Musician Transformation will not only help me learn more, but it will help me with their style of music. I will be able to let WORSHIP flow and let the LORD have HIS way.

I grew up C.O.G.I.C. I’m a member of GMTC. I’ve been a member since last summer. I’ve learned a lot of the songs and played them in church Sunday mornings. They’ve made me look and sound like a transformed musician. I know I’m not where I could be because I can’t play in every key. Its frustrating to me, and they have NO clue. I’ve tried to explain it to them, but they don’t understand. They expect me to pull chords out of a hat, and play the songs that they give me at the snap of a finger. I don’t transpose because its my desire to be able to flow, and let the LORD have HIS way in EVERY service. Its not about me and I avail myself to HIM. Thank You soooooooooooo much for the opportunity to be able to learn what I’ve been trying to learn on my own since grade school. No one ever took the time to teach me. They offered and said they were going to, but NEVER took the time.

I know without a doubt that this is my season. I’ve walked into my season of growing spiritually. I’ve walked into my season of healing. I’ve walked into my season of leaning and developing a gift I was given at birth. I’ve tried understanding the circle of fifths. I’ve tried understanding the number system, but it goes right over my head. I can actually hear what your saying when I listen to the radio. I also used patters to learn a song that my church was singing without music. I used my ear to use chords from other songs that sounded similar. They were amazed! I was too, because I didn’t think I could do it. I play that song more fluently and have added some licks and tricks from other songs you’ve taught.

I practice daily! I know the LORD allowed me to stumble accross hearandplay for a reason. HE has a work that needs to be done to bring churches back to where they’ve strayed. I will continue to practice until I get it. I WILL GET IT with the LORD’s help. THANK YOU! GOD BLESS you and!

May HIS peace be with you,

Faith Downing

545 Myklan

Thanks for the early warning but more for the fun movie. Wish you all the success with your efforts.
Being just a ‘older’ beginner I am still trying get my head around the stuff I have received. Need to balance my watching / listening with actual practice, but at least now with your “Missing chapter” I have managed to create a more structured daily practice regimen. Thanks for your help to date.
p.s. the welcome card in the mail was a nice touch. I really appreciated it (being still of the ‘old school’ where snail mail was something that could always surprise you.).

546 peter

hey Jermaine and team…i’ve been playing now for over 15 years, and now reside in the sunny caribbean… and i just wanted to send an encouraging word to you guys…continue to stay humble before our Lord, you’re doing a great work for the body of Christ.
I’m also an actor … nice mission impossible sequence.

be blessed

547 Denitrea

Great video. It was funny too. You are truly BLESSED. May God continue to bless you so much that you will not have room to receive. (the blessing will overflow your warehouse:) Take care.

548 Leonard Henry

Hello Jermaine, I just want to say a big thank you for Gospel 202 especially. I did not have a clue about number system and progression until I actually stumbled upon your website one day while trying desperately to get some help from the web. I’m telling you, this has really transformed my playing and the members in my Church are really impressed at the way I have improved. You spoke some time ago of musicians being selfish with their chords and that is so true. I’ve never being taught by anyone prior to me purchasing your DVDS and I’m really grateful for the help these DVDS have given me. I’m residing in the United Kingdom and I’m originally from Jamaica, but I’m telling you, these DVDS would do so well in these Countries if there was an outlet in these parts of the world. Especially in Jamaica where you have so many selfish and proud musicians who don’t seem to remember that they are doing a service to God and that God requires us to be humble before him. I would be so happy to help a trying musician. Actually I’ve been playing for free at my Church and I’ve come across musicians who will not play unless they are paid. God help them. Anyway thanks again and that movie clip was great, man, I thought I was watching MEN IN BLACK. In addition Jermaine, I have a new website up and running and I just want to use this facility to ask you if you would be willing to include a link of my website to yours as I would be honored to do the same for yours. God bless and keep up the good work.

549 Saundra

That Transformation video was hooolarious….. I like the disclaimer too. That was so considerate. I cracked up laughing when JP said he didn’t have the $300.00. That was fuuunnny and then you floored me. In the mist of my laughing, to hear that you were offering the Transformation video free… I lost it. I couldn’t believe it. I was like, this guy is omazing…. I couldn’t shut my mouth, it was just hanging open. All I could say was OH MY GOD, I can’t believe it, free. What? How? Why? My mind was going through. It was like what is this guy going to do next, You just keep me wondering. As a member of GMTC, I have to say, the things you are doing keeps me excited. My plan is to keep supporting you even after I have gotten to the level that I want to, because I believe you are helping so many people.

I remember as a child watching my father play by ear. He would go around playing for different churches, but evry song was always the same sound, same progressions. You could tell that he could use some help. He would try to get people to show him riffs who were very good players, but they were always to busy. There was one person by the name of Craig Tyson, that I can remember who did take time out to help when he could. He use to come over the house every now and then and they wouild gather around the organ and play. I thank God for the time Craid did spend with my dad. My dad would be so excited. My dad never reach the level that he wanted to, I use to wish that he could find a permanent teacher. I am glad in this generation that God has touched you to help others, and with the Internet as a tool, so many people are being helped. I thank God for your passion and desire to help others. That’s what makes me want to support you as you support others. God Bless and Thank you for being so unselfish with the talent that God has given.

550 josef danyi

hello jermaine Griggs well… what can i say?.. i think all i can say is
THANK YOU for being YOU because all what you have done for us (your students)
is something that is really special at least for me because i have learned so many many things on the piano its like YOU WANNA LEARN TO PLAY PIANO??? GO TO you will beland in the musicworld BIG WOLRD with a superb teacher (jermaine griggs) wow i think i could write whole day but im gonna be short as i dont want you to read this all day as i know you work hard (for) us .
so november ill be here —> (MUSICWORLD) at time!
so peace and god bless all and you jermaine.

551 MinHui

Dear Jermaine Griggs

You are such a talent and gifted from God. I love it the way you explain(VERY CLEAR) the things you have explained in Cd. Good on you, mate!

Keep up doing for God and glorify in His name.

552 Dennis

Hi Jermaine,

I was very suprised to receive your last video.Your love for music is just great, and i am glad that you are willing to share it with us for free.I think that you will be one of the leading musicians in heaven.I will do my best for tuesday.I hope that i will be one of the lucky ones because that stuff is just great.
I have take notice of the comments from other members, but they are to much for me to handle.I have a request and that is if you can bloq them out.
Ok.goodbye for now, and God bless.

Dennis Paramaribo Surinam S.A.

553 Patrice

You guys are absolutely unbelievable! I loved the video. It definitely resonates the scripture that says “a cheerful heart is good medicine – Proverbs 17:22” and then to find out that you all are giving the Musician Transformation package away for FREE. That’s mind-boggling! No wonder you guys are so extremely blessed. Someone once said “people don’t care how much you know until you show how much you care.” You all have shown that you really do care about the growth and development of other musicians. Thank God for you all and may you continue to be blessed beyond measure. I used to literally cry because I had no one to help me with my music. Since hooking up with you guys, however, I have more than enough resources to get the help that I previously longed for.

554 Iladia

Hi Jermaine

First able let me say that I’m from Puerto Rico and never play a musical instrument in my entire life. So one day i decided to buy an used guitar to begin to play something and my best friends husband said to me that the guitar has the neck broken so it can’t be tuned. Then he gave me his piano and told me ” hey take this maybe you can learn to play it”. I become to search the internet until y found this site I saw that mission impossible video and was really funny and interesting. I hope i can get a copy of the music transformation course so i can get transformed to play gospel music.
god bless you and your family

555 George

Congratulations, Jermaine, on the Musician Transformmation package – the 44 and 29 page transcripts have really whetted my appetite and I look forward to learning mors and taking full advantage of the programme.

I’m full of admiration for your whole Hear and Play operation and your very personal and innovative approach – epitomised by the Coolest Video! Well done to you both!

And thanks for all your help so far.

556 Laman (olujade) Richards

Thanks for the great and awesome information on playing piano, I really appreciate all that you do to help us learn how to play piano and the 44 and 29 page Musician Transformation System is great can’t wait to get my hands on the videos and cd’s.

Again thanks

Laman (olujade) Richards

557 Cassandra

OK – Now the video was ‘dah bomb!!!! Does your talent ever end? You and Johnathan were so creative. I am speachless about your announcement. Moved to tears! I cannot find words to adequately express my appreciation for your gift to us. I cannot help but be transformed. Heck, I feel like I owe it to you and your company to become a ‘Transformed’ Musician – How blessed am I ? wow! Thank You – Thank You – Thank You — Great shall be your reward.

558 Fernando Milton

Love the movie… I give you 4 **** stars. Just wanted to tell you. I love what you are doing. I been student of H&P for a while. And, I still have a long ways to go.I know I have to practice more than ever now. Our Musician had a stroke right in church while playing the keyboard. She die… No one was ready for something like this. What I mean is you don’t know where death is. Now I have to be the church Musician. I wasn’t ready for this, but I was the only one in church that knew how to play the key board… (A little)… I’m that person in the first block of this new lesson FF block. I have pray to God to help me and if I get a hold, on this new lesson. I will practice harder then ever. Keep up the good work Jermaine and please keep me in your prayers.
I for got to click on the follow-up box….sorry

559 Fred VanOlphen

Still ingesting the basic ideas but ‘Musician Transformation’ seems to make a lot of sense. Great Video – I suppose you’ll be hounded by hollywood talent scouts.

560 Tina

Oh my God, no way. That video was so funny. I loved the action. Are you serious? Giving the musician transformation away for free? That is so AWESOME. I cannot wait until the 24th so I can get my copy. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s all going to pay off. Thanks Jermaine and Hear and Play.

561 Pam Bell

I am 75 years old….began playing by ear when I was 7 or 8. I discovered that I couldn’t play ANYTHING I wanted to by playing by ear, and began taking music plus self-taught theory, dynamics, notes, scales and chords through the years. I have your Musician Transformation down load on my piano, plus the 29 page “Lost Chapter”, and am referring to it when I practice. I have finally reverted back to playing by ear. Thank you.
Oh…the video was cute and very entertaining.

562 sandy smith

good video. i downloaded all the free stuff and am trying to find enough time to practice. it seems to be very simple. thanks for offering all the stuff to download.

563 Jimmie Smith

I thought the video was very funny, you guys did a good job. I have been on your site since it began and the M.T. opened my eyes to what you have been explaining in your videos. I am looking for a new level in my playing, I know the theory but not how to put it in use. I am looking forward to getting a copy. God bless you!!!

564 Craig D Hector

All of your recently published information is great, however I think you should remind folks to use “The Numbers System” (that you sent out a few months ago) in conjunction with the new information. It’s a great tool to aide in the memorization process and it really ties things together. I can testify that it’s helped me tremendously! When I was young I took guitar lessons for years from some very good teachers. I started playing piano a little over a year ago. For years I had no idea what people were talking about when they would call out numbered progressions. I knew it was some kind of theory thing. I just accepted that I was weak in theory. You helped me to understand it overnight! I’m sure the horizontal way that the piano is laid out helps too! It makes it easier to see. God bless you and keep up the good work!

565 Jane Coates

I had taken piano lessons as a child and could pick up the music slowly. After reading just a short part of your 44 pg “MUSICIAN TRANSFORMATION”, it all started
to make sense. I’m so thankful that I found you on the internet ! Thanks a bunch !

566 Floyd

I am sure that’s not the only guy who will like to ge a free copy M.T. But I am trustig God, and belive that I am highly favored and will WIN a free copy of M.T. God knows my heart desire is to improve my playing and spread His Gospel through music. God bless you and all that you do, keep up the good deeds.

567 Irving Smith

Hi Jermaine,
I have purchased a lot of you stuff, and I am on my way to singing better with Nina’s help and learning the key board with your help ,I am starting from scratch at a senior’s age butI motivated by your teaching methods. You are a great teacher with tremendous patience, humour and a wonderful gift. thanks for sharing it with the world. Thanks again and God bless.

PS; I love your video, great introduction to your promotion.

Irving Smith

568 T Anthony Scott

Hey J,

You are truly a marketing wiz man.haha As I mentioned to you briefly in one of our telephone conversations, I’ve been purchasing your products since they were on VHS tape. Your new offering is of the same high caliber of excellence that I’ve come to know and love from Hear & Play.

Glad to see you’re prospering, and please do continue to put your heart into every lesson, as it is truly evident.

Thanks again,


569 ingrid

Hey there Jermaine,

MAN, ARE YOU TALENTED OR WHAT? Your acting is flawless!!!
Maybe you are about to take another course in your life – Acting.
I am trying to comprehend all this and keep up with the pace. I love it.
THANKS AGAIN for sharing your God Given Talents. MUSICIAN’S TRANSFORMATION is really transforming.


570 Joseph

Min, Griggs!!!! You really will be a marked man after Musician Transformation is available to the masses!!! I now know why I’ve hit brick walls and stopped practicing faithfully over the years….NO PURPOSE OR PLAN. I used to practice my chords in the circle of fifths(clockwise)with inversions. I did progress faster than at any other time in my life of playing. However, I learned songs the slow, step method way and didn’t apply my chord practice to learning of the songs!!(I didn’t even make the connection between the two!!!) Thanks for all you have done for anyone who would desire to be a gospel musician(Yah really has blessed this ministry….It is a lesson to all saints…..If you want to grow and be blessed beyond measure….GIVE AND GIVE SOME MO’) Many that I’ve told about the website still can’t believe how much you give away for ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! free? In this day and age when money is at a premium? FREE? YES….FFFFFFRRRRRRREEEEE!!!

Again, I thank the Holy Ghost in you truly reaching out to the masses. I can truly say…I have been taught(and still being taught) by the Griggs/Powell Method of playing gospel music(with minor help from White,Bereal,Hartwell,etc.)

Didn’t mean to write soooo much!!! I’m pumped and psyched now!!! Thanks Again!!

571 Nikita

Hi Germaine! Your video was excellent. I loved it, it was a different pace and I don’t see why you can’t have fun presenting and promoting MT. You are doing an excellent job. You are truly blessed and that’s because you have the right spirit. I appreciate all that you are doing. Don’t come down from the great work you are doing!

572 Reb

That was an awesome video, so funny! Even more awesome that you’re going to give away 1000 of your new program because you want to help us out!!! Thank you so much!!!! I know there’s no guarantee that I’ll be one of the 1000, but hey I’m on your priority list so thank you for the opportunity. I plan to do everything in my power to be numbered among the 1000! :-) God bless you, Jermaine! You’re the best!!!!!

573 Ebenezer Collins

This is a way of blessing others while you, yourself will be blessed by the Lord.
May God Bless you.
Ebenezer Collins

574 Lucia

Hi Jermaine, I´m from spain. Thank you for all your help, you are awesome!

575 Ibrahim

Hello, Jermaine.

I am a former piano player and have recently – after more 30 years – tried to return to playing. I already receive your newsletter and hope to be one of the fortunate recipients of the Musician Transformation course.

I am planning to purchase an electronic keyboard in the near future. Do you have any recommendations? I am not looking for anything extravagant since I am trying to re-learn how to play piano. I am just looking for a set that will allow the grand piano “sound” and maybe a few effects. I have looked at Yamaha, Casio and Roland keyboards, and recently found the website of the company who is re-introducing the Rhodes electric keyboard.

Any way . . . . the video was interesting . . . .

May God bless your family with your expected arrival.



576 Trisha

OMGoodness, that video was soooo funny. You guys knocked it out of the park

577 Tamlyn Fowler-Lee

Hi Jermaine
I responded to you on both occassions and for some reason after receiving your email responses back, my name didn’t appear in your list.
But that is alright. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be.
God Bless

578 Anita

Hello There Jermaine ~

That is a funny video. Good job. I am a current member to the training center. Can I still get the MT for free?


579 Tyzik

All the way from the Netherlands Antilles and The Netherlands… I am enjoying of the beauty of sharing knowledge from you and your Co., and wish to keep on growing day by day as an professional Musician… B.T.W. Great video hahaha.. Blessings

Tyzik Lispier

580 Danny (p-rex)

Haha cool video Jermaine. Funny that Starling won the everything package. God bless.

581 Ash

This was a very entertaining video. I’ve downloaded the 44 & 29 page report and MT seems like a comprehensiv system. I’m sure your DVDs are jam packed with information and tips for an budding muscian like me.

582 Raymond

Hey jermaine, the video was out-standing, things of value comes with a price.

583 Ash

B.T.W I like the background music in the video. Needs some Shaft music in there

584 Sheila

Great video!! You guys are the best. I really appreciate all the insight you have given me in learning to play by ear but I have so, so much more to learn especially in fundamentals. I hope I will be online when you release the MT. Sheila

585 Coleen

Hey J&J:
great action video… watch-out now! you may get spotted by star search!
I really appreciate all you do and have done for me…thanks so much
for your instructions and guidance for it has been very very helpful for
me – a realy beginner! Stay Blessed!

586 Joe Watts

Jremaine, your video was waay cool and quite innovative. Keep it up! Your 44 pg & 29 pg guides have been an immense help. Your are a truly gifted person and I know you are blessed forever in the eyes of God. I have learned so much from all the courses and information I have bought and garneredfrom you. I just need to practice more. Thank you Jermaine for all you do! Joe

587 kenneth

God Bless you Jermaine. Just want to say what a blessing it has been receiveing all the information. you have truly blessed a lot of people, and made it possible for musicians to realize not only their dreams, but also reach goals that seemed impossible. I pray much for you and your family that God will continue to speak bless you guys richly for all the hard work and dedication.Congratulations on the new addition, and may God forever bless you.

Kenneth Isaac

588 Chris Johnson III

Yeah, that video is hiliarious. Gets the point across in a very straight forward way however. 1,000 Free… Well, like you said most of those will go to your Gospel Club members… but oh well…. I’ll do what ever I need to do to get my hands on that package. Except steal it of course! :) I don’t want to put myself in JP’s position in the video. Lol.. :) By the way, I finished making my flash cards last night and it really does work Jermaine. I mean I’m not calling out the tones as fast as you yet but I will. I still have to visualize and count in my head but yes it does work. Now I’m organizing my practice schedule. It’s not as easy to make that practice schedule as it may seem. Especially when your breaking everything into segments, you need to know exactly what you are going to practice before you start so you don’t waste time. Thanks again for all you do and I hope to be one of the lucky one’s!

May God continue to Bless you!

589 Marcie Cox

I enjoyed the video and am really looking forward to the release of musician transformation I know itr will be a great learning experience for all

590 Cassandra

Chris Johnson III (or) Jermaine:

Would you please share with me what you are putting on your ‘Flash-Cards” I would like to do that too…. Perhaps others may want to. Are you willing to share this? Thanks so much.


591 Dallas Hopson

You are a blessing in disguise. I could not afford this, but you have given me an opportunity to be able to be on a list to hope for my dream come true of learning what music is all about. Thanks for this opprotunity and may God bless you and your staff

592 Jermaine

@everyone: I have read every last comment… you guys are amazing. I thank God everyday for my students. You guys make my dream of sharing music full time true and I just hope that I can continue to help make yours true as well! thanks again!

@Cassandra — he’s referring to the free flash card activities I made at:

Watch these videos… especially 2-4. they contain the secret pdf guides you can print out to master the number system, diatonic chords, and circle of fifth. Perhaps I will send this out to everyone since many people don’t know about them.

Take care,
Jermaine Griggs

593 Cassandra

Thank you so much Jermaine….

594 Detrese

The video was crazy. I laugh so loud my mom thought I was dying. It was great I love the sounds in the beginning, and the gun shots it was so great. You will have to do another one. Keep up the good work and I hope you and your family have a safe trip.

595 Tracy Brown

Just want to say thanks in advance for all the free giveaways!

596 Sheri

That’s really funny- it’s great to see people just have good solid fun in life! I’m glad to have found out about your programs. Free giveaway? You guys are sowing some serious seed into God’s people, and watch out because the glorious harvest will probably be a big fat tidalwave that lands right on your head! Ha, ha. You bring joy to people, as well as music. thanks a bunch :)

597 Nancy Gragg

Enjoyed your film – but my first reaction was that somebody was really a bad shot with all of those bullets and noone hit???

Thanks for your commitment – I trying to learn all those chord numbers


598 Henry Allain

That video is nearly professional quality. Great job. I am a degreed music teacher – classically trained – and your instructions are what I never got in school. I am learning a lot. Thanks for your gift.

599 L.T. Carson

COUNTDOWN TO BLAST OFF! Hey Jermaine, after seeing your intriguing Mission Impossible video, my heart is racing so fast from the anticipation of your new Musician Transformation dvds, I’m having a “fierce urgency of now moment!” I have since 07 bought most all of your stuff including the 300-pg book. I’ve never gotten anything from you for free. But this is the most exciting gift I could ever imagine. Since the launch of your 44pg and 29 pg booklets, I have read them and listened to your 90 min. audio, which inspired me to get back to work and get serious. I can once again see myself playing keyboard for the MLK day in January for the community center.

However, after reading the MT report and practicing I wondered, “Oh Lord, how in the world am I going to scrape enough money together to get the MT dvd packet?” I’ve learned so much just in the 44 and 29 page until I’ve just got to have the MT packet. When I clicked on your Mission Impossible video and you made the announcement I nearly jumped out of my skin! I’ve been playing for so many years and have been stuck. This not only gets me out of the hole but has the potential to launch me far beyond my dreams! The day of your launch is my husband’s birthday and Oh, what a wonderful gift that would be for him because I was going to ask him if he would give me the money to buy this transformative package, since I don’t have a job! I believe this package will not only allow me to be a transformative musician, but will transform my life!

Thanks for sharing about your beautiful family. Because you make this so fun and so personable I’m feeling like a part of the family! May the LORD continue His blessings on you and your family! This is truly sent from GOD!
Your grateful and excited sis in Christ!

600 Ayanna

You have definitely been a blessing and an inspiration in my life. It’s very obvious that you are anointed to do what you do. It’s also very rare that you find someone so honest in their delivery and willing to give back. I have played by ear all my life and never been formally trained. Your videos and reports have helped me not only reconnect with music but take it to another level.

Thank you for your generosity! It’s truly touching :)

601 Dale

Good thing you have your music to fall back on Jermaine. Loved the concept of the video, but stick to the music, bro. ;)

602 Owen

Really cool video clip, good talent being displayed.

603 Jermaine

@ Dale — hahaha, I hear ya. I’m gonna take some acting classes and I’ll be back…!!!!!!!! haha

604 Jolanta

The video was funny, I love it. I believe that the musician’s transformation which you will release soon will be the best on the market. I can’t wait… maybe I will be LUCKY one to have it.
Jolanta from Canada

605 Brian

I don’t know if there is another forum on here to post this comment, but I just wanted to say that I love what Hear & Play is doing for us musicians. God has truly blessed me to be able to musically do what will glorify him – though it may NOT be the way other musicians get it done LOL!! Many of the local musicians are either extremely busy or simply selfish concerning what they’ve learned. For those of us who seek nuggets from their expertise, it’s like trying to pull tusks from a live wild boar LOL!! The “Ministry Musician” was truly a blessing to me. It’s great to know that some of the best musicians in the industry take the time to teach valuable info in your systems. Thanks so much to Hear & Play for your unselfish contributions to the body of Christ and beyond!!!

606 Raynold

Hey Jermaine.You guys did the video very well.
I loved all the action and the guns.Just like
the James Bond movies.But anyway GREAT VIDEO
MAN. NICE!!!!!!!!!!

607 Paul

Jermaine, the video was a nice change up, I enjoyed it.
I can’t wait for the Musician Transformation.

In regards to the GMTC I am writeless!!……..

I truly thank God for what you guys are doing. You guys have exceeded my expectations to the point I have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming with some of these video tutuorials.

Thanks for “giving” and “teaching” me how to fish.


608 Barbie


So glad you didn’t let the Master Copy get taken! (smile) That Video was different & I did get a good laugh while watching it.

609 Richard

Bro I can’t thank you enough. Only he who is blessed will bless others. Go on and keep blessing coz that’s why you were called from among your people.

Thanks a lot bro!!

610 Chrystal

Hey Jermaine, Thanks for sharing with us how you got started, it was very encouraging. I love the action-packed video… Can’t wait for Musician Transformation. Thanks.

611 Pau

Your “big” baby is born! Thanks! Look forward to see and enjoy it!
Congratulations to a new birth coming!

612 Lucion

That was a great mission impossible video, I enjoyed it. I hope I am one of those lucky winners.

613 Demas

Hi Jermaine.

I’m a 43 yr old male and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I cannot start to begin to tell you just how phenomenal I find your course. I thought I could play a little melody but soon realized the gaps. I have a very busy lifestyle as I am the sole provider in my family and practice time is challenging at times.
I find myself progressing all the time, and I’m amazed that at my age I am able to latch onto this fantastic presentation.
The Movie is really exciting and you guys make the professional actors look like amateurs. I am intrigued with this new and innovative movie and I guess I should not be surprised anymore, because you always exceed expectations.
God bless

614 J

thanks so much for everything u do

615 Audrey

From what I could tell, the movie calls for, CBS ABC NBC, BET. Hello somebody!
Tyler Perry where are?


616 Richard Coplin

The last few days have been awesome watching and reading all of the posts here. That is, except for finding out today that I was not one of the 3 very lucky people that won copies of EVERYTHING!

Now, my inbox is overflowing with comments from everyone! (;-}

617 Sammie Williams

The movie was great. We needed a little light humor! Some people just can’t seem to take time to chill….your great offer is really worth the wait. Hope I can make it in on the Transformation giveaway.
Thanks for creating and keeping up with your programs.

618 Willie

The video is great and so are you thank GOD for you and what you do enjoy the vacation peace and blessings to you and you’r family……….

619 Nick

U guys are fools!!! Have fun with it and may the Lord continue to bless Ur ministry.

620 jacquetta

Hey Jermaine,

That video was everything you said it would be and then some. I am going to have to look at it again cause you guys are crazy. I really enjoyed it a lot. Ya’ll should make more little short movies. I think it will help people to have more fun while they lern. It helps you to loosen up and realize you can still have fun and you don’t have to be a stiff neck. Like you said in the video for example, those holier than though folk. You know we all need a good laugh every now and then. I know I do. Both you and JP looked pretty gangsta, and you can jump too. I will be looking out for the mt pack and also continuing to read the guides because it is a lot to learn in there and also my 300pg study course. With all that plus the lessons I can practice in the GMTC I think I’m off to a pretty good start.It’s all good. Until next all of you be blessed.

I also enjoy the stories about your family you tell in your audios and the encouragement that you give us when you are just talking about a lesson. The lessons are taught so down to earth and you feel kinda relaxed while taking them. I also enjoyed JP playing his drums on the song Jesus Be A Fence, he’s just has so much talent. He’s an awsome musician without the big head. I know you guys must have a lot of fun when ya’ll get together. Even though he did try to take the goods out of the case. hahaha It’s funny but that’s just the way it is with some folk. It was funny and a lesson learned. That let us know we need to wait and not jump the gun so to speak and mama use to say. Always look before you leap JP and you won’t have to get the smack down hahaha. I’m a big fan of action movies anyway. Ya’ll keep having fun.


621 Josie VanLangham

I thought your report was just fabulous. You are so thorough and it’s amazing how you can explain things so clearly on such an elusive subject. I really enjoy getting your emails and lessons. Keep them coming

Josie in Texas

622 jacquetta

Hey Jermaine,

I was just thinking about the video you just made and forgot to tell you to have a great vacation and congrats on your new baby in advance. May you and your entire family be blessed hand over fist. Again ya’ll are crazy funny dudes.

623 Gerald Heggie

Hey Jermaine,
I really enjoyed you movie, I love action movies anyway so good job

624 Robert Brewton

I’m Looking Forward To The Musicians Transformation Series. I Have Ordered Other Series From You In The Past They Were A Blessing.

625 Zenobia Coleman

Cool video! God has blessed you with an abundance of gifts.

626 Marquita D

I cannot download the Musician Transformation chart…can you send it out via email???

627 King

I am thankful that you put this together it is refreshing to meet musicians who are not looking out for just number one I am a guitar player who has turned to the keyboard to take music to the next level and hpefuly teach young people what I have learned.

628 Virginia

Hi Jermaine,
Loved the video…had quite a few laughs, thankyou!…l almost expected Tom Cruise to make an appearence.
lm quite isolated here in Australia but am so grateful for all the info you share.
Best wishes and God bless,





630 Dawn


I know I just sent you the e-mail but I have to make this public–I am so INSPIRED by what you just did, that I can’t in conscience just take a copy of this course (even if I got in line and was one of the lucky 1000). It’s for people like Gayle, who are hungry and have tried and failed all their lives to be the musician they wanted to be. So I’ll give up my opportunity for this course to someone like her. Believe me this is not my NATURAL impulse! But it’s comin’ down from on high…and the “abundance mentality” tells me that there’s more than enough material to keep me busy until I just feel sure that it’s meant for me.

I think I am just going to get your book. I am kind of a book person and now that I know how you operate, I can start working through it with total confidence. I also plan to keep up with the Monthly Music Mentor,so please keep them coming and make them fabulous! I know you will. God bless!

631 Joy

I’m looking forward to learning “how” to play by ear. I love to play for church, but always have to have a chord chart. Hopefully, those days will soon be over!

632 Peter

Very professional and fun. Almost like a real movie. /Peter

633 Melony

The video is awesome…not just a musician…the acting skills shows…you and JP had some Hollywood fun, well done guys it was fun to watch. The MT freebee is just crazy Jermaine.

God Bless you.
Melony, Cape Town, South Africa

634 Jerry Leach

Wow!!! That was some great acting!Did you guys go to acting school? That was well put together. I can’t wait to get the course. I’m in alert mode! Lol!:)God Bless! Jerry

635 Santosh

Hi Jermaine, and thank you for the wonderful thought of making wonderful learning CDs and on top of it giving many free-bies. Iam from India, and its quite un-natural that most of the musicians are living in a GATED COMMUNITY that they do not teach others. But on the contrary, you are just wonderful in giving away all that you ahve learnt to public. iam sure God will use you more mightly and i pray that you will get even more creative thoughts.

Love you and God bless
Santosh, India.

636 Radhames

The M.T. course is something amazing. I never ever have seen so much important information about how to become a Transformed Musician.

At this time I have read the 49 pages of M.T. and going over the 29 pages one. This is really great for any musician how want to reach the next level in music.

Even those I know most of the stuff on those reports there always something to learn. One important things for me in the reports are:

a) The M.T. equation as well: It become to clarify my mind and gives me organization in my practices. Now I now better where I have to emphasize more in my practices.

b) The Second report, for what I have read until now, tells me how to plan my practices so I can not loose any of the five elements of the equation (FF+CC+PP+SS+EE).

I recommend this course to any one that really wants to improve in music gospel playing. And not only in Gospel Music; This course works completely in any kind of music anyone can play.

Thanks Jermaine for all this grateful job you have done. GOD May Bless You along with your family all the time of your life. Because as you say: When we teach what we know to others the compensations back is not valuable. Simply no only you will master what you know but increase knowledge on what you know.


637 Da'Soundz

I thought that the report was very much needed. It opened up a new lane for me as far as my piano playing goes. The video was cool.. Keep up the good work.

638 Natasha

You are gifted and I have read how your materials have helped so many people. I have ordered the 300 pg. course, Gospel Keys 102 and 202 (they are great tools, might I add) and I am still not playing. I just don’t get music. I am able to sit at the piano and find some parts of the melody to a song but I have difficulty finding the chord structure and pattern. I am now wondering whether playing piano (by ear and site reading-I’ve tried lessons-ugh!) is for me or not. I really don’t want to give up and I am willing to try the Musician Transformation if it is for beginners. Please tell what you recommend for me. Please help me Jermaine. I want to play badly.

639 Ivan

I want to thank you for the great information, inspiration and fun you´re having while doing what you love, i guess that´s what´s all about!!!! i´m a novice piano player and profesional drummer and i was wondering if you have a package for gospel drumming. I´m really excited about the Musicin Transformation pack and all the great info i´ll get!!!! Thanks so much!!! God bless!!!

640 thomas porter

hey gentalmen enjoyed the video you guys are doing a great work in deed keep up the good work and my GOD BLESS

641 Leah

Hello Jermaine, you are God’s answer to my prayers. For sometime I’ve been searching for suitable materials which will help me improve my piano playing but I haven’t found any. Your recent musician transformation chart and guide allowed me to see things in a different perspective. I really appreciate your generosity in sharing with us your talent. Thank you and may the Lord Jesus bless you more.

642 Andrew Baushe

Honestly Jermaine, you guys are doing a great Job, touching lives across the globe with your God given talent, Musician transformation package is a great cracker, it sure demystify the Piano, musicians both Gurus and novices will find it useful. keep up the good work, God Bless.

Andrew,Kaduna Nigeria

643 thea lomax

luved your video! It was REALLY cool. Also, best of all for the new baby soon to arrive. Blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family.

644 J Abel

Hi Jermaine,

Thanks for sharing this wealth of knowledge / info. The Lord’s Hands are not just on your heart but are in your heart,,,,tenderly and graciously molding His purpose and will through you as His chosen and willing / yielded vessel.

You are truly a God-send, and it’s my fervent prayer you keep availing yourself to Him,,,and that your family continues to experience Him immeasurably!

(I will also pray especially for your Grandma as the Lord heals her in His own special way (as He heals in many forms and areas in one’s life) and for your wife and expected newborn. Bless You!)

645 Janice Mathison

Hi Jermaine,

I just wanted to let you know that from day one since I found out about your site, I eagerly in expectation pull up your post, and I read EVERYTHING!!!!! I know that no matter how advanced a person may be there is going to be something in your post for everybody. Although considered advanced by others I have received so many valuable (irreplaceable)gems as have I’m sure many others too have testified. You have truly become instrumental in the lives of thousands of musicians, instructing and giving knowledge by way of internet access. I truly wish that something like Hear and Play would have been around and available to me through my many years of struggle. Not struggling only to learn but also struggling not to give up–and Ohhh the abuses received on the road to becoming a Minister of Music. I believe your fervency and passion comes from this same road oftentimes filled with pain and persecution paved by musicians through the centuries, as well as from a sincere love for God and people, not willing that any should perish but that all would come to the knowledge of musical awareness that plundges ready made equipped worshipper’s (God’s foot soldiers) to the front line of the battle for the Glory of God. At all cost (offering instruction much of which Flashes accross the screen the words that people like to see FREE!!!) to help other musicians avoid the pitfalls of discouragement that pushes many artists to an early musicians graveyard with a headstone that reads ‘GAVE UP TOO SOON’. (LOL)

Now jermaine your most recent post and FREE DOWN LOADS are the most exciting and informative of all–The 44 and 29 page report are outstanding, the concept exceptional. A must have. Now the matter about your Mission Impossible video with you and Mr. J. Powell (I LOVED IT) my husband and I laughed through the whole mini video scene it was great! Keep it coming. Well I said all that to say this, Man of God Thank You, and may the Abundant (plentious, more than enough, rich) Blessings of God Overtake You and yours.

P.S. You have a beautiful family, I know they are so proud of you.


Dude, That was an awesome video. And don’t worry about what people say. It was great.


647 K. Andre

Great video. Wow….GOD is using you to reach beyond traditionalism and ritualism. This video will serve as a difference maker and be able to reach beyond orthodox avenues. Without question it will capture musicians, worshippers, and instrumentalists of all nations. May He bless all that you do, and those with you. May He continue to touch your family, their goings out and comings in and transform ministries around the world through the elevation of praise and worship which would keep them relevant to their surroundings, communitees and the lives of today’s environment.

648 Alfred

Jermaine you are a bless man. The musician transformation gives me a plan to follow, so that i will not miss out on any part of the equation.
Bless You

649 Verna Bennett

Very creative! When do we see “the movie” version. Hey, that’s great! You have certainly inspired me and countless others. You are a great musician. And what you are doing is a true blessing that can and will bless so many others. In this day and time you are doing something unique. And most of the time free or almost free. And I thank you. Your blessing will be so much more. Again, thank you and God bless you and your beautiful family.

650 midimamma

Jermaine you have helped me finally put the puzzle pieces together for what I have been lacking in my playing and learning all these years. I feel that I can really move forward now with confidence. Thank you soooooo much.

651 Karl

Hey Jermaine,

I’ve always liked your approach to teaching piano, very logical and easy to follow. This latest course has certainly raised the bar – it makes so much sense, flows well and builds a story – my playing has definately improved and even members of my local church have made comments to me about it, thanks to your courses. I’m a current customer and would be blessed with the opportunity to take my playing to the next level with the MT course.

652 antonio

I really enjoyed the short film i loved the action you guys put in to it enjoy your vacation look forward on getting my hands on that DVD GOD BLESS>

653 Joe Wigfall

Hey Jermaine and Jonathan,

Nice video!! You guys really had me cracking up.

One big question though: What do you guys plan to do when 50x the amount of people you expect converge on the site for 1000 free units on Tuesday and can’t get through due to server overload (like last time something of this magnitude was done?) How will the people who reserved a place secure their place?

Another question: The “free” you’re talking about is “try it for 30 days and if you like it, do nothing, we will charge your credit card and that’ll be it?” How much WILL the program go for?

Thanks guys,

Keep up the great work. I’ve been a fan and supporter since your first video J.


654 C.L. Wright

Dear Jermaine:

You’re a man of many talents. Preacher, musician, father, husband, teacher, and now actor. The video was great. You and Johnathan did a fantastic job. James Bond would be pleased. But more than that, you are a great human being. Look, there aren’t many people who would give away the merchandise you HAVE already given and will give to your students. I am a Christian of many years, and what you are doing, teaching us how to play the piano, in the way you’re doing it, and then giving us materials for free. Your blessings will increase 10, 100 fold, because God loves a cheerful giver. Thank you for being the kind of man you are. We’ve only met over the telephone, but I want you to know that I count you as, not just my piano teacher, but a friend. Keep up the tremendous work you’re doing.

C.L. Wright

655 Paster Fitzroy Sam

Hi Jermaine,
Warm Christian greetings from the Caribbean Island-state known as St. Vincent and the Grenadines. You and your gifted team of musical experts have been given to the Kingdom on earth for such a time as this. Where I live, musicians in the church are an endangered species. To compound the problem, our church is not yet in the financial position to employ even a part-time musician.

You will agree with me that worship ministry in the 21st century is greatly enhanced by the quality of the church music. In some instances visitors do not return because of the absence of quality music. It is in this context that I give God thanks for you as you faithfully provide the opportunity by distance learning for churches like ours with a small financial base to still develop the musical talent among us. Once again accept our heartfelt thanks.

For the Kingdom,
Pastor Fitzroy Sam

656 Mark W

Thanks for this latest 2 video clips. You just keep amazing me man. Stop it! :)


657 Artiest Cannady

Hey Jermaine and Johnathan and all of HearandPlay you guys are amazing beyond belief I have been getting your emails and its helps me to stay in the race encouraging me to continue to pratice as much as I can. The video was of the chain you guys need to take it to Hollywood if Tyler Perry can do it. So can you….. Remain blessed I love your motto… “If YOU Can HEar IT, You Can Play It” Im going to tell myself everyday from now on….

Cant wait until Tuesday I’m amped and fired up to get a copy I have to have one this will help me tremendously before I attend “Moody Bible College” In August.

SIncerly, Artiest

658 Beverly

Jermain you got the point across very clear. Funny too! I liked it. Keep up the good work.

I sure hope & pray I’m one of the Blessed ones to recieve the DVD package.

Love Ya!

659 Nathan M

Jermain your truly are a blessing for my music life!!! I have orded many things and you really suprised me with this handout!!! GREAT!!!

God Bless!! I hope and pray that I will be one of those who will receive the dvd box musician transformation! :D

May God Bless you with more and more talent!
From Holland!

660 celine

what i learned from this guide? so much.i love the turtle speed part which really helped me with rhythm (eventhough that seems kind of funny but like magic that’s what happened).
and stacking chords!stacking chords is such an eye opener.really love you guys for what you are doing.and i always believed if teaching is done right then the teacher learns the most of all people involved.that’s just so true.
and very brilliant to put that in words.sharing knowledge (and kindness) rocks and helps everybody!hope the whole world will follow your example.
all the best and please make new copies for all the unlucky people to buy.
pleaseeeeeeee.thank you.

661 Glennise

Jermaine, I loved your video! It was funny and nicely edited – I’m impressed! Did you use Apple’s iMovie? (I only ask ’cause I’m an Apple freak.) Anyway, I just got through reading your 29-page Missing Chapter and boy, I tell you. I mean, I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in General Music and I’m currently teaching at high school level; so I know my scales backward and forward – majors, natural minors, harmonic minors, melodic minors – you name it. I’ve always detested practicing these scales because we’ve been trained to learn them chromatically. But your method of learning every thing via the circle of fifths??? Priceless. There’s nothing that sounds more beautiful to me than the circle of fifths, and to learn all scales and chords this way? I’m speechless. Not only does it help the ear to recognize what is commonly used in gospel (and jazz) music, it’s more fun too! There is so much more that i want to talk about here, but the space wouldn’t be able to hold it. And besides, I can imagine you would’ve already heard it all. Jermaine, I thank God for you and your knowledge and for your willingness to share all that you know. That is unique – you don’t meet too many people like that! Furthermore, when they’re teaching you all this classical stuff in college, they sure aren’t teaching you how to jam the music that you love most – GOSPEL! I’m dying to play that Hammond like those boys in Brooklyn, man! I pray everyday that God richly bless you, Jermaine, your wife and your two beautiful daughters! Thanks for everything! God bless.

662 Efe

Hi jermaine,I must confess,u sxplained the chord patern like never explained from any know music teacher before.You are not only inspiring people,your motivation is unlimited to me.May God almighty bless u for yr knowledge distribution thx.

663 Gloria

A hundredfold return to you for giving unselfishly. You are a blessing!

664 Julio


First of all I would like to thank you for the time devoted to share your knowledge; God have given you a great talent.

Best Regards.

665 ron

Another great way to look at music!

666 Chris

I just wanted to say Congratulations to the winners of the “Everything Package”… That’s a blessing. :)

I know I would love to hear some feedback on your progress.

Until next time………..

667 Janice

The written materials you have provided to introduce the Musician Transformation have been very helpful. Will there be more written and illustrated helpers available when the course is released? I know this is Hear and Play but in the learning stages I find the keyboard illustrations confirm whether or not I’ve understood what has been taught. Example: when you explained how to form a dominant 7 chord and then spelled it out on the keyboard illustration it confirmed that I truly had understood it. Now as I play it…I can hear it …and I’m hearing the chord correctly….which will make identifying it easier too. It just gives me more confidence and accelerates the learning process. Many thanks for all you are doing for us. I’m slow but enthusiastic.

668 Ruel

The movie was pretty funny, but I was hoping for some Matrix style slow motion bullet dodging… The best part of course was the surprise at the end. I hope the website can take all the traffic you’re going to generate next week!

669 Thomas Mitchell

Hello JG and JP,

This is Tom Tom 3. I really enjoyed your movie. I laughed from the beginning to the end. I have never seen you guys have so much fun. LOL!!! Next time JG you should be the GodFather and talk about making us an offer we can’t refuse. Stuff cotton in JP’s mouth and give him that “Geechie Dan” look. LOL!!! You guys be Blessed and thank you for all the help from GMTC.

670 David

Wow ! Fantastic stuff you have there. I am just a beginner at 68 years old and trying my best to catch up on all the lost years. You music videos and talks really helpful. Look forward to the Tuesdasy 24 Nov (probably will be 9am 25 Nov here in Singapore)

671 David B.

I’m very excited to get this system. Whether or not I’m one of the lucky 1,000 people, I’m still investing into this program. I’m one of those musicians that have some knowledge of music, but I’m torn between learning the sheet music and playing by ear. I’ve been playing by ear since I was 15 (I’m 26 now), but I’ve gotten frustrated with learning how to play “by the book” as of late. Hopefully (I pray), this will help. Once again, can’t wait for this to come out.



672 Zenobia Coleman

Awesome video testimonies. I can’t wait to be transformed.

Looking forward to the launch.

673 Ray Johnson


But on the real…I just want to thank you and JP for EVERYTHING you guys have done..You guys have pushed/helped me to become a better musician. (don’t want you guys to get all mushy on me, so I’ll stop here) LOL!!!!!!!!!!

674 Ray Johnson


675 JMichael Beasley

Jermaine: After playing for Apostolic/Pentecostal (nearly all “white ones” lol, the people, not the buildings!) for over 40 years now I have discovered that there is ALWAYS something new to learn or some new song to tackle that you have to really study in order to learn to play it. Often “we” are called upon in an instant to follow a preacher who just starts singing a song or chorus with no warning, or even worse is when, say a visiting evangelist’s wife is called upon to sing a special and starts out her “testimony” with: “God gave me this song last week and I know that the musicians don’t know it and have never heard it before but I feel like singing it here, tonight….”. Immediately we are thrown into trying to “pick out” the key of the song, the basic melody, the probable correct chord progressions all without sheet music on a song that we have never heard in our life! THIS is where the training in your Hear and Play series comes in VERY handy. Within a few notes I can generally know what key she is playing in and from those notes can quickly guess what chord to use. After figuring out a few chords I can then discern the key and so immediately begin thinking of the PROBABLY chord progressions that would match what she is doing. This is the kind of training that you quickly pick up from your series and this is the type of training that you can NOT get anywhere else in the WORLD!

676 irvin

cool video i liked it a lot! You should do more and get a little more crazy! Lol I really appreciate what you are doing your web site has helped me a looot!

677 Walter

Hey Jermaine:
A great way to look at music! I have learned heaps from your course and mailshots etc… Have been passing on tips to my kids who are not yet at grade 1 but have the talent.

Your methods are second to none!!

678 Leonard Jr.

Hello Minister J. Griggs,

I just want to say thank you and god bless you for starting this company. I’ve been a drummer in church all my life, but I always had a love for the piano/organ. After reading the section in the Musician Transformation Report about how musicians in the church act, its like you were preaching to me through those words!!! I was saying Yes Suh!, Waaal !, and Preach!!! after every paragraph! lol :) It is unfortunate that things are like that but, I’m glad you, being an accomplished musician pointed that mess out… I want to personally that you for taking the time to make these materials as they have helped me to make leaps and bounds in my playing. I’m far from where I want to be but with the help of the Lord through the Hear and Play ministry….. “Think-I’ll-Make-It! … Any-How!” (Hezekiah Walker) lol!!

The You and God Bless You,

679 Dameene

Interesting twist to the plot at the end… that was very cool! Instead of killing westcoast style Powell for stealing the musician’s transformation guide to beautiful music.. You gave him a opportunity to get it free which was the higher road just by tuning in on the 24th LOL it was definitely effective because im going to make it a point to log in on tuesday.Big ups Jermaine and Thank you for sharing your knowledge on giving the vidal elemets of gospel music.


l was really surprise in the begining but i loved the action.God bless u for yr vision that has been transformed into reality as a blessing for all musicians. Your products both cds and digital i bought has really helped me inorder to form a gospel band as an african(Ghanain) married to an italian(Raffaella)and living in italy where there is no gospel music,God bless u


I really enjoyed listeniand watching the videos. I want to playng to. I took lessons as a chilld, but at the time I was not interested in music. Now that I have aged I really want to play.

682 Dean

The “Mission Impossible” video was great stuff. It’s a great way to advertise your lessons.
Now everyone will be looking for “Mission Impossible II”.

683 raymond Thweatt

Thank you for your help with my gospel music. I am out of work now and can’t not afford lessons. I want to praise the God by playing gospel music in my Church.
God bless for your wonderful music lesson

684 Yugo

Jermaine you’re such a blessing. Thanks alot for being you, you have this grace that comes with everything you do. God bless you Jermaine!!!

685 Antonio

Your are truly gifted in being able to break down music. The Music Transformation not only helps me to understand my keyboard weakness but also improve my sax playing.

686 madcatmoore

Mr. Griggs & Family
You rock man!!! That report had every thing that a young musician would ever need in order to develop into a minister of God. Even if one would have been a church musician for years and could play the white off the ivory he/she could still benefit from the material in this report. It’s mind blowing stuff!! I would like to become a representive of the Hear & Play music family in my local area to spead the good news that Transformation has finilly come. So that those who really desire the best possible shot at become something more for God or who just want to know how to play can do so. Thank you so very much!!!

687 Francois Akpovo

Rev. Germain, May God Almighty bless you and your family.
There are so many lines of the reports you faithfully published that illustrate my gospel piano experience. I bought many of your DVDs that help take off. I play in a French Church the little I could understand and mastered from studying at your school. I learned the circle of fifth just for learning the theory, but tonight, after watching and practicing along with the online videos you posted, I feel empowered to play better at tomorrow morning service, by the grace of God. I have a mandatory choir rehearsal on Tuesdays but I will do the best I can to be online. I don’t want to miss this blessings; they are mine among millions.
I pray that your ministry a world wide one and may God abundantly supply all what you need. Amen.

688 Francois Akpovo

Corrections, Read Jermaine instead of Germain.
I pray that your Ministry be a World Wide one. Amen

689 Ken

The light bulb went off in my head! I’ve been writing for years without knowing a stitch of theory. I’ve decided this year I will learn it and understand WHAT I’m playing. I’ve tried many courses but you’ve done it! You connected the missing link on WHY the Circle of Fifth is important. Now it all makes sense!

This IS truly it!

Now, I can write new songs with a sense of purpose that will be appealing to the masses because they have “That Sound!” Now, I can pick out song on the radio without guessing what they’re doing! Now, I have arrived!

690 Ken

I’m sorry but I forgot to say Thank You Jermaine! Thank You very, very much.


691 Tracy Herrera


You are so encouraging, keep up the good job! The video was great, continue to use all the gifts God has given you!

692 Victor Werekoh

Right now I call you the leading gospel Apostle Star. Congratulation on your reaching out to all those who love to play gospel but just can’t hear the right tune. I keep on praying for your industry to grow like the mustard seed. May you be promoted by billonians soon so that your mission can tranform all the churches across the world. Remember, your greatest reward is in heaven if only God is happy about your good works. All glory be to God anyway. Hope you know that. I need your prayers too, Mr. Griggs & Family. Amen

693 Deek

Jermaine. Jermaine. There’s a special place in Heaven for you. You are truly generous and unselfishly so. I just say “Thank You!” Continue to be a Blessing! Much Love, Deek


Jermaine,all I can say is “THANK YOU”. You are very kind to offer us who would love to be able to play the piano so much. I thoroughly appreciate you and what you do. To God be the glory. you be blessed as you are already a blessing to others. THANK YOU. Eva

695 Avery Ruffin

I believe what you are doing is a blessing! you all will be in my prayers for continued success.

696 Jacquetta

Hey jermaine,

I watched the full length video and it still makes me laughl. It’s really a good thing that you all done. I also checked out the video clips of the members at the end of the talk about the mt disc set. I think they are doing great. I can’t wait to be able to sound that good. They encourage me even more just by listening to them and seeing how the GMTC has helped them progress in their dream. Thanks for the info. and continue to be blessed all of you. Until next time, if I can hear it I can play it just like you said, and I beleive that.

697 Kneisha

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!Mr.(Bro.)Griggs I am so blessed to have come to know you.Well, I feel like I do because you manage to teach many strangers by whatever frequency, and to present yourself as down to earth, personable, almost transparent to the eyes of your students (in a good way.)I am new to the site(less than a month) and there’s probably still a lot I don’t know about that you are offering, but I got the WORD on MT and it brought me to tears-literally.I have been hearing from The Comforter that “everything will be alright” and that “Our Father placed some things inside of you when you were young that are just now about to come forth.He put them there for a reason,so that He alone may get the glory from your very existence!” I apologize for being so long, but if I short change this message to you,I feel it would be out of disobedience.You see, like the guy that you shot (lol)”I don’t HAVE $300 for MT!” Well, it’s in Heaven, but not in my hand.This thank-you is a part of His plan.It’s so heart-felt that I don’t even know what’s going on!And Glory to God, I’m starting to like it when I can’t see the way because Im assured that God is leading, or even carrying me through whatever it is.(I just hope I don’t sound crazy to you, although it really doesn’t matter)Hey,thank you for for being IN POSITION when my time has come (along with other musicians’!)Thank you for putting your heart into your work!Thank you for keeping it REAL, and for Everything you do -just because you can!I am excited about the day when I feel capable of doing the same for someone else.I just finished watching the “action packed”MT movie (lol), along with How to Find the Key to any Song.I loved them both!And yes, I do (be laughing) find it humorous when you do your singing.Oh, and Man in the Mirror is one of my children’s favorites too! I apologize again for how long this is, but just one more thing:I would love for you to meet my church family here in Dallas.So if you can at all possibly make yourself available to log on to on a Sunday morning our services are on live at 7:30 & 11a.m.PLEASE!I LOVE MY PASTOR and MY CHURCH!(Just thought I’d add that part)You and your family can log on and experience the joy at the Inspiring Body Of Christ Church!Looking forward to growing with your lessons!

698 Peter Wong

Dear Jermaine,
I am a student of hear and play, I guess one of the reward your musical blessings to others is to recieve songs and music from your students and that he is able to realize the dream of playing music for his church because of the lessons he learned from Hear and Play.
I am determined to be that person and I have every confident that your MUSICIAN TRANSFORMATION will definitly help me realize my goal.
God Bless you and your entire family and team!
Peter Wong

699 david

Thanks for All the email followups. They are flooding my email box. Can I have my requested cancelled so that my emial box will not hang from overload? Please adfvise how to cancel…..

700 david

Thanks for All the email followups comments. They are flooding my email box. Can I have my requested cancelled so that my emial box will not hang from overload? Please adfvise how to cancel…..

701 Ans Hekerman

I have enjoyed reading en listening en looking the guides and the video’s you published for all of us, very much! I had read and tried to study “the secrets of playing piano by ear” a few months ago, but now I understand this stuff quite a lot better! I am very surprised by all the logic in the things you teach us.
Thank you too for all the mails about these things you sendend to me.
Good Luck with all you do en especially for your family to have the new baby coming to you.
So long, greetz, Ans

702 Margaret

Thank you very much for your quick respond. I am very interesting in learning music and I believe your help will make be achieve my goal.

Your movie presentation was cool.

703 Richard

Thanks for all the videos and training materials. Your MT (MI) video was great. I can always look forward to good things from you. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you.

704 Selwyn Noel

It is good outside the box sometimes, especially when you are marketing a product. Keep up the good work.

705 Tanitoluwa

Thanks a bunch Big Bro. Its amazing to know how much you’ve influenced our knowledge of music. sfgfddf

706 Tanitoluwa

Thanks a bunch Big Bro. Its amazing to know how much you’ve influenced our knowledge of music. Thanks

707 Mary Chisolm

Thank you so much for the valuable lesson.

708 Joe Morgan

Jermaine; why do you feel that your site is only for those who are just starting out? I am what you called an “A” musician. I can play any song that I hear, just as it is played. I make my living playing music. I am married with two teens. I developed the art of listening and playing songs because of people just like the ones who you talked about in your 44pg. report. I like yourself will show anyone what I know and slow enough to understand it. I have been doing what you are getting paid to do for over 25 years now. I can teach a person a song, but couldn’t name chords or teach the theory behind it. After getting an understanding of the circle of fiths, now I know when I am playing it and why it works. I didn’t even know that I was playing tri-tones,major/minor chords or what. All I knew is that when I played a song that it sounded just as it was recorded. I ordered Jason White’s dvd and learned little about the number system. I picked up the concept of tri-tones from Jamall Hartwell. After reading your report about the transformation I now recall when and how long it took me to learn each stage. You may say why are you so happy now? I am happy because now when I teach someone, I can tell them what stage they are at and better help them to move to the next level. I took it personal when nobody would teach me and I had to teach myself. I said for every no I had to hear, I was going to teach 100 others. Now, I have another tool to help. In the midst of all of this I was blessed through your report to be able to know when and what chord I am playing. I just want you to know I think it’s awson that there are others doing what I do locally but on a grander and better scale. Thanks for helping me to help others. I get more joy helping others than I do myself. I don’t have a website but I am glad you do and that you don’t mind sharing. I can’t wait to get the dvd’s and take them in as I did your reports. God bless your and your business.

Always willing to teach
Joe Morgan

709 marya

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have to say that this is one of the most helpful reports I have read in a long time. I haven’t had one piano lesson so I think that for my level of experience I play fairly well. This report helped me understand more about piano. THANK YOU AGAIN.

I am interested in taking piano lessons and I am looking for a good piano teacher.

710 Joe Morgan

This is Joe again. I was so happy that I forgot to proof-read my message. Please forgive me, but you have no clue how happy this makes me.
Thanks again dude…

711 Cindy King

I am really excited about this package. I am just worried that I won’t get to the website on time…I am already on the priority notification list, but have a prior engagement for the launch hour…8 p.m. central…any chance of either signing in for it earlier than that?

712 Al

I am SO excited to check out this package!!

713 Valerie

Thank you so very much for all the help that you are giving us struggling piano students. I am on the priority notification list and I intend to be on the computer the moment your generous new package goes on line. Once again many thanks for all your help.

714 Melony

I am waiting anxiously……………..anxiety attacks will be kicking in soon….


715 Alfred

Jermaine you are such a blessing to me :)
Thank you very much for the help you’ve given to me. I can now play piano very well :) I am waiting anxiously for my package.
Stay Blessed.

Thanks again

716 Eboh Amarachukwu


Can’t thank you enough, GREAT STUFF, man

God bless you. I hope to the the full 12-disk tomorrow.


717 Jos

Thanks God for someone like you to take us to our dream Lands. I would like to be a part of those lucky one to get one free copy.
Notify me via e-mail so that i can send you my address since i am not in the USA.
Thanks and God bless you

718 Monica


Thankyou see much for the great stuff that you have kept for us. I’m waiting for this package that would be online.
Thankyou once again & God bless you.


719 Brandon Bell

Thank you for allowing the Lord to work through you. Your teaching and playing is so inspiring. I really appreciate you doing this free offer. I am enjoying the Secrets to Playing Piano By Ear! I learn something new everyday. Thank you again and may God get the glory!

720 Isaac Ogunkoya

Back here in Nigeria,i have struggled for years to teach myself piano playing just to be able to play for our new church,because no professional will teach for free,if they want you to be fairly good compared to them and none would most likely have all the time to play for the church for free! I was only able to achieve little progress until i stumbled upon playpiano by Duane and then he recommended your website!!
Since then,i have been able to upgrade my piano playing both theoretically and practically,hence gaining invaluable experience.And with this musical transformation,i believe i will be able to use it to achieve move to a higher level in my music career in addition to my medical education and possibly sit among you world class music professionals.
I love you and your work and may God reward you immensely and abundantly!!!

721 Angel

Hey Jermaine,

Good work this is like a masterpiece, that is long awaited.
It gives me all the necesary insight and know how, now I can see all the different benefits, one can get out of knowing the circle of 4ths and 5ths.
When it comes to scales, chords and patterns, right now I can just watch the chart and see all the major and minor scales and keys one time, which is something I didn’t notice before, the Musicians Transformation report.
One serious question, as a member of GMTC, am I garanteed to get a copy, without any hassle? Or maybe just the digital download?

722 Roman Price

Man I Thank GOD For Blessing You To Bless Me. Your Musical Knowledge Has Helped Me In So Many Ways. I Am A Young Player (17) & I Jus Want To Say That The Way You Break Things Down Is So Amazing I Can’t Even Explain It. I Am Truly Blessed To Be Apart Of This Wounderful Group. I Can’t Wait To See How GOD Works Through You To Help Me In My Music Ministry.

Thank You Thank You Thank You

The Blessing Of Abraham Is On Your Life

Roman Price

723 Isaac Ogunkoya

Forgot to add,I loved the 44 and 29 page reports!

I wish you and your family unspeakable joy especially as you welcome the new baby!!

724 Angel

In all my exitement, I forget to say, thank you guys J.G AND J.P for your efforts.
And God Bless You, all that have contributed to make all of this happen in one way or the other in Jesus name. Amen.

725 Zenobia Coleman

I am so waiting for Music Transformation. I’ve been going from teacher to teacher for years looking for the one that would help me find the missing peace. I think this is going to be it.

Thanks for caring and sharing.

726 Lisa

Dr. Jermaine Griggs,

Congratulation to you and your wife new addition to your family. You are truly a blessing; I use to play a long time ago. I could only follow the melody, but not with chords. I have been trying to get someone to teach me for a while. Your music and information is a great help to me. I am trying to learn how to play for my church and myself. Thank you, again for having a heart to share what God has given to you to us. Never stop learn or sharing. I called you doctor, because a doctor restore a person and so does your music and your information.
Be Blessed,

727 Edward

Ok!! And the OSCAR GOES TOOOOOOOO!!!!! Jermaine And his troublesome need to have this program give away partner! hey! Enjoyed the video! If somewhere down the road you choose to take a break from giving lessons, you deffinetaly can persue a career in acting and producing!! Actually I am sure you can fit in a part 2, and 3. We need to see if you break down and give him a copy. If someone goes through that much trouble for this program, obviously, and desperatley wants to learn!

728 aundre

Hi Jermaine,

I commented already (#81) but I read the MT everyday since it was launched and digest a chapter each time I read it. It is after all, not something you can just read one time (its that good and deep), so I have to comment again.
Jermaine you may or may not know how even the written tutorials help us musicians out here, but let me reassure you, they are very helpful. You see, there are many, many unanswered questions as it relate to music that the selfish musicians dont reveal or share and even if they do, as you said, it is watered down (not fully explained).
Take for instance, a post that you did some time ago about ‘chord substitutions’ and the use of relative minors and tritones. That’s a question I have been asking my brother-in-law (He’s a musician) for quite some time. I knew that some chords could be substituted by watching him play, but I did not know the relationship of what chord was played to the key the song was in, but your post answered my long-standing question …without a video tutorial. AMAAAAZING.
I thank you, and like I said in my last comment, may God’s richest blessings continue to manifest itself to you and your lovely family.

Aundre from Ja.

729 Mattie Moore

Hi Jermaine
I am grateful and truly blessed to have met
online with you. I tried to play your mission impossible
video but it keeps going in and out. I think you are a gift
from God to be so supported to everyone. As for as your
materials that you are issuing, I would love to have a few
of them. I purchase the Gospel 101 and I’m about to wear it
out. I’m one of the slow learners about music. I have been
picking on the piano for about two years now, but I’m not
giving up.


730 Dorcas

It. Has truthly been
A blessing for me.I’ve been waiting for a long time to reach the next level
In my music ministry.Thank you and. God bless

731 Kathleen Williams

The video was funny. You guys looked like you had a lot of fun. Would you all happen to have any copies specifically for deployed soldiers? I stumbled on to your site and have saved it ever since. I don’t get to go on it much but I save the emails that I get to read when I have some free time. I love the keys and would love to be able to play. I have registered but not sure where I will be or what time it will be for me so I have added my work email address just in case. Not sure if I will be lucky enough to have internet or be available to be one of the lucky recepients of your gift set. Anyway, if you are giving to any deployed Soldiers, I would sure love a reserved copy…my intent is to catch it just in time.

Thanks for giving so much to us. God Bless

732 stevon

Thank you guys so much for your help, the tips that i got from you guys has transformed my playing to another level, not as good as you guys yet!but getting there, may God truly bless you richly, keep up the good works.


733 Marvin Herbert

i think this was a great work and i want you to keep up the good works. Remember your reward is from above.

734 Richard

Hi Germaine!!! Nowhere on earth can we find a person who’s so gifted and your programs, they’re impossible, I mean they’re too good to be passesd over. Bro, God bless you. Keep the blessing flowing. You’re in for a big harvest, coz nothing you do here will ever go in vain, they’re all recorded and will be be rewarded by the Lord.

735 Manoa

Hi Jermaine
Hey! the video was really cool, you are not only a Piano Teacher but a good actor as well. Guys thank you so much for your help, I’ve been doing lots of reading and practicing through out this course. I am not that good yet but its getting there. Like they say more practice makes perfect.
May God bless you and your family


736 Dmitry


The new release/announcement video was a great fun.
And I really like your generosity when giving out that incredibly important information in all your free videos.
That’s a great job. I really appreciate what you’re doing.


737 selassie

I could’t believe all these packages were going out for free. Its overwhelming. God realy will bless you for blessing me. Thanks a lot..

738 Stefan

Hi Jermaine!

Realy incredible that you´ll give away 1000 Packages of your Piano Course.

I pray to God that I´ll get one !

Peace for all the all the People on this wonderful Planet!

May God Bless You!


739 isa

This is very interesting and really got my attention.

740 William R. Moseid

Beyound expectations. You are the Man!

May God bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you


741 Jean Dockal

This is great! Reading it and hearing what you have to say about it really helps me. God bless you abundantly for being so generous with the knowledge that you have.

742 Mathew

Jermaine, a thousand thank you’s for everything you do. I’ve learned so much already with just the e-mails you’ve sent me. I’ve been playing for a long time now but never could get the “play by ear” phenomenon figured out. Now I’m absolutely excited to begin to understand and become a transformed musician. Thanks again for everything!

743 Bobbie

just starting to play (beginer)Love this sight am amazed with everything, God Bless You @your Family!!!

744 Catherine

Hi Jermaine. I really appreciate the DVD and all the information and the guide you have provided. I haave been playing for a long time but needed something “new & fresh” to enhance my playing. Thank you for making everything so understandable. I’m an older person but still want to keep a “sound for now” style of playing. Thanks again.

745 Ray Herum

Your video is very cool Jermaine well done. The 29 & 44 page report will take a little longer to take in, and if I’m on of the 1000 it will all start to make sense. All the best Ray from Canberra, Australia.

746 Chris

Wow.. What a response. I’m so excited and so hopeful at the same time… :) But whoever is lucky to get this first. Take advantage… Don’t let it sit around and collect dust. If that’s the case you may as well give it to me. Good luck to everyone! But if you think about it everyone is already benefiting from this whole experience. One step at a time. Don’t sleep on that 44 Page Report and the Missing Chapter. The contain most of everything you need. I also have re-dedicated myself to finshing “The Secrets To Playing Piano Ear”. I purchased that in 2007 and I got stuck and didn’t ask for the proper help. But here we are.. on the verge of a major breakthru…. I guess I’m kind of sayin’… Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get a copy… It will be for sale in a few months and a lot of what you need is already all around you on this site. This package kind of gives you a blueprint and that is what I think has attracted so many people..

I love you…
God Bless


747 osas

i am very greatfull for this lesson
thanks and god bless

748 David

I have listened and watched all of your video clips and i am at awe at the level of teaching that you give. I have always known for a “FACT” that musicians, “especially” gospel musicians hold back and don’t share the secret sauce to there playing. I love that you Share. I am a bassist that play gospel music and i just wish what you have for keyboard players that you could have the same for bass players. Seeing that your a keyboardist, maybe you can get someone on board “gospel bassist” to share his/her secret sauce. Great job, keep up the good work


749 Lilie

Hey, Jermaine!
I am so thankful for all the information that you shared. I thank God for your style of teaching too! :) May God’s grace be with you always.

750 kneisha

Thank you both for all that you do.You are in my prayers.

751 Richmond

i love this book, thanks pal…..God Bless you.

752 Michael Smith

I love this I’m looking forward to the club site right now!

753 Kim

People have talked about the circle of 5th and I even had a teacher who “wouldn’t show me”, it reminded me of the article you wrote on musicians who keep information to themselves. It was so helpful. I love the pyramid that you learn 90% when you teach. I have been teaching beginning piano for 3 years in hopes of learning more myself. I always felt so inferior to teach but after seeing your chart that is exactly correct, I am bettering myself by doing it. I don’t think anyone can ever “arrive”. We all can strive to be better than we are and your information is definately a road to get there. Thank you so much. I am sorry I missed out on the free set of DVD/CD.

Thank you for your willingness to share what God gave you.

754 Bright

God bless you for being generous.

755 roberto

HI, Thanks for emailing me. I was wondering if you have any bass guitar video web sites like the keyboad video.
God bless you, keep it up tou are doing a great job.

756 Adzidzor

Awesome!! I am amazed at receiving the MUSICIAN TRANSFORMATION package. Almost unbelievable yet true. God bless you. Your lessons makes keyboard playing easy yet anointed. Thank you so much.

757 Raymond

I want to begin by saying, “Praise ye the Lord”, and thank you very much. I

recieved the Muscian Transformation Collection, and truely, such wisdom is deep

and hold a priceless value; and I am very much delighted.


Raymond Ross

758 Gilbert Baham

whenwill your new stuff be ready to mail out

759 Kenneth Collins Bonsu

Please,I just joined your group.I’ve been very interested in all the packages but rather unfortunate that I can’t assess it because I don’t have a credit card to pay for the shipping(God Bless you the good work done)

760 Nick

That was an excellent demonstration about your Transformation package. I can truly say that I found myself in most of these categories and I hope that this can help me get to the next level.

God bless and keep up the good work!!!

761 Emily

Could you help me? Suddenly, I can’t view any of your videos on your site. All I get is the blank white box with the small multi-colored square in the top left corner. Maybe I’ve changed a setting somewhere, or removed something I shouldn’t have. I want to see your videos. Haven’t seen the action movie one yet! Boo Hoo! What settings do I need to make on my computer?

Thanks! Looking forward to the launch tonight! What is the total cost of the package? How many months will I be paying? Stay Blessed!

762 richard

am very interested in it but am told the file has damage pls help

763 mthim101



764 ralph

Cn’t get the 90 minute seminar????

765 Bill

Hey Jermaine,

This information you gave out is really good information to know. Although I don’t play Gospel Music it did brightened my horizon playing my keyboard!!

Awesome stuff I wouldn’t mind getting more stuff like this!! I couldn’t afford the shipping of the transformation package that is why I didn’t get it! Money is tight right now I didn’t even have that s/h money.


Mr. Jermain,you’ve been of a wonderful help to my playing career, i joined this site in 2007 and said i loved playing jazz music as a pianist, your advices and lessons really helped, just last week i had the opportunity of playing to the entertainment of my state Governor i.e. Lagos state of Nigeria and everybody were astonished at my performance andthat of my crew. i really wish i could appreciate you better than this. tank you so very much

767 Zelma Allen

will you be offerring musician transformation as a free give away again soon

768 obzyl

I realy enjoy the fact dat hearandplay is improving and impacting seriously into lives… I need some chords!

769 Bill

Hey Jermaine,
I am having a blast with this information you released. Keep it coming. I am always thirsty for new information keep it coming its really neat

770 Bill

I have a Chord question for you Jermaine: Are sus4 and 4 chords the excact same? I was always wondering about that.

Thanks for your help!!

771 Carlos

I am sorry to be late

772 Rita

Jermain, thank you very much for your report, it’s wonderfull, I’ve never been playing piano, but when I found “hear and play” I understood what is playing and learned alot, thank’s

773 Charles

Jermaine.. You are a blessing to the kingdom. I have been playing keyboards for over 40 years and continue to develop myself for ministry and supporting our church in music. In the last 3 years ever since I began following HearAndPlay, my playing has improved exponentially.
Keep up the good. Very refreshing and excellent methods for delivering the message.

774 Charles

Jermaine.. You are a blessing to the kingdom. I have been playing keyboards for over 40 years and continue to develop myself for ministry and supporting our church in music. In the last 3 years ever since I began following HearAndPlay, my playing has improved exponentially.
Keep up the good work. Very refreshing and excellent methods for delivering the message.

775 mary savarie

I regret that I will have to unsubscribe from the training center.

I just have not had or taken the time to even watch the 1st dvd.

Thank you for the material.

Mary Savarie

776 Sheila

Greeting Jermaine,

I just want to say, I enjoyed listening and watching the both the audio and video regarding The Musician Tranformation. I truly can relate to what you were speaking about in reference to other musician sharing his or her knowledge in music. I thank God for you and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

777 Vinscentio

Hey bro. I am a saxophonist and I’ve been taking in your styles and it’s helping me some much I can’t believe learning music could be presented in such a easy way, now I am thinking about learning the keyboard because you break it down so easy, and if I learn to play the keyboard then I will become a better sax player. Keep up the good work the lord will bless you for helping so many people.
Many blessings to you and your family. BLESS UP

778 Ma. Teresa Magcamit

Hi Jermaine,

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. May our gracious Lord continues to bless you and your family in all of your endeavors!!!

779 Rev,Green

Dear Jermaine,
First let me take the time to say that I really appreciate your free lessons. Because right now I don’t have any money to pay. As soon as I record I’ll Never forget how your free lessons have helped me play a litttle better.
I am currently hoping that you would put about 5 major noramlly sung gospel videos for free so that i could take my playing to another level so that I could record all these songs that I’ve written!!! Thanks Recv.Green

780 Daniele Di Pomponio

Dear Hear and play,
I am writing because I am a classical-jazz pianist ( with Conservatory diploma and jazz courses). I live near Rome ( Italy) and I have been playing as entertainer into luxury Hotels for 12 years ( World leading hotels and Relais & Chateaux).I also payed many times in concert ( Chopin is my favourite composer)… so… now I have serious problems in finding a job and I have a family ( wife who is a flute-player and a son ). I’ d like to ask you if there are any possibilities in U.S. to find a job into Restaurants or Hotels ( I play many many american standards and american people like me) and if u could help me.
I have already been in San Francisco for 1 week, in the year 2000, to play a few private concerts for Mr. Brian o’Neil ( Goldberg Moser o’Neil).
I am inside MySpace and you can listen to any pieces that I recorded with a Yamaha-Clavinova.
Anyway thank you for your attention and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

781 Derek Flint

I’d like to check out your books.

782 nick

hey Jermaine good stuff. I’m Look’n for the fat gospel chord progressions for like worship songs; give direction

783 Dennis

Another hot creation. Cant wait to put this to use

784 kim

Thanks so much for all of your sharing for we are all truly here to uplift God’s Kingdom and I’m grateful for people like you who are willing to take out time from your busy schedule to help others along the way!
Truly a blessing!
In Christ!

785 francisco

hey jermaine
since joining hear and play,my playing has improved alot,if you can show/learn me more,i would be greatfull,thanks for improving other’s skill and knowledge of gospel music.keep up the good work.GOD BLESS!!!

786 Jonah

jermaine, thanks for all these information that you have shared with us. it is really mind blowing.thanks a million. shalom!

787 Pastor Nsikak David


Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU AGAIN. God bless you richly.

788 Vince Brown

I already have the 44pg and the 29pg. Is there a way I can get just the new 37pg guide without having to download all 3?

Vince Brown
7924 S Hermitage
Chicago,IL 60620

789 Timothy P

just big Thanks, and GodBless you some more.
t. :0)

790 adeline galm

Hi, I didn’t notice the small print below the first download to deactivate popup blocker. It didn’t download to pdf, o’course stupid me. Is there some way to make it work after my phlub? Thanks…..adeline

791 Jermaine

Yes, on the next page you will see each report separately. Just download what you want. You’ll also get an email to each of the reports just in case you have issues getting them to download on the next page.

All the best, JG

792 adeline galm

Update: I just figured out a way to by-pass my stupidity, if that is possible,in not reading the small print before hittin the download link. Right click and refresh got the download restarted and completed….thanks again Jermaine….adeline galm

793 thomas

thank you for all your hard work in helping a beginner like me may God keep on blessing you…Love

794 promarck

man!!!!!!!!! u are the best kip up the good work GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!

795 Don

Thanks for your ideas, Jermaine. I hope that I can be a better keyboard player from studying them. I am mainly a guitarist, but, I’d like to be a better keyboardist than I am now.
God bless your work,
A fellow Christian musician,

796 Alan T Brown

Just started working through your “bigsecret” document – superb! I have seen the circle of fifths hundreds of times but this is the first time I have realised what it is all about.

Thank you.


797 Joseph Ngoran

hey Germaine, i just receive my package (gospelkeys 101, 202, 300, 500)
I hope that it will help me a lot.Thank you for your service.

798 Bruce

Hello Jermaine,

You are a divine gift to me & I call you my professor. Your resources have lifted me higher to a new level of Playing the Keyboard.

For the Fruits you’ve borne in us,GOD grant you a Double portion.
Please keep on.


799 Cathy honora


800 Yvonne

Hey Jermaine,You keep coming up with a way for everyone to purchase or work with you somehow to learn how to play piano and Keyboard.I have had financial setbacks as well as physical problems.But I am not quitting.One day I will get this DREAM accomplised and you will get most of the credit.Thank you so much for your Graciosness and Patience.Blessings on you and your family.Yvonne

801 hector

I am interesting in salsa and jazz,I dont read music.the question is do I need this offert and why?

802 Tom

I am a banjo player. I have read the 44 page report and the other two. I am so glad i did, I am wanting to learn the organ so I can play in church. I use the circle of 5ths all the time when I am playing banjo and I have it deep in my mind. HOWEVER!!! I learned so much as to navigating the keyboard. I know I have the dexterity the ability and I know my musical training on the banjo (yes it is a real instrument) will help me with my journey on the organ which thanks to hear and play won’t be a forever long grueling endless daunting task. I am Roman Catholic and we don’t have gospel like hear and play teached but I LOVE gospel and Gospel music will allow me to play traditional hymns for my church. I have a huge classical organ I can’t wait to make talk!! Thanks so much Hear and Play God has blessed you as well as I Thanks Tom


I’m a married woman with 3 kids from Nigeria and started playing the piano at the age of 6, but i have found it hard to grasp the concept of playing by ear because all i learned all these years was sight reading classical music. All this has changed since i downloaded your first 2 reports. I have just downloaded the latest 37 page report because i loved the first 2 reports so much. Thank you so very much and GOD bless u greatly. you are a direct answer to prayers. I pray that i will be able to get the stuff you are giving away.

804 Luara

Thank you very much,Jermaine. It’s very helpful!!

805 Delvalin McHugh

great job Jermaine! thank you very much!!

806 Margie

I’ve only signed in and I’m already very excited about your help and teachings. Thank you very much for everything so far. I’ll let you know of any progress in my playing the piano. It is my favourite music instrument. To listen AND to play. I think that I was on level 2 of the “Conscious Competence Ladder” until Saturday.
I can’t wait to start learning.
God Bless

807 Nora

I do play and I use to play as A young girl but an operation in my child hood had took me from the skills I had some how. I got back some of those skills and I try to play daily just in hopes that they will all come back sometimes the songs I play are just about all there. but I am not sure if this is going to help me for its more psychological not just from the operation but form incidents that had happened to me as well before the operation… Bu t I will down the reports and read them over to see if they are some thing to try..

808 Lucia

Hi Jermain! Findind your site really gave a twist to my playing!!!!!! THANK YOU!
You videos and audios are very inspiring and a lot of fun too!

809 Brian L Simmons

Hello Jermaine,

I just wanted to say thank you for allowing God to use you and share the knowledge! I have been playing piano and keyboards in church for over 20 years( I’m 33 now ) and I found myself stuck on the same level of playing for atleast the last 5 years, until now. I’ve purchased quite a few dvds from your hearandplay sight and each one has been a blessing to me ( Jamal Hartwell, Jason White,Jazz 101, Hanon exercises) oh , i purchased the Micheal Bereal dvd and havent even opened yet because I’m so knee deep into the previous ones. My playing is totally on another level, I can now read sheet music which really helps put things all together along with the hearandplay concepts. I recently started my own production company Bnote Productions LLC. I’m hoping one day to produce the music that God keeps placing in my head. I’m just trying to get my fingers to play what I’m imaganing and they are finally doing it!
You actually gave me call recently after my last purchase but I didnt recognize the number. I was surprised, you dont see businesses reaching out to their customers like you did and even though I missed the call, i did get your message and appreciate it. I want you to know that you have a committed customer here in Buffalo NY. People are asking me who’s teaching me how to play and I dont hesitate to tell them about your website and the numerous amount of resources you have available. I dont share the DVD’s though! They gotta buy their own! You have a business to run! If a musician isnt willing to invest time & money to make themselves better, then I cant help them. Again keep doing what your doing and I pray Gods favor continues to pour into you and your beautiful family as you pour onto us.

God Bless
Brian L. Simmons

810 Mandira

just wanted to thank you. I’m amazed at your generosity in sharing your talents with so many people. What you have given will no doubt come back to you at double the pace. Thanks again!

811 Chris Johnson III

Thanks Jermaine.

Hey it’s been a couple months but I wanted to touch base with you. I had a debit card problem about a month or so ago and had to get a new card. Someone was making charges on my debit card from overseas. When I got my new card I went to the GMTC to change my card number. I thought I changed it but for some reason it would not work. Then I started receiving your emails regarding my payments not going through. To be honest, I have been kinda busy and haven’t had a chance to fix the situation. Can you or someone assist me in joining the GTMC community again. On that note, here is an update on my progress the past couple months. I think I’m ready for Pattern Paradise. I haven’t gotten into voicing real deep (it started to get a little crazy at the time because I didn’t understand chords like I do now) but I think I understand the basic concept enough now for my needs at this point. Can’t wait to finish going through your newest report! But I’m definitely getting better. You may remember, my goal in this is to have a better understanding of music theory so I can produce better quality hip hop/rap and R&B instrumental tracks which will lead to better songs overall for the artists I work with. Playing fast and playing live is something I’m interested in but not anytime soon. :) I got a lot out of Fundamental Factory and I think I understand the relationship of intervals and chords enough now to start understanding these patterns that are used so much. I don’t know why but I still have a hard time figuring out the key of songs. I have used the method you showed us on You Tube but I still have trouble. I will say this, I am starting to hear or understand what you mean by the point of the song where there is ‘rest’. Problem is I’m still unsure whether or not that is actually the key of the song. I know you should follow the bass but I still get lost and I’ll spend quite a bit of time (15 minutes or so) and if I don’t find it by then I’m on to something else. Also, I don’t know why I do this either, but when I try to find the key of a song, I listen to and try to mimic the bass notes (starting with the ones that fall on the down beat first) using a bass patch instrument. When you do it or when I see others do it they almost always using a piano patch or instrument. Maybe I need to try using the piano to find the note(s) instead of the bass? I know so much more about chords now than I did back in December. How to play them, progressions, how to make my own using the intervollic method. Playing notes outside of the scale to help make certain transitions smoother. A lot of stuff. But why do I still have trouble finding the key of a song? I’ll never be able to fully experiment, mimic or create w/out it. I’m talking mostly R&B (about finding the key), but it’s hard to find the key of hip hop tracks as well, depending on how detailed the producer was. Since getting your course in December I have also learned so much about the basics (breaking years of bad habits) and I have applied some of these basics to the instrumentals I have made since. All in all, I’m learning what I want to learn about chords and progressions, but I think not being able to find the key of a song is holding me back tremendously. I guess I said all of that to say this: :) lol….. I’m happy (but far from satisfied) with the progress I have made so far. But is the lack of pattern recognition (which I haven’t gotten into because I have been spending a lot of time since February learning about chords) contributing to my inability to find the key of songs? I know the light will come on sooner or later but that is why I needed your help. I need it sooner rather than later. :) The light came on with the basics (number system), major and minor chords (I just play those now w/out too much thought). Why is finding the key of a song so hard for me?

Love everything you do for us Jermaine.

May God continue to bless us all.


812 Carolyn Bowman

Hey Jermaine: So much infomation on here and I want to know it all. Suffice to say, I wish to be 20 again and have all the time in the world to absorb it all. However, my time is limited, but I am grateful for all the help that you share so freely with me and others, and all you give from your heart. God Bless you and your family. Carolyn

813 Tina

Hey Jermaine,

The new report is awesome as were the first two. I’m really learning a lot and perfecting my playing. Keep up the extraordinary work! It really helps beginner musicians like myself. Thanks again, and be blessed.

814 Fe

Hello.. You did a great job! A lot of people including myself learned a lot! Thanks for sharing it with us!!! May you continue to share your talents and knowledge to all… GOD BLESS and Thanks again! Fe

815 Ans Hekerman

Thank you for the new audio’s: Teleseminar #1 (90 minutes) and Teleseminar #2 (2 hours) NEWEST!!!
I did download them but do not have time now to listen. But soon I will.
Thank you very much!

816 Peter Roberts

Hi there. I am 8o years of age, played guitar for ages, but aging fingers let me down now. Purchased a Yamaha psrE223 a short ime ago. Just want to play a bit of Gospel with the young Group in our local Parish church. I am certain that your guides will help me through, so a big thank you.
Peter Roberts Luton UK

817 Clint Blalock

I was trying to download a voice recording and was cut short for some reason. I do have copies of your Musican Transformation, downloaded this morning, and have had no chance to read them yet.

Congradulations on your soon coming new arrival to your family.

My hope is to play only one song, Amazing Grace, before my death in church here in South Dakota. Some gospel music had been sung with a purpose….. emotional healing and relief…… that it brought them, when so many lives were tormented and degraded socially during economical corruption and prejudistical “strong arm” tactics were applied during the Depression.

Best regards,

Clint Blalock

818 Lois


Thank you for the downloads. I know I will find a lot of good helpful information.

819 HERB


Thank you, Herb

820 tasha

thanks so much for all the resource you provide here – this is my first stop for instrument resources :-) i play the keyboard and am learning the bass guitar… stay blessed and highly favoured. Tash

821 Adrian

What’s up Jermaine? Just letting know I have all of your MTReports. I’ve enjoyed reading all the information in them. It has been a blessing. Keep up the good work. Peace and God Bless.

PS. I have a surprise for you and the Hear and Play/GMTC Family. lol. Check your email in a couple of hours!)

822 Darwin Holiday Packages

I have to say you got my attention although I’m a little turned off by the hyped-up headlines.

823 Rick Guess

Jermaine youre a Godsend, although I’ve been a musician virtualy all my life I’ve learned very little other than drums. I’ve been fighting tooth-n-nail with the piano and guitar for several years now. Determined to teach myself as I did the drums. Just by time, effort, and determination. Although I have been blessed to aquire a basic understanding, what I have been missing is a real foundation to build on. I believe whole heartedly that I will find that in these pages. I thank God for a man, no, a “ministry” like yours to help me along. My prayers are with you wherever God may lead! Keep up the good work and may God bless! Yours in Christ; Rick

824 Mary Ann

WOW Jermaine, Thank God for you, for some of us the sky is the limit and for others, trying to keep there computer going is something else, but I’m still holding on, and love every minute of it.
I have the first three print out of the 5 month course, will I need to reprint this to get the extras?

825 Schadrac

Hello Jermaine! This is one of your student from Africa (Ghana). I was able to download the Musician Transformation report but now i wonder how i could get these DVDs you were talking about in this small movie on Musician Transformation that you made. I really appreciate all these free stuff you put on your website for the improvement of Gospel musicians, and only GOD will reward you.

826 Kunle

Hi! Thanks so much for your good works. You are definitely a great gift to this generation. Having access to your materials is a blessing in deed. The challenge however is how to get hard copies- videos etc. How do I go about this please?

827 tim kilgore

Hey, I thank you for your stuff. As a blind musician, I appriciate the massively descriptive nature of your vidios. Please continue to do this and don’t leave out the descriptions

828 ernestine

Thanks so much Jermaine for this info. I’m like your grandmother, been playing so long and only reading music I need this in order to continuing to play the comtempory gospel that my choirs want to sing. 65 and still holding on you’re never to old to learn.
thanks again

829 Jacquetta

Hi Jermaine,
I want to thank you for the new report and all the bonus material you gave with it. And also I just want to let you know that you have a lovely family. I know you don’t hear from me offten but I try to send a comment every once in a while. I have a lot of your material so much I just have to really take my time and really get a holt of all the stuff. I am learning but at a very slow paste, turtle speed just like you said. I have really been enjoying this new report and in some cases it seemed like you were describing me. I’m not going to be the one that wondered what just happened. I’m going to be that first one that make things happen. Sure I like to watch people play and No I wasn’t born with the gift to pick up and just play just like some but He gave me just enough to spark that fire of passion to play and that’s what I’m going to do. You see He told me in His word if I be faithful with a little, He will make me faithful with much. So I’m going to press toward that mark of a higher calling in my music because I know If I can’t do it now He will bless me to do it later. My help is on the way, because God put somebody in my path to give me all the help I need from man and that was you and the hearandplay team. I will be 51 on May 15th if the Lord say the same and I feel that He is going to bless my music more than I could have ever imagined. I never took piano lessons as a child because we could never afford it, but I use to play little notes I could hear in my head and call myself making a song and mama would listen and she really loved it. It sound good to me, but I knew I didn’t know what I was doing, but I enjoyed doing it. And when I got a little older as a teenager I kinda got away from it and mama would ask me why I stopped playing, and I responded back, I can’t play, I don’t know what I’m doing. But she never gave up and she just kept on smiling and said it sound good just keep on the Lord will bless ya. Of course after many years wasted I’m allowed another chance since I found you guys and I won’t give up. I know if mama was still here she would be so proud. Sorry I got carried away, but somehow I think you know the feeling. May you and you family, and the hearandplay family continue to be blessed, and continue to be a blessing to all.

Until next time :)

830 Jacquetta

Hi Jermaine,

Just wanted to fix that little mistake on my birthday. I’ll be 51 on May 14th instead of the 15th.

Many thanks

831 ijeoma

tx alot, the article was rich indeed, just learning, would order for helfull books.stay blessed

832 Jacquetta

Hello Jermaine,

Just wanted to know if you have any of the sermons you preach, or some of your teachings in church for the public to listen to? I would love to hear some of them if it be possiable.

833 John

Good day sir,i want to say that for the first time, i got a good and clear understanding of what it is all about. I am really interested in this, for the first time.
Meanwhile,I live in Nigeria and I will also appreciate it if you post me other free items like vedio and audio musics. my adrress is ,Pastor Abah John Ofu Nigerlink Hotels Limited,4 malenje street, zone 4, wuse_Abuja. P.O.Box,3670 Garki-Abuja-Nigeria.
I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks and God Bless.
Pst. Abah John Ofu.

834 vincent peppers

Hello Jermaine,
I must confess that I wouldn’t have tried your course if it had not been for a cousin of mine who said ” let’s go in together and try the course.” So we did, and i must admit that it was the best money investment that i’ve ever made. I plan on getting more courses from you in the future, just me, not going in with anyone, because i want the whole experience for myself. I’ve worked with many worldly groups in the past but I’ve always wanted to play gospel music. Now thanks to you I know that I can do just that, thank you very much. I will be getting some more courses soon.

835 isaac kunle

i am not able to download the free

836 David

The viedoes that i HAVE LISTENED TO ON LINE AND BY PRINTING THE pages from the e-mails , I have learned more than I have ever known

Thanks a bunch

837 Lucia

Jermaine, you are an inspiration. You are very generous. Music is very important for improving human kind. With your generosity we play better the piano, we are happier can make people to feel happier too and that reflects in our surrounding inviroment. Thank you!!! God bless you!

838 Drew

Drew, I’ve heard about your DvD’s and read your articles after a friend told me about how good your lessons were. I was very inspired and decided to checkout your site myself to verify what my friend was saying. I wanted to learn piano for a long time now and you have made it look so easy to learn. Thank you for your hard work to bring these lessons to people who want to learn, and may God bless you and your family.

839 Whirling Rainbow

The two concepts of extended chords on the third and fifth of the scale. thats the ninth and eleveths conbined with the movement in fourths has me practising on all the key with ease and inspiration. THANK YOU. I can’t help wondering when these chords might be most apropriate but sense that continued practise around the clock of keys is going to inform me from the heart not the head. Some advise on simlpe rhythem patterns for the left hand would be tremedous.Bless you ,thanks again.

840 Lilie

Hello, Jermaine! Wow! You have quite a bit of fan out there. :) I thank God for giving you the passion for music, and I thank you for helping us out there too! Thanks again and stay blessed!!

841 Melvin R Ruffin Jr.

Hello Jermaine:

Mannnnn! Hear and Play is heaven sent!………….the Musician Transformation and all the report that you allow me to down load must be God given, right now I am at the Chord Command stage working with all the mode scale and understanding the position of each mode, I can’t quite pronounce the Greek name in your Techniques & Fundamentals book ha,ha…..but the book made me understand what to do with the mode scale.

Your reports tell me exactly what I am doing wrong and what I need to do to correct my error(had to be God sent), now I can say I am no longer stuck in one position, I know what I should and should not do because of here and play, and sorry it took to long to respond, I was too busy digging in, no kidding….you guys are great!!!!!!.

May the Lord Jesus Bless your family and Hear and Play endeavors!!!

Melvin R Ruffin Jr.
(MR Offshore Construction Service LLC.)

842 Wayman Pinder

Hello Jermaine.

This is my first ever email to you. I have been following you for some years now. I purchase your 300 pg. “The Secrets to Playing Piano by Ear” some year ago. I must confess that I am stuck on chapter eleven and can’t seen to progress further.

I purchased a lot of your materials, which I am looking forward to reviewing. I will be retiring this year, so I will have time to devote to mastering the materials.

I direct people to your site are who are interested in learning to play in the gospel style or to play by ear.

You are the best guy, and I personally thank you for all your efforts. As I stated, I have been follower for the last several years and I am happy for your success. That tells me that you are helping a lot of people.

I look forward to the new materials.


Wayman Pinder

843 Niyi

Just to let you know that you guys are a real blessing and thanks for these offers. I bought your products before and also download some of the materials and they are top quality.
But eh, I intend to pass on the blessing as well as I teach others.
Thank God for the talents and skills.

844 john


845 Jean Gardner

Thanks for allowing me to download this very important piece of music theory that I’ve been craving for, for years. I grew up in the 1960’s and was taught how to read music by a preacher’s wife who taught music from her home. So I grew up playing old school traditional gospel. You know: James Cleveland, Thomas A. Dorsey, Doris Akers etc. I’m trying to change my style. It’s very hard. I’ve been stuck in this situation for a while. I’m looking forward to the next series of lessons. A lot of what I’m reading in your books, I don’t quite understand, but I’m trying to figure it out. Pray for me and I’ll pray for you. Thanks again for the opportunity to better myself. J. Gardner, Cleveland, Texas

846 Simon

hey Jermaine,

The name is Simon, and i’m all the way from South Africa,I subscribed with your site about 2 months ago, and really dude, it’s like everything in your site is exactly what i’ve been looking for. my way of playing had reached a dead end, and i’ve been really getting frustrated so much that i even took a break from the worship band, but since i went into your site i’m starting to understand stuff… I downloaded the 3 reports the other day and i’m so excited, and i’ve been wondering how i’m gonna get myself to read all of them
(not much of a reader…lol!), but then last week I received an e-mail telling me about the 12 disc set that will be available for free today. i’m anticipating it and “I’m really hoping i’ll get it!” But anyway sir, I just wanted to let you know that Hear & Play Music is changing lives even as far as South Africa. God Bless you for what you are doing man…

Thank you man,


847 dennis

thanhs jermaine for your report, its exceptional

848 ochuko

oh! jermaine,i dont know what to say. sometimes i feel you are an angel.God will definitly bless you for these good works.these great work of yours is touching lives as far as Africa,Nigeria,delta state,sapele. Am a keyboardist in one of the small churches and God is using you to do wonders there through me.Though i have not gone through the exercise very well but i still pick the key points out of it and its working very well.i want to thank you very much, your reward might not be here on earth but it awaits you in heaven.

849 Edwin P

This is great stuff, and I thank you very much for sharing it with me, all of us actually.

850 Gwaya

This is more than the word amazing and interesting. Thanks very much for sharing such vital information with me.

851 Fred Egobi

looking forward to an improvement in my play

852 tejazz

u kool man. u doing hot stuffs. send me more personal tutorials. i”ll be grateful. keep it up……………….

853 Goodness

Germaine,you are the bomb.whenever i think i’ve seen it all you come out in another dimension showing me that i haven’t seen anything yet.hear and play rocks.

854 Blanche

Hi Jermaine. I appreciate all ur doin. was wondering, im from outside the us. do not own a credit card, just a debit. Is there any other form of payment available to purchase with. Please send me details.


855 joe cambridge

guitar NOT piano.

856 promarck

God bless you Jermaine lam a transformed ministry musician now kip it up

857 samueladjei

i want to know how to play the piano very well please help me

858 Ethel Simpson

I’m a beganier I need all the help I can get I’m 50+ years old have taken a few lessons here and there all my life and I still don’t know all my keys or how to play I have a desire to finish something in my lifetime ii guess now is the time to o it finally. Can you help me accomplish this….

859 NJ

Thanks!!! God bless!!!

860 Jennifer

Hello Jermaine, I just want to say Thank you it is rare that anyone gives out this sort of information freely. You will never be able to truly know how much it means to many. (Guyana,South America)

861 robhem

Thanks much man….I am woking on somthing to really get as much person on board to Hearandplay……..

Want to contact you Jermaine.

862 Mel

Hey Jermaine,

Thanks for the material. You always inspire me to keep pushing towards the goal of excellence. Even when I’m often too busy. We’ve gotta work at it to be better.


863 Portia

Thank you soooo much Jermaine. We will not quit. We will get it soon :) Thank you.

864 Ronald

Hi Jermaine,

The number of replies shows the high level of gratitude your site members are showing you. I had to go through them all to finally be able to express my sincere thanks to you, and above all to your family who must have missed you a lot when you were preparing these 3 pdf files.
I haven’t read them all as yet. I will and I hope to learn a lot from it.
You are never too old to learn, unless you are in the 6 plank box.
I play piano for some 63 years now, and still learn every day. I probably practise more than my students together. Some think that the 30 minutes lesson each week is enough. In my view: 30 minutes a day is not even enough.
I love playing, creating new tunes, introduce different rhythms to well known tunes, even Happy Birthday that every one knows.
I hope to record some soon. I have some equipment, but the first step is always the most difficult one to take.
I hope that God will Bless you and your family.
Again, I thank you sincerely for your reports.

Kind regards,

Ronald Verwer.
Your piano friend from Down Under.

Eb, E, G
I love you.
= the beginning of my song for my partner.
How simple is that.


865 yvonne

Jermaine, May God continue to bless you. I admire how it is nothing for you to share so much. You hold back nothing from us, and because it is a pleasure for you to share your knowledge I know rhe blessings would just flow. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

866 Henry

Hello Jermaine,

Thank you very much for these very informative resources
to further improve upon our knowledge and skills to play
piano by. ear.

867 Richard

It is not obvious to me how to download these 3 reports. I am being asked for my email address (which you used to make this offer). Am I missing something simple?

868 Mike

Yes, just fill out your name and email and you will see reports and other goodies on the other side.


I am not sure how to down load the stuff so am fill;ing out this comment slip as well.

870 Billy G. Farrish

Thank you for all the information you’ve provided over the years both free and the books and dvd’s I’ve purchased.

871 George Kakarelidis

Hi Germaine,
could you consider doing for Guitar the miracles you are doing for piano ?
Kindest Regards
George Kakarelidis

872 Michael Shelby

Hey Germaine,

Thank you for the information, however I play the guitar, but I have use your advice about finding the right key…it works! I am able to find the key of the song, before the choir is finish singing, that feels great to play along with the band and not just pick a few notes during the sing. So, I know this will help me, and I agree with the other command, thank you for providing this “free”, because it’s not easy to buy the material we need to study with, or even improve playing, again Thank You….

873 Terry Williams

I am really looking forward to getting my teeth into this, looks like what I needed thank you very much


Good evening Jermaine Griggs, I just got your documetation, It’s wonderful.
I’m really greatful for Lesson note.
May God continue to uplift you and give you more wisdom to Excell above your equals.
King regards,


875 Lonnie

Thank you very much for the very useful material.

876 A.Reid

Hi !
I play the guitar but know that I can follow the theory portion of the information !
My means are small at this time but will try to reciprocrate !

Thank You, God’s blessings


877 oswald

Thanks Jermaine
Like the report n more insight to playing by hear.
Be blessed