• This thing keeps getting better! Another Song Robot Update!

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    Check out this 5 minute video of me detailing the latest changes to Song Robot. And remember, if you’ve already invested in it, you get lifetime updates for free. Just open the program and it should say a new update is available. If not, then you need to log into the digital center with your e-mail and dob to pick up latest update (then after that point, the software will look for updates every time you run it).

    If you haven’t joined the group of proud Song Robot users, what are you waiting for? :-) Click here for more information.

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    Hi, I'm Jermaine Griggs, founder of this site. We teach people how to express themselves through the language of music. Just as you talk and listen freely, music can be enjoyed and played in the same way... if you know the rules of the "language!" I started this site at 17 years old in August 2000 and more than a decade later, we've helped literally millions of musicians along the way. Enjoy!

    Attention: To learn more about this, I recommend our 500+ page course: The "Official Guide To Piano Playing." Click here for more information.


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    1 Karin

    Hello there,
    finally you accepted Paypal and I appreciated this at once. So I tried downloading midi-files. I use the mostly the vlc-player and fire fox. When a song is downloaded in an instant and showing the symbol of that player, the player itself does not recognise the song but the robot plays it.
    When a song can be listened to with Quicktime player and I download it with the download-helper, the robot does not recognise that song at all. I find that very frustrating I must say. What use is it if that robot does not recognise many songs, e. g. “in the garden”? Hope you can help?


    2 Jermaine Griggs


    Step 1 – Open robot

    Step 2 – Press open button

    Step 3 – find midi file, mp3 or wav but preferrably midi

    The file will play.

    No, you can’t double click file and song robot open because midi files will be opened by quicktime or windows media by default. But you open song robot and simply go to OPEN, find you files and you’re done. That’s it.


    3 Jermaine Griggs

    Also click HELP to watch the tutorials and the blog posts where I have video of me finding TONS of songs out there. Must be midi files Karin. Files ending in .mid. there are millions out there.


    4 JM

    Song Robot is awesome! Only one suggestion I’d make, if possible, is a setting that would allow us to enlarge the keyboard. It could either just enlarge the keyboard itself or cause the whole robot to fill the screen. Maybe I’m looking at a zoom in/ zoom out feature in my imagination. I’ve held a magnifying glass up and find the keyboard easier to use when magnified.


    5 Jermaine Griggs

    Hey thanks for comment. This is actually the very next update. Already on it for u guys!


    6 Chevonne Reynolds

    I don’t know how this could possibly get any better Jermaine!!! This is wayyyyyyy better than the vanbasco player!! By a long shot!!


    7 Chevonne Reynolds

    Oh yeah another suggestion would be if you could save the setting you have for each song. If I’m playing the song “Available to you” and it was originally in the key of C and I changed it to Db…I would like to be able to save those settings so I wouldn’t have to change it every time I play that song.


    8 Sunny

    Hello jermaine,am desperate to get song robot but don’t know how much the whole thing will cost and procedures to take. Pls enlighten me,am desperately waiting.


    9 Tina

    Jermaine Griggs, do you know what you are???
    You are a killer.

    I just purchased the Song Robot with the coupon you sent in the mail, and frankly, I’m just undone…I am moved beyond words at your generosity, and even more by your committment to help others achieve their dreams.
    It’s like I can hear God saying in answer to why I can’t do what is in my heart to do, “Yes you can…My son Jermaine has provided the resources that eliminate excuses.” Even the favorite excuses, no time and no money, have been done away with by making the learning so organized and accessible.

    Yes, like so many, I’m a single homeschooling mom with almost no money or time, and ADD to boot. But, so what. It’s all right here laid out for me. I do have a computer (a gift from my dad), a keyboard (a gift to myself 15 years ago), and internet access (a gift from my dad as well).
    If I don’t do this, it will be really sad and I will have difficulty looking into the mirror, because thanks to you, Jermaine Griggs, all my excuses lay bleeding and dying on the ground.



    10 lois baer

    Please help! I go to digial center but I find no downloads. Every time try your video, it said thank you for your order, I think I have ordered 3 time to night. Please do not send me 3 more robot downloads. Lois


    11 John

    Hi Jermaine,

    Went to order Song Robot as I mentioned in a previous note. I thought the split payment option was great, because as a senior on an extremely limited budget, it made the Song Robot affordable for me. I didn’t realize that was a limited offer. (My fault, not Yours). Another problem is, the server you are using wants to capture too much info. I use Pay Pal, and most order forms allow you to go straight there. They don’t even show Pay Pal.
    Very frustrating. I’ve run into this problem only once or twice before. Also, I don’t put my phone # on line. I also object to being coerced or “handled”.
    They will not allow you to proceed to checkout without entering a credit card #. This is not necessary if one is paying by Pay Pal. They will also not allow refusal of the free bonuses—-until you try it about 4 or 5 times. You are a class act with an excellent product, please get a class server so I can order. Thanks in advance. Hope you can help, Jermaine.


    12 Humberto

    Song Robot is awesome.

    I like to practice by playing a song on the piano as the Robot plays the other instruments in the song
    (or sometimes all instruments).
    This helps in practicing to keep to the appropriate tempo,
    I would imagine many other users do the same.

    I would love it if it were possible to have a lapse time between the time I click the play bottom and the time the Robot actually starts playing the song, so I can move from computer to piano (again, I would imagine other users face same situation). Even better if in that lapse time the Robot could play a couple of empty measures just with a metronome click for the tempo.
    Thanks again for a terrific learning tool


    13 Joel

    I wish I had this thing already but I will keep trying to acquire it, it’s wonderful
    by the features in it even having never used it. Thanks


    14 Richard Lang

    Dear Jermaine,

    I’ve been in and out of HearandPlay for for a long while, although I love to stay with you fulltime. This is because I’m a busy with my other commitments.
    I’ve the robot (hpsonglearner.exe) as a Bonus tool that came with one of my earliest purchases. I login to the Download Media Center and was unable to locate the update.
    Where else can I go to get the update?

    Richard Lang


    15 carlos

    good morning

    I trying to download the songrobot, but until now i kan’t get it

    i live in europe and it is very difficult to get it i dont know if you kan helpe me to download the programe.. carlos


    16 Marion Moore

    Hi Griggs,

    I have just recently purchase your new “Music Robot” and so far I love this new tech. Everything is readly available at the touch of a finger, it’s easy, it’s exciting, it’s affordable, it’s a very helpful tool, and has an automatic updating system. Iike I said you guys are always on the cutting edge of bringing to the public new intervation in the main stream technology learning Systems. The packaging of this system reachs out from the advertisment an grads the target customer for the very start. I believe that any up and coming musicians would porsper great from using this soon to be very popular system. Keep the good work and thank you for making the system affordable for the masses.


    17 Delores June Cobb

    Hello Jermaine

    I got the coupon in the mail. I don’t know what t do with it.
    I have been wanting the song robot or the voice lessons. I
    need both. You don’t give up. lol

    I’m back home.

    Thanks You


    18 gloria moses

    Hi Jermaine

    Just want to let you know I download song robot on sunday,However all the songs went into
    another folder vanbasco karaoke player.sequence. midi the song list is in that folder I need help step by step guide to move the song list to the song robot to see the notes and chords played on the virtuial piano.


    19 Daniel Loveday

    How do I order this Robot software. I reside in Canada and would love to have this software. Please send me the details on how to get it.


    20 Dwight

    Song Robot is a great tool. One note is that in furture updates could you consider making it so that the software would show the notes on wav files. Thanks again for everything that you do in the music industry. You’re making it so that whoever wants to play music can.


    21 graham

    hi graham here from belfast how do i get the download for this
    song robot and how much does it cost please email me asap and let me know
    am very intrested in this softwere


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