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    After so many replies and interest in the new Song Robot software I recently announced, I’ve decided to do another quick demonstration that shows how to use the software to learn practically any genre out there.

    In this video, I show you in just a few minutes how to find a famous jazz song and open it in the robot software. Then at the end, I let the entire song play through (giving you the opportunity to pick up some of the licks in there — but you’ll want to get Song Robot so you can have full control.)

    For more information on the Song Robot, click here.

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    1 Richard

    I have never seen anything like this anyware,Truly Amazing.

    It is now Possible, to learn any music of your Choice. Unbelievable.


    2 Deshawn Laverne

    I watched the video and nothing happened it just started over how can I get this software


    3 Al Gardner

    I have the same problem ! I would like to purchase this software


    4 Gabor

    Hi Jermain,

    Song Robot is an amazing tool. Thanks for developing.

    Just a few ideas to develope further new and useful features:
    o useing just the “pause” button to stop and restart the music would make the use of this feture much more convenient (now it’s a bit difficult moving the mouse from “pause” to “play” back and force),
    o insert a screen where the same basic program would produce and show up the sheet music scores, too (like in sinthetizers),
    o the Robot could also show the name of accords that ar e just being played (like in sinthetizers),
    o you could perhaps improve the output quality of “karaoke-making” function,
    o why don’t you build in a “save as” function, too (e.g. for “karaoke” song versions)?
    o Why don’t you make a colour difference between left hand and right hand keys (for beginners)?
    Many thanks again, and congratulations for your outstanding developments.



    5 Jermaine Griggs

    Thank you Gabor! As you know, we made our first update today. There are many to come to really explode the functionality of this useful software. Your feedback is valued .
    All the best, JG


    6 Jo

    Wow, Jermaine, you’re always cooking up something new!

    While there are other “virtual piano” midi players out there, I must say this one has the nicest interface I’ve seen, and I’ve never before seen one with mp3 support. Other members have suggested good ways to improve its functionality even more. Making the slowest speed even slower, and separating left hand/right hand are top of my list.

    I’m sure your midi files are top quality and well-played as well, which can not be said of all of the free ones out there (understatement). Is this collection made up of various genres, or all gospel?

    This looks like a useful way for those without sheet music reading skills to build their song repertoire.


    7 Joseph

    The song robot seems very interesting, I wonder if it could also show the keys to be played as to left or right hand? For instance Left Hand Light red or pink and right hand in dark red maybe? Is this possible.


    8 mario

    where can i download or buy this software man?


    9 Jermaine Griggs

    Hey mario, there is a link under the video above. I have re-pasted it here:


    10 Elizabeth

    Nice software.

    When you upgrade the software, what will the cost be to those who bought the original version?


    11 Jermaine Griggs

    Free upgrades for life. In fact, I released the first upgrade. Just go to the digital center using the instructions in e-mail and download upgrade. There is no cost for that one and any one in the future. I wouldn’t do that to you!

    The software is going to get infinitely better over time and be literally a complete suite of services but for my people who took me up on opportunity in beginning, I will always upgrade for free, even if I end up charging more when we add more services.

    All the best,


    12 Elizabeth

    Thanks, just bought mine.


    13 Peter

    I like the fact that you have this new song robot. I see you have a version for the pc. What about the Mac users. I know we can use garage band but I like what you have. I think it’s much better to see and to use. But please let me know if there will be a version for mac


    14 Fran6

    what about make an app for the mac people


    15 Raphael

    Way cool J.
    I thought that it was only for Gospel but
    this is really great! I started keys years ago but stopped..
    Now I want to start again!!!

    Is it possible to make the application bigger on the screen?
    What about accompaniment…which is my first love..
    I can see this as a great tool to learn cool chord progressions in the style of say..
    Richard Tee…( gee… I think I just gave you an idea fore another product!!!)

    It would also be great to have a few “skins”…not buggin but
    the brown color is not happenin for me ;-)

    Great stuff!!!!!!

    I’ll be gettin in it!



    16 Larry Langston

    Is there a way to seperate the lefthand part of a song from the right.


    17 Irvin

    Will this version only work for pc because i’m a die hard Mac user!!??


    18 Julio

    hey Jermaine,
    i bought the program just now not knowing it didn’t work for MAC, are you having an update soon for MAC users or what?, what should i do?


    19 josh

    hi jermaine. also hoping for a mac version. love the site, books, cds, dvds…


    20 Jermaine Griggs

    Song robot update


    21 Chad

    Was also hoping for a mac version update. Really wanted to purchase this program


    22 John

    Very fine product. Update addressed many of my initial concerns. Especially the slowdown to 10%. Previous would have kept me from purchasing. Also great you added Pay Pal. And free updates for life has it on my list with next cheque.

    Something to record and save one’s own efforts would be good. Would be nice to have a choice of skins, although this one is ok.
    One more thing. No offense, but having the gospel music with it does not appeal. As good as the product is, it was an initial turnoff. It would be super if it came with blues or jazz.


    23 Jermaine Griggs

    Hey John,

    Thanks for comment and feedback.

    You’re totally right. We added 10 jazz tracks (you should see that added to video) and we’re adding 10 salsa (already recorded).

    We’ve also licensed certain popular songs to be added very soon. Now that we know song robot has been a hit, the introductory collection will be more diverse.

    All the best,


    24 John

    Hi Jermaine,

    Just want to say thanks, and how impressed I was at the speed and thoughtful response to my initial comment. You have certainly added to my already strong desire to own this now super product.

    I have purchased other products (not piano or like yours) that I felt were very good, but that could be great with just a bit more tweaking. Very impressed you’re already doing so. All the best with your efforts, and thanks again for this unique product.



    25 George

    Hi Jermaine,
    Great software/Great learning tool, I hope I am not being greedy in suggesting that “Song Robot” could switch between left or right hand as when you normally learn a new piece of music, you practice one hand and then the other, and then combine both .


    26 Jermaine Griggs


    Thanks for comment.

    This is actually on the list of upcoming updates. In addition to the split-color, there will be a way to mute/show-hide left hand and right hand at whatever split point you want.

    All the best,


    27 ddsharper

    I want to know if I can download scales, chords, etc. for learning and practice.


    28 Raph

    I am not seeing the videos in Firefox 4!


    29 odell

    need advanced midi files


    30 ben

    hi how much is the song robot cost now :)


    31 Brendan

    When are we getting song robot for Mac? Garageband not good enough…


    32 Deborah Cook

    Hey, Jermaine:

    I have the Song Robot. I think it would be nice if the chords were NAMED as they went along. Also, right hand; left hand.colors on the chords so you could tell the difference. Also, I would love finding some “runs” or “licks” in music to play. I saw a person playing some stuff with the pentatonic scale. I just don’t know what to call it, but some people can just play the scales in a certain way all the way up and down the keyboard. But, that would be fun. It would be great to have some files of different runs you could do.

    Sorry I can’t be more specific. I do not know what to call what I want.

    Email me if you have any questions regarding these suggestions.



    33 Kevin D. Robinson

    yep….nothing at the end…so how do we get it?


    34 Dallas Forrider

    I did have the song robot I had bought. I thought it would be good to use, but I couldn’t firgure out how to use it. I had my computer worked on and some how it got loss when it was worked on. I was wondering how to get it back.Thank You


    35 Jermaine Griggs

    no problem. Just visit http://www.hearandplay.com/digitalcenter with your e-mail and dob and you can retrieve it.


    36 Bradford Jobs

    Hello, i think that i noticed you visited my site thus i got here to “go back the want”.I am attempting to to find things to enhance my website!I suppose its good enough to use some of your concepts!!


    37 hen night glasgow

    Real fantastic info can be found on this blog.


    38 graham

    hi i sew ur song robot in action i just want to know how much does it cost
    with shipping and how do i get it


    39 Walter Best

    I would love to use song robot on my apple iPad 2 and download mid patch. Can you please tell me how to use it this way. With the color of the left and right hand I have a problem follows each hand sence they over lap
    Thank walter


    40 Alejandro

    Hello.I was going to buy it today, but as the Song Robot is not for mac, I don’t buy it. By the way, when asked you if it is also for Mac, do not you answer, why.Thank you


    41 JohnnyP

    I’m a little confused. A few months ago this same website released the Song Tutor software. Is Song Robot the same thing or is this an improved/updated version? If so, do people who bought Song Tutor get to buy Song Robot at a discount? It doesn’t really help me since I have a Mac anyway.


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