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    In the past year, we’ve made history by releasing several breakthrough tools specifically for “ear-musicians.”

    While technology is no replacement for good old practicing, it undoubtedly makes the job infinitely easier.

    For example, Song Robot was released around this time last year and totally revolutionized how musicians learn their favorite songs.

    It essentially makes the internet one’s playground by accepting special files called “midi.” And it just so happens, there are tens of millions of free midi files spread across the internet.

    Song Robot was so instrumental in changing the way musicians started learning songs because for the first time ever, one had every song learning feature in a single application.

    -Every note played in the song lights up on a keyboard.

    -Notes in the song can be slowed down to as low as 10% of actual speed.

    -The left hand can be separated from the right. Left in blue, right hand in red.

    -Any section of the song can be looped to focus on the exact chords and progressions of choice.

    -The key of the song can be changed at any time. If it’s originally in C major, it can be moved to F major with the click of a button.

    -It can show flat or sharp names only or simply default to the key of the song.

    -And a host of other features.

    (If you don’t have this tool, you owe it to yourself to at least check out the website.)

    Visit: https://www.hearandplay.com/2012robot

    The next tool we released finally allowed musicians to start practicing with a real-sounding band… in any key… at any tempo.

    After years of hearing from frustrated musicians who had access to the knowledge but couldn’t find practical ways to apply it, we stepped to the plate.

    The end result: “Back Pocket Band.”

    It features over 300 tracks spread across several styles, tempos, and even major keys.

    And it’s the perfect complement to Song Robot because after the notes and chords have been revealed, one can simply open BPB and find the right drum or bass track to practice with.

    -Access to over 350 real-sounding backing tracks.

    -Practice and live performance files are played in all 12 keys.

    -Choice between multiple speeds: slow, medium, and fast.

    -3 different sections, 9 styles of music, & drums-only option.

    -Instant streaming playback and automatic downloading to computer for burning to cd, transfer to ipod, and editing.

    For more information on this tool, visit:


    Lastly, we released a tool that finally made it practical to learn and document things in all 12 keys.

    Prior to this software, I would recommend that musicians buy notebooks and come up with a way to organize chords in all 12 keys by pages, sections, tabs, etc.

    Instant Transposer not only takes a single chord and transposes it to every key (in any color combination chosen), but it allows saving, opening of past files, and sharing with others.

    It allows one to punch in a number of chords (say 3 chords from a progression recently learned) and with the click of a single button, it displays those chords in all 12 keys. (In this case, a total of 36 chords in a single click).

    From there, the session can be saved, printed, exported, and even copied to desired word processor to create workbooks or simply kept for records.

    It’s perfect for the organized student and a game-changing tool for teachers.

    For more information, check out:


    As you can see, 2011 was the “Year of Innovation” for us and I appreciate all our “Early Adopters” for embracing these tools.

    Thousands have been helped by one or two of these tools and hundreds have sent in messages reporting the benefits of having ALL THREE in their arsenal.

    Whether you need one or two, or all three, I recommend watching the videos and seeing how these tools can be put to work for you this year.

    Gone are the days where you ‘must’ take the long road. Technology has connected the world, made life easier and more enjoyable… and there’s no reason it shouldn’t help your music playing.

    Here are the links for all three again:

    Song Robot – https://www.hearandplay.com/2012robot

    Back Pocket Band – https://www.hearandplay.com/2012band

    Instant Transposer – https://www.hearandplay.com/2012transposer

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