• Our Best Releases (Technology)

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    In the past year, we’ve made history by releasing several breakthrough tools specifically for “ear-musicians.”

    While technology is no replacement for good old practicing, it undoubtedly makes the job infinitely easier.

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    Cool new enhancement to the blog

    I been working hard for ya’ll!

    Listen, I’ve always wanted to include pictures of keys in my blog posts but it’s just too hard to create them each and every time, so I resorted to just plain text…

    …Until had this cool idea…

    What if I could have someone build me a tool that basically generates piano images with highlighted notes on the fly? All I have to tell it is what notes I want, what color to shade them, and how big to make the image.

    Well, that’s what I did! I posted it to one of my programmers and 3 weeks later, it’s a reality!


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