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    If you’re a beginner, have been studying major and minor chords on this site, and want to put your knowledge to good use, check out this archived 33-minute video lesson I created some time ago.

    I cover, step-by-step, how to play a very popular song called “Lost Without You.” I chose this song because it really allows me to show you my song learning process… and I dig the progressions! You’ve probably heard the song… it was a chart-topper for sure!

    Ignore all the talk about a new product. I used this video to promote a new project I was working on at the time. That project has been released and in our resource line for a while now. So ignore any current events and tune into the meat of the lesson (30+ minutes).



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    Hi, I'm Jermaine Griggs, founder of this site. We teach people how to express themselves through the language of music. Just as you talk and listen freely, music can be enjoyed and played in the same way... if you know the rules of the "language!" I started this site at 17 years old in August 2000 and more than a decade later, we've helped literally millions of musicians along the way. Enjoy!

    Attention: To learn more about this, I recommend our 500+ page course: The "Official Guide To Piano Playing." Click here for more information.


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    1 Nate N

    I guess I’ll be the first to post!

    All i can say is wow. You have such a giving spirit. It seems like things are crazy around there but you have your mind on your students. This is awesome.

    I’m a beginner and you really broke it down so that I could learn it. That’s what I appreciate about your style. its like you have a beginner’s heart and you know what we need.

    I hope that what your preparing is within my means. I definetly want to be apart of it. Thanks Jermaine


    2 Peter

    Jermaine —

    Really apprecaite this lesson. You are the best teacher you have and you’ve grown so much even from your gospelkeys courses. Just this lesson u did here could be sold and i’d buy it. I also see you added the virtual keyboard and some outside graphics. I think that really adds a lot to it.

    Keep it up!


    3 Seal

    Where is the first video he talked about. This is the first video I’ve seen and I like what I do see.


    4 Peter

    Seal, go to this link to see the first video where he announced what he’s working on

    you still haven’t missed much as he’s keeping the details of the course a secret still. This lesson above, however, is very powerful.


    5 James

    I have been following your work for sometime and I am excited about this new project. You are such a great teacher. After years of observation I’ve noticed that you are laid back and reserved. I really hope that this project gives you the oppurtunity to let go and let God! I have a really good feeling about this one!!!!!!Thank you for all you do my brother! By the way, nice lesson!!


    6 Heather

    Thank you Jermaine!
    Awesome tutorial. I like the way you break it down so that anyone can understand. I also like the way you almost make a game out of it. Teaching people to use their hearing. It makes playing the piano a little less intimidating.
    I am a classically trained piano instructor. Being classically trained, I was not encouraged to play by ear or any music other than classical or for church. (Strangely enough the whole reason my parents sent me to piano lessons, was at age 2 I would play songs that I heard on TV on my toy piano.)Hmmm….
    I try to teach my students a little differently. I am very strict in teaching theory and the circle of 5ths etc.. But, I also encourage them to explore their own taste in music and encourage them to try to write their own music. Your videos are inspiring. You added the virtual keyboard. I like that feature. They are helpful with a style of music that is not necessarily my strength. I have sent a few of my students your way when they have shown an interest. I want them to love music not feel like it is a chore. I always end my lessons with “Have fun!” You seem to have a similar attitude in your teaching method.
    Keep it up!


    7 Gabor

    It’s great. Thank you. It is really worth watching you. You and your approach helps a great deal. Please, carry on…


    8 Gary

    This is one of your fans in Jamaica W.I. Just want to say you have crazy skills. I have learnt a lot from you and you inspire me to go further with my playing. God Bless.


    9 Nduka

    Jermaine, thanks for all the great stuff you’re putting up. It really helps those of us who have no idea how to move forward with our playing. God bless you all your days, man!


    10 LadyD

    Great groove, fine lesson… thank you!


    free dvd
    powerful monthly training


    11 smalls85

    Free DVD
    Powerful Hymnal Training

    My best guess


    12 Steve Rhoads

    This was an awesome lesson and I want to make time to learn it. Tell me a little about how you learned all this stuff. You have a vast wealth of musical knowledge.


    13 smalls85

    not Hymnal it’s Monthly


    14 Mark



    15 rayjohnson83

    great stuff as usual JG!


    16 rayjohnson83

    the answer is



    17 rayjohnson83

    oh wow, LadyD beat me to it………..LOL!


    18 Peter

    Lol, we have some crossword puzzle folks here. He also asked for us to make assumptions about those words. I don’t know how a free dvd ties in with monthly training but since he’s always been saying like a collection of things, i think it ties a dvd that he’s been working on to his new and exciting monthly training. like a mixture of both. what the dvd could be, i dont know.


    19 Sinner saved by grace

    I loved this lesson. I would think i’d be interested in the song because i only like gospel but you really made it seem universal. And music is universal. I hear these chords in lots of songs so I really appreciated the lesson. You have THE gift.


    20 Ron

    All I can say is if what you’re working on is half as good as this lesson that you gave away for free here, then sign me up. I’ve seen you grow, mature, and get better and better.

    i sense from your first video that you were relunctant to get back because you had gotten some great people under your company to teach advanced videos. Poeople like Jason white and Mike Breal and james wrubel and those guys. You probably felt like they were better players as you. I dont know if anyone else will agree with me but I do welcome respones here but you are hands down the best teacher. Most of us aren’t trying to get to jason white’s level so while his chords are great, you seem to bring all the goods necessary to just PLAY. I know thats what I want to do and it seems like you’re able to satisfy the interest of those who already play without leaving the beginners in the dust.

    That is an amazing gift to be able to do that. I can tell you think this out well before you do it. Those other guys couldn’t start to think the way you do. But i dont want to diminish anyone’s gift. They are gifted for we all know that. I’m just saying, don’t ever be relunctant Jermaine. Be confident in this gift as you have a lot to be confident about.

    I’m in line! keep it up the good work.


    21 Ron

    I meant keep up the good work at the end.


    22 Jim Clough

    Great tutorial. I believe your enthusiasm and drive and personality all combine to give encouragement and hope to aspiring keyboard players.


    23 Jermaine

    @Everyone! Thanks for your comments! I wasn’t expecting to wake up to see 20 overnight so that’s encouraging!

    If you haven’t posted, keep em coming! :-). Also, I know some people have unscrambled my code at the end but try to come up with what you think it is specifically. those codes will get you closer!!!!!!! :-).

    Well, pray for my grandma. She’s having surgery. It has to do something with her colon but I don’t know the details. I’m headed out to the hospital now to show my support.

    Take care,


    24 mark a lathan

    This is a cool way of learning!! Thanks i cant wait so put me down for pre order. I notice that you played the 3rd and the 7th notes in your right hand of what ever bass that youre playing according to the key of c because thats the key of the song!!!! Thanks HEARANDPLAY


    25 Katrina

    THank you Jermaine!! You are such a selfless music lover. I learnt a lot and am looking forward to more of your sharing! =)


    26 Ron

    Nathan, you’re right. it’s that 7th one the bottom that really makes it sound good. Then it switches to the third on bottom. Then back to seventh on bottom. then third on bottom. So there’s this tension and release. I alway sget these epiphanies when i watch Jermaine. LOL


    27 Leighton

    Good stuff man… nice breakdown man… with response to ron, lessons from guys like Mike and Jason are more for advanced players so each lesson has a purpose… :-) Not only beginners come here; alot of advanced players, like myself come here. I love jermaine’s lessons the most because he makes it simple as humanly possible…


    28 madcatmoore

    Just to begain I would like to give God thanks and praise for all that you and your staff have done ( Jermaine Griggs ) at Hear and Play Music company in helping people like me to become a better musician. Your teaching tools have been more then helpful and your instrcutional guidence more then greatly appericated. Making it simple and easy to understand the working of tones, chords, and melody notes so that people ages 5 to 65 could enjoy and be motivated in there study of gosple music.
    ( You are the Man!!!!!!!! )And I say the humbly with respect to all the hard work you have done to make this system of music availble to the public. Please continu the good work you are doing and rememeder that I will be praying for you all ways>


    29 Norman

    Free DVD

    Powerful Monthly Training


    30 Jamie

    Answer Free Dvd will be invovled when you buy the course and he will host monthly training sessions using the new technology that was created

    Free Dvd and Powerful Monthly Training


    31 Ron

    Leighton, I’m with you. I just always believe in the back of my head that if Jermaine played like Jason and Mike, he’d still have a way to break down the same stuff they teach in the way that jermaine knows how to do it best. so regardless of where they are and who the dvd is for, I think jermaine has the ability to take any material and break it down. Jason does too. He was a blessing. I will stop there :-)


    32 Jeremiah

    Hey Jermaine!

    This video was awesome. I enjoyed it. You’re a great teacher. I hope you continue moving forward changing others’ lives just how you have changed mine. Stay blessed and gifted!


    33 Donnie Maxwell

    I realy enjoyed this clip ( free dvd powerful monthly training)


    34 nora

    thank you very much–i learned so much–God bless you!!!


    35 Horace

    I hope he is getting into showing the structure of songs. Once a lot of people learn the method the sky is the limit. He did a great job in this video. On youtube a lot of guys are teaching songs but not the reason behind the song. I hope Jermaine starts something that is along those lines of teaching song structure with examples. God Bless you Jermaine. What kind of car was that you were rolling in brotha? Smile. God is good.


    36 Larry

    Thank you Jermaine! God bless you! I am a beginner and love your stuff. I am playing songs Wow!


    37 Laketa

    You Know Jermaine, All I could say while watching this video is ” I love this guy”. Man, you are so Awesome…it seems that you have an insatiable appetite to give, you give and you give yet you feel a need to keeping giving back! Not to mention you are hilariously funny! I probably also should mention you sing like a hummingbird…Oh what sweet music to my ears! -:) With a voice like that I’m sure your wife probably feels that she’s lost without you! hehe…

    Anyway, I love the video…I feel like I’ve been playing for years. Thanks for the org chart…It reminds me of one my boss created. I looked at it and said “OOOOK”.

    Be Blessed – Your new sister from another mother Laketa


    38 Wesley Kanchepera

    Jermain – You have definately been a blessing to me. I have the Gospel Keys 202, and it has been an extremely wonderful experience of learning new things – chords in particular. I believe God is using you to reach out and help musicians in local churches reach their potential. As for this posting – I think it is such a cute song! Easy to grasp if you know your circle of fifths/fourths really well.

    God bless,



    39 William

    Germaine, thank you!

    All of us who try and try just advanced our understanding of the building blocks of making music.



    40 Gilbert

    I thank you very much Jairmain for your wonderful support


    41 Regina

    Hi Jermaine,

    I love would i’m learning from your website. I still not able to order your dvds right now, because i’m in school. Thank you so much for continuing to e-mailing me.
    I can only guess the first line. I think it “Free DVD”. I am working on the second part. I can’t wait until I am able to order your dvd. I want to start from the beginning for gospel piano playing. I know once I have your whole set I can go at my own paste.
    Thank you and my God bless you and your family.



    42 Thomas a.k.a. Tom Tom 3

    I enjoyed the lesson. I like the song also. My sister had it as a ringtone for a long time. This will really be fun to play in those quiet times at home. lol Be Blessed!!!


    43 michael

    i have seen many dvd but u are the best teacher ever. i get understanding with you


    44 Julian

    im a beginner and your dvds really played a major role in my playing. im up to two dvds from your gospel series…great stuff!!! and as for this video, great job, very helpful. thanks jermaine…stay encouraged!


    45 Rommel Williams

    hey man! your lesson arae awesome. i just wish i could devote more time. keep up the marvalous work. you are truely a blessing


    46 Anthony


    Thank GOD for you and the Hear and Play Group.Your continued endeavors
    have been a blessing in my life.Be encouraged, God has made room for
    your talents and the windows of heaven are open unto you.So keep on giving
    and it shall given back to you,press down, shaken together and running over.



    47 Roland

    Aha…I think the course will be called “Song Learning Mastery”.
    The flowchart will be on a free dvd, with chord progressions and some other goodies.
    And we can sign up for Powerful Monthly Training lessons in how to use it in the song learning process.
    A great lesson,and to see how you are going about the process of picking out the key and harmonies!


    48 Karl

    Hey Jermaine,

    This is a really good way to explain how to play a song by ear from scratch…I sometimes find it hard to explain to fellow musicians how to play by ear, especially those who sight read…I especially like how you relate the song to the Circle of Fifths…very insightful. Keep up the good work and may God bless you abundantly.


    49 Ken

    I have been one of your students for several years, your tutorials are good.Your new video has made me understand transposition better and continued to help me make the transition from reading only to Hear and Play.


    50 Reynold (Ren)

    Dear Sirs: Several years ago, you sent me some books but I don’t remember getting any CD. We moved and my stuff is packed away and right now I don’t have it at hand.

    I want to start over again… Question: I want to get a keyboard. Is there a keyboard that you would recomend me getting. I play a musical saw by ear but have problems reading music and timing. I am 75 yrs old but would love to learn
    to pay the keyboard by ear.

    We used to live in Norwalk, CA and have been in Long Beach many times. I even owned rentals in L.B. We now live in Northern California (Red Bluff).

    I almost bought a keyboard at Costco today but wanted to get your comments first.

    In my hay days, I used to bring Gospel Magic Programs with Black Light Chalk Drawings in Churches all over L.A. and Orange County. God has been good.

    Before God takes me home… I would love to learn to play the keyboard.

    I want to thank you now for your help. May God greatly bless you and your



    51 Jermaine

    @Reynold! Bless your heart!

    As for keyboards, it depends on your budget. If you want a nice, professional-sounding one, a smaller yamaha motif would be very nice (they have 61 key, 76 key, and 88 key).

    If this will be recreational and you just need something economical that sounds decent, a mid-priced yamaha will do the job. They can range from $200-$450. On the really low end, there are casios. Some sound like toy pianos but you can find some in the $300-$400 range that do the job… for recreational playing.

    My first keyboard was a Kawai. I personally loved it. Glad my mom invested in it!

    To be honest, I’m not the greatest guy on the technology and technical side. But I hope these pointers help.


    52 Nicki

    That was AWESOME!! Thanks Jermaine..you so generously invest into the lives of others! May you reap MUCH blessing! So I’m thinking that maybe the powerful monthly training will be like the mega 33-minute video you’ve just posted but it will be a monthly thing. So members that want to join pay a yearly subscription and then every month you post a new tutorial and your subscribers have access to watch. And with the subscription you get a free DVD. LOL! So that’s what my imaginitive brain has come up with :) Looking forward to hearing what it is!


    53 Charles

    I really enjoyed that video! It’s clear you were having fun putting together the lesson. Thanks again!


    54 cliff

    Hi Jermaine,
    Thanks so much for the great work you are doing, God will surely reward you someday.


    55 Tanitoluwa

    Thanks very much…It’s been a blessing. Especially to me


    56 Jimmy M

    You’re such a great inspiration Jermaine, although I havn’t had much spare time lately to do much practice, (new baby daughter) I still enjoy what you’ve been teaching….this video is great!!…. I pray that all will be well with your Granma…….God Bess You. James


    57 kingsley

    hi,uneasy is the head that wears the crown


    58 kingsley

    hearandplay is d best thing to happen 2


    59 greg

    Awesome tutorial keep up the good work.


    60 Ron Soccoli

    Loved it. Followed it completely around the circle of fifths. Creates a beautiful excercise.


    61 Don

    I enjoy when a song is broken down and analyzed like you did. It gives one starting to play, confidence that they can play more songs when they listen and try to learn how instead of listen and throw up their hands ands say, “I could never do that.”

    So this helps to give one more confidence and to feel like saying, “Hmmm, I can do that with a little work.”


    62 Gabriel

    I don’t know what I should call u ‘prof of music’ or ‘music genius’. thank you so much and God bless u and strengthen ur arms.


    63 LadyD

    Praying for your Grandma, Jermaine.
    Please keep us posted.

    Answer: Series of training sessions by Jermaine Griggs on Dvd

    more clues, please… lol!

    Good to hear from you rayjohnson83!


    64 les

    Tremendous the best yet so easy Les U.K. God Bless America



    I HEARD. I PLAYED. I PERSONALIZED. I’M AMAZED!!! BEST TEACHER HANDS DOWN.[and that’s beating out my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs Sileby!!! and she gave us cookies]



    66 Uche Ify

    THE SIMPLICITY AND YOUR FUNNY WAY OF TEACHING MAKES THE VIDEO VERY INTERESTING. Since i started following your course, my style of playing has changed and well improved. This video lesson is one of the best things that have come my way, I’m just desperate for another release with more songs.
    thanks and God bless


    67 luken

    this is sooo kool man…i cudnt figure out how2 use d circle of 5ths an then walaaahhhh!!!you av d gift of teachin-now i can actually c how simple n easy it s 2 play n apply it 2 a song…dont wanna b askin2much bt…can u do the same 4 d cirle of 4ths??


    68 Jermaine

    @Luken: The circle of fifths and fourths is the same thing. Notice in this chart that if you go to the right, it’s fifths. If you go to the left, it’s fourths (assuming you’re ascending from “C” up to “F”).

    But really, C “down” to F is a fifth. And C “down” to G is a fourth. So really, the circle of fourths and fifths are the same. Just a matter of perspective. Same circle gives you both relationships (fourths and fifths). I hope that makes sense.


    69 Jermaine

    Oh yeah, here’s the circle


    70 Linda T

    Hello Jermaine,

    I have been receiving emails from you for about 3 or more years. It is a great pleasure to hear and see video lessons. I cannot afford your full package lessons, however, I would love to try smaller lessons from time to time. I believe that what you are doing is great and keep up the good work.

    I am over 45 and am trying to unlock a minitry of praise and worship within me. After being with my music teacher for 7 years, I am not growing because of boredum. It is not him. it is me- how do you conquer ADD and focus on your chord progression, and retain what you have learned and make it interesting. My understanding is limited when I am reading music and does better with hearing and learning chords as you teach.

    Where to I start- I cannot remember major, minor, agumented so what’s holding me? my giftings are singing and hearing this music- however, cannot play what I hear.

    My new email is linda626@msn.com or Cell: 585 503-4533


    71 jeann

    Hi, Jermaine

    Thank you for this training. i finally under stand how the circle of fifths work now. I hope you continue to teach us how to play songs this way with step by step instructions, i find the hear and play book hard to understand. Keep up the good work, you are doing a great job. so many of us are learning and appreciate you very much. God bless you

    i can play the song.

    i come up with free dvd powerful monthly training.


    72 Lennon Sibiya

    Wonderful lesson,thanks.Just a quick one,when are consecutives(5ths especially)allowed.Was told a no no yet I see many people use them .Trying to apply theory and battling most of the times.

    Thanks for your patience.
    Stay blessed.


    73 Jermaine

    Hey Lennon,

    That doesn’t apply here. Consecutive, or “parallel” fifths is when you move notes like this: (C + G) up to (D + A). That’s an example of parallel fifths and it is discouraged mainly because of the idea of voice leading. Voice leading really emphasizes the individuality of each note rather than the “whole” so when you move in parallels, they believe it lessens the individuality of each note. That’s more for harmony and arrangement and stuff.

    Like if you wanted to progress from a C major chord to a D minor chord… you can go “C + E + G” up to “D + F + A” but notice the parallel fifths. Now play that same “C + E + G” going down to “A + D + F” and all of a sudden, this chord progression has come to life! It’s stronger! We didn’t change anything but the order of notes, yet it sounds so much better than the first example. That’s what all this parallel fifths deals with… without getting too deep.

    Don’t get that mixed up with chord progressions moving in fourths and fifths (nor are we moving each note in the chord the same amount of space as in the first example above). We’re not really talking about specific notes in the chord. We’re talking about the “big picture.” (E.g. – “The idea of the 2nd tone of the scale moving to the 5th tone of the scale and then coming back home”.) Now folks can keep voice leading in mind when playing a progression like this (when it comes to how you voice the chords) but for the most part, much of that is ignored in popular music. I hope this helps!


    74 Joe Bishop

    Wow! I just know how busy you are Jermaine. I can see the stress sometimes when you talk about it but for you to take time to explain what you just did to Lennon is a class act. It’s like we know you’re busy but yet you seem so real. You seem like you don’t have anything else to do but teach us (that’s a good thing because I know all about what you got going on and I know how busy you are). But that must be nothign but a gift for you to seem that reachable and down to earth. not everyone of your stature has that quality. So i just want to say thank you and I support you to the utmost fullest.


    75 Pete

    awesome video jermaine. keep it up


    76 Cedric

    Hello everyone,

    this was a great video, exactly what we needed. I purchased all of the gospel keys series and have been steadily working on them, so this video helps to put everything in perspective. Jermaine, the only thing I could think of as an addition would be to give us an idea of how to program (basically) our keyboards. I have been trying to get my drums to play like yours, but I am new to keyboards, and having difficulty with this. You guys at Hear and Play are the best, please keep up the good work.

    thank you


    77 Paige

    Wow! I really enjoyed watching this… i actually watched it twice! And yeah, wanted you to know… that the “virtual” keyboard was VERY helpful! You should definitely keep that in your lessons!

    All the graphics were great and very helpful! You knowledge is amazing and very inspirational!

    Thanks! Please keep making this videos! ;D


    78 Lennon Sibiya

    Hi Jermaine

    Thanx a lot for you prompt response.You made it so clear. I mainly was refering to your video after the 4th chord,that little something you did going back to the second chord.As a novice, I tread carefully around that area and to be honest, I always use one note instead of two to avoid any appearance of THE DREADED FIVE. You made it clear.

    God bless u


    79 Jermaine

    Hey Lennon,

    You’re right. This song uses them! But when you’re learning a song by ear, ya gotta play what they write! :-)

    If it were your OWN song, you can use all the voice leading rules in the world. But when someone else breaks the rules and it sounds good, if you’re learning their song, don’t feel bad. It’s their song. You’re just learning it. I hadn’t realized that part you were talking about… and sure enough, it has those parallel fifths. But if you think about it, it’s surely intentional. He could have went many places but he chose to do that (maybe knowingly or unknowingly). But again, the rules of voice leading is what you can choose to follow or not. It really applies to the days of bach and lots of classical stuff. Pop and other genres these days dont follow it strictly… they use their ears and often times the ear will tell you the same thing the rules tell ya. And at the end of the day, if they keep something in their song — it’s because they want it there. So don’t fret! :-)

    Thanks for reading and thanks for your stimulating question. You’ll be a perfect member in the monthly club because you’ll ask those great questions that lead to another video!

    All the best,


    80 Mike Mcdonald

    I’ve been asking hearandplay to do ongoing training for years teaching people how to play songs. When I called, the rep sort of confirmed that this what you are about to do so that’s my guess. The monthly training has to do with learning songs. I told them to sign me up.They told me that I’d have to wait. But as soon as more information is available, I’m jumping on board! If you do what you did above with other songs, then this is going to be very nice!



    81 Chris

    REALLY REALLY like the virtual keyboard at the top. It really helps to get all the notes you play. I hope this will be in the training. U guys r stepping it up!


    82 Jacqueline

    I loved your training tool. keep up the good work


    83 ALBERTO

    Thanks Jermaine for this beautiful gift! I pray God to keep blessing you because you are a person with a very good soul I really appreciate what you are doing for us. I agree with Mike Mcdonald when he says “I’ve been asking hearandplay to do ongoing training for ears teaching people how to play songs.” I also like that initiative.


    84 William Horne

    Jermaine, I purchased the entire Gospel Keys series including Organ. I can’t tell you how much it has enhanced my playing ability. I’ve always been able to do the things you teach, but I didn’t know what I was doing. Your systematic approcah to playing piano has given me a new understanding. Now my confidence level is through the roof. I can really show off and understand why it sounds so sweet. Whether I’m playing leading chords, progressions, turnarounds, adlibs, fillers, connectors, bass lines, minor walk downs, etc, I turn heads. But more importantly, I don’t even have to know a song to play it. It shocks most people, but not me anymore. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


    85 Dorothy Rainey

    Jermaine, you are just awesome! Your music training ministry is a Godsend for me. You definitely rank high among the giants in your profession. You teach on a very personal level with such excellence. May God richly reward you for your commitment to educating others in the art of music. I am especially impressed with your incorporation of high tech methods, radio broadcasts and exchange of information with your audience/fans. Thank you. God bless you. You’re awesome!


    86 Jermaine

    Thanks everyone for the comments! (Dorothy, call in on the radio show and say “hi.” Would love to have you).

    Just wanted to make an update…

    On Tuesday, I will be releasing a video with all the details. You can either come back to the blog or await info via e-mail (but I recommend checking the blog daily because even if there’s no update on the new project, you’ll get a nice, informative post for the day (the blog is updated daily with a lesson).

    At any rate, keep the comments coming! They are very refreshing. If you have any questions, feel free to post them as well. I’m addicted to checking the blog almost once per hour so your comments DO GET READ! And I appreciate them :-)

    All the best,


    87 nonny

    oh man,,, thanks very much for the lesson. man bro, it really helps a lot. this is all the way from the South Pacific Ocean and stuff life this is not very much available to us but thank God for such a person like you. I really appreaciated your heart for giving and may God will surely bles you and your family.

    thanks man,,,,


    88 arthur

    that was amazing music lesson….i’ve never ever heard….keep it up…


    89 Chris

    I was just working on that song today, to play for my girlfriend. I had the key right, but the pattern was kind of tricky for me because it did not start one the one. that info was very helpfull


    90 Virginia

    I was just listening to the song today I really like the song, you made it so simple to play that i will try to play it just as you did. I am a beginner but i love the way you broke it down for us. I love your teaching.I do have your Gospel Keys Series.


    91 DAN RIOS



    92 Giovana

    I really enjoyed! Thank you so much. I hope there will be more in the future!


    93 Jermaine

    Hey everyone! I just posted my latest video update. It’s 14 minutes. Head over to https://www.hearandplay.com/main/my-secret-revealed for all the details


    94 Larry Clay

    Thanks Jermaine The “Lost Without You” video. I’m beginning to hear the harmonic tones and getting better at understanding the number system. I have a ways to go and I appreciate your help. Being a singer, right off I heard the dynamics of the cords and it’s movements. You have blessed me again. Thank you. Larry


    95 mario

    Mr. Griggs man I just want to thank GOD for creating a gift like you. You are patient enough to deal with people. You are a peoples person everything you teach has blessed my playing experience. May GOD continue to bless you in your music ministry and I look forward to more and more ways and techniques to help me in mines. Thankyou


    96 Tanitoluwa

    Wow! This was really great. It good to see what I read in books practiced in variety of ways..It make me grab ’em better. God bless you!


    97 eric

    yo thats great stuff i know its about you bout i was wondering if you could consider doing an organ dvd wit mike bereal when he gete on that organ hes a diffrent man (MY GOD) lol and more hymns our young cats need more of that BE BLESSED and again good stuff jermaine.


    98 Isaac

    The new graphics go a long way to helping people to learn. That’s a new feature I have to commend you on and encourage you to continue to use. I’m not an advanced player and not a beginner either but I could really follow what you displayed out here. Thumbs up. The main thing about learning is the enjoyment it should bring. Being able to facilitate people to enjoy learning is the challenge for many tutors ‘cos you just keep thinking “how do I get my students’ attention and keep them attentive for the duration of the teaching?” Well the proof is in the pudding. You have the natural gift of teaching people and that comes with a merciful heart. I think its not fair to compare you to anyone (whatever name) because people are different and teach differently.

    I’ve had it in mind to get involved in your blogs, my RSS keeps reminding me but I’m sorry I’ve not been very active lately. I enjoy you “process approach” and I’m sure that’s the way to go. The simpler dynamic sound better on the keyboard. Particularly in gospel music, the simpler things are golden.

    About the puzzle, I did it honestly and without checking it out on other comments. It took me 5 minutes. FREE DVD… POWERFUL MONTHLY TRAINING!

    I believe you are about to run a regular monthly ground-breaking training course that would dissect songs and get people playing quickly. I also guess that you are giving out a free DVD to the first “X” people who log on to the training course at a particular time. But we’ll see.

    Anyway, I eagerly await this project and wish you very well.
    P.S I’d also like to know what car you we’re rolling in boy!


    99 Bennie B

    Bro Jermaine You are a true blessing to all of us musicians out here young and old, you’ve brought so much flavor to what I do now . My prayer is that the Lord richly bless you, and what you are doing for musicians everywhere .


    100 Jermaine

    @Isaac! Wow, I really appreciate your comments. Words like this keep me encouraged.

    I’ve always been a mindmapping, process-mapping kind of guy and I’ve had the privilege to use it in other realms but thought they were “overboard” for teaching music. But I think I was wrong. I have many more diagrams to express strategies and processes I’ve contemplated about music.

    Many of these things are the result of just sitting in a quiet room pondering what it takes for someone to get from point A to point B. I think it’s also the result of a little naivety. If I start comparing to how “music theory instructors” do it, then I think I would have the pressure to make things complicated and all “techy” but I try to keep an independent mindset. Insanity is when you do the same thing and expect a different result.

    I will continue to use them, now that I see the response has been great.

    And your guesses were right on the money. In fact, you can check out this latest video (posted yesterday with all the answers and details you need to know):

    All the best,

    P.S. – only clues… has 55. :-) E-mail answer to jermaine (at) hearandplay (dot) come


    101 Jermaine

    If anyone has any questions pertaining to my latest video https://www.hearandplay.com/main/my-secret-revealed , please post them on that page. I’ve been personally answering every single question that has come in since yesterday.

    Take care!


    102 Charles

    “JG” I am a beginner and your DVD and the 300 pg workbook are great tools. I am getting more out of your lessons than what I am receiving from my twice a week College Paino Class. Again, thank you for wanting to share your talent and gift with us. Charles


    103 Sean

    Hello Jermaine, thanks for the chords, still a beginner but I am learning how to play by ear. Using the 5th note in the scale really helps find the key. I talk to musicians all the time who say the song is in A or A flat or some other key, but it really doesn’t make sense musically. Thanks again.


    104 William Horne

    I ordered Ministry Musician Vol 1 and Master Class Vol 1 on Sunday night and it arrived Thursday! I can’t wait to dive in……I’ll keep you posted. Thanks.


    105 Jermaine

    @Charles: Thanks! I appreciate it! Keep up the good work.

    @Sean: glad you liked that strategy (or should I say “test”) off the fifth tone. Keep coming here as I post daily.

    @William: You’re going to love it! Come back here and let me know what you think. Jason is a monster but he also is eager to teach what he knows… and he does! Tons of great info there. Enjoy it.


    106 MARILYN

    Hi Jermaine,

    Just wanted to thank you for teaching me piano lessons. You don’t realize how much you have blessed me. Gospel music teacher are so hard to find. Since I ordered your DVDs and 300 page workbook, It seems that playing the piano is so much easier. I have always wanted to play piano for my church and bless others with the gifts God has given me. Thanks to you, I’m on my way. There are very few muscians in small country towns that play well and I hope to be one of them. Keep motivating and teach others and I know God will continue to bless you. Thanks again.



    107 jemimah

    Just wanted to thank you Jermaine, Awesome!!! I really appreciate you. you are the best teacher. Thanks for the cords.I hope that their will be more in the future.


    108 godfrey

    Thanks for the video.The way you taught how to play the song “lost without you” was cool.
    I can now boast of playing that song all by my self.
    Please i do need more videos on how to play progression.Thanks


    109 Caroline

    Hi Jermaine

    I think your online tutorial “lost without you” was great I do like that song! What I liked was your explanation of the trial and error senario that occurs when playing by ear (Finding the key, melody etc). I do read music a little too but I am in need of a tutor to further advance.

    I find it easier to hear and play and learn how to play songs quicker than actually reading music sheets hence the reason for the need of a tutor! What I found interesting is your song learning mastery chart etc. Would I be able to get a copy? Do you do online tutorials hear and play for Jazz?

    I have seen the Hear and Play Jazz 101: Jazz Basics and Fundamentals and Hear and Play Jazz 201: Chords, Licks, and Soloing that I am interested in purchasing soon as well the “Secrets To Playing Piano By Ear” 300pg Course With Bonus Ear Training Software. Once again thanks for the video.



    110 CJKeyboardPlaya

    Hey JG, I did some browsing and i came across you vids on da tube. You are amazing in ur skills to really really take time to show us wat you have learned. THANK YOU A TON!!!


    111 Barb

    I love how I can see the piano and your fingers hitting each key. What a brilliant idea. I have my keyboard in front of me so I’m just following along.

    Thanks So Much!

    Ontario, Canada


    112 Romon Wright

    Thanks for the free lesson and for continuing to be a blessing. My wife and I also like this love song. Take care


    113 Freddie Alva

    hey Jermaine, I just wanted to stop by and thank you. I’m a beginner with piano/keyboard and it’s at times just so discouraging for me as a singer and lyricist to not be able to play; let alone understand the theory. But, it’s great to have run into your site and finally it’s like starting to put peices of a puzzle together. I look forward to the future in hopes of one day being able to accompany myself and write my own music, and if you keep this up, I’m sure I’ll make it! Thanks for the encouragement and love.
    God Bless.


    114 Zonje

    Hey this was a great 33 min. I received so much and I always do when I play your dvds. You have really blessed my Min. and enhanced my playing. God Bless you and keep on blessing us! Aubrey


    115 Renea

    Hi Jermaine. Your site if totally wonderful! You are an excellent teacher and I really enjoyed your teaching methods! There is now a connection going on in my mind that wasn’t there before. I’m 49 and just learning to play an instrument which is the piano for the last 6 months. I’m having fun and it’s a lot to learn and your methods makes it easier.
    Thank you so much and please continue with your wonderful gift!


    116 Devaughn

    Hey man this is really really really awesome!!!!
    At first i thought 33 minutes…!!! and then i found d time and I must say i didn’t regret it. In fact i’m sorry i waited so long to watch it! Can’t wait to be more like you!

    My problem though is time. I’m a university student in the middle of coursework exams, trying to meet assignment deadlines, preparing for final exams, etc. So i’m really pressed for time, but the fact is I really want to improve my playing ability, cause I play at church every Sunday. So dont feel offended if you don’t get much comments from me because in truth and in fact, I REALLY APPRECIATE IT, and trust that you continue 2 send me emails!! I totally agree with your motto: “once you hear it u can play it” !!!

    Yours appreciatively,
    De Vaughn


    117 Jacqueline

    Hey Jermaine

    Just wanted to tell you I am loving the video’s. You are write seeing and hearing make a huge difference. Keep up the great work.


    118 christian

    good day i have been receiving your great lessons i am happy because is helping me improve my playing i pray that God will strengthen you.


    119 Terence Brown

    You are the Man. This song was just too easy but with the video, I gathered a totaly new understanding of how to make songs and hear them as well. God Bless!!


    120 abcdefghijklmnpqrstuvwxy and z

    I have written my own songs because I already know the notes on piano and on guitar but i dont understand the circle of the fifths. I just sing go through the “do re mi fa so la ti do ” chart see which one fits and write it in my book most people comment on how PERFECTLY I write my notes so far I have written 4 songs, All About Love (Hang On For A Friend),We’ve been through it all, M.A.G.I.C, This Is A Typical Saturday. Music comes to me naturally My Great Great Grama was a musican.


    121 kimroy

    How can i hear the change in the song ,and when to move from one chord to another when someone is singing a song?


    122 tina

    Jermaine i need help not understand the chord system i have the gospelkeys 202.


    123 marie cottrell

    Jermaine, you did an splendid job with this teaching. I like the beat, and you had me laughing a couple of times (and you know laughter does good like a medicine). I got the rhythm. I like easy songs like this, and teachers like you who can break it down and keep it simple. Stay Blessed.


    124 Ljave

    Wtf…?! Dude, R U crazy??? How U expect from me to leave the comment when i’m completely
    speachless after your tutorial??? Keep up the good work. Peace…..bro’ . :)


    125 Peter

    Dear Jermaine, this is to ask of your present health, together with your beautiful wife, Kids and all the family mems…

    J let me just say that you are awsomely blessed! You are trully a father not only to your family but, to all of us folks here at hearandplay.com more especially people like me who developed love for piano but never had anybody by the side to show me anything… I thank God for Jermaine, hearandplay.com and its Crew.

    Even Domees grow at hearandplay to become world renowed professionals!

    Thanks Jermaine once again.

    My warn regards.


    126 Amir Thompson

    That music is totally amazing!


    127 Temi

    Pls how can I get to download these videos since I find it difficult to oder havin no credit cards. pls if possible reply me thru my mail (misteri101@yahoo.com) becos i’m tired of this stage i am in music.


    128 Temi

    Pls how can I get to download these videos since I find it difficult to order havin no credit cards. pls if possible reply me thru my mail (misteri101@yahoo.com) becos i’m tired of this stage i am in music.


    129 Sandra

    Thank you …..simply beautiful. Moving me from straight Gospel to another level.


    130 Janelle

    Hi I am a newbie and do not know how to play piano at all. I think this lesson is a bit beyond me. So maybe I will come back to it.



    131 obert

    great stuff JG


    132 Artie Ware

    Thanks, a millions for the brithday card. It really made my day!! Because of medical
    problems I have not been able to get on my piano daily as I wish. Having kidney
    problems and having to be on a kidney machine 10 hours each night. Sense I
    started your Mentor Program, I have been motivated to keep at it and don’t give
    up EVER!!!!!!
    Thanks Again, Artie


    133 Artie Ware

    I have not got my monthly mentor C D for this month.


    134 Angelo

    Mr. Griggs, I appreciate the where to place/play w the rte hand and all while u show us how the bass plays w our left hand!!! Trully…this is lookin out for the New-B yep…thats me!!! Its nice when you tell us where to place our fingers on the proper chords. rte now I dont know the chord names but if you say put a finger on
    a-c-& e for the rte hand and oh say c then f on the left hand for bass… well now you have slowed everything down to I understand the letter scale/ the baby steps…til I get stronger and wiser and can call the chords and if its on 1-5-2 pattern etc.!!! I thank you for slowing down and showin us how to hear a song out… break it down…and play it our selves…all by ear!!! Awsome Sir…Thank you!!! perhaps you will find the time to figure out and show us how to play-“Mann in da Mirror” by Michael Jackson!!! food for thought!!!


    135 carol Coleman

    Hi Jermaine, I learned how to play Lost Without You on the right hand but I can’t see what two notes you are playing on the left hand with every chord change. For example, When you play the c and f on the right hand, it looks like your playing a d and an a but my eyes are to slow to catch the rest. But I’ll keep watching the video. Maybe I’ll catch the rest.


    136 Jermaine Griggs

    Hey Carol, this video is 30 mins and covers everything I do step by step with titles on screen. Do not only rely on when I play it at full speed. Rely on when I am explaining the chords with full details and feel free to take notes. I guarantee all info is there and absolutely nothing is left to guesswork.


    137 Sean

    jermaine, if my piano teacher from school-days taught the way you do, I would not have been here. when I was a kid(years back). I had to figure it all myself while my teacher just sat , listened, made a few comments here or there, NO mention of chord patterns or nor relationships, oh and notation!! ugh. that gives me a headache.lol. your whole set of video lessons are as valid for a composer as a player. every one to date has proven valuable and packs in a lot of useful info!!


    138 Elina

    Am very greatful & Thankful to u Jermaine.God Bless……..


    139 quin

    hi jermaine if you actually read thies or some employee of yours answers them i wanted to thank you for the dvd i haven’t got to see them yeat i acdently for got them at my parents house, wating for gas money to retrieve them. i ipoligize for my lack of contack ive had a few things i had to take care of . still looking forward to your love and care of inspiring and teaching. i ipoligize again for i had to hand write my number flash cards,( yellow hilighter works great on thin paper) idont have a printer yet so i havent printed out learncords yet i do have bass and treable cords charts at my fathers house where the piano is i get out there and play as often as i can iam originally a guitar player thats my main instriment but i need to learn how to play a piano and how music works because generally people dont want to jam with me. also like you i got a family, luckly no children yet; and i am attending north idaho workforce training center every other saturday for plumbing,(to make money,even tho the economey sucks for a plumber up hear) but i have a passion for letting my soul out through music iam just trying to ackquire the tools. ps sorry for the typing errs iam kinda new at this computer stuff thanks again.


    140 Justyne

    i took this same technique and what i learnt in the video lessons and applied it to coming home – diddy ) and was amazed at how easy it was for me to get the key then the main chords to the song (it was in G 1-5-3-7) thank you may GOD continue to enrich our life as you help those who truly want it.


    141 David

    I can’t view the video. Is it already taken off??


    142 John K

    The links to the videos are not there. Am I missing something? Sounds like a great video, as all the other ones have been. Is there an alternate site where I can view this video?


    143 Mario

    Jermaine, Where can I find the Lost Without You 33-minutes video? I have a hard time looking at the Archives… month and dates please, I’ll like to try it. Thanks.


    144 Jobs in Bradford

    salutations from across the ocean. informative article I will return for more.


    145 Cicily

    Great! Great! Great! I am just the beginner, but I can see how you are making the song learning process so simple.. Keep up the good work. We are blessed. God bless you..Cicily


    146 Andre


    i”m from the island of St. Lucia in the caribbean.
    As a beginner i want to say thank you thank you thank you
    you have inspired me.
    May Jehovah keep on blessing you



    147 Harry Bowyer

    Hi Germaine

    Your guesses were

    Free DVD Powerful Monthly Training



    148 anyka

    humm! that is really cool. Questions. after four free lessons what is the next best thing to buy in order to move on? I got confuse becausse I saw soooooooooo much things to buy. And how does the digital thing works?


    149 Elisabeth Cotter

    Hello Jermaine,
    Thank you for your wonderful generosity,I’m sure you’ll be blest as you are making this sad world a better place. I am 75yrs of age,classically trained,in vocal and piano,graduating after four years full time study at a Conservatorium of music and have taught for most of my life. I have played by ear not really understanding, just what I was doing.but soldiering on in the dark so to speak.I am learning a totally new method from you and hopefully will be of more help to others as a result. Thanks again. Elisabeth.


    150 Patrick Magongo

    Hi Jermaine
    A million thanks for your giving spirit.Its has been very helpful for me as a new piano learner. Its making a huge impact on many people’s lives and in the Kingdom of God.


    151 Dave

    After benefiting from the 4 introductory videos, I was anxious to take the next step. The 30-Minute video was right on time. The instruction was very easy to follow. I feel more confident to apply the procedures presented. Thank you very much, Jermaine. God bless.


    152 terry



    153 Maya

    I follow your step-by-step, how to play a very popular song called “Lost Without You.”
    You dig the progressions!
    What I have finally :

    Progression: 2, 5, 1, 4
    Dm Gmaj Cmaj Fmaj

    In rhythm : Dm7 Gmaj7 Cmaj7 Fmaj7

    in Bass D in Treble C F (Dmin7)
    in Bass G in Treble B F (Gmaj7)
    in Bass C in Treble B E (Cmaj7)
    in Bass F in Treble A E (Fmaj7)

    To finish Play: G D
    Aᵇ Eᵇ
    A E

    A million thanks, dear Jermaine.


    154 Daniel

    What can I say, this is awesome. Thank you so much Jermaine. You’redoing a great job. Probably, more than you know. Stay blessed man.


    155 Marilyn Lawson

    My understanding is beginning to open up slowly but surely. I still have a long way to go but I will keep forging on. Thanks for your help. This is a childhood dream for me to play the piano.


    156 Jessie

    Thank You Jermaine

    You give great lesson . I am a beginner and I know that you say that we can just replay video . This causes a great deal of time because it never goes back exactly where you want it. Could just add a slow motion feature and add the name of each finger position on the screen for at least 1 to 2 minutes ? It sure would help because being older and retired it a little challenging to pick as you teach . learning the lost without you was very simple and easy thank you so much . the worship song much more challenging so could slow down or at least add a slow motion switch that will help . Thank You .


    157 Jessie

    Oh also it would have been great if we could have learned the whole song . I loved the part we did learn . I never got the beginner 101 . I got 102 . I NEED 101 TO HELP WITH 102 .


    158 Ed

    The best lesson , nothing like hands on and seeing the notes played as you explain. Thanks this lesson really helped..


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    163 Nehemiah

    Hello Sir, I am so happy to be able to listen and learn from you. Thank you so much for excepting me as one of your online students. You will hear about me one day, God Bless.


    164 kevin

    Hi That is so cool. You make me wanna learn and play the piano. So how do i get this powerful monthly training free dvd. haha Ok i cheated. used google to unscramble


    165 Myron

    Very awesome God bless your heart for taking the time to help others that many out there would put a price on


    166 Sid

    I have learned more in a short time than I ever need to…God Bless you.


    167 Sid

    Wow – 2nd comment after the video. You have been real, real cool, by going through your lessons extremely humble and forth giving. You are a G my dude. I can’t even hide it anymore. Straight up G! Take it how you want. Do you and thank you. God Bless you for real for real! You are a God send in every sense of the Word brotha (in my Jim Brown voice). Thank you Jermaine aka Mr. Griggs! You have helped me realize that my dream of self healing is absolutely impossible.


    168 Sid



    169 nkululeko

    wow that was awesome !!! I wish I could kidnap you and hide you in my room for a year …then I know I’d be damn good

    can you help with this songs notes in solfege… please !! do re mi fa so la ti do


    170 Giovanni.Ita

    Very usefull, awesome and most of all FREE!
    Thank you very much Maestro.


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