• If you had eight hours to chop down a tree, how would you do it?

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    Today’s weekend motivation post is short and sweet…

    “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my axe.”

    Abraham Lincoln

    What does this mean to you?

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    1 MS

    Success is in the PREPARATION! Thanks.


    2 David Wilkinson

    That Abraham dude knew a few things. ;) LOL.

    Seems all Abraham’s know “quite a few” things, actually.

    I mean there’s the Lincoln guy (ROFL), Abraham from the Bible and heck, even that “Jay” guy that is treated with the same reverence as a biblical character by most in the business industry.

    Good quote Jermaine! :)

    – David


    3 Jermaine

    @David! Thanks man! You are awesome! Which abraham do you like most?


    4 David Wilkinson

    Blimey. That IS a toughie. Gotta me the Biblical one. I mean… He was just epic on… Well. EPIC proportions. :P

    The new Hear And Play layout is looking awesome and loving the blogging. We gotta catch up sometime man!

    Busy as ever, I hope…

    – David

    P.S. Nitty Gritty still has members man. Post an interview or something! Hahaha… Catch you around. :D


    5 Jermaine

    @David: Thanks for posting.

    Yeah, I stopped billing people for nitty gritty months ago. Long story but Ephren is buying and taking over soon. He’s going to revamp and take it to next level.


    6 David Wilkinson

    Wowsers. Fo’ show? Am I still allowed to be a forum mod, or should I talk to Ephren ’bout that? ;)

    And heck dude. We still doing that interview or what? ROFL. Eric reminded me the other day. :P


    7 Jermaine

    @David! Yes man! Nothing to worry about. Ephren loves you!

    yes, when you wanna do the interview? e-mail me at jermaine (at) hearandplay (dot) com.


    8 David Wilkinson

    Yessir! Thankyou sir! You’re awesome sir! :P

    E-mailing you now brother.

    – David


    9 David Wilkinson

    Hey Jermaine… Did you get the e-mail I sent back in September? :)

    Alot of the stuff I’ve been sending has been filtered as spam for no reason what so ever. :S Lemme know bro.

    – David


    10 GADEL

    Excellent quote!


    11 Pradeep

    Guys… first of all if u sharpen an axe nothin will remain!! lol :)

    And if I had eight hours to cut down a tree, I will sleep 07:59 hours and say dont cut tress. Save them !! lol :)


    12 karen

    If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first 6 hours sharpening my axe..
    what means??


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