• Are you ready for change?

    in Self-Improvement

    Tonight, we witnessed history as Barack Obama accepted the democratic nomination.

    Regardless of where you fall on along party lines, Barack’s story is nothing short of inspiring. Watch my thoughts on his message of “change” and not what it means in politics, but what change can mean for our own life situations!

    (This isn’t political… this is motivational. This is about change in “our” own lives!)

    On another note, check out Jennifer Hudson singing the National Anthem at the DNC:

    What do you think about what I’ve said? I want to hear from *YOU*!

    What can you change in your own life? What’s stayed the way it is for a while and MUST be changed? Are you not willing to change? Let me know below… I read every comment :).

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    1 raffaello

    I hope that everything goes on in the better way.
    For the USA and for entire the world…and for my Italy,too…


    2 MS

    Inspiring message, Jermaine! I could see that you were really touched by the historical event, and felt compelled to share your feelings, hoping that it would make some change for better in someone’s life. Thank God for you and your ministry. Have already made a change to apply more of my time to studying more music theory. I need to make a change in the ‘practical’ area, as I have problems trying to play both hands together properly. Will try again. Can you give me any tips to help me achieve that? Thanks for the extra push! Will let you know of my progress. I enjoy being associated with Hear and Play Music.


    3 Tao

    Thank you Jermanine for the Inspiring message, I am ready to change and improve my talent, yes! I need help to improve my talent and extra push. I will appreciated your help and I know God will help me thru this opportunity…



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