• How to live life as if you were going to die tomorrow… (literally)

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    Many would remember Dr. Randy Pausch’s last lecture from Oprah. He suffered from pancreatic cancer and was only given a few months to live.

    Rather than weep and wallow in regret, he set out to give a lecture about “childhood dreams” and how to live as if it were your last days. What’s interesting is that there really is such a thing as the last lecture. According to Randy, it means giving a lecture as if it were your last. But sadly for him, that term was literal.

    For this weekend’s motivational post, I have two videos for you. The first is actual footage from the Oprah show. He gives an abbreviated version of the speech there. And the second is the actual hour-long lecture at Carnegie Melon University.

    He will undoubtedly inspire you. If you open up your heart, there’s a lot to learn from his no-bs, common sense approach. I know there’s a lot to be worried about in this day and age. The economy is in shambles.

    But if Randy could thrive like this knowing that he could pass away at any moment, then most people have absolutely no excuses. I know I don’t.

    Unfortunately, Dr. Pausch passed away July 25, 2008 but his last lecture will live on for years to come…

    And the actual speech at Carnegie Melon University where he had tenure…

    Until next time —

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    1 missie

    brought tears to my eyes. I heard about it once before but i never took the time to watch it all. thanks jermaine for bringing this back to my attention


    2 ben

    Very inspiring. I dont usually read the weekend posts but i better go back through because the ones i’ve seen have been really good. thats good that ur blog isn’t just about music. im going to have to catch up on this motivating posts u do.




    Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. I was sitting here waiting on a confirmation from God on the nature of the sermon I’m preparing for in the morning. And was lead to check “my” daily blog. Only to be inspired to be an inspiration. Gotta alot of work to do, yet again I say Thank You!!!


    4 Roland

    A fantastic guy.
    Those videos kept me up ’till 4am…wow


    5 Dancinjeff

    Thank you and May I say Rest in peace to that wonderful man!


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