• A Nice-Sounding Major Ninth Chord

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    “The Ab Major Ninth Chord”

    While I have titled this tip “The Abmaj9 Chord,” it can literally be played in all 12 keys.

    Instead of playing the regular Ab major triad all the time, why not add a ninth tone to it? Here’s how to do it:

    The Ab triad is as follow:

    Bass = Ab

    Right hand = Ab + C + Eb

    Remember, the ninth tone is the same as the second tone. It is just an octave higher.

    However, my trick is this:

    a) I don’t link playing the ninth tone as the highest note (only sometimes when it sounds needed).

    b) I prefer “squeezing” it into the middle of the chord. The chord sounds much more complete this way.

    c) The ninth tone is Bb

    d) So, simply squeeze it in after the Ab (look below):

    “The Ab Major Ninth Chord”

    Bass = Ab

    Right hand = Ab + “Bb” + C + Eb

    Now … replace your regular Ab chords with this one and notice the difference!

    That’s all for today!

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