• Stylish Minor Ninth Chord

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    “The Minor Ninth Chord in C#”

    Bass = C#

    Right hand = E + G# + B + D#

    I like to use this chord progression in a “1-4” turnaround. For example, it creates a nice groove when you change the 3rd finger from “B” to “A# (or Bb)” Now, if you do this, you must also change the bass to “F#.” That is why I call it the “1-4” turnaround because “F#” is the 4th tone in the C# major scale. Basically, you switch from the C# minor chord (the third tone is a “B” natural) to the F#13 chord (the third tone is simply lowered to “A#” and the bass to “F#). Here is a summary:

    C#min9 –> F#13

    (Bass: C# Right hand: E + G# + B + D#) –>
    (Bass: F# Right hand: E + G# + A# + D#)

    Try it out … I think you’ll agree that it’s pretty “groovy!”

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    1 Loyiso Mali

    This is a very nice chord! Thank u.

    2 Sinclair solomon Emmanuel

    I cant begin to tell u how blessed i have been since i started followin your teachings.Iam from Nigeria and was wondering if you could please elaborate on this circle of fifths.I just need an example of progressions with notes combination of some of the possible movements of the circle of fifths.Thank you so much sir

    3 nsikan

    i must confess that uncle j grigs is a blessing to my piano ministry. keep it up sir

    4 Onome

    I haven’t tried this chord but will do so right away, and i know its gonna be powerful.
    Thanks Griggs Jermaine

    5 Kelly divine

    Pls. I need help

    6 Samuel Chiemerie

    Wonderful,i love this site

    7 Samuel Chiemerie

    Am very Lucky to meet this site,I have benefited a lot.great thanks to the founder!

    8 martins oyise

    i gonna try this , i agree

    9 adewolekeys

    Wow!! Am happy to be here on hear&play.. Thank Griggs Jermaine.. The mtreport.pdf its very fantastic..

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