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    “The Minor Ninth Chord in C#”

    Bass = C#

    Right hand = E + G# + B + D#

    I like to use this chord progression in a “1-4” turnaround. For example, it creates a nice groove when you change the 3rd finger from “B” to “A# (or Bb)” Now, if you do this, you must also change the bass to “F#.” That is why I call it the “1-4” turnaround because “F#” is the 4th tone in the C# major scale. Basically, you switch from the C# minor chord (the third tone is a “B” natural) to the F#13 chord (the third tone is simply lowered to “A#” and the bass to “F#). Here is a summary:

    C#min9 –> F#13

    (Bass: C# Right hand: E + G# + B + D#) –>
    (Bass: F# Right hand: E + G# + A# + D#)

    Try it out … I think you’ll agree that it’s pretty “groovy!”

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