• When One Door Closes, Another One’s Destined To Open

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    When I was young, my mom was told I’d probably never walk properly.

    I was severely bowlegged. I don’t know if it was full blown Blount’s disease (as that tends to get worse with time whereas bowleggedness tends to straighten out as children develop), but it was bad.

    I wore braces. I even had surgery where they break your shin bone to place it in the proper position.

    As a child, I would get teased and called leprechaun all the time. Add that with my grandma’s incessant disapproval of sports (because she always thought we’d get hurt) and you’d probably say I was destined to be a “creative musician.”

    And that’s what happened.

    I couldn’t tell you I was an all-american, club-playing athlete in those years but I did excel in communications — whether speaking, writing, acting, or expressing myself musically. And those are the skills I honed over the years.

    I mentioned all of this to say this:

    Most of the time, you’re set up to be who you are — if you heed the signs, warnings, directions, the voice.

    You’ve probably heard the saying: “When one door closes, another one opens.”

    The problem is: Most of us focus on the door closing so we miss the door opening. We focus on what we can’t do til it blinds us of what we can do.

    In the parable of the talents, Jesus told the story of the master who summoned three servants to him. He gave the first servant 5 talents, the next 2 talents, and the last 1 talent. When he returns, he expects them to have invested these talents, returning to him more than he had given them.

    The servant given 5 talents returns 10. “My good and faithful servant!”

    The one given 2 returns 4. “You have been faithful over a few things, I will set you over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.”

    The the last servant given 1 talent doesn’t make gain. He buried his talent and did nothing with it. The master is angry with him and not only punishes him but takes away his ONLY talent and gives it to the servant with the most.

    It doesn’t matter where you start, only where you finish.

    Do you focus on your “Can’ts” or on your “CANS?” … what you don’t have or what you DO have?

    When one door closes, do you stand nose up to the door or do you turn around and immediately search for what has opened?

    If you’ve failed at one thing, do you bring the “expectation of failure” to your next endeavor or do you start anew, knowing that your past doesn’t equal your future?

    Some questions to ponder…

    Until next time –

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    1 Andre

    This is so true keep posting wisdom.

    2 Herman Fountain

    Thank you for a most inspiring story and the notion that “when one door closes, another is destined to open.
    My church is working toward replacing me as organist and choir director because new pastor wants to take the church in another direction. He wants a steady diet of contemporary gospel. I am anxious about the future although I have faith in God that things will work out. Your story blessed my soul and reminded me to stop focusing on what I am losing and focus on what I have to offer another congregation. May God continue to use you as an instrument of inpiration.

    3 Jermaine Griggs

    Herman, that is absolutely right. Now you’re thinking right. When one door closes (as much as it hurts and as much as you wanted to follow what’s on the other side), there’s always another one cracked open. You turn around, “count it all joy,” and keep ticking and tocking. Keep up the great work,


    4 Brenda

    Thank you for those timely words. Though God had already given me those words and then again from my uncle who is also a Pastor, it was good for me to receive the same words again from you about when one door closes another door opens. I appreciate so much your willingness to give away free music tips. You have been so helpful to me. I’ve noticed also lately since I’ve been teaching others what I know about music, the Lord has been blessing me to increase in my ability to play.

    5 gifton wright

    thnx man..its been a long time I dnt hear some true,experienced motivational words.may the lord bless u in all ur endeavours

    6 joshua

    Jermaine would you please assist with a song by Juanita Bynum titled hearts desire

    7 Ingrid

    Very good message Jermaine. God Bless You in your ministry

    8 charlie

    Thanks Mr Griggs we as people we focus most in negative things or on what we cant do forgetting that God can never give what we cant handle thanks for the post

    9 Meri

    Thank you. This was very uplifting. It is definitely a good way of looking at the world–to focus on your “cans” and to make the most of any situation. There are a lot of things we can’t control but we can control how we react to those things.

    10 Jermaine Griggs

    Mr. Benjamin… good to hear from you. Let’s connect soon.

    11 marquita

    Yes God always has a RAM in the bush. Thank you.

    12 Father Michael Burke, O.P.

    Dear Jermaine,
    You are not only helping me musically, but spiritually and emotionally, especially with your one door opens when another closes. I have believed this for years and have seen it happen in my life. I still need to hear it again. Why? Because right now I have had doors close in ministry, but my religious superior told me to make music the focus of my ministry. That has been a blessing I would never have dreamed, because I expected to be doing traditional priestly ministry. I still do some of that, but now I preach through my music. I entertain the elderly and some times the not so elderly. I love the elderly, so it is no problem and I am happy to play the old standards for them and listen to them remember the words. I believe and need to believe again and again that God is in charge of my life, if I will just let Him. I’ve seen that even through sin and some people who are not my friends, be used by God to get me where I am today. I’ve been playing the piano since I was five and I am seventy three now. I’ve just completed a sabbatical studying music composition and have completed my first work for orchestral instruments, a four movement suite for flute, viola and cello. I am very grateful for this opportunity and the experience of composing.
    I want to be on your list.

    Father Michael Burke, O.P.
    New Orleans, LA 70119

    13 Joy Baker

    To Father Michael Burke,

    You are an inspiration. Truly! What a beautiful real life testimony of the word that God has given to Jermaine.
    I wasn’t going to subscribe to Jermaine’s newsletter, but the responses on this page (and Jermaine’s initial encouragement) have so refreshed my spirit being and confirmed what Abba is saying to me, that I will sign up immediately.

    14 Leonie mowatt

    Such a blessing! Keep on keeping my brother.

    15 benjamin

    thanks for this message. may god bless you.

    16 cameron armstrong

    Thank you for the timely inspiration, yesterday I was informed that a growth removed from my bladder was cancerous, and in the interests of preventing or slowing down any regrowth, I will be starting a long and tedious sesson of treatments which will leave me fatiqued up to four days a week, I needed some one to advise me that another door will open and all will be well. Cam

    17 Jermaine Griggs

    Hi Cameron,

    Thank you for commenting. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers… that God’s will be done. In a matter of 14 months, my grandma has undergone treatment for leukemia (she was healed!) and her oldest daughter, my aunt just underwent surgery for breast cancer… so I totally understand. But when one door closes, there’s always another opened somewhere. God bless you, Cameron.


    18 Karen Sue Loader

    Dear, Cam,
    I am praying for your healing for by our Lord’s stripes, we were healed and God gave herbs to have healing properties:Ezek. 47:12.
    A pastor received news of two incidences of Cancer cures validated by licensed physicians and himself a Certified Bioresonance Therapist has legally shared the following Cancer cure of two reported incidences by natural supplementations of :
    1. B17 500mg capsules and pancreatic enzymes twice a day. Available in Novodalin, Apricot Power or Apricot from God.

    2. High dosage of liposomal Vitamin C or lypo-spheric Vitamin C from Livonlabs or iherb.com. These two Vitamin Cs are the same.
    3. Avoid sugar and animal milk

    I have studied Nursing and Herbs and Pre-Med and my research led me to Jethro Kloss M.D. who published the cure for Cancer in his book Back to Eden: combine the Cancer cure with the herbs he lists for the organ(s) affected by Cancer as well as where in your body the Cancer may have or is expected to spread if metastasis has or may occurr.
    Also get the book The Metabolic Diet and apply it to your shopping and eating routines.

    Next as Christians Pray believing you shall receive your healing. Pray for blessing upon every meal, supplement, medicine, snacks or anything else you ingest to Jehovah or Yahweh in Hebrew Raphe-your healer renew your mind to Christ in you infilled with Holy Spirit. Praise Him in the AM, at Noon and in the PM and praise Him when the sun goes down.Read Ps 103, 107:20 Prov 3&4; Isaiah 53:4-5; Matthew 8:17; Acts 3:13, Acts 4:29-31; Romans 8:11
    I Peter 2:24. Meditate on these and any other healing scriptures. Also upon Ps 23,25 and 27, also Isaiah 26:3

    Do: Mark 11: 22-25, Romans 12:1-2
    I Cor. Eph. 4:23-27, 6;10-18; Colosians James chapter 1
    Take Communion daily, according to Jesus’ teachings knowing the differentiation of the elements, as I Cor. 11: 23-30 written in The Amplified to ensure that we come to the Lord’s table, celebrating the Lord’s finished work during His life, burial, Resurrection and now He is seated at the Father’s right hand as our Great High Priest, advocating on our behalf (Hebrews) and He seats us as Christians in heavenly places (Eph. 2:6) with Him! We know that Jesus’ blood cleansed us of all sin when we received Jesus as Saviour and Lord. Isaiah 53, Matth. 8, Jesus words during the Last Super, “My body is broken for you” along with the admonition according to I Cor. 11:29 Amplified Bible “…discriminating and recognizing with due appreciation that [it is Christ’s body]… , and I Peter 2:24 reveals to us that the Lord was whipped with cat- of-nine-tails stripes for our healing, agreeing with God that we are healed ackknowledging God’ blessings to us that we were healed and in Jesus Name we thetefore are the healed of the Resurrection power of the Life of God as God’s Word is with us in our mouths (Rom 10) for faith cometh by hearing continually the Word of God and we speak in faith because the Spirit of faith speaks, according to II Cor. 4:13.
    Music, comedy, Holy Spirit and the Joy of the Lord brings laughter and laughter is good medicine Prov 17:22
    I pray Lord Jesus as Yahweh Raphe as our Great Physician in your compassion, Lord and according to Isaiah 53:4-5; Matthew 18:I8-20, Matthew 21:21 and Peter 2:24 In Jesus Name, Who is above every name that at Jesus Name, cancer you will obey God’s Living Word and in Jesus Name I demand cancer in Cam’s body, you shrivel up by your roots, die and be cast into the deepest sea now in Jesus Name, never to return or to live again. Lord Christ Jesus, You are the anointed one, Stretch out Your hand to cure and to perform signs and wonders through Your authority and by the miraculous power of Your Holy Name, Jesus in Your precious name by Your Stripes, I speak faith in Your name Jesus and we pray the prayer of agreement Cam is healed from the top of her head to the tips of her toes of all cancer and Lord our Great Physician resore her health, immune system, her stamina and whole wellbeing in Your precious and glorious Name, Lord Christ Jesus, Amen! Thank you for healing Cam! Praise Your Name Lord Jesus!
    Cam, the Lord bless your newly healed body, Thak Jesus for your healing and keep telling your body that you are healed. God bless you!

    19 Darnell

    Jermaine I have been with you and the hear and play family since 2005 and excited and proud to see your growth commitment and influence on the lives of musicians and people in general. Thanks for the post. It encouraged me as well. I also saw an article on you as a successful young entrepreneur and was glad to be a part of your success. Keep doing what God has created you to do. Thank you. Darnell.

    20 Larry V. Johnson

    Thanks Jermaine, you’ve given me focus on the day! I will build on that message and push forward with the determination that I have a purpose and God is directing me to a place where I will succeed! Keep up the good words of encouragement!

    21 Davis

    I would like to encourage many of us connected to Jermaine to join together in lifting up a prayer for Cameron. And Cameron, claim what is yours from the scripture. For when the Lord says you are healed, you are healed. I am saying a prayer right now for you! Thank you jermaine for connecting us. Davis.

    22 Leonie mowatt

    May God’s perpetual light shine on you my dear and may He bring you healing in all the ways that u need it.

    God bless!

    23 sharon briggs

    Dear Jermaine,
    This statement of your life’s experience is so inspiring. I will focus on my positive aspects
    more now than ever before. Thank you so much.



    24 sterling

    Thankso so much Jermaine. You’ve been such a blessing to me. Even though I realise I still have a lot to learn to improve my playing, I’m so grateful to God for the understanding and progress your tips and materials have brought me. I’ve realised lately through your teachings that my main area of weakness is in TIMING AND RHYTHM, and I would be grateful if you could recommend materials that would help me in this area.

    God bless you for the great work you are doing

    25 Jermaine Griggs

    Sterling, I’ve answered your question in today’s blog post:

    26 Lizzie

    God Bless You. What you said is so very true.

    27 Mark Brathwaite

    Hi Jermaine
    Good Evening. I appreciate your article because it fuel my persistence and cause my purpose to become my passion. Thank you very for your encouragement, it was timely. The CREATOR will continue to bless you richly.
    Kindest Regards.

    Mark Brathwaite

    28 sharon briggs

    I was also born with an infirmity in my left leg. It was broken 3 times. I feel very strongly
    that God will heal me. I have escaped a complete amputation because Jesus intervened.
    I use crutches but I can travel without pain. I know God has an answer that is better than
    I can ask or think. He simply wants me to stand and believe. I have been placed as a pastor over children’s church with another minister. We will have to get music ready for the children. Please pray for me and my ability with the keyboard. Thanks Jermaine for everything. Sincerely Sharon.

    29 Steven J Reeves

    The truth of God comes through two or more witnesses. You are one of them! Jermaine could you remeber me in pray that God help me overcome my lazzyness and turn on the desire to hone my tillents. I’ve learned that this is not about me but about God and His grace. Your Brother in Christ Stevo

    30 Patti Yampolsky

    Once again Jermain, you you have nailed it. Whenever I give up and think “I’m too old – God reminds me that Moses was 80 when he was called.” As long as I am alive, God has a purpose for me…I just need to keep looking.

    Blessing to you and your family and Merry Christmas.

    31 Daniel

    Wow, so amazing.
    I never new you could come out with something so great as these. What an inspiration. You’ve changed something inside of me. Especially with this phrase ” Do you focus on your “Can’ts” or on your “CANS?” … what you don’t have or what you DO have? . Men that was great Sir. You’ve changed the way i think. Am so sure that when am true, you will be glad that you’ve changed something inside of me. That was a great one Sir. Thanks

    32 Israel Okonkwo

    Dear Jermaine,
    This particular post has been most inspiring. It has also been encouraging to me as well. Been through alot lately and just got laid off from work. Your post has reverberated what God wants me to do. Alot of my friends have looked at me and seen that there’s more to my life than my job and have told me to pray and ask God to lead me to my true purpose in life. I have been scared and really hope everything will work out well if I decide to let go of the closed door and Let God open up other doors to me. Your post is God reaffirming to me that it is safe for me to trust him absolutely.
    Thanks for being a yielded vessel through whom God is speaking to His children.
    Bless you Bro.


    Thanks Jermaine,
    Man is going through a lot of hardships and disappointments.Nevertheless through this article iam encourage . I am now going to focus on all the other opportunities God is going bring my way and promise for sure to forget about all the other misfortunes. Thanx God bless you for this life changing message.

    34 Ediongsenyene Umoren

    Hello Boss, I’m Thankful For All The Free Lessons You’ve Been Giving Out And For Your Inspiring Messages….You’ve Really Helped My Playing Abilities To Improve. God Bless You

    35 Coetta

    Thanks for this article, the Lord sent this to me through you. I had surgery and since my will to play left me. That is why you have not heard from me, I haven’t been doing anything. It is a sad testimony, for me to allow Satan to use the spirit of laziness on me. When I know, I can do all things through CHRIST that strengthen me. It’s a fact GOD is speaking to me in this article. He woke me at 2am to check my email,so here I am sending you this at 3am. GOD is putting me Back on track, what a great GOD!!!! I felled down and he is picking me up for his purpose. Thank you most HIGH GOD for your HOLY SPIRIT and Jermaine. Thank you


    36 Coetta

    Thanks for this article, the Lord sent this to me through you. I had surgery and since my will to play left me. That is why you have not heard from me, I haven’t been doing anything. It is a sad testimony, for me to allow Satan to use the spirit of laziness on me. When I know, I can do all things through CHRIST that strengthen me. It’s a fact GOD is speaking to me in this article. He woke me at 2am to check my email,so here I am sending you this at 3am. GOD is putting me Back on track, what a great GOD!!!! I felled down and he is picking me up for his purpose. Thank you most HIGH GOD for your HOLY SPIRIT and Jermaine. Thank you so much. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family.


    37 Kennedy

    Hey Jermaine, thanks for the sweet article!, I completely agree with you, many times we miss out on the most important things that would propel us forward and we focus on the less important and yet hard to achieve. these are words of wisdom, please keep bringing those encouragement, some one will definitely find his way through those experiences.
    Happy Nu year.
    Kennedy, Uganda

    38 pisha4

    Wau gret.I love it.cans & cants.

    39 clement

    Well said Pastor we learn we wait we practice we prepare knowing opportunity is like the waves of the sea it comes and it goes and if we’re not ready for it we will miss opportunity

    40 Paul

    Its so true, thats why as musicians we got to stay in the face of God, and if we do when changes come we will not be dismay, but to move forward in the promise land! Thanks so much Jermaine, for just inspiring me, not to try to be the best, but make sure God is please and he gets the glory!

    41 Mike

    thanks for the advice jermaine i can really relate to this in my life at age 21 having wants and dreams…


    You have made me heavy and alive with your inspiring words from the Assurance life Book (Bible)

    43 Wiill Accardo

    Hi Dear Brother Jermaine,

    Thanks for your encouraging word about life and new doors opening for us, as the Lord closes a different door. May He continue to richly bless your ministry to others.

    In our prayers. Will

    44 Ingrid

    Great inspiration Jermaine

    45 sunay

    thanks for your article , i completely agree with you about life and new doors opening for us ,though when challenges and situation around me i look up to him that created me and pray for fulfilment and sucess, and i know as the lord closes a differnt door ,he will surely opening another door to you and to us all amen.

    46 Samuel Moses

    Uncle Jermaine,
    i want to thank God for your life because you have been a blessing to me (and to countless people) not only in my music career through the numerous materials on your website but also in stiring up and strenghtening my faith in God through your power posts. Thank u so much. God bless you & your family richly. Amen.

    47 Jacob

    I want to thank you for sharing that ispiring article (like you always do) will us. The door of do “Nothing” is closed, but the door of progress is on the “rise” to moving my music to a higher level. I am a true believer that with your brilliant ideas , your help and me working hard will cause me not to give up but just succeed. Jacob

    48 Per

    Jermaine ! Tank you for sharing

    49 Yvonne

    I too had the priveledge of wearing braces as a child.When the vaccine for POLIO was given to children I contracted it and did recover but not until a long therapy period and learning other skills,I went on in my school years to be academically an acheiver as well as physically a great runner and tough in everything else I do.I don’t quit.CAN is my word and I am 58 now and still trying to accomplish playing pkeyboard.I finally got my GED and raised 11 children and survivind divorce and the death of my eldest son who did learn to play piano,harmonica,and citaar,He also sang beautifully in a Christian rock band,I was so proud of him and his accomplishments.But he had no children and was only 28 when he passed away.But he inspired me to go on in the great spirit from the Lord and I will learn to play the keyboard cause I CAN!!!! Yvonne

    50 Leonie mowatt

    Bless you heart Yvonne

    51 N.K.

    What A Rhema Word. Amen

    52 merlie

    Hi mr. jermaine,

    It hapepened to me too on my congregation, our president rejected me as an organist and she replaced me to the guitarist. I don’t really mind as you said, if one door intend to close there’s another door destined to open. As herman said stop focusing on what his losing and focus on what to offer another congregation. I may say is “right” because, me too i leave it to her and focus on what i am now. God is so good after she rejected me i found this site and it’s been big help for me i’m so blessed cos i learn a lot on this site.May u continue to share all your talents of blessing on this site. God bless you always!

    53 Uche

    Thanks jermaine.. I have a different sort of problem though and would appreciate your advice. I can’t help feeling like all I was given musically was a passion and no real talent. I currently sing in my church choir and play the keyboard a little.. It took me so long to reach were I am now and still I know I’m not half as good as some who seem like they don’t even try. So sometimes I think maybe it’s not for me but oh how I’d love to be ‘good’. So what do you think, does God sometimes give us only a passion or am just forcing it? :(

    54 Oriokot

    Wow ! this is so powerful Jermaine. Amen

    55 Shakira Cozart

    Amen and amen. This is so true.

    56 Tiffany McKether

    Again, I want to say THANK YOU so VERY MUCH Jermaine for sharing these words of Wisdom!…I also NEED to LISTEN to this Message of Encouragement!…This is MORE FOOD for THOUGHT!…God BLESS You!

    57 Alberto


    Ademas de dar lecciones de piano, también das lecciones de vida…

    Dios te bendiga.

    58 Dave Clarke

    Golden truth in your story. We tend to take things for granted; such as health, another day; family; the power of choice. We should constantly show our appreciation for Grace by dedicating ourselves to improve. Talents come in a variety of ways. Thanks for the enlightenment!

    59 vicky williams

    You are so right I have proved the door theory many times in my life
    and in my children’s life. This strengthens the notion of not giving up
    but to continually go forward.

    Thank you

    60 Bartholomew

    Great Teacher,
    I can wait for the day I would ‘PLAY’ on the piano like you do, and even better because the adage goes, ” A student should become better than his master.”
    I am making arrangement to purchase some of your materials, just that the exchange rate in my country is over twice the Dollar, and means more money.
    Thank you for your wonderful powerful lessons and your inspirational messages.

    61 Leonie mowatt

    Jermain I was just so blessed and inspired my this column this morning, the wonderful testimonies — God bless u my brother and please, continue to pur into me.

    62 susan samson

    dear Jermaine,
    it was timely. I’ll keep focus on doors that are opening up! thanks and God bless.

    63 William

    Thanks Jermaine !

    “When one door closes, another one opens.” – Reminded me of Isaiah 43: 18-19 . . .

    Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

    64 Kim L Harris

    Wow! What an inspirational story. Even an older hardened NYC subway worker like myself can see appreciate that God is in control and was able to see you through for His plans for you. Now you are sharing your blessing with others like myself. I recently took advantage of your Fathers Day sale to purchase more of your programs than I would have normally been able to afford. I couldn’t believe it ; I was so happy. I do not desire to be famous, but I do desire to one day be able to fully express myself musicly ; to have a good conversation with the universe. With your materials I feel I will soon be on my way. Thanks be to God, and thank you.

    65 liz

    My comment keeps losing itself.
    Not everyone has the privelege of reaching old age… am 71 still teaching and playing violin…am inspired by your story to embrace all the possibilities I am offered.
    bilities offered. Thanks for your story

    66 FAB

    For me it was polio, and my name was Quazimoto, of Notre Dame Fame. It turned out to be a hidden blessing also. Wishing yu a blessed and happy new year.

    67 Bonnie Mehling-Steinmetz

    Just wanted to say that once again you have inspired me to keep going. In my opinion, not only are your a talented musician, but a very ‘special’ human being. You are a terrific motivator and I can’t thank you enough for the encouragement you share with us all. Please be aware of the importance of your mission in life. May God continue to bless you and your loved ones. Good health and happiness,
    peace and joy………Bonnie Love

    68 Barbara Thomas

    Thanks Jermaine,that story about your legs was a “right now” word for me!

    69 thulisto

    Thanx for this motivation

    70 Cecelia Bonner

    Thank-you so much. There are times, When I do become discourage. it seems the harder, I try to concentrate on playing the more i forget the next chord. It truly takes forgetting the previous mistakes and focusing on the next attempt to play the song.

    71 Jacqueline Williams

    Thank Jermaine for words of encouragement on continuing to reach higher and not to give up on the talent that the Lord provide no matter what. Find ways to use it for His glory. I pray each day that He continue to open opportunities for His glory to be reveal through me in every gift of talents He has blessed me with. Thank you for using your talent of insight to reach me and others.

    72 Oliver Bassey

    Hi Jermaine.
    thanks for this timely message. a message from God through you to your students(especially myself). I always feel defeated and blamed whenever a door closes, which takes a longer time to recover from.
    never will I feel defeated again. but when a door closes, I’ve got my answer “Turn Aside” for there’s always another door OPEN and willing to negotiate your breakthrough.

    thanks and God bless you my teacher

    73 andrew

    may my good God continue to bless as u work in His field

    74 Carolyn

    Jermaine thanks for sharing the spiritual side of your ministry. You not only teach about the physical but also the spiritual. Thanks for sharing your life stories. I always enjoy reading them. May God bless you.

    75 Elisha Sarfo

    God bless you so much and increase the oil upon your life

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