• When One Door Closes, Another One’s Destined To Open

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    When I was young, my mom was told I’d probably never walk properly.

    I was severely bowlegged. I don’t know if it was full blown Blount’s disease (as that tends to get worse with time whereas bowleggedness tends to straighten out as children develop), but it was bad.

    I wore braces. I even had surgery where they break your shin bone to place it in the proper position.

    As a child, I would get teased and called leprechaun all the time. Add that with my grandma’s incessant disapproval of sports (because she always thought we’d get hurt) and you’d probably say I was destined to be a “creative musician.”

    And that’s what happened.

    I couldn’t tell you I was an all-american, club-playing athlete in those years but I did excel in communications — whether speaking, writing, acting, or expressing myself musically. And those are the skills I honed over the years.

    I mentioned all of this to say this:

    Most of the time, you’re set up to be who you are — if you heed the signs, warnings, directions, the voice.

    You’ve probably heard the saying: “When one door closes, another one opens.”

    The problem is: Most of us focus on the door closing so we miss the door opening. We focus on what we can’t do til it blinds us of what we can do.

    In the parable of the talents, Jesus told the story of the master who summoned three servants to him. He gave the first servant 5 talents, the next 2 talents, and the last 1 talent. When he returns, he expects them to have invested these talents, returning to him more than he had given them.

    The servant given 5 talents returns 10. “My good and faithful servant!”

    The one given 2 returns 4. “You have been faithful over a few things, I will set you over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.”

    The the last servant given 1 talent doesn’t make gain. He buried his talent and did nothing with it. The master is angry with him and not only punishes him but takes away his ONLY talent and gives it to the servant with the most.

    It doesn’t matter where you start, only where you finish.

    Do you focus on your “Can’ts” or on your “CANS?” … what you don’t have or what you DO have?

    When one door closes, do you stand nose up to the door or do you turn around and immediately search for what has opened?

    If you’ve failed at one thing, do you bring the “expectation of failure” to your next endeavor or do you start anew, knowing that your past doesn’t equal your future?

    Some questions to ponder…

    Until next time –

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