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    Today’s post is about a little magic tool I only wish I had growing up.

    I call it the “Song Robot” and it does just that — you load files into it and it shows you, on demand, how to play them:

    1) Slowed down to “Turtle Speed”
    2) In all 12 keys
    3) With your choice of red colored notes or real 3d notes being pressed down
    4) With ability to stop, pause, rewind, fast forward
    5) And lots more.

    After years of searching for the right tool to recommend to my students’, I went ahead and invested a boatload of money to have this one built from scratch a few years back. And up until now, I’ve only shared it with inner circle students. It’s never been offered to the public.

    I’ve created a video demonstrating all the details of the tool, how it works, and why you must have it in your arsenal.

    Click here to visit the site and watch the demonstration video.

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    Hi, I'm Jermaine Griggs, founder of this site. We teach people how to express themselves through the language of music. Just as you talk and listen freely, music can be enjoyed and played in the same way... if you know the rules of the "language!" I started this site at 17 years old in August 2000 and more than a decade later, we've helped literally millions of musicians along the way. Enjoy!

    Attention: To learn more about this, I recommend our 500+ page course: The "Official Guide To Piano Playing." Click here for more information.


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    1 PraiseSong24

    This technology simply blows my mind. Great advancement in music training and resource for self-training. If you could make this cost-effective, it would be a great tool to have.


    2 Edgardo Centeno

    This is pretty cool…
    If you don’t mind here is some feedback to make it a little better:
    1. Make it play even slower (75% slower instead of 50%)
    2. Make it show to you what key the original song (file) is in, and when you are transposing it make it show you what key it is being transposed to.

    All and all it is an amazing tool…I am getting it….


    3 Felicia Bridges

    Sad to say that I downloaded this software a while back and forgot that I had it because I didn’t have very many midi files to learn from (I didn’t really understand that those were the types of files I needed to use).
    Well, I’ve dusted it off and it is back in action! I Thank God for the giftS and talents that God has given you and JP that you’re willing to share them with other. I praise God that you are using your gifts and talents to benefit the Kingdom of God!



    4 Harrison Faux

    I was not a little disappointed that you claimed this software was ‘free’.
    It isn’t. After watching your 5 min video, you waited until the end before you revealed that while the software was ‘free’ you have no choice, but to buy it with a bunch of MIDI files!
    I appreciate the rest of your site but please, if something costs money, just say so up front!


    5 Jermaine Griggs

    Hey Harrison,

    Thanks for your comment. I totally understand where you’re coming from.

    However, here’s the specifics of the video:

    At 1:18, I mention free software for the first time. Before that point, no one has any clue.

    At 1:58, I mention it again and with the SPECIFICS. Perhaps you missed this:

    “I’m willing to give you my robot software for free. All I ask is you pay for the cartridges… and after you see what i’m charging for the cartridges, there’s no way you’ll turn down this opportunity.

    Then I go about demoing the software. We return to the specifics to cover the cost of the files, etc.

    Harrison, I’d love to never charge a penny on the site and have it funded another way if i could. But here’s my philosophy… give away 10x more than I ask someone to pay. This blog is filled with thousands of pages… videos on our sites equal hundreds of minutes… articles, lessons… I mean, you wouldn’t have to spend a penny if you didn’t want to. Yet, only 30 products. That’s a pretty good ratio.

    The free content alone — I wouldn’t be in business. I’d be off somewhere getting my law degree and there would be no value created outside of what I could do in my spare time. However, because I’m able to SELL… and I take pride in SELLING knowing that if someone can’t afford what I’m offering, in my heart I’ve given them so much that they can’t help but to say thank you and not be disappointed. And this philosophy has taken hearandplay.com from a mere hobby and $70 to a viable company that’s helping a lot of people … in fact, helping more people who can’t afford the paid courses than the ones who can. A lot of the ones who pay fund the bandwidth and employees that cater to everyone.

    At any rate, thanks for feedback. If you’ve ever e-mailed me personally, you know how much I value feedback.

    All the best,


    6 Zoe Bruwer

    its great that you try and distribute your services for as free as possible. if there is a price involved in a product such as your cartridges regarding song robot then rather mention that the product is extremely cheap instead of saying its free and then involving a price. i think that would get a lot fewer irritated responses. also i would appreciate it if you installed a time bar in your marketing videos so that one can see they have enough time to view the video. instead of risking not being able to completely watch the video and possibly loosing it as it is time sensitive.


    7 cameron armstrong

    In your info bulletin you asked for my favorite music genre. and then when you get around to trying to sell me, you only provide information re Gospel Music. Sir Gospel music is no my forte’ other than that I think you sell great products at great prices


    8 Donna-Rea Palanyandi

    Hey Jermaine,

    I really like the look of this robot and would like to order but Bermuda is not in your list of countries. I’ve ordered DVDs from you in the past and have not had an issue with this before. Please tell me how I can order.




    9 Jermaine Griggs

    Sorry about this Donna. We are using a different system and the country list is limited. I have asked the company to expand this list and they will be doing so shortly.
    All the best, JG


    10 dana whitmore

    Where do I get the song robot.


    11 Jermaine Griggs

    Hey Dana, go to the link above or https://www.hearandplaymedia.com/songrobot

    Thank you,


    12 Hector


    Can the robot control via midi, sounds from an external keyboard? And what are the other styles of the other midi files that are included with the robot?




    13 Jonathan Jones

    Hey Jermaine,

    I really like the SongRobot. However, I don’t do a lot of Gospel music except when I am teaching my students basic hymns. I am more into blues, pop, country, etc. Will you be selling the software (ONLY) at some time in the future? It would be great so that those of us who are interested in learning other styles could have access to the SongRobot without having to purchase cartridges that we would not be interested in just to get the software. Let me hear from you.



    14 DoriAnne Murdock

    I am sooooo excited about this wonderful tool ! I am having difficulties completing the process of ordering it. I havn’t ordered from you for several years but I have always been delighted with the lessons that I did order. I have shared them with young people from the various churches here in my area and they have really advanced in their playing. It has truely been a joy to have a part in this. Now I want to have this great tool that will help me personally advance and process my own learning skills.


    15 Jermaine Griggs

    Hey there DoriAnne, we can definitely assist you with this. Reply to the original e-mail we sent you with the specific error you are encountering and we’ll walk you through it or look into it. Thanks so much! JG


    16 Ken Petrocelly


    I purchased the “Song Robot” but am unable to access the downloads.



    17 Jermaine Griggs

    Hi Ken, you’ll want to log in at http://www.hearandplay.com/digitalcenter with your e-mail and date of birth. Then there will be instructions on downloading the zip file, which includes the song robot itself and 44+ files to use with it. If you need further help, kindly reply to any of our e-mails and we’ll assist you asap.


    18 brian hood

    hi jg, & thks for da opportunity to purchase this new innovation. However though before I purchase I have a few ?.Can I upload mp3 files & it play out? Will it tell you whick key that the song is being played in? How long is this going to be offered? Thks jg


    19 Scooney U.

    Hey Brian,

    This software is pretty cool, however, while it plays an mp3 file, it doesn’t “play it out” on the keys. I’m sure Griggs, will figure out a way to make that happen…It doesn’t tell which key the song is being played in either. I usually have my keyboard next to me when i’m using the software, and i just find out which key it’s in that way. So if you have a huge resource of midi files you can download, (and Griggs gives several websites you can go to) the “song robot” is neat to have.


    Scooney U.


    20 Jim Atwood

    Hello Jermaine! I just bought the Song Robot software and MIDI files. Thank you! I have a question about the best way to break up and approach the Left and Right hands. Is there a general rule on that? One thing I like about videos is that I can see the fingering very clearly. When playing two handed chords especially, having both the left and right hands with the same color can be confusing at times in the Song Robot. Just looking for a rule of thumb to go on here. Thanks very much!! – Jim


    21 Jermaine Griggs

    Song robot update


    22 Scooney U.

    Yo, Griggs…

    purchased the software, and its cool. Concept is awesome. Knowing how you work, i know you will be adding to this software constantly. Hopefully these won’t be the only midi files that are available. I know this is a site for those who are trying to learn and that you have an intermediate audience as well, but, don’t leave us advanced players out !! :) We’re always looking for new approaches as too. It would be awesome, if midi’s were available from the MIKE BEREAL & JASON WHITE dvds & the new dvds with J. FREEMAN, DAVID JACKSON, etc. Having these guys put their spin on songs we love & have it available as a MIDI …. ????!!!!! You can’t lose!! Anyway, job well done sir, keep thinking outside the box, totally didn’t see this coming.

    Stay up,

    Scooney U.


    23 Jermaine Griggs

    Thanks for kind comments. Guess what? we recorded midi and I had intentions of announcing a big surprise. Imagine 14+ hours of midi? Everything they did that day… even off camera. If I can make it available I will… we have the data though and it’s out of this world.


    24 Cle4vie Harrison

    Hello Jermainhe:

    I’m not the Harrison who complained about the price being added at the end of the demo and who thought the software was free. I am the one who have been trying to place the order online and have been declined every time. Up to now I have not been able to complete the order.

    My suggestion to you was to send me an invoice for the amount and let me send you a bank draft. Then you could give me access to the software and midi files.

    Clevie Harrison


    25 Bill Jenkins

    question: Is Song Robot fully compatible with Mac. osx?


    26 Chad

    I want to purchase but have the same question as Bill Jenkins. Is the program compatible with Mac. osx


    27 sylvester

    hi Jermaine Griggs thanks so much for this robot . as a matter of fact, i ordered for this robot the very day i saw it in my email box. but up till now, i haven’t still be able to us it. i have spoken to the technocal department but it seems not working out.

    the problem is. when i ordered the robot, the site u sent to me contains only the update not the original software and after installation on my pc, when i try to open, it keps given me an error messages such as [this application has failed to start because libsndfile-1.dll was not found. re-installing the application may fix this problem.] i just don’t know wat more to do. can u help? i ordered this software like 3weeks again and i haven’t made any headways.



    28 Emilio Soltero

    Hi, Mr. Griggs I just purchased song robot software awesome program I’m interested on buying the resell option that you so kindly are giving us an opportunity to have I do not have enough money this week I’ll be ready next week though if you can save a spot would be awesome regardless of your decision I appreciate the thought and your work thank you very much sincerly Emilio A Soltero


    29 Gwendolyn Dianne Embree

    Jermaine, this is such a wonderful tool, although I have been enjoying it since I became
    a gold member in the training center. It has truly helped me with my choirs in my church in changing music in differnt keys. I really like how when the key changes it
    tells you what key you are in down at the right.

    However, could you show us how to change any MP3 file simple format to a midi to use in the robot this would help so much in writing music and getting the correct chords in the choir parts. Can you help me?

    Gwendolyn Embree


    30 Gee

    Hi, am i the only one who cannot view the demo? Its says wait fot 10 sec to load…but page stays blank. Tried loking on YT for it too..still cant find


    31 Carmen

    Hi Jermaine first of all let me say that I am so excited about this new product and I’m truly looking forward. I have purchased your dvd’s in the past and have learned so much however I like other folks would like to know is this product fully supported with Mac. I have both MAC and PC but would prefer to download onto MAC. The other question is if I download a mp3 file that is not apart of the cartridges that comes with this offer would I not be able to see the notes and chords play out please clarify before I purchase. Thanks abundantly.


    32 Daniel

    How do I order this software, I am from nigeria.


    33 Daniel

    I have a visa card and I have entered all the necessary information,yet I kept getting this information on my system
    Important Message
    There was a slight problem with your order.
    Your request is missing some required information. Please fix the areas indicated below:
    Credit Card Error: First four digits
    indicate unknown card type
    For security purposes we also ask that you re-enter the credit card information. When you are done, please press the Order button again.


    34 William F. Mason Jr.

    Jermaine I am excited about Robot software,but I live in Virginia an where I live we only have dial-up. I cannot download it. (free) What can you do about this problem.
    I do need to know the price of the cartridges. Hope to hear from you soon.


    35 francisco mejia

    i want to purchase the software but I dont know how much it is and the video ias too long just want to buy it


    36 Jermaine Griggs

    Click here (click on software category)


    37 carlos

    i have probleƩ to purshace the softwere


    38 Christa

    Hi, Im interested in your song robot. If i cant get the midi file a song i like but i can get the mp3 version of the song with someone singing it, can i still use it on the song robot?


    39 carlos

    Hi Jermain i need somebody who can help me i buy the SOnd Robot and i can you use it because i can not open the file in my computer Please can somebody help me i really need the programme please help me to know if i did one misteke so that i can use the programme. carlos


    40 alberto rodriguez

    hey i just wanted to know how do i order the robot i have watched this video 5 times and it just repeats its self it does not tell me anything but what the program does. i love the program from what i saw in that video but i cant seem to buy it for some reason.


    41 Jermaine Griggs

    HI Alberto, at some point the order button should appear below the video. Here’s an alternative way to purchase it: https://hearandplay.infusionsoft.com/cart/store.jsp?view=4&i=235&navicat=21&navisubcat=97&naviprod=235

    Sorry for any inconveniences,


    42 alberto rodriguez

    thank you man i love your customer service skills. one question i have ordered the software but i noticed that on every song it would say its on the key of c but its actually in the key of d flat. am i doing something? , wrong what should i do?


    43 Jermaine Griggs

    Hi Alberto,

    I understand what you’re saying. It’s not because of the software. It’s actually the midi files.

    When people create midi files, there’s usually an area to save the key. Otherwise, it defaults to C and our program reads C. Our midi files have this issue but we’re working on re-recording them with the key data. However, when you download midi files off the internet, you will find a good mix with key data. We didn’t always have this feature where you could see the key. It was moreso “relative” when we first launched it so that you could take it up 12 half steps or down 12 half steps. Then maybe months later we added the feature where it showed you the key. However, we realized not all midi files carried the actual key data but the program is absolutely 100% accurate. It reads whatever is on the file.

    Thanks for your questions and I hope you enjoy the features of the program.



    44 alberto rodriguez

    in order for me to see it play in the key of c is if i take the pitch a half step down it would show b natural. on the keyboard i see the cords for the key of d flat but on the section where its showing what key it is, its showing c. i hope you understand my problem. thank you Jermaine you have been a great help so far. i just need to see if i was doing something wrong.


    45 alberto rodriguez

    thanks man understood.


    46 alberto rodriguez

    i have to say this program is really nice. really nice.


    47 Gail Kellie

    my computer crashed and I have been trying to re download the files I have purchased plus the song robot. your site is a nightmare for this purpose. doing my head in.
    where do I go to bypass all the sales pitch I have already heard and just get my files again??????



    48 Jermaine Griggs

    In the original e-mail receipt, there is a link or you can visit http://www.hearandplay.com/digitalcenter and re-enter e-mail and dob. Thank you, JG


    49 Daniel Loveday

    How do I order it from Nigeria, if not possible how do I order it through my sister in Canada? I really want to take my keyboard playing to the next level.


    50 Aernout

    Dear sir,

    I have seen your movie about your midirobot, but just when it is getting interested the movie starts all over again so i can not get the info for purchasing/downloading that robot. I think it will be a very good contribution to learn to play the piano.


    Aernout Thomson


    51 Graphic Design Derry

    I considered posting this pingback incredible feature


    52 Ted cory

    Hey jermaine, I ordered your song robot on May 6, 2014. Since ordering this product, I found another product of yours that I’d rather have. The other product I would rather have cost more. Is it possible to trade the song robot in and pay the difference for the other product. Please leave me an answer at tcory@wcoil.com thanks ted cory


    53 oi

    Where do I download it.I watched the video and it just starts over.Can I get a download link plz?



    please is song robot compatible on the the mac OS X


    55 Jermaine Griggs

    The newer version, http://www.SongTutor.com is.


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