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    What happened to me in 2008 can happen to you this year.

    There are milestone years in our lives that we can never forget. No matter how hard we try, we just can’t forget those years because of the good or bad they came with.

    I can remember 2008 for good because it’s one of the foundation years that shaped my musicianship.

    Beyond the lots of opportunities that came my way in 2008, there’s a remarkable thing that happened to me and I’m here to share it with you.

    However, it will be improper for me to jump into all what I have to share with you, without an official new year message from my desk.

    Happy New Year To You

    On behalf of our president and founder – Jermaine Griggs – I want to welcome you to the new year!

    Although last year was unique and amazing, it also came with its challenges. However, through the good and bad times, you made it to the new year and that’s something to be grateful to God for.

    There are so many people who would give up everything at their disposal to see today. Alas, they never made it! You and I are really privileged to see the light of the day.

    Although for some reasons we were not able to achieve all that we planned to achieve, the most important thing is that we’re alive and that we have 365 days to make it happen this year.

    A living dog is better than a dead lion. Hence there is life, there is hope. Brace yourself for the new year and get ready to breast the tape.

    Peace and grace!

    “Dr. Pokey, What Happened In 2008?”

    Like I said earlier, a lot happened in 2008 and it all started when I finally met one of the greatest pianists in the city where I lived. He taught me how to play the Bb natural major scale:

    Before 2008, I knew the Bb natural major scale. However, the unique thing about what he taught me was that he taught me the right fingering of the scale.

    For the first time in my life, I was able to play the Bb major scale with effortless ease. Afterwards, he encouraged me to play in all the keys and stop the abuse of electronic transposition.

    When I got home that evening, I tried playing in all twelve major keys on the keyboard, but I did without success because of the difficulty in mental transposition.

    By my own standards, I had already gone far with the notes, scales, chords, and chord progressions in the keys of C major:

    …Db major:

    …F major:

    …Gb major:

    …and G major:

    It was difficult to play on keys like D major:

    Eb major:

    …E major:

    …Ab major:

    …A major:

    …Bb major:

    …and B major:

    …because they seemed to be foreign to me.

    However, I was determined to get to my next level in 2008. I needed positive results and wanted to belong to the league of the best pianists in my locality. So, I decided to give it a try.

    Most of the nights in a week, I practiced the traditional scales, major and minor triads and their first and second inversions in all twelve keys over a period of eight months.

    Eventually, I got acquainted with all the major keys on the piano, was able to transpose notes, scales, intervals, chords, and chord progressions from key to key at the speed of light.

    It’s several years down the line and I’ve never used the electronic transposer, except on rare occasions.

    “What Happened To Me In 2008 Can Happen To You This Year”

    Although I was motivated and inspired by one of the best keyboard players around my locality then, I used the power of decision to turn things around and get to the next level.

    I had challenges initially like everyone, but I didn’t give up. I kept on pushing, I was determined.

    During performances on some of the keys that were challenging to me then, I was playing below what I could play on my “comfortable keys”, yet, I didn’t give up because my mind was made up.

    Believe it or not, what happened to me in 2008 can happen to you this year if you are determined. You’re just one decision away from playing in all twelve keys with little or no difficulty.

    If you invest one month in learning how to play in a given key, it’s possible to exhaust all twelve major keys in twelve months. For me, it took 8 months – yours could be less.

    Final Words

    This blog is not for everyone.

    I’m aware that there are regular blog readers here who are NOT having challenges with mental transposition. However, I wrote this blog post because a vast majority of musicians are struggling with it.

    For me, the development of the mental transposition aspect of my musicianship in 2008 was a big thing and I know it’s still a big deal for so many people out there who really want to stop the abuse of electronic transposition.

    I don’t care what stopped you before now, this is your year and you’re just one decision away from making a monumental leap in your musicianship.

    If you make that decision, and stick to it, then what happened to me in 2008 will happen to you this year.

    Thanks for your time and congratulations on your decision.

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    Onyemachi "Onye" Chuku is a Nigerian musicologist, pianist, and author. Inspired by his role model (Jermaine Griggs) who has become his mentor, what he started off as teaching musicians in his Aba-Nigeria neighborhood in April 2005 eventually morphed into an international career that has helped hundreds of thousands of musicians all around the world. Onye lives in Dubai and is currently the Head of Education at HearandPlay Music Group and the music consultant of the Gospel Music Training Center, all in California, USA.

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