• Understanding Your Person As A Musician

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    Understanding your person as a musician is one of the self-actualization processes you need to become a great musician. Find out more in this lesson.

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    Justice For All: Music Isn’t Silent

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    At Hear and Play, we’ve always approached music as a language – the only universal language capable of bringing people from all over the world together. “Notes are like alphabet letters, chords are like words, progressions are sentences, verses are paragraphs, and songs are stories,” we often say. “It is the lingua franca of the […]

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    “Dear Musician, Beyond Competence You Also Need Character” — Dr. Pokey

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    Learn more about the importance and implication of character to career musicians.

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    What Happened In 2008 Can Happen This Year

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    You’re just one decision away from making a monumental leap forward in your musicianship.

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    Pop Warner Football, Busted Lip, Stitches… And What It Taught Me!

    If you’ve read my story about being born severely bowlegged with little chance of walking properly, then perhaps you’ll understand why mom and grandma kept me away from sports.

    But somehow, pop warner football slipped through the cracks and I found myself playing tackle football for the first time in my life. I was 12 and boy was I thrilled!

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    “House Hunters”… Behind The Scenes

    If you’ve been reading my newsletter, you know we’re going to be on the next season of “House Hunters,” a show that has been running on HGTV for over a decade.

    The show is detailing our transition from a smaller home into one that will hold our rapidly growing family — wife, 2 daughters, 1 son, myself… and maybe even another future son, if things work out as planned! :-).

    So needless to say, space, in the search for our next home, was a pretty big deal to us!

    Believe it or not, it takes 5 full days to…

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    Blast From The Past: How The Piano Made Me A Popular Guy In High School…

    As many of you know, we’re moving into our next home. With 3 kids now, we’ve outgrown our current place.

    So with that comes packing and reorganizing stuff. And since my wife has adopted this “decluttering” philosophy, it means methodically going through EVERYTHING to see what deserves to be kept, donating and trashing everything else… not just throwing stuff in boxes and figuring it out later (as I probably would have done).

    In all that, I came across my old high school yearbook. I flipped to this one page and there I was, “Mr. Jackrabbit!”

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