• Ministry Musicianship: Who Else Wants To Sacrifice These Three Ts?

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    As ministry musicians, we must always learn to make sacrifices in the right direction.

    Attention: It’s very common to find musicians who play under the following conditions:

    • When it’s convenient
    • When they are paid to
    • When a church is populated
    • When the music instruments are sophisticated

    Although a vast majority of musicians are interested in the industry aspect of music, it gladdens my heart to know that there are a few of those who consider it as a service unto God.

    This lesson is for you, if you belong to the league of ministry musicians who play in a local church irrespective of the following:

    Convenience. Whether it’s convenient or not

    Payment. Whether they are paid or not

    Population. Whether the local church is populated or not

    Instruments. Whether the instruments are sophisticated or not

    You can also read on if you’re interested in making a commitment towards belonging to this league of ministry musicians.

    Understanding The Purpose

    Although every christian is under the obligation to worship God (in spirit and in truth), there are those who have received it as a ministry, and it’s their primary assignment to lead others (using their voice and/or instruments) during the service: especially in praise and worship segments.

    When the purpose of a thing is not known, believe it or not, abuse is inevitable. The reason why so many ministry musicians are falling short of their responsibilities is largely because they are yet to understand the purpose of the music ministry.

    First of all, every ministry musician must understand that he’s a replacement for Lucifer – the archangel that once occupied the position they’re occupying – who lost his position when “…iniquity was found in him.”

    Secondly, every ministry musician must also understand that if he refuses to serve God in the music ministry (which is his place of primary assignment), that God can “…raise stones to cry out in his place.”

    Here are some of the direct questions every ministry musician must find the RIGHT answers to:

    Who is a musician?

    What is a ministry?

    Who is a ministry musician?

    What is an industry?

    Who is a industry musician?

    What are the differences between the industry and the ministry?

    Due to the fact that there are wrong answers to the questions above, so many musicians have misunderstood the purpose why they are called, and that’s why they have abused their position.

    Sacrifice Of Talent

    One of the main things that  ministry musician must sacrifice is his talent. But the question so many people always ask is this:

    How do i sacrifice my talent unto God?

    Well, the answer is within your reach. You can sacrifice your talent to God by dedicating it unto him.

    Although there are so many things to do with one’s talent, and many career options in music as well, a ministry musician is conscious of the purpose of his calling, hence, he does not play/perform in places where the name of the Lord is not glorified.

    There’s something the ministry musician has understood, that other musicians are yet to understand, and that’s why like Daniel of old, he’s determined to serve God with his talent – without compromise.

    In a generation where it’s possible to use one’s talent for God and also for the “world”, the ministry musician stands out of the crowd by setting a standard for himself even when everyone else is compromising.

    Sacrifice Of Time

    One of the key things every ministry musician must sacrifice is time. The importance of time in ministry musicianship cannot be over-emphasized.

    Most choirs and church music departments have two to three choir rehearsals every week, and that’s 112-156 rehearsals per annum, and that excludes extra rehearsals prior to concerts and major church programs like conventions and retreats.

    To effectively serve in the music department of any local church, you must attend 75% of all the choir activities – rehearsals, concerts, and other church programs.

    A ministry musician despite his busy schedule, is an active member of the music department of his local church and fits into all the activities, even when its not convenient.

    Did I just say “even when it’s not convenient”? Yes! That’s where the sacrifice lies.

    Final Words

    Beyond time, talent, and treasure, there’s so much more to be sacrificed. Believe it or not, the life of a ministry musician is a sacrifice – I’ll throw more light on this in a subsequent post.

    See you then!

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    Onyemachi "Onye" Chuku is a Nigerian musicologist, pianist, and author. Inspired by his role model (Jermaine Griggs) who has become his mentor, what he started off as teaching musicians in his Aba-Nigeria neighborhood in April 2005 eventually morphed into an international career that has helped hundreds of thousands of musicians all around the world. Onye lives in Dubai and is currently the Head of Education at HearandPlay Music Group and the music consultant of the Gospel Music Training Center, all in California, USA.

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