• What are chord progressions?

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    “What are chord progressions” is a commonly asked question.

    A chord progression is simply a series of chords played in order. As you play more songs, you’ll see more and more chord progressions and patterns used over and over again in your favorite tunes.

    For example, a “2-5-1” is a very popular chord progression that is commonly used, among many things, to end songs. You’ll find it at the end of an overwhelming amount of songs in all genres.

    In our courses, we cover several chord progressions as these are what make of everyday songs.

    In closing, remember these very easy set of rules:

    Notes create scales (major scales, minor scales, etc)

    Scales allow us to create chords (major chords, minor chords, diminished chords, augmented chords, etc)

    Chords played one after the other in various sequences create chord progressions (“2-5-1” chord progressions, “6-2-5-1” turnaround, etc)

    Chord progressions played in various sequences create the songs we hear everyday!

    I hope this helps.

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    1 Jimomila


    It’s just amazing, the wonderful things that Jammaine publishes on this site
    it’s just too wonderful. I just can’t immagine a married man like Jaimaine devoting,I should say almost all his time in writting such imformative articles for people like us to learn.Just like some one asked you: do you sleep at all? And even with your products I still wonder if you make any thing out of this nearly comparable to the time you actually spend on this site. But you’ve always been as delegent as you.

    Only the Creater of the heavens and the earth shall reward you deservingly.
    God greatly bless you.


    2 princewill

    i find it very difficult in play the chord progression a song when i have not learn it.for instance when the progression is moving to (fa-iv)and i be playing (so-v)


    3 cathy Edge

    wish i new more about chord progression having trouble understanding them. the circle


    4 Jermaine Griggs

    Please see my free reports at http://www.hearandplay.com/mtreports

    They help you to understand chord progressions better, especially report #3 (The Big Secret).

    All the best,


    5 Jonas Minnifield

    I believe this web site has got very wonderful written subject material blog posts.


    6 pheneas

    good job


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