• Video: Easter Message From The Gospel Music Training Center

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    In this video, Jonathan Powell brings you warm compliments of the Easter season from the Gospel Music Training Center.

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    From GMTC: “We Offer Praise”

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    Back with another weekly clip from the Gospel Music Training Center. For more information on GMTC, click here.

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    GMTC & Free Dvd Offer Temporarily Closed

    Here’s a letter I drafted up. I want my dedicated blog readers to see it first. I’ll probably be sending it out to the entire mailing list next week…

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    24 hours to go! A sneak peak at the Gospel Music Training Center

    The website is up! Click here to get all the details about the free GospelKeys 102 I’m giving away! (Ordering link not active until 9am pacific / 12 pm noon eastern)


    This is a spy photo! It’s blurred intentionally but it’ll give you a general idea of the interface you’ll be using to learn all your favorite song patterns and more! Don’t forget to get on the back door list! This thing is going to be crazy, come tomorrow morning!

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    Latest Video: Last-Minute Details and 3 NEW Bonuses Announced…


    By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about my upcoming “secret” resource I’ve been working on (well, it’s not a secret anymore now that all the details are out)…

    …And ever since I revealed that I’m giving away a 2-hour $49 dvd course for free, things have been pretty wild to say the least.

    Not only am I anticipating that we’ll sell out of the 500 free dvds pretty fast, but I think we’re going to have to turn many away.

    Watch my latest update to find out how you can get a “backdoor” link and increase your chances of being one of the lucky 500…

    Update: The launch has been postponed but to hold you another week, I’ve posted a new 45-minute video tutorial teaching Kirk Franklin’s “Imagine Me.” Click for details

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