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    In this video, Jonathan Powell brings you warm compliments of the Easter season from the Gospel Music Training Center.

    Romans 14:9 (NIV) “For this very reason, Christ died and returned to life so that he might be the Lord of both the dead and the living.”

    Easter means so many things to so many denominations of the Christian faith. There are denominations that have reasons why it’s wrong and those who think it’s right to celebrate Easter.

    It is not our intention to favor any of these doctrinal assertions that would rather lead to us into bitter, counterproductive, and divisive arguments.

    The most important thing is the remembrance of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which for all intents and purposes is the gospel of the grace of Jesus.

    Although we were to face eternal damnation, it was through the death of Jesus Christ on Calvary’s tree that salvation came to all mankind. The redemption we have through his blood is priceless and Jesus is the perfect sacrifice who satisfied the claim of justice.

    He wore a crown of thorns, was beaten beyond recognition, stripped naked, served with vinegar, nailed, and pierced.

    Easter is indeed a time for sober reflection, a time to understand the depth of lost and sacrifice it took Jesus to purchase our redemption.

    Always remember that Easter is all about you; you are the reason why Jesus died on the cross. He wanted the cup to pass over him but he remembered you and he had to go through it.

    You are the reason for the season,

    Happy Easter.

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    1 Venera Whitlow

    Thanks for the Easter message!! And thank you for your continued support of our musical goals!


    2 Tommie Smith

    It’s a blessing to know you not only share your gift and talent, but you have taken time out to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you, you are an excellent teacher.


    3 jean

    Yes glory thank God his son Jesus who die and had shed his blood on Calvary for like me so that will have eternal like the severe pain he went through just for me and you one hundred and eighty and two miles he walked with that cross and heavy it was to golgutters hill thank you Jesus for the you for the chorus itwas that reach my heart I will sing shout and tell about it was your that reach my heart thanks Jermaine for the wonderful message keep doing what you doing may continue to use you stay bless


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