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    The "Secrets to Playing Piano By Ear" course covers everything from the basics and fundamentals to Cmin13 (b9b5) chords. The following lesson focuses on chapter one from the course. If you are already familiar with flats and sharps, you may skip this lesson.


    Sharps & Flats (03)

    Note: Disregard the "SLXYZ" numbers (if any) as they refer to sound examples. Our 300-pg course comes with a CD with over 330 sound examples which can be heard with the click of a button. (Example: SL003)


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    Hi, I'm Jermaine Griggs, founder of this site. We teach people how to express themselves through the language of music. Just as you talk and listen freely, music can be enjoyed and played in the same way... if you know the rules of the "language!" I started this site at 17 years old in August 2000 and more than a decade later, we've helped literally millions of musicians along the way. Enjoy!

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    1 chukwudi ononye

    i enjoyed lurning abaut flat/sharp nots at times i did not understand it but in the end i did


    2 Nathaniel

    i really enjoyed learning sharps and flats. i have been haring of it but never new what it was untill i learned it from this site. Thank you very much.


    3 Jermaine

    @chukwudi and @nathaniel! Thanks for your comments! Welcome to the site!


    4 David

    Again this is good, but what happened to lesson 2?


    5 Jermaine

    @David, its here: https://www.hearandplay.com/main/whole-steps-and-half-steps-for-beginners

    The best list to follow is:

    (not the related posts as they may not go in order but they take words from the post and try to figure out which posts are most likely to be related based on the same usage of words).



    6 Trency

    Jermaine, this is the best lesson I’ve ever had before. My previous teacher never taught me ‘Sharp and Flats’, she just taught me the ‘Notes’ and just playing some songs. Thank You! With these lessons, I’m sure I can plays piano well!!


    7 Bryan

    Found the lesson easy to follow. So far, so good.


    8 Jeremiah Idoko

    What a wonderful privilege to have a such a sophiscated tutoring on music right on your PC. With such an opportunity, no one can has any excuse of not learning music. I want to say a big thank you to Jermaine for passion he has to see that he grooms up other people in music. I’m just a beginner in music in who is aspiring to have music (especially the piano) as my hobby. Thanks alot and God bless you.


    9 rovi

    JG,thank you so much..my previous teacher never taught me these..but the new one did.still, your site is a huge help.. =)


    10 Lilly

    thankyou very much Jermaine I have struggled for 3 years trying to learn piano and i have learned more on this site in 20 minutes than i have in 3 years of lessons.


    11 Hannah

    Oh my goodness….I actually understand this! Thanks!


    12 Cinthya

    Hi!!.. I’ve just sign up.. But i had a lesson like 60 days ago.. I’m not a begginer at all but anyway i’m reading the whooole course cause i’m sure i still have details to learn.. :D This lesson you make it really simple to learn.. It’s great.. By the way I’m from Ecuador so here there are other names in spanish.. hehe that’s another reason to read the whole course cause i’m always getting songs in english, they are my favourites and i need to know the knowlegde in both languages.. :D Thank you very very much for the patience to do this.. I’m really grateful.


    13 Bernardina

    Thank you for the oportunity to lern play piano that I may be able to fullfeel mi dream.thank you very much.


    14 Anika

    I liked this because it was very brief and informative at the same time. I’ve had previous knowledge of the two, but this was elaborate and clarified than before ! Thanks !


    15 Rev Green

    I’m just extremely greatful to God and you Brother Briggs for your free programs.
    I have a gift of singing and writing gospel-love songs about Gods unconditional love for mankind. Brother briggs I can simply hear some music and instantly put some powerful spiritual words to it, that are both anointed as well as inspirational to all that need encouragement on this journey through lives endeavors!
    I’ve already written about 6 powerful songs: Thankyou for your Love, This time,
    Look what he’s done for me, and Traveling; Just to name a few. I plan to record this summer, trusting God to make the proper connections with whomever needed to accomplish this task. And as soon as I release my 1st song I will be sure to first bless your hearandplay with a hefty donation!!
    And if your looking to help a powerful anointed gospel singer crash the industry
    please call my phone 773-290-3851. Once you hear me you’ll see that God truely has a plan for my gift!!! Thanyyou again and may God continue to bless all your efforts!!!


    16 Tennyson

    Dear Teacher, I have no website and will be grateful to have your lessons.

    Yours sincerely,



    17 angie

    hi germaine,
    Thank you for the opportunity of learning to play the piano and there is so much information that i am trying to absorb everything you send and its just wonderful to be able to do this under your guidance.
    God BLess.


    18 sister beverly

    hi brother Briggs
    i have been looking for help like this for awhile now. the spirit of God has been dealing with me concern this very thing but it seen that i couldn’t find any help. as the spirit of God begin to talk to me more about the subject i decided to try looking again and i came across you i pray that though your teaching i will be able to ministy to God people i have finish the first three course due to the fact that i know alittle about playing but having trouble putting together my coral to make them sound good ready for help thank again


    19 Nyesha

    I’m not gonna lie I was lost for a minute but this lesson really did help me understand the concept of sharps and flats


    20 Asia

    Hi Jermaine,

    The lessons on learning the white and black keys were great but I was wondering if you could post some videos of different “Note Drills/Exercises” to help us memorize the keys without hesitation. Also, could you post an article/video that teaches us the correct way of positioning are hands and fingers on the piano. Your response would be greatly appreciated!

    God Bless,



    21 Chantale Williams

    I vaguely remember piano lessons from when I was 7 or 8 and this lesson was something I definitely missed or never got in the process. It makes perfect sense. I sing in the choir and I’m so excited cause I hear the main piano player in my church hollering out to the band “c sharp this” and “e flat that” and now I know what they’re doing. Thank you.


    22 Fatima

    omg!!… I love this website!!


    23 Ruth Martin

    Hi Jermaine,
    I am still a beginner, as far as round notes and sharps and flats are concerned. I can play some songs, but the only way I play, as of now, is by ear, or by using the shaped notes, Do – Re – Mi – Fa – So – La – Ti – Do. I still wonder sometimes why there have to be such things as round notes instead of shaped notes! I have not learned how to read them yet! I keep putting it off, and just continue my old style, but I know if I ever want to go further with my playing, I will HAVE to learn without shaped notes! Your site will help me a lot!


    24 Bradford Jobs

    salutations from across the sea. detailed blog I shall return for more.


    25 web page

    Ilove lοoking through a ost that can make people think. Also, thank you for allowing me to


    26 Natacha Landram

    Thank you, I have just been looking for information about this subject for a while and yours is the best I’ve came upon so far. But, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you sure about the supply?


    27 D̶̲̥̅̊ piano

    I really luv it


    28 francis anthony

    I had a bad experience with the person who taught me keybord, I have been in the dark for a long time until someone told me about here. I have been playing for 6years, 6wasted years without knowing anuthing. I started your beginners class and my understanding knows no bound as now. Thank in a million different ways.


    29 Felix

    Thanks a lot sir jeremaine.
    The truth is i play a lot of advanced chords but i didn’t start my learning from the foundation… Now i am trying to re-trace my steps..
    God bless you


    30 Felix

    This is awesome.
    Thanks jeremaine ❤️


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