• Major Chords Workshop #1

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    This lesson is going to be so much easier than the last two.

    You know why? Because you’ve already done all the work! Building chords is no more than choosing certain notes out of the major scale. For example, the C major scale is:

    C – D – E – F – G – A – B – C

    With the rules that I’m about to show you, a major chord is formed by taking C, E, and G out of the scale and playing them all together like this:

    C + E + G

    If you’ve never played a major chord before, why don’t you take the time to play C, E, and G all together and hear how it sounds!

    Ok, let’s continue …

    Here is the magic rule:

    1) Number the notes of each major scale

    For example, here is the numbered C major scale:

    C = 1
    D = 2
    E = 3
    F = 4
    G = 5
    A = 6
    B = 7
    C = 8

    2) To form a major chord, simply choose the 1st, 3rd, and 5th note out of any major scale.

    In the C major scale, that is:

    C = 1
    E = 3
    G = 5

    Thus, the C major chord is:

    C + E + G

    3) Since you have learned 12 different major scales, that means that there are 12 different major chords.



    Take the worksheets from e-mails #1 and #2 and write numbers on top of each note of the major scales. Then pick out the 1st, 3rd, and 5th tones of each major scale to form major chords. Write your answers below:

    C major = C + E + G
    D major = ____________
    E major = ____________
    F major = ____________
    G major = ____________
    A major = ____________


    Now, compare your answers with the answers below:

    C major = C + E + G

    D major = D + F# + A

    E major = E + G# + B

    F major = F + A + C

    G major = G + B + D

    A major = A + C# + E

    You’re all done for today! Join me tomorrow to learn the remainder of the major chords!

    Way to go!

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