• Easy Ways To Play Minor Chords On Your Guitar….

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    Easy Ways To Play Minor Chords On Your Guitar….
    cminor chord
    The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments for composing diverse genres of music as far back as I can remember. And in order to learn to play the guitar correctly, you need to first gain knowledge about the basic chords. These include major, minor, power, augmented and diminished chords. Here we’ll deal with only the minor chords. In music, the term minor chord is referred to a chord that has a root, a minor third and a perfect fifth.

    Since a minor chord plays such an important role in a variety of music, here are some fundamental tips that you can use to start playing them right away. A great example of the minor chord is the C minor chord. The reason I mention that one is because it’s generally the easiest to learn. You can actually play a C minor chord (Cm) from C major. All you need to do is lower the major third one-half step. This will automatically result in Cm.

    3 Methods In Playing The C Minor

    1. Simply place your index finger on the B string and first fret. This is the simplest way to start.

    2. Next, you can try positioning your pinkie on the high E and the third fret. Then place your ring finger on the B string and third fret. Lastly, put your middle finger on the A string and third fret. Then place you index finger on the D string and second fret.

    3. Put your ring finger on the A string and third fret. Then put your pointer finger on the B string and first fret. Follow by placing the middle finger on the D string and second fret.

    *You can also play the E minor by placing your index finger on the A string and second fret. Then put your middle finger on the D string and second fret. Simply continue practicing these movements, and you’ll definitely see the results.

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