• Learn Any Song Online? Any Song?

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    What if you could learn virtually any song you wanted? A childhood or pastime favorite? Sounds too good to be true right? Well, it’s now a reality with our new Song Robot software we released earlier this year. Here’s how it works…

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    Back Pocket Band Update… And Real-Life Testimonial From User! (Video)

    I’m so excited to announce the first Back Pocket Band Update… over 60 professional bonus drum machine loops added to the software! (see video).

    If you’ve already invested in Back Pocket Band, simply open your software and a new folder called “Free Drum Machine Loops (Bonus)” will automatically appear. From there, you’ll see 60 new files (20 loops at 3 tempos each).

    Watch my video below for details and click here to check out Back Pocket Band (if you haven’t invested yet).

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    Back Pocket Band – New Software Tool For Musicians

    What if you could turn your computer into a complete practicing machine?

    What if you could pull a real-sounding band out your “back pocket?” (…so to speak).

    Sounds crazy but with the power of technology, I’m going to show you how to finally make practicing fun, productive, and effective.

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    Song Robot Video Demonstration!

    We’ve made many updates to our all-new Song Robot Music Learning software. So I thought I’d show you how to find a song on google (like “Take The A Train”) and play it in Song Robot, taking advantage of all its song-learning features. Enjoy!

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    New Song Robot Update: Bigger, Expandable Keys!

    I’m so excited to be making another huge update to Song Robot!

    Now the keys are in HD and can be expanded as big as you want! If you have double monitors, they can span the whole length. Even if you connect to a 50″ plasma tv, it will have the same, crisp, sharp hd look!

    Watch this video for the details.

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    This thing keeps getting better! Another Song Robot Update!

    Check out this 5 minute video of me detailing the latest changes to Song Robot. And remember, if you’ve already invested in it, you get lifetime updates for free. Just open the program and it should say a new update is available. If not, then you need to log into the digital center with your e-mail and dob to pick up latest update (then after that point, the software will look for updates every time you run it).

    If you haven’t joined the group of proud Song Robot users, what are you waiting for? :-) Click here for more information.

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    Song Robot Teaches “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

    After so many replies and interest in the new Song Robot software I recently announced, I’ve decided to do yet another quick demonstration that shows how the software can be used to learn virtually any song you can find (and there’s a good chance you can find ANY song you want on google)…

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