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    Here’s another combination of “altered” chords:

    “Cmin11 — F7 (#9#5) — Bbmin9”

    In the key of “Db major

    Here’s how to play it:


    Bass = C

    Right hand = Eb + G + Bb + D + F


    Bass = F

    Right hand = A + Db + Eb + Ab


    Bass = Bb

    Right hand = Ab + C + Db + F

    * This progression is actually the start of a “7-3-6-2-5-1” chord progression in the key of “Db major.” This progression covers the 7th, 3rd, and 6th degrees. Through previous “tip of the day” e-mails, you should be able to put a “2-5-1” progression behind this one! Just explore the different possibilities and it will come to you!

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