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    Video Lesson #1

    This clip teaches a type of voicing that few musicians have ever heard of. It’s called the "Quartal" chord. It creates a very contemporary sound. Do yourself a favor and learn this chord in all twelve keys!

    Duration: 1:17




    Video Lesson #2

    This clip teaches you multiple "2" chords to play. Remember, a "2" chord commonly begins what we call a "2-5-1" chord progression. If you understand anything about these progressions, you know that they commonly end songs. In other words, even an audience knows when to start applauding when a 2-5-1 approaches. Duration: 1:34

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    Video Lesson #3

    A continuation of clip #2, you’ll learn some more fancy "2" chords that are sure to spice up your playing. There is one chord I teach in this clip that you don’t want to pass up! It utilizes all five fingers and I warn you — you have to stretch for this one!

    Duration: 1:15


    Video Lesson #4

    This altered chord is probably one of the most commonly played chords in gospel music. From personal experience, I use it in probably 70% of songs I play. Now, keep in mind that I’m referencing the type of chord (7 #9#5) — remember that this chord can be played in 12 different keys! No matter what song you’re playing, it will show up sooner or later! Duration: 1:13


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    Video Lesson #5

    A continuation of clip #4, you’ll add another "3" chord to your collection and you’ll learn a nice "1-3" progression. At the end of this clip is also some good theoretical information that you’ll want to understand.

    Duration: 1:14


    Video Lesson #6

    This clip wraps up the "3" chord with a nice half-diminished chord progression. If you’ve never played a half-diminished chord, then you’re missing out! Learn how to connect this chord with the "6" chord to produce a very nice-sounding "3-6" couple. This sound is used in a ton of songs — LITERALLY!

    Duration: 1:20


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    Video Lesson #7

    Learn a famous "lick" that sounds hard to play but really isn’t! The truth is… most "licks" and "tricks" aren’t hard to play. They sound complex and difficult but often times, they are simple movements that once you know them, you know them!

    Duration: 1:01


    Video Lesson #8

    This clip teaches you how to make your left hand more powerful. Out of the thousands of e-mails we receive every month, a common one is how to improve one’s left hand. If you’ve suffered with this issue, pay close attention to this video clip. You’ll learn 3 different left-hand forms.

    Duration: 1:41


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    Video Lesson #9

    Discover the mystery behind 9th, 11th, and 13th chords in just 20 seconds — NO joke! And in the last minute, learn a nice contemporary voicing of the "4" chord. Adding just this one chord to your repertoire will change the way your playing sounds! Duration: 1:17



    Video Lesson #10

    This short, but powerful clip combines 3 different chords to create a nice "well-known" worship progression. Basically, we’re using "1", "3", and "4" chords. As you’re learning these chords, try to recall songs that sound like this progression. There are at least a dozen! Duration: 1:17


    Yeah … I know I told you 10 video clips … but hey, I couldn’t resist adding 7 more … so enjoy!  

    Video Lesson #11

    This is the only chord progression on this page that I can truly say I play in about 90% of every gospel song I play! Since these chords make up the famous "5-1" progression, there is no surprise why I play these chords in 9 out of every 10 songs I play. As you become more experienced, you too will develop "favorite" chords that you love to play! Duration: 1:16



    Video Lesson #12

    On the spot, I teach you a nice "groovy" chord progression that can be used in uptempo styles but has its biggest role in slow worship songs. The latter part of the clip demonstrates the other side of the "5-1" progression. Majority of the time, the 5-1 will end your songs. But there is a situation where the 5-1 will open back to the "4" chord so pay close attention.

    Duration: 1:19


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    Video Lesson #13

    I love minor9 chords and by the time you finish GospelKeys TM 202, I’m sure you’ll love their sound too! Learn this long string of minor 9 and dominant 9 chords. This progression is very popular in worship songs and is a must-know for gospel musicians!

    Duration: 1:15


    Video Lesson #14

    All I have to say is that this is a "baddddddddddddddddd" progression if you know what I mean (that’s "baddd" as in "good"). Learn it if you desire a smooth way to transition from "6" chords to "2" chords. These type of transitions sound really good accompanying a light speaker or during times of silence during various points throughout a worship service.

    Duration: 0:26


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    Video Lesson #15

    This clip teaches the famous "7-3-6" progression. This particular progression is probably on my top 5 list of favorite progressions to play. I love the way it sounds. You’ll find it not only in slow worship songs but it is also "Part C" of a praise song (from GospelKeys TM 300 video course)…    Duration: 1:44



    Video Lesson #16 – Song #1

    After teaching you step-by-step how to play this song and various alternative chord progressions, I combine all the different versions together. Listen to me demonstrate one of the songs you’ll learn in GospelKeys TM 202.


    …And yes, you’ll learn how to play it JUST like this. I break it down for you step-by-step. There’s no need to worry about speed.    Duration: 1:39

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    Video Lesson #17 – Song #2

    Another one of the many songs and chord progressions you’ll learn in GospelKeys TM 202, here is another demonstration.


    Also, these songs are very popular but if you’ve never heard of them, the vocalist gives you a general idea of how to perform them so this may open additional options for your worship team. Duration: 1:26

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