• What everybody ought to know about ninth chords

    Lately, we’ve been talking about power chords, tritones, and substitutions.

    Today, I want to show you how to use tritones and minor chords to form crazy-sounding dominant ninth chords.

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    Exclusive: 30 minute preview of Jason White’s “Ministry Musician” course

    This is 30 minutes in preview clips (yes… 30 minutes!!!) of a 4.5 hour course entitled “GospelKeys Ministry Musician” Volume 1, which will release on Monday, August 25, 2008! You can pre-order now by calling 1-877-856-4187.

    Put your name and e-mail in the box below and get the other 3 clips now!


    18-minute clip: Jason White explaining ‘To God Be The Glory’


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    How to Play Uptempo Shouting Music By Ear!

    Shouting music is one of my favorite topics because at the tender age of 8-years old, it was probably one of the few things I had to master very quickly. By 10, I was playing for several churches (COGIC, Baptist, Apostolic, Pentecostal) and most of them “shouted” for at least 30 minutes during each service. […]

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