• Salsa Piano 101 Is Now Available!

    I’m stoked to announce that Salsa Piano 101 has officially launched today…

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    Exclusive! 16 of the world’s greatest Salsa entertainers all on 1 page…

    I’ve got something you’re really going to enjoy. And since we’re releasing Salsa Piano 101 on Wednesday, October 1, what better time to share it than now.

    I’ve scoured the internet high and low looking for some of the best salsa entertainers in the world. In fact, we have 3 volumes of these collections but I just thought I’d share one of them today…

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    Discover the Secrets to Playing Salsa Piano By Ear in this 2-hour Introductory Series! (Video Clips Enclosed)

    salsacoversmall.jpgFinally… The Secret is Out! Now You Can Unlock The Power Of Professional Salsa Secrets That Are Guaranteed To Help You Spice Up Your Playing In Minutes Not Months!

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    Now you can play salsa without learning any new chords

    Yesterday, I posted 4 new instructional clips from our new salsa course.

    Because I was sitting in a conference session, I didn’t have much time to talk about the clips — so what I want to do today is actually break down my favorite of the four…

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    Who else wants to learn Salsa piano by ear?

    I’m currently at an internet conference called TechCrunch50 so my laptop battery life is limited.

    But I want to share these new salsa clips that we’ve just posted on youtube. If you’ve always wanted to play Salsa piano by ear, then look no further…

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    A snippet of Jeff’s Playing from Hear and Play Salsa Piano 101

    Hear and Play Salsa Piano 101: Salsa Basics If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play Salsa & Latin styles, look no further! Salsa Piano 101 uncovers the basic rhythms and fundamentals you need to get started the right way. You’ll learn the secrets to playing the classic montuno pattern along with tons of […]

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