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    Enjoy these instructional clips from Hear and Play Salsa Piano 101 – “Salsa Basics & Fundamentals”:

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    Hear and Play Salsa Presents – The Best of The Best Vol. 1

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    Celia Cruz Eddie Palmieri Cheo Feliciano Charlie Cruz
    Papa Duca Cheo Part 2 Frankie Negron Gilberto Santa Rosa
    Oscar Hernandez Elvis Crespo Cuban Alstars Savoye
    Jimmy Bosch El Gran Combo Julio Jauregui Thierry


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    All the best,

    Jermaine Griggs

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    Hi, I'm Jermaine Griggs, founder of this site. We teach people how to express themselves through the language of music. Just as you talk and listen freely, music can be enjoyed and played in the same way... if you know the rules of the "language!" I started this site at 17 years old in August 2000 and more than a decade later, we've helped literally millions of musicians along the way. Enjoy!

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    { 36 comments… read them below or add one }

    1 Peter

    Wow! I can’t wait for this one jermaine. I’ve followed hearandplay for 7 years and you first started with those little work books. then the big one. then a lot of gospel stuff (which I didn’t mind). Now I’m so grateful that you’re doing vocal, drums, guitar, and now even jazz and salsa. i see hearandplay expanding to anything music.

    Keep letting God bless you. This site is a blessing to people everywhere. And this blog, you share so much information that how can people help but to purchase the course? I feel guilty if i don’t man!

    Anyway, I’m not just writing this to win the random prize. I would have said it anyway.

    Take care guys,

    Peter from Missippi

    p.s. – Katie, you were great on the phone today. Great staff


    2 Marissa

    I really like Jeff’s approach. He sounds a little nervous but from what I’ve learned already in these clips, it makes up for it 10 fold.



    3 Keith

    Keith morris in the house! Just dropping love.


    4 Loren

    This is a must. I love salsa music. I was going to focus on what i’m already learning but since this one is so different (obviously) from everythign else, I’m definitely going to add it to my esteemed collectoin. keep rockin on.

    anyone going to radio show tonight?


    5 Loren
    6 Loren

    oh yeah, those blog posts they posted under the clips are no joke either. Don’t sleep on those posts guys. They were really informative.


    7 Mike

    Loren, I see what you’re doing. You’re trying to post twice so that you have a better chance of winning :)



    8 Loren

    not really mike. There is no way to edit your comment.


    9 Jermaine

    thanks everyone for your comments already! We’ll post more soon. And like Loren said, check out those other blog posts that go even further.


    10 Addie R. Marrow


    I am still excited about the DVD I ordered and received recently. Jason White is Super talented. Jermaine, your website has been a blessing to me. Thank God for you.


    11 nikon

    Enjoyed the radio show tonight and really ejoying the blog.

    I had a look at these salsa clips and I’m really interested in learning salsa now. I just may take you up on this offer but i will see as october progresses.

    thanks for everything u do.


    12 Nigyar

    This is so cool! I never thought I can play salsa, but now I am 100% sure I can learn and it is not hard, because you go step by step!
    Thank you for giving us so many new opperturnities to learn different styles of music on piano.
    Wow, and Sept. 30th is my birthday!


    13 Anthony

    This course is cool. It uses the concepts of latin in playing music. I hope that I can use this in gospel grooves and also in learning latin, so that I can relate it to gospel and all other styles of latin music.


    14 tom elizalde

    I just saw the first 5 clips its really wonderful that you began with the
    very basics cant wait to see what you have in store for us


    15 Johannes

    id like a free course as well!


    16 egbe emmanuel

    I just want to say that you are doing a nice job Jermaine,God will continue to give grace.Since i subcribed to this site,my piano playing has never remain the same.Thanks


    17 Josefina

    I just love the Salsa lessons. It’s so easy to follow. I’m ready to order.


    18 Oguan

    Wow this is wonderful, Ever since I listened to these clips my style of playing the piano has been so different. I really appreciate your work Jermaine its been so wonderful. I’d like a free course too.


    19 gideon

    wow! this is awesome. i it one of the best things to happen .thanks jermaine


    20 Ismael

    The sample was very interesting. It stirs the curiosity, and actually instills a sense of motivation that allows even a novice like myself to believe that I can actually learn to tickel the keys(with enough practice)like that.


    21 Patrice

    Hi Jermaine, I’m a salsa dancer and I’ve dreamed of learning how to play it on the piano… This sounds like an awesome opportunity to start living that dream !


    22 Rayn

    I’m excited for this one! I’ve been wanting to learn how to play salsa for awhile! Kudos!!





    24 Silvia

    Hi Jermaine, hi everybody, I have never played salsa in the piano. I used to play classical music and have started to play chord piano. By the way I am listening you from…. Brasil. May be I should learn to play Samba first. bye.


    25 SirTJ

    Salsa has become an intricate part of Gospel, so this is smart to release a course based on it. Judith McAllister, Kurt Carr, etc. all of them utilize Salsa.


    26 Joe Washington

    I was asked to play with a Latin Salsa Band recently (Salsa is big in Florida) and I want the job. This new course will certainly give me the tools I need to get it. I love that sound especially the piano and the horns. Hopefully I’ll be able to play both parts on stage. Thanks Jermaine, you’re the best. God Bless.


    27 Jayz234

    Salsa is a developing thing I believe that as it grows it integrates with gospel music and to different styles such as reggae,ska,r and b


    28 rayjohnson83




    29 praizim

    Very Interesting, ready to venture out and take it to the next level.


    30 Susan Williams

    I would love it. Would like to learn as many styles as possible.


    31 RyanW

    Hi Jermaine, I just discovered your site and products this month. I’m a Musician/Dance teacher of Salsa and I couldn’t be happier when I say you where gonna release a Salsa piano course. I am an intermediate level salsa piano player and hope I win a course so I can get my playing to a higher level.
    If I don’t win I would still like to promote your DVD on my website cause I think a lot of my friends and partners, and also other people over here in Europe will love your course because it’s so easy explained in the video’s I saw.
    Hope to hear from you soon ,Ciao from Rotterdam Holland


    32 Jermaine

    @Keith: You are the winner of the contest! Random.org randomly picked #3 and you’re the third comment from the top. Contact us and mention your email address you used to comment on this form.



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