• Fifth Day Of Christmas: Five Pentatonic Voicings

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    The pentatonic scale is a very useful scale in music and has many uses. Today, we will cover chords and harmony derived from this scale.

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    Using the power of tetrachords to play any major scale you want!

    On Friday, I taught you how to look at chords according to the number of notes they have.

    This introduced us to names like “tetrads,” “pentads,” “hexads,” “heptads,” and of course, the “triad.” These are names for collection of notes played at the same time (i.e. – “chords”).

    Today, I want to talk about the other side of things — the names of collection of notes played one after the other (i.e. – “scales”). And specifically, I want to focus on the tetrachord.

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    How to play a pentatonic scale

    pentagon-small.jpgI’ve received a lot of questions about the pentatonic scale lately so I wanted to reserve some time to break it down. Like a pentagon, which has 5 sides, pentatonic scales have 5 notes. “Pentatonic” doesn’t mean one type of scale though, as some might think. There is a most common one that I’ll talk about below, but the truth is, there are tons of pentatonic scales and they vary widely depending on where you are in the world…

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