• Music Theory: The “Why” Behind The “What”

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    You can learn more about the importance of music theory in this lesson.

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    Why The Number System Is So Important

    numbergame-small.jpgI find it surprising the number of musicians who don’t understand or haven’t mastered the number system.

    It is one of the single, most important elements of playing by ear.

    On a grander level, it allows musicians to speak on a “universal level.” We can describe what we’re doing in a song without relying solely on letters. It’s not, “D minor to G dominant 7 to C major 7” anymore. Now it’s, “2-5-1” in C!

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    Reintroducing the best FREE 4 videos I’ve ever put out (and MORE)…

    Happy New Year!

    Yup, it’s been that long since I’ve written in my blog… but for good reason…

    You’ll probably remember I promised I’d go on vacation after the launch of my latest 12-disc “Musician Transformation” & Gospel Music Training Center launch in December 2009 (which sold out, btw).

    But that’s not the only reason I’ve been gone…

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    This Musician “GETS” It…

    In reading through some of my recent e-mails, I found a message from someone who REALLY gets it.

    ***Comment From A Reader Who GETS IT***

    Jermaine, doc, where have you been all my life? Since I purchased your GospelKeys 202 and have been reading through your online blog lessons and resources, they have really opened my mind up to the whole world of…

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