• The Octatonic Scale: Eight Tones Per Octave

    octatonic scale

    In this lesson, we’ll study the octatonic scale, which as the prefix “octa” implies, is an 8-tone scale. We’ll also delve into examples of the octatonic scale and where it’s used.

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    Master the Diminished Scale In 2 Seconds

    The other day, I answered a question regarding popular gospel scales one can play — and the diminished scale was on my list.

    But it haunted me because this is a pretty big scale… 8 notes to be exact. It’s what we call an octatonic scale. And I knew people wouldn’t want to take the time to learn it in all 12 keys. So here’s a 2 second method I came up with to learn it fast…

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    How to play a pentatonic scale

    pentagon-small.jpgI’ve received a lot of questions about the pentatonic scale lately so I wanted to reserve some time to break it down. Like a pentagon, which has 5 sides, pentatonic scales have 5 notes. “Pentatonic” doesn’t mean one type of scale though, as some might think. There is a most common one that I’ll talk about below, but the truth is, there are tons of pentatonic scales and they vary widely depending on where you are in the world…

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