• The Relationship Between Inversion And Voicing

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    In this lesson, you’ll be exposed to knowing the relationship between inversion and voicing in regards to their similarities and differences.

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    How to Strengthen a Triad

    strengthening a triad

    In today’s lesson, we’re going to focus on how to strengthen a triad by using the concept of inversion.

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    Chord Inversions – The Key To Smooth Playing

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    Chord inversions are simply different ways to play or rearrange a chord. In this lesson, learn the different types of inversions and how to use them in songs.

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    The Secret To Smooth Playing

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    If your playing suffers from lack of smoothness or your chords sound choppy or disconnected from one another, here’s one technique you can practice and employ almost immediately to enhance the flow of your playing. The secret is “INVERSIONS.” Granted, you may not always have the liberty to change the inversion of a chord, especially […]

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    A Quick & Easy Way To Add West Coast Flavor To Your Playing

    Over the years, we’ve brought you many west coast gospel musicians – Jonathan Powell, Jason White, Kevin Nickelson, Mike Bereal, to name a few – and without a doubt, they all share a commonality in their playing.

    Don’t get me wrong… they each have their own distinct way of doing things but there is, undoubtedly, this west coast “feel” underlying their playing.

    One simple technique that is common out here is to take a chord, pull out the middle note, and simply…

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    My Favorite Chord Inversion Revealed

    When it comes to chord voicings and inversions, you have many options to explore. And as your chords gets bigger, the possibilities only expand!

    Remember my simple definition of an inversion: It’s simply a different way to order the notes in a chord. More specifically, every note gets its turn on the…

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    11 Ways to Enhance Your Chords and Playing (Part 1)

    In this post, I’m answering a question from member Jamal Howard on how to enhance chords. I give a detailed list of 11 chord enhancements anyone can make right away. The first 4 are covered in this post. Look for the rest soon!

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