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    One of the greatest things that happened to music learning in the 21st century is the song tutor software.

    Who could ever believe that it’s possible to accurately learn songs in any key and at any tempo without an in-person instructor?

    “Welcome To The 21st Century…”

    A lot of things have changed over time and if you were born in the 20th century like me, you can attest to the notable changes in communication, transportation, technology, fashion, politics, information, marketing, etc.

    There’s hardly a facet of life that is left behind in the 21st century transformation — not even music learning.

    Before now, you can either learn through an in-person instructor, literary resources, or audio-visuals. Although these agencies of learning are still beneficial but music learning has moved from actual teaching to virtual teaching.

    Jermaine Griggs is your actual teacher, and so are the likes of Jonathan Powell, myself, etc. But there’s also a virtual teacher, the song tutor software, that can teach you how to play songs and I’ll be showing you the nine characteristics of this software in this blog.

    Let’s get started!

    “The Song Tutor Is…”

    The benefits of having the song tutor cannot be over-emphasized and this is because it’s one of the most helpful music learning software in the world today.

    There are so many attributes that set the song tutor apart from every other software out there. However, I’m going to tell you the top nine on my list.


    From the process of downloading the software, to it’s installation, to the point where you have to unlock the software to access all the in-built features, I can tell you for free that the song tutor software is simple.

    I’m very certain that a 9 year old can comfortable use this amazing song-learning tool.

    Did I mention that it takes a few seconds to a minute to download and just about 45 seconds to install and I’m pretty sure that that’s less than the time it takes to cook noodles or toast bread.


    The in-built midi files in the song tutor are very organized and you don’t have to look for anything because they are properly categorized.

    It’s possible to be overwhelmed with over 1000 midi files cutting across nursery rhymes, national anthems, game themes, songs from a variety of popular musicians, and a lot more.

    But the song tutor is organized and everything is properly categorized and placed in their right folders and sub-folders. All you need to do is to click on the right folder and you have all the midi files you’re looking for.


    The song tutor has a navigable interface.

    You can literally find everything almost at one glance. In fact, if you stare at the software for more than five seconds, you’ll find almost everything: in-built browser, lesson area, and the preference area where you can personalize your settings.

    At all times, and you have to believe me, you are no further than two or three clicks away from any corner of the song tutor; and that’s if you’re not just one click away.


    It’s one time for a software to be designed for a particular purpose and another thing for the end-users to find it useful and beneficial.

    Apart from the fact that I’ve seen a 9 year old using this software to learn songs, over 297,045 people have purchased the software and several of them (in their thousands) have shared their experiences and I’ve been privileged to see an overwhelming number of positive reviews.

    I don’t think 297, 045 people can be wrong and that’s why I firmly believe that the song tutor is guaranteed to be of help to every musician; their genre or skill level notwithstanding.


    The song tutor is a cutting-edge tool that technology has availed the 21st century musician an opportunity to learn songs in any key of their choice and at any tempo.

    Time would fail me to highlight all the features of the song tutor but here are a few that are note-worthy:

    There’s a virtual keyboard that not only flashes light but produces pitches when depressed.

    You can choose to switch spelling from flats to sharps or vice-versa.

    You can choose to either see the bars descending or view the music score of the song you’re learning

    Your mind will be completely blown like mine when you finally acquire this amazing software.


    There are software tools you can acquire today and you may not be needing them anymore and this is because after exploring them for a while, you’ll get to a point where you may not be needing them regularly.

    The song tutor software is useful because it can literally teach you all the songs in the world and I mean it!

    So, as long as there are songs to learn, the song tutor software remains relevant and believe me when I say “there will always be songs to learn.”

    Day to day, week to week, month to month, and year to year, there will always be a reason to use the song tutor software and that’s why it’s important for every musician to have it installed in their computer device.


    A lot of folks invest tons of hours, days, and weeks; even months to years in learning how to play songs in all the keys and across a variety of music genres and that’s apart from the steep learning curve.

    With the song tutor software, you don’t have to invest a lot of time learning songs and probably trying to figure things out as an ear musician and this is because the song tutor simplifies the learning process and ensures that you’re able to play any song in a fraction of the possible time.

    Anything can be learned; from classical to popular music; from gospel music to jazz; from movie theme to game theme; from national anthem to children songs; from folk music to holiday songs.

    The song tutor software will save you tons of hours, days, weeks, and months, that other musicians invest while trying to figure things out for themselves.


    The song tutor software is outstanding. There are several hundreds (if not thousands) of music software tools and I know that you’ve come across and used a lot of them in the past.

    But even in the midst of a thousand software tools, the song tutor is outstanding not only¬† because of its features, but because of the problem it solves, and I dare to say that there’s never been such a tool in the history of music learning on the internet.

    At the moment. there’s no technological tool (software) that can rival the song tutor software. Although there are software tools out there that have one or a few of the song tutor features.


    It would really be hard for you to use the song tutor software and keep it to yourself. It’s something that’s really helpful and you just can’t help it but to share it with your family and friends.

    The social media space is replete with positive reviews and recommendations from those who have used the software and your case wouldn’t be an exception.

    Finding the song tutor software literally feels like finding water in a desert and that’s why a lot of people are spreading the word. I mean; who would ever find water in a desert and keep silent?

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    Onyemachi "Onye" Chuku is a Nigerian musicologist, pianist, and author. Inspired by his role model (Jermaine Griggs) who has become his mentor, what he started off as teaching musicians in his Aba-Nigeria neighborhood in April 2005 eventually morphed into an international career that has helped hundreds of thousands of musicians all around the world. Onye lives in Dubai and is currently the Head of Education at HearandPlay Music Group and the music consultant of the Gospel Music Training Center, all in California, USA.

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