• Who Else Is Interested In Learning The Easiest Way To Form Major Ninth Chords?

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    In today’s lesson, we’ll be learning how to play the minor ninth chord.

    Quick Notes On The Major Ninth Chord

    Let’s get started by expounding on the following terms:

    • Major
    • Ninth
    • Chord

    The Term MajorĀ  – Explained

    Musical elements (scales, intervals, chords, chord progressions, etc.) have either of these two distinct characters:



    The term major here is used to qualify the chord of the first degree in the major key. For example, in the key of C major:

    …where the first degree of scale is C:

    Chords that are founded on C:

    …have the same major quality with the key.

    The C major ninth chord:

    …is qualified as a major chord because the interval between its first and third tones (which are C and E):

    …is a major [third] interval.

    “In A Nutshell…”

    Beyond the relationship with the major key, the term major is used to qualify any chord that has a major third interval between its first and third tones.

    The Term Ninth – Explained

    Music scholars use ordinal numbers like first, second, third, etc., to quantify the size of a chord or interval. For example, the term ninth is used to quantify an interval or chord that encompasses nine degrees of a given scale.

    The C major ninth chord:

    …is qualified as a ninth and this is because it encompasses nine degrees of the C natural major scale:

    …from C to D:

    The Term Chord – Explained

    A chord is a collection of three or more related notes (agreeable or not), that can be played/heard together.

    The C major ninth chord:

    …consists of 5 notes that are related by a given scale and a class of harmony. The notes of the C major ninth chord are the first, third, fifth, seventh, and ninth tones of the C natural major scale:

    …which is the given scale. Also, it is important to note that the distance between successive notes in the C major ninth chord is in third intervals.

    C to E:

    …is a third interval, E to G:

    …is a third interval, G to B:

    …is a third interval, and so is B to D:


    Putting it all together, the major ninth chord can be defined as a collection of related notes (chord), encompassing nine degrees of the scale (ninth), that have a major quality (major.)

    An Exposition On The Skeleton Of A Chord

    The Formation Of The Minor Ninth Chord Using The Major Seventh Chord

    Final Words

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