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    In today’s lesson, we’ll be looking at two important things that every musician needs.

    As musicians, we know that growth in fame, finance, and other aspects of life is expected of us and daily we put in our very best to be better than who we were yesterday. Coupled with the fact that only success and successful people are celebrated in the world we live in, everyone is doing their very best to move from here to there.

    Give me ten minutes or less to share with you two important Ps that you need at this stage of your career.

    P #1 – The Principles

     The universe where we live in is founded upon principles.

    God, who is the creator of all things put these principles in place. There are various scientific, religious, and philosophical principles out there, but permit me to share these two notable principles with you…

    The principle of seed and harvest

    The principle of gravity

    Here are highlights on the workings of these principles…

    The Principle Of Seed And Harvest

    There’s a principle guiding harvest. Harvest does not come before the planting of seeds – it doesn’t. Seed time comes before harvest.

    Before harvest is planting time, which involves the burying of seeds under the earth, the fulfillment of the right conditions for germination, etc. After planting and germination, there’s a process of pruning, thinning, etc., that comes before the harvest that comes in multiple folds of what was planted.

    The principle of seed and harvest respects no one. If you don’t plant during seed time, there will be nothing to harvest.

    The Principle Of Gravity

    When a stone is thrown up, after getting to its maximum height, it starts going down in compliance with the principle that states that what goes up must come down. This principle is enforced by the law of gravity and has no respect for anyone – not even the president of America.

    When Jesus was tempted to jump down from a pinnacle, if he did, it would have taken a miracle for him not to dash his foot against a stone. Yes! These principles are instituted by God to guide the universe and He knows why He put them there.

    Now, the same way that you have principles in life that are regulating harvest, gravity, and other things, there are also principles that affect us directly as musicians. These principles can work for those who acknowledge and apply them appropriately, while those who dismiss or violate it are faced with the consequences.

    P #2 – The Principal

    Every musician needs a principal. A principal is someone who is probably several years ahead of you, who has won your admiration and respect through his accomplishments and achievements.

    Jesus who was a principal to His twelve disciples said to Simon and his brother “…follow Me, and I will make you become…” Anybody who wants to become a great musician must follow a principal.

    As musicians, submitting ourselves to a principal is of the greatest importance. Now, I’m going to highlight four out of the several reasons why every musician needs a principal.

    #1 – If you have a principal, you can bend some principles

    Your principal is exposed to a whole lot that you’re not. He knows higher principles to superimpose over certain lower principles that you may not know.

    When Jesus was walking on water, a higher principle kept him afloat. Peter was able to overcome the physics principles that would have submerged him under the water because he had a principal.

    Submission: In as much as having a principal can help you bend some rules, having a principal doesn’t make you a principle breaker. A principal understands principles and helps to keep you to them. He only bends them when necessary.

    #2 – Behind every principality is a principal

    Lots of the principalities you know who are making things happen in the industry are not just standing alone. Behind them is a principal who coaches, inspires, motivates, teaches, and even rebukes them!.

    Principalities are subject to principals. Therefore, you cannot become a principality without a principal. Believe it or not – it’s a principle!.

    #3 – Irrespective of how talented and gifted you are, you need to submit to a principal

    Don’t let your talent and gifts make you feel you’re already there when you’re really not. There’s a place of submission to a principal who will harness the gifts, refine the potentials, expel the impurities, and publish the talent.

    If you think that you’re so talented that you’ve become your own principal, watch it!

    #4 – On the shoulders of a principal, you’ll fly higher with greater speed than you could ever muster on your own

    I’ll have to use myself as an example here. It should have taken up to 10 years or even forever before you’d come in contact with me. However, riding on the shoulders of my principal (Jermaine A. Griggs), I’m operating on a higher frequency and reaching out to a wider audience across the world.

    I wouldn’t have done this much with a twitter handle, Facebook page, BBM channel, etc., but I’m blessed to reach out to over 60,000 readers simply because I am connected to my principal.

    “In a nutshell…”

    The principal is a practitioner of the principles, therefore, he has all it takes to get you to the next level. From his experiences, he can tell you how painful the process is, and also how rewarding it is.

    It’s not common to see a man give up under a principal. He’ll always say “If it worked for Jermaine Griggs, it’ll work for me too.”

    Final Words

    You don’t need either the principle or the principal – you need both of them.

    If I stop here, I have done justice to this lesson.

    I want to appreciate you for reading through. See you in another post where I’ll share some of the rewarding principles that any musician can apply and hit his next level.

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    Hello, I'm Chuku Onyemachi (aka - "Dr. Pokey") - a musicologist, pianist, author, clinician and Nigerian. Inspired by my role model Jermaine Griggs, I started teaching musicians in my neighborhood in April 2005. Today, I'm privileged to work as the head of education, music consultant, and chief content creator with HearandPlay Music Group sharing my wealth of knowledge with hundreds of thousands of musicians across the world.

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    1 David Moses

    That was inspiring


    2 CEO Ikhile

    Is it possible to have a principal (mentor) that u ve no physical contact with. How do u know his ways if u cn’t interact with him.


    3 AbusuaYedom

    I thought these notifications were to help us to understand music. I did not realize I was going to be FORCE-fed Christian “fundamentalist bovine scatology”. Shame on you! I don’t want to subscribe to such drivel any longer. I therefore cancel my subscription. Please take me of your list. A word of advice from one Christian brother to another and an African brother as well. LET US HAVE HUMILITY IN OUR FAITH. NOBODY CAN PROVE THE EXISTENCE OF GOD. IT IS AN ISSUE OF FAITH, OF BELIEF. FINALLY, I WANT YOU TO THINK ABOUT THIS PHRASE : THE CONCEPT OF GOD WAS CREATED BY MAN. Remember, ” Blessed are those who have not seen but believe……. Let us keep believing in humility and quiet faith !!!


    4 SayWhat

    Concept of God was not created by man. God interacted with man sharing who He is Yahshua was never quite about HIs ministry. He was humble but bold shared why He came. He never ask His followers to be quite in faith. We have the freedom to embrace or reject. This brother uses his knowledge in a Christian way. Don’t be so harsh on his method of teaching and sharing.


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