• Tritone Substitutions 101: Fifth vs Half Step Equivalence

    tritone substitutions

    In this lesson, we’ll be exploring tritone substitutions and the importance of fifth and half step equivalence.

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    Chromatic Dissonance: Chord Formation Using the “Tritone”

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    In this post, we’re exploring chromatic dissonant intervals like the tritone and how they’re used in chord formation of triads, seventh chords, and more.

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    5 dyads you can put to work for you right away!

    As you know from this past lesson, a dyad is a 2-note combination.

    People still debate over whether it should officially be called a “chord” or if it’s just an interval. (Those who want to keep it just an “interval” believe that chords start at three or more notes).

    But who cares what you think of them as — they can enhance your playing! :-)

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    Anyone else want to learn another easy way to classify chords?

    Most people just classify chords by name and chord quality (major vs minor, augmented vs diminished). But today, I want to show you another world. Here’s how to think of chords by the number of notes they contain. This will be short and to the point.

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    What everybody ought to know about ninth chords

    Lately, we’ve been talking about power chords, tritones, and substitutions.

    Today, I want to show you how to use tritones and minor chords to form crazy-sounding dominant ninth chords.

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    Can tritone substitutions really revolutionize your playing?

    tritonesmall.jpgWait! I know you’re thinking… “whoa, big words.”

    But let me assure you that this concept is very easy to understand. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Perhaps you’ve seen these words thrown around forums. Well, I’m finally going to demystify tritone substitutions for you…

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    12-Bar Blues You Can Use!

    In this post, I’m going to break down the main movements in James Wrubel’s “12 Bar Blues” video lesson. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play blues, now’s your chance!

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