• The “Polychord” Game: How Many Chords Can You Spot?

    gameshow.jpgPolychords are huge extended chords that consist of two or more smaller chords.

    As your chords get bigger and bigger, you’ll spot smaller chords within.

    These smaller chords present opportunities to explore other voicings.

    For example, if you spot a C minor triad and an Eb major 7 in the same chord, this gives you countless ways to voice the chord… including two-hand versions…

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    Now you can play big chords without having to memorize anything

    stackingsmall.jpgOn yesterday’s radio show, I got a question from a fellow in Vallejo, California about polychords. So today, I just want to take a second to explain what polychords are for those of you who missed the show.

    First, it’s helpful to note what the word “poly” means. It’s a greek prefix, meaning “many” so that should give us a hint as to what polychords are…

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    The Power Of Using Superimposed Chords

    At first look, the word “superimposition” may sound like a complex concept… but I assure you, it is easier than it looks! For a chord to be superimposed on top of another chord means just that! Usually, you’d play one particular chord on your left hand while playing another chord on your right (both at […]

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